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  1. I don't think it's so much that her deeds were villainous, though I still think it will be portrayed that way. I believe it is more of a tragic backstory setting her up to become a villain once again. People forget she started in the MCU as a villain. She has had some pretty bad luck follow her everywhere she has been. Constant tragedy, some of which she was responsible for, accidentally or not. She already got off easy for the Wakandans she accidentally murdered. That is why there are charges like involuntary manslaughter. She never did time for that crime, or the crimes committed while working for Hydra and then Ultron. Eventually someone should notice that and decide it's time for her to pay. She may decide she doesn't want to because 'tragedy', and then figures out she's stronger than any Avenger and will not come quietly. Thus, making her the villain.
  2. Possible spoilers I thought as a whole, this was a great series. I thought it did what it set out to do: show the evolution of Wanda to the Scarlet Witch (villainous) character and bring back Vision. If you watch this show without any preconceived theories clouding your judgement, it does work as a good show. Did Wanda get off way too lightly? Yes. But this could lead to her in a bigger role down the road as a powerful, relatable villain. This is where I feel there will be a movie tie-in. Her character has been seen as tragic, but she has been in the middle of a lot of villainous acts already throughout the MCU. Eventually, she is going to have to pay for everything she has done. Her being a mutant? Please. Let this one die. Everyone wants so hard to link this to mutants and X-Men because it's revealed she was born with her powers. That does not mean she is a mutant. They went through lengths to explain that this had to do with witchcraft and that she was the embodiment of the fabled Scarlet Witch. I didn't hear anyone calling Agatha a mutant. I don't know why everyone wanted a tie-in to the Dr. Strange movie. Just because it came our before the release date, doesn't mean it has to lead into it. But people read comics and think they know how Marvel is going to work everything together. Even when Marvel has varied greatly from the comics in many ways. Because she is going to be in DS2? We still don't know how much, and in what capacity. She could very well be in hiding again, and Strange is trying to track her down. Why would Mephisto have to be involved? Because 'magic?' Because 'in the comics...?' While I did feel Agatha was a disappointing character as the big bad, I didn't think for a minute that Marvel would have brought in the devil to their franchise. Not when devil imagery is not allowed in their China adaptations of their content. Marvel is not going to cut out a huge market when so many other villains could be plugged in. Why would we introduce the X-Men now? You have to think about the market. That is Disney's driving force in everything they do. Do they bring out the X-Men on Disney+, maybe getting a small spike in subscriptions (since most people that want D+ already have it), or do you wait till theaters are a viable option again and you make mountains of money? This is why major events seldom take place on TV shows. It has nothing to do with their perception of it being small screen vs. big screen. It has everything to do with their perception of it being small money vs. big money. Reed Richards? Fantastic 4? See above. If this show transitions Wanda to a future big bad (or the more likely tortured soul tweener), then I feel it was more than worth it. If they just hand wave the events of Westview and she is a hero again, then this series was a monumental waste of time just to make her more powerful and bring back Vision. That could have been taken care of with a small exposition dump in a different movie.
  3. This whole 'retro' phase the toy companies are going through is not doing it for me. At least with the He-Man stuff they had more articulation while keeping the classic look. In these days of the modern articulated action figure, a 5 POA figure shouldn't be $10. It should be hanging on the pegs at Dollar Tree. If I want to trigger my nostalgia, I'll go look at pics online of the original stuff. If I'm buying something now, in this day and age, I want to get my money's worth. I want articulation. I want accessories. I want realistic looking sculpts. It boggles my mind the amount of money that was probably put into this just to cash in on the nostalgia retro craze.
  4. I think Marvel's biggest problem comes from the fact that the MCU is so popular that many casual fans have turned to the comics looking for stories similar to what they've seen on the big screen. But, considering the Infinity Gauntlet storyline that the blockbusters were loosely based on came out decades ago, Marvel was forced to come up with something that hits the mark for those new fans. Hence, we get stories with Thanos and new stories with the Infinity Stones. Unfortunately for long time comic fans, this just seems like another rehash of an already overused story. To Marvel, however, this is cashing in on popular stories and bringing in new comic buying fans to their product so they, too, can become bored when ten years down the road we're getting more rehashes.
  5. It surely is. I was just looking through some PMs on my ToyNewsInternational account from 14 years ago when I bought it for $40, and $12 shipping. My, how times have changed.
  6. $250 was my price with shipping included. No additional costs. If you do want it, I would also throw in the rest at a discount. Say $400 total, shipping included. No pressure. If not, we can still do the others for $250 even.
  7. Found these guys while digging through my boxes again. The BAF Sentinel is missing the tentacles, otherwise complete. Both Galactus and the other Sentinel still work fine and are missing nothing. Red Goliath and Skrull are in perfect shape. Would love to let these all go to a new home together. If buying as a lot, I'd let them go for $500, plus actual shipping. If you want individuals, let me know and we can try to work something out.
  8. The battle for shelf space in the man cave has begun. As some fall, new combatants will enter the fray! Who ya got?
  9. Yeah, I recently had a discussion with someone on IG about the prices of the Universe figures now. I still have a good deal in their package, and have contemplated selling them to help my collecting addiction. Most of my collection is opened with their packaging long since discarded. I do have a few of the rarer carded Thor movie figures that could fetch a buck or two, but I'll probably just open those too. The villain line is somewhat lacking, especially considering the number of rehashes a lot of the main heroes got. I try to use my faceless Cobra armies to use as stand ins for good battle scenes. I got great joy from having my 5" movie Hulk figure (which seems the most accurate for 3 3/4 scale) attacking a dozen BATs, or having Captain America using his shield to run into a squad of Vipers firing at him.
  10. I hear ya. I never really got into the 6 inch figures though. I was a kid that grew up in the 80's, so the 3 3/4 scale was the only scale I really knew. Once I became 'too old' to play with toys, I let my collection go. Around '04, I began to see the Joe vs. Cobra line show up in stores and it rekindled my love for those figures and I found myself rebuying most of the figures I had from my childhood through eBay. I saw the Marvel Legends line showing up in stores, and even bought some to trade with others for more 3 3/4 figures, but they just didn't do it for me. The overall larger size seemed to limit them and what kind of accessories/playsets/vehicles you could have. The Legends Showdown series was nice, but had a lot of wonky proportions for some of their figures. By time the Marvel Universe line came around I had amassed hundreds of figures from various 3 3/4 lines and was ecstatic to add Marvel figures to my own universe. It was a dream of mine to have Deadpool side by side with Snake Eyes. The Merc with a mouth slicing and dicing through enemies with the silent Joe ninja commando. When Hasbro decided to kill the line, I was in the middle of moving to a smaller house and didn't have room for a lot of figures anyway, so I wasn't too heartbroken. I moved on to collecting Hot Wheels because they were an even smaller scale and I could display more in less space. Now that I'm in a new house, I finally have my own man cave area to display my figures and I'm looking forward to building worlds (like you mentioned). I just really wish there were more figures out there to fill out my universe. Maybe Hasbro will decide to give us a 'retro' 3 3/4 Universe line in the future. That would be nice, but I believe it would just be rehashes of figures they already made. But one can hope.
  11. No one has any love for these figures anymore? These were always my favorites, especially since they could be intermingled with other lines like my GI Joes. Of course, now it looks like everything has gone to the 6" scale, including my Joes. It really is sad to me, especially since I have recently moved and found a lot of the figures I had stored away due to lack of room. I hope to start posting more pics of my collection again soon, and that is a big reason why I came back to these forums after so long.
  12. I know I've been gone for quite a while, but I plan on getting back on track with contributing to this community. Hopefully, I can win a prize for coming back.
  13. Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but the Sentinel variants are at ROSS for $25. Might pick one up when I get some money this week.
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