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  1. I don't really want another Iron Man figure even though I like the paint scheme. Since I have the old Deadpool I don't see a need to pay $16 for the new one and I have the same thoughts about the Punisher. I agree that the old Sentry is outdated and is a bit small but he is still serviceable. Plus I'm not that big into the character. I can understand that it's easier for new collector's to buy the newer figures than the old ones but from a old school collector's point of view the pickings are slim. I am interested in the comic version of Blade and Moonstar though.
  2. I doubt this will happen but it would be nice if we got a new Vulture figure or at least a slight repaint of the old. The only way you can get one now is to buy the old Fearsone Foes set which is expensive or buy him individually which is also costly. I bet the Spiderman will be a repaint of the 1st appearance spiderman from a few years ago. The article did say webbed armpits.
  3. Yeah that would habe been nice. Some people are substituting that hammer for this keychain version. It's about the right size. My problem with it is that I don't want to pay $15 or $20 for a KC
  4. Let's see. Odin (Kirby or Simonson) Balder (Simonson) Sif (Simonson) Heimdall (Simonson) Fandral Volstagg Hogun Hela (Kirby) Surtur BAF (Simonson) I doubt a 12inch would happen, there are alwaays dreams though. Moondragon Jocasta Modern Luke Cage Star Fox Deathbird Silver Sable Lilandra Gladiator Ulik BAF Celestial BAF Same as Surtur hopes
  5. Over the years I have hesitated or not been interested in buying figures. In some cases I did not see them in store at all. here is a small list. I would like to buy these at some point but ebay prices for a few of them are a bit steep. I didn't buy too much of the TRU exclusives due to cash flow problems at the time. 1. Kang 2.King Hulk (This would be my last Hulk) 3. Black Bolt 4. Tigra 5. Spiral 6. Omega Red 7. Namor wave 2 8. Kree/Skrull pack 9. Valkyrie (I did not want the Hulk that came with her) 10. Maria Hill 11. Sharon Carter 12. Absorbing Man 13. Doc Samson 14. Nova 15. Warpath
  6. Ive been collecting ML since '04 or '05, and aside from Spidey and IM the ones you listed are the only ones that I will buy consistently. Wolvie, Punisher, and Deadpool are my favorite characters so I'll take any and all versions I can get. Deadpool and Punisher have only had a couple of incarnations but Thor has had quite a bit. I assume by your avatar he is your favorite which is why he didnt make your list...point being there are alot of collectors (and kids) out there that dont feel like theyre getting screwed cuz they are getting really awesome incarnations of (in their minds) the most kick ass character ever. And the Hulk has been tough to find everytime, I finally dished out 40 for the Savage Green Hulk from the Fin Fang Foom wave simply because they are so difficult to find in general so i welcome any and all Hulks. I also dont see a point in being too upset about getting new iterations of characters, we could be like DCUC and be out of comission. Or the line could die(again). I for one am just happy to see 6 inchers of any Marvel Characters at this point because that dry spell was horrible. However to keep in line of the thread... 1. I love the character but, Cyclops. I know he hasnt had a definitive fig yet, but I feel like all of the important versions have been made, even this new pheonix look is essentially the same as before Ok . I actually forgot to post it. I do not need any more versions of Thor either. The recent Thor and King Thor are great. The only way I can see buying another is if he is significantly different than any others that I have seen. I see what you mean about Cyke. I have the Xmen classics 90's version and the old first ML version. Due to a short fall and cash I didn't get the Hasbro version plus I just don't like that costume too much. The old ML version lacks articulation in somer areas. I think they used a older body sculpt?
  7. I usually classify Spiderman Origins/Classics and the old Xmen and Hulk Classics with my MLs. Technically they are not called MLs but they are/were made by the same company and people. I've seen people make a distinction. What do you think?
  8. Yeah they had a nice Venom Spidey Origns version a few years back plus there are two ML versions of Green Goblin and Doc Ock not counting the movie versions. We don't need to see another Hobgoblin either imo.
  9. The recent ML figures you want to see thread got me thinking of characters that have several versions of already or I don't think need anymore. In my case. 1. Iron Man. I have 9 or 10 versions of this guy and I don't want anymore. 2. Captain America. Unless it's the Bucky Cap I have all the Caps I need. THe Ultimate and Faceoff versions hold up very well. 3. Hulk. I know the Hulk is popular but they can use the resources to make a character that has not had a figure yet. The only Hulk figure that I would want at this point is King Hulk but I'm not paying $60 for one on Ebay. 4. Spiderman. I have several ML and related line Spiderman figures. The only reason that the recent version interests me is because if his design. 5. Punisher. The only Punisher figure that I have is the old ML version and that's enough. Despite sculpt changed what else could one do with the character? If you did not buy a earlier version if might be cheaper to buy a recent one. 6.Wolverine. I have several versions of Wolverine and I tend to skip the recent version no matter what he is dressed in. 7. Deadpool. This one is a tough one. A lot of people did not get a chance at the old ML Deadpool and he is very expensive these days so buying a later version is understandable. But I have a feeling they will go nuts with releases of him the same as they did with Wolverine. Now if Hasbro would stop making Iron Men ect for a while they could make a 90's Jubilee figure or perhaps a modern Luke Cage or a better and modern Scarlet Witch. They seem to have the Gi joe way of thinking meaning that they think releasing Snake Eyes, Duke and Cobra Commander are sure sellers. That is not really right considering after a while I stopped buying all of those versions of the same character. I don'tbuy Optimus Prime, Megatron or (especially) Bumblebee either. Now the ML line is suppesedly for kids but a lot of kids don't know whw a lot of the characters are and they can't spend $16 or more per figure for a entire wave so there seems to be confusion who these figures are marketed for on Hasbro's part. Another thought is that since the Avengers is a hit and Spiderman will probably do well at the Box Office we will be seeing more of the characters with a lot of exposure. That means I will be skipping some figures. opinions?
  10. I would love to see a asgardian wave Odin (Simonson or Kirby version) Sif (Simonson version) Volstagg Hogun Fandral Balder (Simonson version) Enchantress (all we have is the universe version) Hela (Kirby or Simonson version) If they still made large BAFs I would want a Simonson styled Surtur but I doubt that will ever happen.
  11. This recent pic is the ML 3 Thor vs Gladiator Hulk (without armor). Btw in my little Marvel Universe the Hulk (who is one of my favorite characters) is not all powerful and can be beaten at times. Especially by gods and cosmic beings even though the fights should be epic and not one sided. A indestructible character is limiting story wise. This goes for Superman too.
  12. I really can't decide on my favorite version of Thor. For years it was ML wave 3 (my first ML) but then King Thor came out. What brings King Thor down imo is his lack of paint apps. The ML wave 3 is huge and imposing but he is too top heavy and his uniform lacks a small bit of detail, those last 2 plates. The Giant Man Wave version has a nice sculpt but is far too small imo. The Hasbro ML Hercules dwarfs him. For a period of time the Marvel Select version of Thor supplanted all others due to comic accuracy and paint apps, plus I likesd his size. Now the recent ML modern Thor had matched the MS version, he had better articulation but his paint apps are not quite as nice as the MS version. The movie version is a great representation of Chris Hemsworth but I tend to separate the movie MLs from my mainstream collection plus he is a bit skinny. As of right now MS amd ML modern Thor may have the crown. One pic is of MS Thor and Masterpiece Rodimus Prime and one ML3 Thor is stuggling against the Thor movie line 8 inch Destroyer.
  13. I can't really decide which is better. The old TB version has better paint apps but I think he should have been a bit taller. His mold is okay but just okay. The Hasbro version lacks paint apps but I think he has a better mold and he's taller. He also lacks finger articulation unlike the TB version. I guess I'll have to rule that they are on a par with each other. Both have drawbacks and strengths that cancel each other out.
  14. The only time I have bought more than one pf the same figures is for possible custom fodder, Even then the extras were marked down.
  15. Sculptwise (it's more old Kirby school) I prefer the original it also had magnets under his feet so he can stay on a metal strip on his board. Since this is for a 5 yo I suggest this because the foot pegs on the board may break off.
  16. I doubt I'll be buying the SDCC versions. Hopefull the will be released at retail sooner or later. If they arein w 3 pack retail all the better.
  17. Luckily I found one last week. I still might buy the MS version because of the great sculpt.
  18. I felt this way when I found the Avengers 6 inch figures. I also had a conspiratorial feeling, as if iwas getting away with something. Then again considering the um...speculation problem around here I probably was.
  19. What was your first ML figure? My first was the ML wave 3 Thor back in 2002 or 03. I bought him for $9 at Suncoast. At the time I thought the price was high but one can't predict the future. Back then I only had a Famous Covers 9 inch Thor and I wanted a smaller version with better articulation. I was amazed at the sculpt and detail of this figure, at the time I had only seen this type of work on the Mcfarlane line. Plus these were Marvel characters? Wow! This was the first of several more through the years. I plan on posting pics of my collection soon.
  20. The new Archangel is better than the Xmen line version that came out years ago. Psylocke is a better sculpt than the TB version too. I'm not that enthused about another Wolverine not matter his uniform. O might pick this up by the merits of the other 2 figures.
  21. Lets see. IMO I think these are the nicer figures sculpt wise. Venom. There is a related Spiderman line venom from 4 or 5 years ago that's a very nice sculpt. he does have as silly knob in his back for a jaw moving gimmick but it's not really a problem. The earlier ML version from a Fearsome Foes pack I think is okay but really expensive. Spiderman. I hear there is a Mcfarlane Styled Spiderman that is very popular amongst fans sculpt as well as articulation wise. I've seen a few reasonably prices on ebay. Iron Man. There is a Modern Armor ML figure that I think is great sculpt wise. I recommend that one. Captain America. Personally I prefer the ultimate styled Captain America I think it ML wave 7 or 8. Black Widow. There is a old ML Black Widow but she is not a great figure. More recently a better mold was released in a TRU 2 pack (I forgot with who). She is not cheap imo. Hawkeye. There are only 2 Hawkeye ML figures. One is from 5 or more years back and the movie version. Both are nice but if you want to go with the old style the first fits the bill. Sadly both are expensive too. Doc OC. I only have the old ML version. The mold itself is great but lacks articulation. His arms make up for it though. Magneto. I have a old Xmen five pack version of him. There is a earlier version that has a different head but all else is the same. He may seem dated by today's standard but sculpt wise he is okay. I think he shares body parts with the early Iron Man figure. There is also a old ML related Xmen line version that is a good sculpt but comes with a gimmick. He is a bit short also. Wolverine. I personally like the old ML brown costumed verison. He is either ML waves 6,7 or 8 I think. Sculpt wise he is great. The next runner up is the Age of Apocalypse version that came out a few years later. Juggernaut. I have the old ML and movie versions. Sculpt wise the old ML is great with good paint apps. He is not as large as the MS version but he is bigger than the ML movie version. Price wise the MS verison may be cheaper. Jean Grey. I have two versions, the old ML version and the Hasbor version which had a early costume. I think she was called Marvel Girl. The older figure shared the same body as Black Widow but I think it's modified in some areas. The Marvel Girl version is not as nice imo, it lacks paint apps and articulation plus she seems bland compared to the old one. Sabretooth. I have two versions. The older ML and a WM exclusive version that came out several years later. They are both great figures and are both great sculpts. The original is the most commonlyt known version of the character while the second is from the Age of Apocalypse story line. I have more recommendations but I'll finish up tommorow.
  22. I understand your frustration, but something you said kind of reinforces my point that for a lot of scalpees, this is their 9-5. They keep up with the market and understand what figures are rare and "worth" more than retail. As long as there is a demand that is greater than supply, its going to make those figures go up in price. As someone with interests in business, i cant jelp but find scalping a perfectly viable and legit business despite how it affects me as a collector. Yeah some scalpers 9-5 job is scalping. Doesn't mean I still don't despise them. I also keep up with the market and I'm good at calling stores and finding figures but when I find rare figures I trade them to members on here instead of Ebaying them. Sometimes they spend all their time finding and buying all these figures while we're at work working 9-5. They themselves can cause these figures to be hard to find and make their own prices on Ebay. It is frustrating knowning scalpers are buying cases of the Avengers figures because they have nothing but free time and employees calling them. They buy them and get to flip them 40-50 dollars a pop to collectors who stand no chance of finding them because they work and don't have free time. Sometimes scalpers have an unfair advantage when this is their job. Some people hate scalpers some people don't mind. I just happen to hate them. I have a local scalper who does this as his job since his comic shop closed down. He has employees who call him to get figures and he does this 24/7. It's hard competing with someone like that who has nothing but free time and buys all the figures. Went to a convention and there he was selling Marvel Legends 30-40 bucks a piece and said he found them in my town. I still can't find half of the 1st wave. It's hard not being frustrated and it's hard him condoning having 4 Hopes, 3 Thors, 4 Commander Rogers and what not while my girlfriend's brother and I can't find any. So if people want to scalp then go for it but people prob shouldn't try and justify scalping on these boards because everytime it happens huge fights ensue and Clam has to clean house. If a person wants to scalp then I'm not going to talk trash or try and stop them but I sure prob wouldn't like them very much if their causing me or my friends to not find figures and pay double or triple if we want them. I remember when my local scalper still had his comic shop and the Giant Man Series had came out. I missed all of them at Wal-Mart and seen his cart full. Him and I were on good talking terms and I mentioned that he had just gotten them before I came in. He said the lady called him and told him they were in. The next day he was selling them in his shop for triple the price. Thank god I had one of the stocker ladies call me the next time they got a set in. She called him first but I beat him to them because my friend Patrick lived real close and I happened to be there when she hit my cell. Got two complete sets for my girlfriend's brother and I. He even tried to get me to let him have one of the sets, wtf! Said he drove out their and it didn't seem fair because I got two sets! I told him ''wow Shannon, how many sets you need?. These are for my friend Chris and I'' haha and he seemed sort of pissed. Amen brother.
  23. I would love to have a Surtur MS. Then again I would like to have a Kirby or Simonson styled Odin too.
  24. I don't really like the way the Lizard looks. I hope this is a case of the CG movie version not translating well to toy form.
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