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  1. yeah, minus the Red Skull, the Cap Winter Soldier figures are terrible in the 3 3/4 scale. Though, I have to admit, I am happy about it so I do not have to buy a ton of toys, easier on the wallet.
  2. Haven't been posting for awhile as my workplace added a filter to block all entertainment sites and forums, but I am on their guest wireless now, so Ha ha! Today at TRU picked up a CA: TWS Red Skull (only one I have seen between the two TRUs in my area) and the Marvel Now 6 inch Captain America. They had the WWII Cap, which was tempting, but just wasn't feeling it. Prior to this just been picking up the Marvel Mashers (Wolverine, Cap, Doom, Spider-man, and Thor). I know most of the people here probably hate them, but I was a huge Sigma 6 fan and I have a 4 year old, so I did the style. Speaking of, my wife bans all violent cartoons (or really any fun cartoons) from my 4 year old so I started secretly showing him one of my all time favorite superhero shows: Spider-man and his Amazing Friends. He loves it and my wife can't complain too much because they don't even really throw punches on the show.
  3. Hey, we are page 616 of this thread! Everyone take a drink!!!!!
  4. I was logging in for the first time in months to post that I just got Omega Red for Prime at that price. The odd thing is, you posted your post last night, I logged into Amazon first thing today and it was still with an Amazon 3rd party seller for 20.99 + 5.99 in shipping. Went back this afternoon, and this popped up being sold by Amazon fulfillment. Wonder if it was taken down for a short period or my search just didn't find it correctly?
  5. Not everyone is that lucky though. I've been staking out my Targets 3-4 times a week for the last two weeks for nothing. Gas alone could've paid for an overpriced ebayed A-Bomb alone. Luckly I got both on ebay for $20 each but I was already in the hole from the before mentioned trips. And that's why people will pay. Agreed, it's a good thing I have zero interest in this wave as none of the Targets I have been to (or TRUs) have even shown signs that they might get this wave.
  6. I applaud the complexity of that with such great results. Ton of work, great results. If I had the talent, I would attempt something like that to get the chest off the Assembled Cap.
  7. First, let me say that I love what you did here. Very cool. However, and this is a complaint against Marvel, not you, Marvel Now Cap doesn't have stars on the shoulder. Oh, sure, in some of the pics of him he does, but if you read the most current comic (Infinity #1), his outfit looks exactly like this...minus shoulder stars. Personally, I hate the shoulder stars and am glad he doesn't have them in the 616. THE PROBLEM is that I found at least 2 promotional art pieces for Infinity where he has the stars. WHY CAN'T THEY BE CONSISTENT???? Much like the fact that the much-hated Avengers Assemble figure has the stars despite the fact the cartoon it is based on doesn't have the stars. Again though, love the quality and style of the figure and would love to know your recipe.
  8. On a seperate note... Why? I've been planning a full sized Wasp for some time now.... but I never planned on GIVING her wings... I admit my comic collection has been very hit or miss since civil war, but she never used to grow wings till she shrunk. Can she do that at full size now? You know, I had much the same thought myself. In the end, it came down to what is a Wasp figure with no wings? The removable route does appeal to me and I may go with the Velcro option or some other removable method. On a side note, I read a great article recently about how Velcro is a company name, not a product, and they are looking to release a much wider line of products, like Velcro Double Sided Tape and Velcro Anti-personnel Mines.
  9. TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE A CUSTOM WASP: How did you attach your wings? I drilled holes in her back and used thumb tacks, but I feel like there is a better way than thumbtacks that allow for wing motion a little better.
  10. I am not use to seeing the words "great" and "Nate Grey" in the same sentence.
  11. Opened up Metroplex last night...incredible. It got late so I had to put it away until tonight to add stickers and actually transform it.
  12. I know this has to be a mistake.. because you can't really mean "at any scale".. there have been some true masterpieces of Captain America made in the Toybiz Marvel Legends line.. 6 inch and even the big 18 inchers Yeah, I actually do. there is something about it that just so perfectly captures Cap and how I think he should look. I do like the original ML Cap a lot, the two are very close. I also have all the 12 inch movie caps from Hot Toys.
  13. I still think the original Secret Wars 2 pack Cap is, all around, the best Cap made to date at any scale.
  14. Oh, not saying it is not SLIGHTLY better in every way, but I think the word "superior" implies a vast gap between the two. The gap is hardly huge. And, I do like the torso on the Assembled figure better than the MU. It looks better in every way, especially the odd length of it and the high pecs on the MU version...bleh.
  15. Superior in terms of the new Cap should be put in quotes. I am not sure anything about the new Cap figure in MU can really be called superior. A more accurate statement may be "The Cap sucks and there is a slightly less sucky MU version right next to him on the pegs."
  16. Well, first let me say I am STUNNED that Cap doesn't come with a usable shield as ALL of the pics show him using one. I like the torso/chest of that new Cap a lot...the rest of it sucks though with the biggest sin being those 2 stupid stars...which aren't even on the cartoon version. So annoying... Anyway, this inspired me to get what I want on Amazon for 10.99 with Prime. Thanks to the "no tax" and free shipping, I picked up Red Skull, Falcon, and Black Widow for $32.97. Not too bad. Also, my METROPLEX should be arriving in the next few days...so excited!
  17. Got Mysterio and Elektra at TRU, as well as Cap. My frustrating story of the day is for TRU and Soundwave. The Masterpiece Soundwave was suppose to go on sale online at 9 AM EST. Well, after hitting refresh until 9:20 with no luck. So, I check back at 10:06 and they are already sold out. Total and complete BS.
  18. Are you kidding? ...FOR THIS-- I feel like 42.00 is a STEAL right now with the way they are pricing things. i'm still shocked that it breaks down so small that it can fit in a box not much bigger then then the HISS Tank box. Good thing I bought one then. What I love about this one, due to its capacity (can hold 2 up front and has seating for an additional 5 in back plus a ramp) is that is practically a play set. Not only do I get an awesome, versatile vehicle, but I also get something to display figures in. Love it!
  19. Well, minutes after posting my complaints about not finding it, Amazon posted a new listing for it $2 cheaper than the BBTS price (they were shipping through Amazon as well, but with their standard $9 in shipping) and the new listing was Prime! So, got it for $42 instead of the $53 BBTS would have charged. YAY! Haven't gotten it yet, but Pixel Dan posted a video review for it on ToyNewsi and said it is actually huge compared to the box. Apparently the parts are well folded up inside. He spent about 30 seconds just saying how amazed he was a toy so large could fit in such a small box.
  20. Wow, hit up a brand new TRU today, no Eaglehawk and barely any space for GI Joe all together. Will try a second TRU tomorrow. The biggest aggravation is that TRU website isn't listing it yet despite the fact it is clearly in stores.
  21. Yup. It's the exact same mold from the IM2 comic series line. Great, thanks. This is definitely a must buy now.
  22. Does the Mandarin from the Silver Iron Man 2-pack have a removeable helmet?
  23. The Star Wars bounty hunter gal with the red hair...is she ever hitting retail? I really want that head for a custom Sharon Carter.
  24. I always find it funny that some stores, like TJ Maxx, are toy heavens for some people, offering hidden gems that somehow made their way to the public...while other TJ Maxx's are rotting outhouses of Spiderman 2 toys and Jar Jar Binks figures. Mine falls in the latter category...
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