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  1. No luck in store. Never saw a BP or the Vulture/Spidey 2-pack in any of the Walmarts i've been to in Socal. Had to eBay it.
  2. Complete opposite on X-Men in Los Angeles, for me anyway. I've been to a ton of Walgreens, TRU's and Targets all throughout the city. Have seen Polaris everywhere. Dazzler and Shatterstar and Logan have been around. I've only seen Colossus once, the time i bought him, same with Sunfire. Have been looking everywhere for Cyclops, still no luck. GOTG have all been pretty easy to find except for Angela. Star Lord and Drax are everywhere. Only seen Angela in a store once and someone else had just beaten me to it. Finally broke down and ordered one online when i found a good price on Amazon. Cyclops is still pricey though online, will keep hunting. If it's easy to find by you it'll prob be easy to track down eventually. So many targets seem to only have shelves full of Misty Knight for some reason.
  3. Thanks for the list. Super cool. Currently putting together my Spider-verse shelf and really appreciate this. Loking forward to Spider-Women and Alt. Spidey reviews as well. Overall lists like this are great as it is easy to lose track of all the different versions in ML scale over the years.
  4. Yes to whoever put Quentin Quire on their list! Def one of the more interesting and fun X-characters. A lot of those new teen mutants tend to blur together and get lost in the shuffle, but I would freaking love a QQ figure. Maybe with an alternate future Phoenix body. Here are the X-Men characters i want to see done, too many for one single wave, I'm just gonna list them in no particular order. 1. Cable!!! (maybe as a BAF if he's in proportion to the Stryfe figure) 2. Quentin Quire 3. Modern Rachel Summers 4. Emma Frost (will gladly take a re release of the wolverine legends wave since it was impossible to find and goes for like 100 bucks on ebay) 5. Sebastian Shaw (yes to this idea 100%) 6. Modern Havok 7. Modern Magneto (white outfit) 8. Modern Cannonball 9. Domino redo 10. X-23 redo 11. 90's Jubilee 12. Polaris 13. Sunfire 14. Dazzler 15. Pixie 16. Dr. Nemesis 17. Legion 18. Blink 19. Cassandra Nova 20. Shadow King If even a few of these come out in the next few years I'll be happy. I was pumped to see the new Rogue. but I was also pumped to see the new Blade. So I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch.
  5. Good points. But I think the Ronan BAF was pretty good as well. Also Crossbones from the Ares wave was okay, but the SDCC '13 repaint was a much needed improvement on the same figure.
  6. People keep mentioning a 90's X-Men wave and that seems like a real possibility given that there has been renewed interest in that era of Jim Lee. The 90's X-men comic series could be what they base the new wave from, why else would you make a Jim Lee Rogue and not release the modern one in an Avengers line? Hoping they include: Gambit (could really use a new one, even though I do love the Toy Biz Gambit, hope they don't kit bash the same trench coat AGAIN) Jubilee (one that is not going for over a 100 dollars on ebay, classic costume?) Psylocke (repaint the SDCC exclusive and you're set) Morph? (can take or leave this character, but why not?) CABLE! (Please make a new Cable!!! Maybe even as a BAF, just one that is actually taller than Hope Summers!!!) Cyclops (Always loved the Jim Lee costume but always hated how the previous JL Cyke was too skinny and wiry) Apocalypse BAF (The Toy Biz Apocalypse was my first Marvel Legends fig and I love it, but was never wild about it in comparison to how he looks in the comics, so a new imposing BAF would be great, but will gladly pass up on that for a BAF CABLE!!!!) Don't need a new Beast as his Toy Biz one is perfect Wishful thinking on not getting another Wolverine, but still fingers crossed, though i suppose a new Logan in the classic black, yellow and blue could be cool. Prof X in his hover chair would be okay, but I'm pretty fine with the Prof X from Toy Biz, don't really need to replace him. I keep thinking of characters that stood out in the 90's cartoon, maybe a new Sabertooth? Though i like my Toy Biz Series V one. Any major players from that era that you'd like to see added????
  7. Yep, he's got that weird side angle. That totally looks like it. Thanks!!!
  8. I'm listing some figures on EBay and have no idea what to label this Spider-Man. Does anyone know what series/brand he comes from? He has an odd articulation and is close to Marvel Legends scale, but a little on large size. Cool looking but kind of weird figure. I randomly came across it, so never had it in the original packaging. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the help. Will be listing some Marvel Legends on Ebay, if you're interested hit me up as well.
  9. Thanks! Need to see some side by side shots or video of MS Cable and ML Stryfe, if anyone has a link to that, post it.
  10. Yeah, I've been super curious about how the Marvel Select Cable would fit in the ML Cable. I've always been annoyed at the height scale of that figure. Think it looks cool, but it's way too short, he's practically the same size as the hope summers figure (though she's a little too tall). I tried to watch some video review of the MS Cable, but they didn't seem to address it's scale as far as Marvel legends. If anyone has photos that they can show that have MS Cable next to some of the larger ML figures like colossus juggernaut etc. What would the proper height for a cable figure be???? Didn;t pick up the Stryfe figure, but is that about right?
  11. Movie Yellow Jacket I suppose is inevitable. With a few exceptions (Avengers Hawkeye, Iron Man 2 Iron Man and War Machine, GOTG Star Lord, Drax & Groot)) I'm never really a fan of movie inspired figures. Their scale and detail always just ends up looking lame, action figures don't usually work very well when they have actual human dimensions. But hope the line can get some more comic inspired figures. And hopefully they play with the sizing, like if they hav a comic Ant-Man maybe his accessory is a small scale ant man, same with wasp etc. A random avenger hero being included would be cool, like how they threw in Nova with GOTG, related but not really GOTG. The Toybiz BAF Giant Man is pretty perfect, any chance hey could just reissue that as a BAF so i don't have to pay $200 on ebay for it eventually? ;)
  12. I really like my Iron Man 2 Mark VI. Scale wise it's pretty right on, perhaps slightly small, but when in flight or action poses it looks fantastic. Looks okay next to Cap, depending on which one you use. I'm currently using the new Target 3-Pack Cap, which is pretty big, but like in the picture, in flight the IM looks fine. I used to have the Toy Biz Modern Iron Man like you have pictured, but was never quite happy with the way it looked. The face was too duckish. I really like how the IM2 Mk 6 looks like the MCU Iron Man, because I always appreciated how much the MCU Iron Man was comic accurate. I also have the new Cosmic Iron Man from the GOTG series. Maybe not the best if you are looking for a prototypical Iron Man, but a good Alternative. It looks cool in a cosmic display anyway.
  13. Been dying to get my hands on that Blade that they never actually managed to get out there, same for the new Rogue. Hopefully we'll see those get a release. Would really love to see an Odin BAF, a new Capt. Marvel and maybe a modern Luke Cage, if even just a repaint of last years exclusive. Hope a few of this years exclusives get an actual release so I don't have to pay so much damn money for them on Ebay. Wonder if the netflix shows will inspire a line or two. This dude must be stoked, it's like he rubbed the genie's lamp! 2 out of your 5 wishes, that's amazing. Hahah, I know, right? Usually I'm way off base when predicting these things. Let's see what else they have.
  14. Been dying to get my hands on that Blade that they never actually managed to get out there, same for the new Rogue. Hopefully we'll see those get a release. Would really love to see an Odin BAF, a new Capt. Marvel and maybe a modern Luke Cage, if even just a repaint of last years exclusive. Hope a few of this years exclusives get an actual release so I don't have to pay so much damn money for them on Ebay. Wonder if the netflix shows will inspire a line or two.
  15. Cool! Thanks for the heads up on that. Have a picture? Would love to see how it looks.
  16. I recently purchased a Marvel Universe Galactus, and in true Galactus form, when I was putting him on my shelf, it caused several other shelves of marvel heroes to go crashing to the floor. Not the end of the world, because setting up my legends figures has a very bonsai trimming, zen like feeling for me. The downside is that Gambit's staff is totally missing. It has to be somewhere, but I have yet to find it. Was wondering if anyone out there has a spare staff they'd be willing to trade or sell or if anyone has any cool suggestions as to how to customize a cool staff for my Toy Biz Gambit. Inserted some pictures of the shelf Galactus laid to waste (after it was fixed) and Gambit with a black straw replacement for a staff.
  17. Welcome dude. Started collecting legends about a year and half ago and totally enjoy hunting them down in stores and ebay, etc. I've gotten drawn back into the MU from the films, was a big fan in my childhood, particularly the x-men. In the last year have really enjoyed going broader with the MU. I really like the hasbro Deadpool actually. Generally, I've noticed the toybiz one is favored, but totally expensive. Since the hasbro one is good enough, i'd say save yourself 50 bucks and go hasbro. Plus only the hasbro one has the little sock nub on the top of his head, which for some reason is a very big deal to me.
  18. I guess that is why EBay is your friend. My legends collection is almost entirely ebay buys, which may be a little easier and less pricey since I'm only looking for loose figs for shelf display. Still some elude me or the price is just too steep. Remember seeing a toybiz hawkeye years ago somewhere, before I cared about collecting legends. WIsh i snapped that one up. ROgue, Hawkeye, Hasbro black widow and a complete BAF Giant Man are prob the biggest needs on my list right now and they are super pricey. Eventually...
  19. Yeah, it's stupid that they can't make a standard scale for all characters. Iron Man is one size, THor another, Hulk another. In fact, they already do, why Iron is one size in one wave then another in the next is annoing to say the least. Was pumped for extremis iron man, until he showed up and was the size of Iron Man's sidekick. Oh well. IM2 Iron man does the trick.
  20. Just got it, it fits in pretty perfect. In case anyone is curious, here's how it looks. War Machine on the way.
  21. Finally cam across a video where the reviewer compared the iron man 2 walmart exlcusive to modern armor IM. Height wise they seem close enough, modern being slightly taller. Always thought the color scheme on Modern Armor iron man was just a little off and wasn't crazy about the duck bill face, but it seemed to be the best of what was out there, was dissapointed at the scale of the extremis iron man. IM2 Iron man is a little skinnier, but he seemed to be in better proportion that hasbro ml's and ml series 1 iron man. Made the leap and picked on up on ebay today, we'll see. Gonna try and grab that war machine too, hate the toy biz one after all.
  22. How do the 6 Inch Iron Man 2 figures compare in scale to ML's? Think they look great, but can't seem to find video comparing them. Curious how they would look displayed next to other ML's. Have the Modern Armor Iron Man, which I like, but don't love.
  23. Damn, been trying to score one of those Black Widows for a while now. They go for a ridiculous price on Ebay, if i could stumble on one in a TRU it would be great. I'll have to keep an eye out. If anyone is interesting in selling, trading one etc. I'd be all ears.
  24. Ahhh, well that explains why I was never able to figure out any noticeable differences between the two except price.
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