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  1. Going with: Single Exclusive: Moon Knight Two Pack: Storm and Thunderbird Multi-Pack: Psylocke/Fantomex/Nimrod (Won't get the HFC until March so that's a next year set in my book). Fan Channel: Toxin
  2. 1,000 times yes! Maybe even with improved articulation, but even a straight re-release would be great.
  3. That awesome Target sale just takes the cake, snagged both Cyborg and Negative Zone Spidey with a retro Gambit. Might have to browse some more later.
  4. Going with: -Accessories: War Machine, because even though he sports some reused ones, the way the old and new effects come together is excellent. -Packaging: Spidey Retro card, since it's the only time I've ever considered picking up duplicates to keep MOC/MIB. -Best Wave Assortment: Spidey Retro, even the lesser figures have a place in the display. -Best Deluxe/Rider: War Machine, I mean those effects, he really feels like a one man army all set up like that. -Best BAF: Demogoblin, by a landslide, the new the old, it all meshes great, but that head and the glider are
  5. They just need to do what some of their other brands have done/are doing and get a better single jointed elbow in the mix. I mean Lightning Collection does it just fine, and Black Series Jaina Solo has a really good single jointed elbow if memory serves. Legends just needs to get with it. Once they've done that...all the female Spider characters, the martial artists, everyone needs a re-do with better elbows, and butterfly joints, and a better crunch.
  6. Falcon and Kang came in from BBTS, excellent additions to start rounding out the year. Just Cyborg Spider-Man, and Negative Zone Spider-Man to go. Unless JJJ and Black Cat hit stateside early.
  7. I'd be fine with a Symbiote Suit too, if they just worked on the hips and the torso the Pizza Spidey mold could be viable for a long time.
  8. Agreed, the only thing I'll concede to the "Retro Spidey buck" group is that the articulation is better for Spidey. Beyond that the Pizza Spidey's proportions are much better, and the height seems to scale better across the majority of how Spider-Man is drawn in comics. Plus this goes better with the dozens of costumes we've already gotten.
  9. Got my movie Deadpool from Dorkside, excellent figure, and much more palatable by himself and not at two pack prices.
  10. Pulse order for Carnage, Phage, and Morbius came in today, but the real amazing part is that they all arrived in ONE box! The wonders never cease! All joking aside, that Carnage is beyond awesome, it just could use a new set of textured weapon hands to put it over the top. The only puzzling part is why Hasbro would put this figure out there with all this amazing sculpted detail and not give him the torso and ab crunch combo that retro Spidey got. Phage is great, but it just accentuates the need for the rest of the Life Foundation symbiotes. And Morbius is good too, like the costume desi
  11. 21 New Figures Morlun Stegron Cardiac Riot Agony Shriek Mayhem Darkdevil Phyla-Vell (GotG) Quasar (Annihilators) Black Spectre Bushman Morpheus Mr. Negative Diamondback Overdrive Justice Speedball Namorita Mephisto Uatu 21 Costumes/Re-Dos/Updates Werewolf By Night Spider-Armor Mk 1 Iron Spider (Comic) Spider-Man (The End) Gamora (DnA GotG) Sunspot (New Mutants: Moonstar uniform) Cannonball (New Mutants: Moonstar unifor
  12. Picked up a second Vulture figure, had one of the first run with the wing pieces that peg into the shoulders. Proper wing placement does improve the figure, wings are still a bit touchy, so I'm hoping Falcon is a bit better off when he arrives.
  13. In no particular order: 1. Morlun 2. Stegron 3. Toxin (Pat Mulligan) 4. Toxin (Bulked up, also Pat Mulligan) 5. Cardiac 6. Swarm 7. Carrion 8. Shriek 9. Riot 10. Agony 11. Hybrid 12. Shathra 14. Spider-Man (The End) 15. Spider-Armor Mk 1 16. Iron Spider (comic) 17. Mayhem 18. Darkdevil 19. Phyla-Vell (Quasar) 20. Quasar (Annihilators) 21. Bug (GotG) 22. Mantis (GotG) 23. Jack Flag (GotG) 24. Firelord 25. Stardust 24. Air Walker 26. Red Shift 27. Nightcrawler
  14. Got Toxin, and wow, this one takes that Monster Venom BAF to another level! Always been a fan of the Pat Mulligan version of the character, but this is just too awesome, I guess I'll have to pretend it's just a really out of control Pat until we get a re-do for him.
  15. Spider-Man (Retro) Moon Knight Dr. Doom Demogoblin War Machine Vulture Red Hulk Super-Skrull Storm Lots of honorable mentions but, for the top of that pack I'd go with She-Hulk.
  16. While I'm definitely desperate for that Spider-Armor Mk I, it's not hard to see why Iron Spider won. I'd take all of the top five in a heartbeat. Of course Spider-Man is kind of my main collection when it comes to Legends so I'll pick up any and all of these if they ever were to be made.
  17. Finally got my retro Kingpin in after cancelling with Pulse and moving the order elsewhere, this is the Kingpin we all deserved the first go around. Now just waiting on Toxin.
  18. Picked up a loose Pyro. Don't know if I saw it on these boards or somewhere else, but someone pointed out that you can take the ends of the flame effects and fit them into the openings on the flamethrowers. Though I doubt Hasbro did this intentionally, it does look a bit better than the "fire fists" they originally left him with. For my money, it will work until I can find a better set of flame effects.
  19. Yeah neither of them looked even a bit like what I picture Marc to look like, at least Isaac could hopefully pull it off, but since I haven't seen either of those films I'll have to check out some clips, maybe feel better about this possibility. And yeah, Daniel Radcliffe...gives me nightmares thinking about it.
  20. Yeah, no thanks. I have yet to see this guy in a role that isn't a "snarky bad-boy" roll, plus there's that stint as Apocalypse... they could find someone better for Marc. Or find a no-name actor that just looks the part and is going to give it his all. Of course if those were some of their other considerations I guess I'd rather have Oscar Isaac, but only if it's down to just those three.
  21. That Jack O' Lantern is an awesome figure, especially with a Hope Summers cape, really bumps the aesthetic up to the next level. I really like Living Laser too, the different effects and the translucent plastic come together great.
  22. Not exactly an old figure, but this year's grey She-Hulk, I know it wasn't the one everyone wanted, myself included, but it really is a well designed figure that completely won me over. Going back further I'd go with Black Knight from 2018, I don't think it was talked up enough, the three heads alone gave that figure a lot of potential. Also the Ghost Rider with Hell Cycle set, even though it's a first appearance, and I'd rather see a more modern take on Johnny, that bike with all the fire and add-ons is excellent, one of the few MLs that I have out on display permanently.
  23. Spider-Armor Mk 1 Iron Spider Dusk Hornet Prodigy Ricochet Bag-Man Future Foundation Stealth (love the black and red swap there) Fear Itself (the colors I think could really pop, especially if done in metallic paint) I'd have put Man-Spider but I'm still satisfied with the ToyBiz version from the Classics line, especially the overall size of it.
  24. Scored a Grey Black Widow at my local Walmart, two full pegs of them, got to even pick the one with the best paint apps on the face. For NW PA, feels like a win to find an exclusive on the shelf like that.
  25. Got my pirate Deadpool from Pulse, thus completing Strong Guy, last full BAF of the year for me. A few cherry picked figures, a couple deluxes, and this year's ML wants will be closed out.
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