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  1. It was all in the legs. For some reason they shortened the legs on the Bullseye mold when they made the Turantula fig and it never returned to normal again. I replaced the legs with an extra Captain Marvel figure I had and hit it with a darker crimson paint wash and it looks much better. Not only was that mold much more detailed before Hasbro got ahold of it and started "modifying" it, but it was much taller and in better scale. I'm assuming the change was made to conserve materials, but I can only believe the savings are minute at best.
  2. Dude is super talented. Makes me wonder why some of these companies like Hasbro don't commision work by guys like this. They have the the technology to reproduce pretty much anything that's been done here, and it would seem to be cheaper to contract the molding/sculpting duties to guys like this instead of having a fully staffed art crew, and a less talented one at that.
  3. Yeah, gotta agree. Pretty bad man. I mean not that we haven't always wanted to rip off places like WM but actually doing it is another thing altogether. On top of that, if that starts a continuing trend, we all end up paying with a nice little price hike. By the way, the checker should have noticed that the product came up as DVD product. Your friend got real lucky that he probably got one of fhose WM employees that just didn't give a damn, and he'd be really arrogant to think he'll be able to pull this off again.
  4. How is Punisher and Blade not A listers? You already had Cap, Spidey, and Iron Man. Aside from Hulk there isn't any "A-listers" left if you don't consider The Punisher or Blade an A lister EDIT** Blade isn't an A lister in my eyes but he is at least recognizable to casual fans I agree on both sides. As far as the comics crowd goes Blade is far from an A-Lister, but you would be hard pressed to find someone in the general public who doesn't recognize him at least from the movies. As for the Punisher...he was once an A-Lister but right now in the comics world he's kinda in some kind of uninteresting Limbo. Don't think I've even picked up any of the latest stuff on him. Anyway they've put a lot of A-Listers in the first two waves and, in my opinion, some of them need to be redone some time in the future, but as far as I'm concerned, variety is the key to the long standing success of the new ML. Even people who don't recognize a fig will problably still pick it up if they make it look good and interesting enough. Think back to when you were a kid, whenever you saw a completely new figure, that means something original, not the aqua attack or arctic adventure or secret stealth versions of existing figs we are accustomed to seeing lately, we were interested. I think we could say the same here. Give me one of the more obscure figures, such as maybe Paladin or Cardiac anyday over another version of Spidey, Wolvie or Iron Man (unless we're talkin' Bleeding Edge version, of course) anyday man. Give me the ones we ain't seen yet and put the 5th or 10th version of all the ones we already have in a two pack. Use that approach and my wallet would never be safe again.
  5. I also thought they said somewhere that the entire Wrecking Crew was going to be made, yet I cant find any record of it either. I agree that it looks like they just chose to make the easiest ones first to have time to design and produce the layover pieces to make Wrecker and Dozer. Also I bet you can bank on Angel being the variant for Archangel. And seriously, enough with all the Jim Lee figs already. Yes he was/is a great artist and had a important and long standing impact on the comic industry, but compared to todays more organic and realistic style, his work is pretty dated. Even the new stuff he's doing at DC looks like something rooted in the 90's. I appreciate his contribution, but his heyday has passed and I just think it's a huge mistake to make figs of outdated designs and take up space in a wave when most people want the modern versions of the characters. Take MU for example,they did JL Wolvie and Jean Grey, and no only were they done very poorly but they rotted on the shelves, at least where I live. They actually did it right with JL Cyclops, but damnit, can we just have a freakin modern version already? Why not just do the entire team in some sort of box set or maybe a line of two packs? I just don't understand the logic and truly don't see the demand, and now we would have to end up paying upwards of $15 if only to get the BAF piece. Now, before everyone gets rattled, I do know there are quite a few people that DO want them and would appreciate them, but there were a lot of people who wanted the first appearance Cap and Bucky, but no one can deny that they did end up collecting dust on the pegs and the poor sales of those figs and the entire wave in general started the downward spiral that lead to the demise of ML the first time. Those type of figs are best suited for special intrest or collector sets that can be marketed and sold as special editions outside the main ML line. Hasbro seems to be doing the production part right this time, let's hope they can get the supply and demand concept right this time.
  6. I know this has been hit on, at least partially, in other posts, but what's the deal. Wave 1 has come and gone, wave 2 was right on top of it and hitting stride at this point, but still no final details on wave 3, or no new details whatsoever. At this rate it looks like we're on par to have a huge wait between wave 2 and 3. And if the plan is to have another set of back to back waves again, where's the info on wave 4. I think it would be a huge mistake for Hasbro if they fail to ride the current momentum and exitement of return of ML by allowing an excessive wait between the current wave and the next. What are your thoughts.
  7. Ya I was thinking pretty much the same thing. I'm thinking Hasbro's formula for ML figs will pretty much follow the formula they use for MU. The Drax fig will be used as Cage (I'm actually surprised Cage wasn't the regular fig in this line with Drax being the "variant" to be honest), probably Absorbing Man, Sub Mariner (with diff legs of course). The new Bucky Cap sculpt will probably be used for athletic figs like Daredevil, Moon Knight and Hawkeye. Sadly, every female character will probably have the same exact sculpt unless there is a need for a She-Hulk type figure. But as a whole, I'm totally cool with the trend of just adding small plasctic or rubber pieces to existing sculpts. This will minimize costs for Hasbro which will prompt them to release a much larger amount of yet unreleased characters by having to only create smaller auxiliary parts rather than creating all new scupts for each new character. They could conceivable only create one new sculpt for each wave and by the 5th or 6th wave they would have an even larger stable of sculpts to utilize. This is a practice that's worked well for Mattel in both it's DCU line and thier much more successful WWE line.
  8. I have a friend at WM in the toy dept and just made a friend at the damn TRU the other day searching for these very figs. Both are ML collectors as well and according to them, at least from what they've seen, there has been no release of either Masked Daken or (lame) BT Spidey in any case they've opened. All recent cases they've opened consist of 2 Bucky Cap, 1 Thunderball, 1-2 Fantomex, 1 Unmasked Daken, 1 Madame Masque, 0 Spidey and 1-2 Drax. Earlier cases contained some Piledriver, Madame Hydra & FF Spidey which is when I purchased mine. At that time I just assumed someone had beat me to the punch for BT Spidey and Masked Daken. While neither of them was sure when they would be released they were both pretty sure they would as when there is a change such as the ommision, the case product number usually changes, which at this time it has not. It may just be Hasbro's way of peaking our interest and making sure were on our toes to make sure interest stays strong. If you love the hunt, here it is.
  9. Whoa, I didn't mean to start a riot with the clear shield Bucky Cap or anything I was just wanting to know it anyone knew if it was legit or not. I did mention it on another post right after I saw it the first time and didn't get much of a reaction. I did see the thing twice, but it was at the same store so it could have actually been the same one. I saw it the first time when I bought my complete wave 2 maybe a week or so ago. The second time I saw it was immediately after new stock hit the shelves so I just assumed it came with the restock. I did not really pay that much attention as I had no intention of getting it, I was just concerned about getting the ones I wanted into my basket as quickly as possible. If I get back to that store anytime soon I'll try to get a pic and maybe examine for authenticity. It did seem somewhat odd for some reason and my first assumption was that it was a mistake but the more I thought about it, maybe someone wasn't happy with the clear shield they got with the Com. Rogers fig and just bought the Bucky Cap with the intention of pulling the ole' swicharoo and returned the tainted product to the store to get their money back. Let's just say it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get around Hasbro's clear tape packaging. As you may remember this was a trend that was running rampant when the Mattel WWE figs came out and everyone was switching them with the the old crappy Jakks Pacific figs.
  10. I think Hasbro's not only adopting Mattels MO of using interchangable parts and molds but may also be using their approach to distribution as well, meaning mass release in very limited quantities, so those that miss the boat may have to look to places like Ebay and online sellers to complete their collections. I searched for my DCU Dark Raven for almost a year before finally breaking down and paying too much on Ebay. With the way some of those stinkers in past ML lines were rotting on the shelves a few years ago, limiting production and release on future ML waves may be the key to insuring the new line's longevity. Yes it will suck when we inevitably miss the release of a wave which happens to us all at one time or another but I'd rather have hard to find ML than no ML at all. It already scares me to see the IM and Klaw figs collecting dust on the shelves in my area. Though you gotta think even Hasbro realizes what a poor job was done on these figs and why they are clogging up the pegs right now. Then again I've noticed Hasbro's been pretty successful with MU when they started randomly packing figures from past waves into current running waves once the wave is established. This may be a trend they transfer to ML which would help to fill in some incomplete collections.
  11. From my experiences it seems that theres really no rhyme or reason on which versions of the figures are packed into cases or at what quantities they are packed, other than the fact that most of the variants seem to ship earlier and become more rare as the regular versions start to populate the shelves. Take the case of Wave 2 I found at WM as they were unpacking. I found variant versions of Daken and Spidey and the regular versions of Powerball and Madame Masque. The latter figs box descriptions were simply Marvel's Wrecking Crew and Marvel's Madames, while the formers were described on the box simply as Spider-Man and Dark Wolverine. There's also another thing I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing. This is the second time I've seen a Bucky Cap with a clear shield. Is this an actual variant or is Hasbro just making use of leftover stock. At any rate they I actually allowed myself into being suckered into buying both versions of Captain Steve Rogers but I'm not about to do it a second time, variant or not. Still need masked Daken, Madame Hydra and Piledriver but the one good thing is that I have no interest whatsoever in BT Spidey. Such a dumb concept to begin with. Damn that crappy Tron movie for imposing it's crappy color concepts on everything from comic books to hygene products to commercial hardware products. BTW did someone mention that there's actually a variant for the Zola BAF. That's something that I didn't notice nor even consider, even though it wouldn't be hard to believe based on Hasbro's past practices for trying to get just a little more of that hard earned dollar from the consumer public. If there's actually a variant, what are the differences from the "regular" version?
  12. There was a time TRU was actually cheaper than both WM and Target but I don't even step foot in there anymore unless I'm trying to track down a figure I can't find in the other stores. It's just so pathetic that they are consistantly about $2 higher than everyone else on pretty much everything from ML and MU to Monster High and Strawberry Shortcake which are my daughter's faves. Even in these economical times TRU still has a direct from manufacturer arrangement just like the big box stores, so it's hard to understand why their economical woes are so much more dire that they feel they are justified charging that much more. The sad thing is that 9 times out of 10, at least in my local TRU, I find the product I'm looking for and am quite often compelled to pay the extra money, almost like extortion. Aside from those few cases, I spend as little time and money in TRU as possible. They lost my business way back when they made MU $8.99. I've even noticed sometimes their own employees are surprised at the prices and sometimes do a double take when the price rings up on the scanner.
  13. I too love the IS version of Spidey, but unfortunately any figure made by Hasbro to date has been, yet again, another huge disappointment. It's quite clear that all these figures were rushed out to add a little variety to the Spider-Man line which has been riddled with hit and miss quality, paint and posability from the get go. It's really just a cheap line made to cash in on the popularity of the comics and movies and I don't think can really be considered a true collector friendly line, I mean, how seriously can you take products like Aerial Attack Spidey and Arctic Attack Spidey? Add to that, they retool perfectly good molds of figures like Venom and G. Goblin and actually remove 50% of the articulation in order to include it in a line that's obviously aimed at child consumers. The only silver lining is that with Hasbro's track record, there's always bound to be at least one version of Wolverine, Spidey or Iron Man in every wave of Marvel Legends so there's probably a very good chance that a better version of IS will eventually happen. I do have the MS version and even though it is awesome it's simply way out of scale for ML and is best posed solo. If your preference is for aesthetics go for MS, if you want something to pose with your ML, you really have no other choice than to by one of the available versions Hasbro has to offer at this point. Also, do you think it would be too much for us to hope we eventually get at least one version of Iron Man in the new ML line that's actually in scale with the rest of the line, perhaps the Bleeding Edge armor (let's all cross our fingers).
  14. I agree, hair dryer is a bad idea unless you've had quite a bit of experience using that method, otherwise you could screw a lot of stuff up before you even realize it, and boiling can damage your figures paint application. Another unusual method, which I use quite often to straighten figs when they come out warped from the package, is to leave the thing on your car dashboard in direct sunlite for a couple of hours. It has a similar effect as the boiling method and the slow accumulation of heat will not damage your paint. The plastic will get very soft, especially on warmer days, and you can remove the parts easily. That's the method I use quite often for my MU customizations as the parts are much more fragile than ML.
  15. My loca TRU isn't having anything like that. Then again I live in a little town with only one in the immediate area. Sucks to be a small town boy.
  16. I agree, it depends on what figs your posing them with. I find, for the most part, a lot of my MS figs don't look good with ML figs. They seem too statuesque and look a little awkward next to them. As a matter of fact most MS figs even look awkward posed with other MS. They are quaility work and really are made to be posed by themselves. The new ML Thor is the best Thor by far and it just looks "right" with the rest of my collection.
  17. DAMN, I used to love the chase too but man the world has changed so much just during the 2 years ML was MIA. IMO the last somewhat decent ML wave Hasbro put out, before they tried thier damdest to put a bullet in ML's head, was the Red Hulk wave. That one actually made me think there was some hope left for ML before Hasbro made that fateful announcement that ML would be no more after the Ares wave. Luckily the fans voices were (eventually) heard and Hasbro, I think grudgingly, had to get back on the ML horse if only to supplement or draw in more support for their favorite child, which is and always will be MU. My rant's over but the landscape for the ML loyalists has changed......alot. Gas is damn near $4 a gallon, ML cost double what we used to pay in the TB hayday, stores are carrying less toy content, the store employees are becoming more rude and abrassive and less helpfull and knowledgeable. The employees at the stores in my town won't take the time to check on anything. They just let you sit on hold for 10 minutes and then tell you they don't carry whatever product your asking about. Hunting down the most recent ML waves I spent $50+ on gas, searched numerous dwindling toy departments, was talked down to by lowly store peons and though I did eventually claim my prize, the price and the end product gave me a feeling that was much different than the one I used to get, especially with long anticipated figures like Extremis IM turning out the way it did. It is a good looking fig but I've collected comics and toys for well over 30 years and not once till now had Tony Stark been portrayed as a pigmy. I will continue to collect ML and actually like the way they are doing the whole variant lineup, but I think for wave 3 I will be looking to one of the online stores. I'm not just throwing in the towel but at this point it just doesn't feel like the ends justify the means anymore. Hasbro will never realize exactly how much momentum they lost if they had just concentrated more on the fans and less on cutting costs a long time ago. I'm gaining some love back for you Hasbro with the simple return of ML, but please do it right this time.
  18. Did anyone happen to catch the retail pics of wave 2 on the news page? I have most of the figs so I've done similar comparisons. For the most part I'm pretty happy with the scale the figs are in. I'm not sure why there are so many complaints about Thor's size. Next to Rogers he looks similar to the way he'p portrayed in the comics. Similarly I like the way Bucky Cap compares to Rogers. In the comic, especially by better artists such as Yu and Ching, Bucky Cap is portrayed as substantially smaller than Rogers. Line em all up and they are pretty comic accurate. I think what's throwing the whole image off is the completely inaccurate scale the Extremis IM figure was made in. I've gotta believe Hasbro's looking at that and hopefully they address the issue in the future. Perhaps in a two pack or maybe the next wave of the Iron Man line or maybe the Avengers movie line will have comic versions similar to the Captain America and Thor movie lines. The thing I'm worried about is the upcoming U.S. Agent figure. It's common knowledge that he's actually quite a bit bigger in stature than Rogers yet it looks like they are using the Bucky sculpt as the base for the fig. Hopefully this is something they catch before they release the line to retail.
  19. He said "Series 1 variants" so I'm guessing not, haha. Actually what I was trying to say is a small amount of wave 2 variants showed up on the shelves mixed with a full stock of wave 1. Sorry for the confusion. And yes maskless Dark Wolverine was there and aside from the same old Bullseye body (which actually looks like it's been "cleaned up" a little), it's awesome. Also found Piledriver (even better), Madame Hydra and FF Spidey.
  20. Damn, Fantomex & Drax are the only ones from series 2 I did't get ahold of. Limited quantities of wave 2, mostly variants, came in with the restock of wave 1 at my local WM. I'm wondering it they even got any of those two figs considering they're not variants
  21. Where r u located Iron? North Texas area. It's worth noting that there is a nearby WM distribution center and we seem to get the jump on a lot of items sometimes long before other general populations. Also, when series one first showed it looks like it was in very limited quantities, one or two cases, mostly variants, which sold very quickly. I've only now been able to complete my collection with non-variant Ghost Rider, Rogers & IM when the shelves were stocked with larger quantities, but with this restock of series one came the limited quantities of wave 2 as i previously mentioned. I'm actually a fan of the whole overlapping series thing Hasbro does with MU so I hope this is a trend that follows ML. It makes it a bit easier for completist such as myself.
  22. Wave 2 hit my local WM today. Just like the first wave, mostely variants. Madame Hydra, Maskless Daken, Piledriver (which is awesome, btw) and FF Spidey. Also saw a Cap fig with clear shield but not sure its a variant or mistake. Passed on it either way. Didnt find Fantomex or Drax. Great idea Hasbro, but damn you, I have to have em all. Actually, I'll probably pass on BT Spidey (wasn't a cool concept to begin with) and not too sure I can't do without masked Daken either (just looks like another Wolverine).
  23. BAFs I'd like to see: Strong Guy (Guido) Gentle Rhino Sandman (bigger & better, the SM Series one just didn't cut it) Atlas (Normal or Giant size, just give us one) Nimrod Predator X Skaar Thanos (where the hell is he already) Kingpin (massive JRjr style) Mister Hyde Bullet (epic DD baddie) Rockslide Venom (out of control version) A-Bomb Iron Monger (comic version, not movie) Wolfsbane (giant rabid version) Warlock Death's Head Modern Ultron Ursa Major Paladin Box (Classic or Modern) Regular Figs: Modern Rogue (seriously, do we really have to ask) Modern Beast (with actual articulation) Cyber Omega Red redo Black Cat redo Dark Spidey Songbird Dark Ms. Marvel (or Moonstone) Iron Patriot Any of the Marauders Lady Deathstrike redo Siryn Polaris Havok (do it already) Shatterstar M X-23 redo Boom Boom Multiple Man ($$$Hasbro, we will buy multiples of these men$$$) Magik Moonstar (full arsenal or Valkyrie version) Omega Sentinel Jubilee Pixie Wolfsbane (normal Size) Iron Man Modular (please get the scale right) Gladiator Captain Brittain redo Magma The Hood Luke Cage (seriously, where the hell is he) Namor (can we get it right at least once, please) Mister X Red Guardian Mach V Taskmaster redo Modern Hawkeye Mockingbird Scarlet Witch redo Modern Gambit Scourge Modern Black Panther Daredevil Update Moonknight Update Vindicator (Heather Hudson) Guardian Puck Snowbird Talisman Northstar & Aurora (how long do we have to pine over the proto pics) the list goes on and on...........
  24. I was so looking forward to the Extremis Iron Man but the actual figure was such a let down. Why the hell did they have to make him so freaking scrawny and short. The MU figure is actually head and shoulders above the ML version in not only scale but color scheme. Luckily there are so many IM armors that we're bound to see another one soon. Here's hoping for a Modular Armor IM next and hopefully in better scale this time. Until then it looks like TB's Modern Armor IM still holds it's place in my display area. Oh and don't forget about an updated War Machine armor Hasbro.
  25. Wow, those things popped up a lot quicker than I thought. I'm still waiting for Wave 1 to show up at some of my local stores. Typical Hasbro, nothing for years than suddenly more product than most of us can reasonably afford at once. At least the Drax fig looks a lot better than I thought it would. Can you tell me if the Fantomex is a new sculpt or an existing one. If so, which.
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