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  1. I would love another Spidey themed wave. Really like the choices already posted. My choices: Mary Jane Spider-Girl (May Parker MC2) Chameleon Agent Venom (too afraid that Jubilee wave never happens) Darkdevil (MC2) Morlun/Classic Kaine (swap) Stegron BAF Any and all symbiotes that have never been given the legends treatment especially a classic Toxin in both regular and "hulked-out" form. Honorable Mentions (no particular order) The Spot Shathra Gwen Stacy Hammerhead Tombstone Doppleganger Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Doc Ock (because they've all been too short) Ezekiel Anti-Venom Hulked-out Venom Green Goblin (Civil War/Thunderbolts version) Cardiac Classic Beetle Prowler Spidey CostumesDusk Prodigy Ricochet Hornet Captain Universe Spider Armor New Spider Armor and anything else
  2. Eh no thanks, not much for first appearance looks or the All New X-Men series, plus the most recent price is outrageous. They charge right away. I pre-ordered off them recently and was a little surprised.
  3. I don't have one yet, my bbts order just shipped the other day. However from pics it seems pretty good. Personally if you are looking for a definitive Spidey they all cost a ton. I wouldn't say this is the "best" Spider-Man but it seems like a great one. I'll try to remember to post again when I get a good look at this one. The Sinister 6 Spidey or the McFarlane/Campbell Spidey are probably the best, but cost a bit too much for anyone but a hardcore Spidey fan to shell out for.
  4. Absolutely agree! Black Cat is awesome and Beetle doesn't look too bad at this point. I'm curious to see which characters are swapping for which.
  5. Nova (I have to have a Nova Prime/Annihilation Richard Rider) Mary Jane (hate the movie line ones, my Spidey display is incomplete without her) Scarlet Witch War Machine (personally I'd like one that reflects his Heroic Age look, but I'll settle for anything) Ms. Marvel (why this isn't happening yet is beyond me, but an easy custom if it doesn't happen) Mandarin Spider-Woman (again Moonstone body, there are some great customs of Spider-Woman with this base) Moon Knight (armored version from Vengeance of the Moon Knight) Fantastic Four (all matching and no "goofy" Reed Richard head or crazy elongated Reed) Gambit (as mentioned above the sculpted coat, and arms would be great) Probably others but these are my top 10. If I could get the top 3 or top 5 I'd be quite content.
  6. Obviously some great suggestions. My personal favorite as I don't have the "McFarlane" Spider-Man yet is the Sinister Six Box Set Spider-Man. It sports a darker paint job (personal preference) but I believe is the same mold or similar mold to the Snap Shot Spidey. Great articulation a fair head sculpt that is somewhere between classic small eyes and McFarlane large eyes. But sadly this one also goes for a hefty price.
  7. Yeah after some more thought, I really agree that the new female mold is not perfect for a standard mold, but it does leave a lot of possibilities out there and I've seen some great customs using this mold.
  8. Just curious as to what everyone thought of the set and individual figures. I originally was going to pass but ended up getting most of the set. Here's my thoughts though... Luke Cage: I was really pumped for this one, he's pretty good, just not as good as he should have been. Head Sculpt: Not sure I like the head sculpt it's not horrible just not great. I have a custom I made using the Drax head and I think that wold have been a better choice for Habro versus what they used. The head he has sort of looks like a retooled Steve Rogers head with how large it is. Body: Works, but I think it's too big for Cage. They needed something between the Drax/Shield Agent body and Hyperion. Paint Deco: Would have been better as a pre-Heroic age Luke Cage, street clothes not a costume. Articulation: Great no real problems, even the sculpted fists are alright. Moonstone: Awesome, the new mold is perfect. The combination of the new sculpting plus the paint really makes this one of the best figures from the set. Head Sculpt: Probably the best head sculpt that Hasbro has used for a female figure. Body: The new mold is perfect for characters like Moonstone, not sure if I want it to be the new standard for every female character, but if it was I think that'd be alright. Paint Deco: Even though the pearly look like on Iron Monger can be a hit or miss it really works well here. Articulation: Great no real problems, even the sculpted fists are alright. The fact that the T joint is being used for the legs is so much better than the previous female molds. Crossbones: Passed on Crossbones since I have the Ares series one, differences were minimal, not enough by any means to get this one. Ghost: Probably my favorite from the set, the translucent plastic, alternate heads, something about how it all looks together is almost creepy, which is great! Head Sculpt: Perfect, although I do prefer one sculpt over the other, being able to change them out really puts this over the top. Body: Perfect, Ghost is thin, like rail thin so he definitely looks like a creepy little man, which is what the character should look like. Paint Deco: Minimal, but well done. Articulation: Not as good as Moonstone or Cage, but for Ghost that's not a problem sculpted fingers w/o articulation and limited posing aren't a problem when it comes to him. Satana (Judith Chambers) Head Sculpt: Same head sculpt as Moonstone, except the hair is sculpted to retain as much movement of the head as possible with the cape attached. Body: The new mold is really perfect for characters like Moonstone or dare I hope Ms. Marvel, but for Satana it also works, which makes me think it might not be too bad as a standard mold for female characters. Paint Deco: How can you go wrong with all black? You can't. The two different colors in her hair is a nice touch though. Articulation: Great articulation, the only problem is the hands are sculpted into a "magic" pose which isn't as easy to overlook as Ghost's sculpted hands. The fingers seem a little long. Overall Thoughts A surprisingly good set, I'm glad I didn't pass on all the figures. However I don't like the concept of the SDCC exclusives very much and this set highlights the problems more so than the X-Force one did last year. The rareity of the set really makes it a problem for people to pick up that can't go to SDCC especially when only Moonstone will see a re-release. People have been clamoring for both Crossbones and a modern Luke Cage and yet neither at this point will see a major release. I think if Hasbro is going to continue this trend of hard to pass up exclusives they need to make them available in mass quantity through their website, and not just the leftovers like they already do. The collectors really do deserve better than having to pay twice the price on the secondary market. So yes I really like the set, not a must have for everyone but great editions to to anyone's collection. Ghost and Moonstone are clearly the standouts. Plus supplying a modern Luke Cage and another Crossbones are definitely a step in the right direction as far as catering to collectors. My greatest gripe is the difficulty of getting this set and Hasbro could easily fix this.
  9. Ghost Rider (blue version) Thor Psylocke Bucky Cap Wrecker Bleeding Edge Iron Man Scarlet Spider (because Kaine is awesome in that title, even though the articulation isn't great) X-Force Archangel Moonstone Jean Grey (Jim Lee version) Honorable Mention: Iron Monger BAF
  10. My List Nova Prime (Richard Rider) Spider-Girl (May Parker) Mary Jane Darkdevil Stegron Moon Knight (armored) Modern Jack O Lantern Starlord (DnA's GotG version) Hybrid Prowler BAFs Mephisto Thanos Groot (DnA's GotG version) Theme Wave Guardians of the Galaxy (based on DnA's run) possibly a Groot BAF for this wave. Gamora Bug Mantis Jack Flag Major Victory Phyla Vel (with Quasar and Martyr variants) Adam Warlock (Magus variant) As others have mentioned with Stryfe, prototype models and plans don't mean something is getting released, so I'm keeping Starlord on my list until I see more info. But SDCC did take Flash Venom and Classic Black Cat off my list so I'm hopeful.
  11. Finally broke down and got a Masked Daken. I had the Big Time Spidey for a few months now just waiting for Daken to post pics.
  12. It's amazing how little sense it makes that they can list both madames but not list big time spidey, thunderball, or masked daken separate from the variants.
  13. Yeah, I've been holding out for masked daken too, it's just the wait time and item location that keep me from picking it up even at that price. Hoping to find one or buy one for a better price still, but that hope is almost gone.
  14. If anyone ends up with a masked Daken. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price.
  15. Tell me about it I live there and I have been hunting forever for wave 2.
  16. Venom (Flash Thompson) Spider-Girl (May Parker) Nova (Modern) Moon Knight (Armored, from VoMK series) Luke Cage (Modern) Darkdevil Black Spectre (Carson Knowles) Jack O' Lantern (Modern) Scarlet Spider (Kaine) Thanos (BAF) Mary Jane Watson Sauron (BAF or regular) Vengeanace (Modern/Kowalski/green fire) Civil War/Secret Invasion Thunderbolts Box Set Stegron Mephisto (BAF)
  17. Well just Daken left to go. Problem is I can't find that masked version anywhere except the asian scalpers on ebay. I seriously hope they don't release wave three for a while cause it'll be forever before I can track down a masked Daken for a good price.
  18. Did anyone that ordered daken or thunderball from TRU.com actually get thunderball or masked daken? I ordered both and got Piledriver and unmasked daken as well. I'm trying to figure out how rare they are in case I have to overpay.
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