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  1. Yeah, I just can't take a full on Lemire or Bemis inspired take on the character. Not when there are much better runs to pull from. It's a fine line between taking the DID and other psychological problems too far and providing that intriguing element to the character.
  2. Guess I'm going to trim down my picks even more. Honestly, more than a few places are already at this price point, probably see a lot of stores, online or otherwise up the price to almost $30 now.
  3. I really have the highest hopes, but also the greatest reservations for this show. For me anyways, this is a character I've been dying to see done and some of the apparent changes in the trailer are a bit worrisome. The suit, just doesn't do it for me, too much of an on-the-nose Egyptian theme. The changes to the persona that I'm assuming is Steven Grant and the lack of MK's usual foes doesn't help much. Not to mention that it's fun to go down the psychological road with the character, but depending on how they do it, how far they go, and how much of the character's core they still salvage will either make this show the best yet, or absolutely ruin the character going forward. Furthermore, the trailer doesn't do anything to win me over on Oscar Isaac either. Despite all the nitpicks, I do hope it's good, even fantastic, but they haven't shown me enough yet to get me hyped out of my mind, like I want to be over one of my favorite characters.
  4. Honestly? Give me all of them. I have my nitpicks and changes for Mephisto, Moondragon, and Werewolf By Night, but I'd gladly take these as is, and fill in the spots in the collection. The only one I might pass on is Chameleon, since I don't need an animated one specifically.
  5. Best newcomer: Surtur, I mean c'mon, probably one of, if not the best figure of the whole year. Best remake: Cull Obsidian, I mean it's so different from the previous one that it's practically all new, even though there's reuse. Best repaint: Dusty Deadpool, just like the others, it was a great figure the first time, not necessarily a better paint job, but still the same great figure. Best costume: Final Battle Thor, easily one of the most glaring omissions from the Endgame stuff, and this one turned out excellent. Best villain: Surtur, yep, he gets two votes, cause he's just that good. Best female: Scarlet Witch D+
  6. Best newcomer: Morlun Best remake: Nova Best new costume: Classic Thanos Best repaint/re-release: She-Hulk (green version) Best villain: Ultron Best female: Tigra Best Spider-person: Spider-Verse Miles Best X-Men: Moira MacTaggart
  7. Stegron Riot Agony Spot Zzzax Phyla-Vell (GotG) Moondragon (GotG) Bug (GotG) Mantis (GotG) Justice
  8. Happens here in PA too, which is unfortunate, since I'd love to see some of the No Way Home stuff in person.
  9. Best Legend: Surtur. No question here, the height, the articulation, the glorious magma and lava sculpt, the paint, and the semi-translucent parts. All of them make for the absolute best figure I've seen Hasbro produce in a long time. Not to mention that everything's new on him! Worst Legend: One of the Eternals figures, don't really know or care which one I'd put here. Best Deluxe: Comic Thanos. I'd have put Surtur here, but he's my top for the year so I'll let Thanos shine a little. He was easily the front runner for me for the first half of the year as best overall figure with his sculpt and paint alone, plus the fact that he represents a classic look that was a long time coming. Best Subset figure: Not sure. Best Box Set: Children of Thanos. I guess, I never got it, and don't really plan to, but the re-sculpting for Cull Obsidian was nice so I'll let that be the deciding factor. Worst Box Set: Wolverine Amazon Set. Not a bad boxset, and I even had it pre-ordered for a bit. But the fact that it's five figures for the price of six, plus the fact that I really only could see myself getting this for Wyngarde and Callisto kind of brought me back to my senses to cancel it. Haven't regretted it yet. Best Exclusive: Nova. No way will I hold Walgreens usual antics against this figure. An excellent classic figure with very good articulation that was a long time coming. Plus the Qubit pack in really put it over the top for me, I'll take anything from the 06-10 Marvel Cosmic by DnA that I can. Worst Exclusive: Target’s Marvel’s Katy. Thought about picking an Eternals wave character and then remembered this one. From the get go she was a boring looking figure with clearly and severely limited articulation. Thinking that maybe the movie would change my opinion I tried to give her one more chance and I absolutely couldn't stand the character. Best Wave: Villains wave, followed by Iron Man. This was a close one Ursa Major was better than Xemnu for me, but the selection in that Villains wave was just so fun and really appealed to the classic comic collector in me. I'm really hoping we get some follow ups to this one because a villains assortment every year, or even every other or couple of years would be a fun way to shake things up again. I mean checking off Red Skull, Dormammu, Lady Deathstrike, and Arcade all in one wave was great. And Xemnu isn't too shabby himself, fits nice with the other Annihilation Conquest figures. Worst wave: The Eternals. Stores in my area always seem to be really far behind the curve, especially lately. But this was one that came in on time, and got stuffed in a corner of the toy aisle in Walmart on a half height shelf, and pretty much everything that was there day one is there today, weeks and weeks later. So add to that my own dislike of the boring designs, hindered articulation, and the lack of power accessories and you have a pretty clear case for this one. Best BAF: Ursa Major. I mean, he's a bear, and those paint apps are excellent. Worst BAF: Gilgamesh or Theta/Tri-Sentinel. In both cases the BAF was just so boring for me that it couldn't possibly have convinced me to buy the wave. My General Top Ten and Honorable Mentions Surtur Nova Classic Thanos Ultron Morlun Modular Armor Iron Man Scarlet Witch (Wandavision) Quicksilver (MCU) Dormammu Red Skull Honorable Mentions Sandman Tigra Spider-verse Miles Ursa Major Firestar
  10. Saw several cases of Eternals clogging pegs at Walmart this weekend, and at least one Ajak. Saw most of the What If wave as well and even an AoA Magneto, Kitty, and Legion. Not particularly interested in any of them, but it is nice to see stuff on the shelves again.
  11. Best Non-Fan Channel Exclusive: Nova Best 2 Pack: Happy Hogan and Butterscotch Iron Man Best Multi-Pack: Children of Thanos Best Fan Channel Single Figure: Sandman That last question was absolutely brutal...Sandman took the edge since he's a classic Spidey villain and the scale compared to the BAF works a bit better, but Tigra and Firestar were excellent too.
  12. Not much I'd change, but I'll add my support to some of these character selections: 1. Ronin (with three swappable unmasked heads) 2. Swordsman 3. Hawkeye (classic, or this may be a long shot, but an EMH inspired costume) 4. Echo 5. Crossfire 6. Ring Master BAF: Griffin (more of an Avengers BAF, but I'm really coming up empty on this one)
  13. Maybe, but at the moment I know I only have Morlun and Shriek, I have a complete BAF on pre-order and certainly can't wait to get him. Just didn't have much interest in the rest of the wave to finish him early.
  14. Since High Evolutionary can change his size I never really questioned getting this "normal sized" one. Most of my familiarity with the character is from Annihilation Conquest and some of his more recent appearances, where he is shown at average to slightly above average human height as well as being able to change to a larger size.
  15. Best Accessory: Lab Coat and sleeved arms (Retro Mr. Fantastic) Best Packaging: Spider-Man Retro Packaging Best Wave: Xemnu Wave (barely edging out the Ursa Major wave) Best BAF: Ursa Major Best Deluxe: Thanos, unless Surtur counts.
  16. I feel you, the only one that I even understand is "yeeting", in this case it means to toss or throw the shield.
  17. Didn't try that head, but since all three Sues have the same body I'm reasonably sure the swap will work. I may have to dig out my Walgreens Sue just to see if it's a better swap than the modern one.
  18. Retro FF wave came in way earlier than expected from Dorkside today. Solid overall wave, but definitely Sue's face is as bad, or in my opinion worse than it looked in the promos. Quick headswap with an extra modern Sue fixed that, might even try to kitbash the hair from the retro head with the modern Sue if I feel daring. Love having the team in these suits but between Sue's face and Johnny there's some real low points in this wave. Johnny has quite a few sculpted flames and they're not particularly translucent which is jarring compared to the rest of the body. For me, I still prefer the Walgreens Torch. Thing is still that same super bright orange, really wish the colors were more in line with the Walgreens Thing, but the headsculpts add some nice options here, hard to fault the figure since that mold is excellent. Reed is a real star here with the included lab coat, but they really need to use the elongated arms from the Walgreens version more often. High Evolutionary is a welcome addition and Psycho Man is incredibly impressive in his execution and of course really are the standouts of the wave.
  19. With the new butterfly joints, sign me up for a new red costume.
  20. It's a great mold, I'll be sad to see it go, mainly for the consistency that it provided for Cyclops and DD over the years. I'm hoping the Vulcan mold is similarly proportioned so that new Cyclops and Daredevil iterations will fit as seamlessly as possible with the older ones.
  21. Glad there's not a lot today, between hunting Quasar and of course all the stuff that's coming out right now, my pre-orders and wallet need a break. Will definitely be picking up that retro Scarlet Witch. Really want that Zemo, but man, they still haven't learned with Walgreens. The fact that they can't get them to stock their own ML or Lightning Collection exclusives, and yet, Hasbro keeps giving more and more to Walgreens? With all these Ebay exclusives, Nova, Quasar, and now Zemo in ML alone, I'll probably be cutting quite a few possible figures to cover them. I'd love to get D'Spayre, and Vulcan too, but I'd pass on them completely if that's what it took to get Quasar and Zemo at scalper prices. Maybe even worse than Zemo himself being a Walgreens exclusive is that their new theme almost guarantees some heavily desired classic villains will never hit a shelf at any Walgreens.
  22. Morlun and Shriek came in from BBTS and while Shriek is a nice figure, Morlun steals the show. He feels like a win after such a long time having passed since stories like The Other and Spider-Verse, and while I know JMS' run is controversial at best, I've always loved his Morlun stories and the character was one of my major wants for years and years on our annual wish lists. I'm glad Hasbro took the time and did him right, about the only thing I could want are some fists, but that's a pretty small problem with an otherwise excellent figure, and yeah, I'm aware I might be a tad biased here. Maybe the other Inheritors can happen someday.
  23. Yeah, I'm really hoping with the popularity of the MCU counterpart, a new comic Zemo isn't far off.
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