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  1. I chose: Lockjaw Devil Dinosaur Thori Lucky the Pizza Dog Cosmo the Space Dog
  2. I’ll list til I can’t no more: 1. Ms America Chavez 2. Blue Marvel 3. Emperor Dorekk VIII (Hulkling) 4. Wiccan (Modern) 5. Giant Stinger 6. Giant Ant-Man (Scott Lang) 7. Giant Giant Man (Raz Malhotra) 8. Giant Atlas 9. Giant Goliath (Tom Foster) 10. 616 Iron Man 2020 11. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) 12. Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) 13. Masked Raider 14. Thor (All-Father Herald of Thunder) 15. All-Black Silver Surfer 16. Voyager 17. Star (Ripley Ryan) 18. Valkyrie (Jane Foster) 19. Aero 20. Wave 21. Sword Master 22. Moondragon (TRN-707) 23. Phyla-Vell (TRN-707) 24. Quasar (Annihilation) 25. Tanalth the Pursuer 26. Exodus 27. Gorilla Man 28. Uranian 29. Justice 30. Firestar 31. Speedball 32. Human Robot 33. Namora 34. Venus 35. Thena 36. Ikaris 37. Sersi 38. Slapstick 39. Starfox 40-42. Warriors Three 43. Smasher (Izzy Kane) 44. Jimmy Woo 45. Namorita 46. Water Snake 47. Hummingbird 48. Brawn 49. Iron Patriot (Toni Ho) 50. POD/Enigma 51. Pixie 52. Armor 53. Captain Glory 54. 3-D Man 55. Luna Snow 56. White Fox 57. Crescent 58. DoX Wolverine 59. DoX Cyclops 60. Penance/M 61. DoX Stepford Cuckoos 62. Cabal Gamora 63. Cabal Star-Lord 64. Cabal Groot 65. Cabal Drax 66. Cabal Rocket Raccoon 67. Cabal Hercules 68. Honey Badger 69. Echo 70. Astonishing Wolverine 71. DoX White Queen Emma Frost 72. DoX Red Queen Captain Kate Pryde 73. DoX Captain Britain 74. Meggan 75. Executioner 76. Thunderstrike (Kevin Masterson) 77. King of Jotunheim Loki 78. Clea 79. Death’s Head 80. Diamondback 81. Black Mamba 82. Asp 83. Rachel Summers 84. Power Man (Victor Alvarez) 85. Vengeance 86. Modern Blade w/ Boy-Thing 87. Starbrand 88. Nightmask 89. Abyss 90. Anti-Man 91. Night Nurse (Linda Carter) 92. Sage 93. Cannonball (Avengers) 94. Sunspot (Avengers) 95. Charlie-27 96. Geena Drake 97. Starhawk (Aleta) 98. Starhawk (Stakar) 99. Martinex 100. Nikki 101. Yondu 102. Bug 103. 616 Moondragon 104. Talonar (Robbie Rider) 105. Captain Universe (Tamara DeVoux) 106. Hickman Hyperion 107. Broo 108. Doctor Nemesis 109. Fat Cobra 110. Ursa Major 111. Wasp (Nadia VanDyne) 112. Kid Omega 113. Crimson Dynamo (Dmitri) 114. Cosmo 115-116. Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 117-120. Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu, Matt Plunder 121. Iron Heart MK III 122. Locust 123. Cloud 9 124. Bombshell 125-129. The Five 130-135. Comic Black Order 136. Daimon Hellstrom 137. Satana Hellstrom 138. Sera 139-140. Viv Vision & Sparky 141. Snowguard 142. Dust 143. Locust 144. Dragon Man 145. Crystal 146. Gorgon 147. Black Bolt 148. Medusa 149. Triton 150. Maximus the Mad 151. Noh-Varr 152. Quake 153. Victoria Hand 154. Terror Inc. 155. Masacre 156. Negasonic Teenage Warhead 157. Stingray 158. Solo 159. Foolkiller 160. Outlaw 161. Titania 162. Rikki Barnes 163. Dryad (Peggy Carter) 164. White Tiger (Hector Ayala) 165. White Tiger (Angels Del Toro) 166. Omega Sentinel 167-170. Power Pack 171. Sky 172. Human Torch (Jim Hammond) 173. Toro 174. Mantis 175. Weapon H 176. Gargoyle 177. Hildegarde 178. Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) 179. Talisman 180. Box 181. Madrox (X-Factor Investigations) 182-183. Valeria & Franklin Richards 184. Darwin 185. Vulcan 186. Champion 187. Challenger 188. Doc Samson 189. Inferno 190. Lockjaw 191. Rockslide 192. Iso 193. Iron Cross II 194. Synapse 195. Free Spirit 196. Jack Flag 197. Abigail brand 198-199. Xorn Brothers 200. Sleepwalker
  3. I’m excited about Empyre because it follows various stories: Kree-Skrull War, Celestial Madonna, Celestial Quest, Young Avengers, Al Ewing’s New Avengers, plus it’s written by arguably Marvel’s best current writer Al Ewing and Dan Slott who’s also a good writer.
  4. I’ll take: Smasher (Izzy Kane) Titan (whatever one they’re on) Mentor III Oracle Kid Gladiator Warstar Neutron II Hussar Manta
  5. Definitely on Uncanny Avengers Rogue, Dawn of X Wolverine, DoX Professor X. Is that Beat's latest mutation? Totally need that Scarlet Witch Iron Man 2020 (Earth 616) Blade (Avengers costume) Satana (Strikeforce) Wiccan (Modern) Hulkling (Emperor Dorrek VIII) All-Father Herald of Thunder, Thor All-Black Silver Surfer DoX Cyclops DoX Magneto DoX Apocalypse Merged Sentry Shang-Chi (Tracksuit) Black Knight (Modern) Devil Hulk (Immortal)
  6. I wonder if there'll be a Skrull/Kree two-pack it's their year still because of Empyre Devil Hulk from Immortal Hulk would be good, Green Scar Hulk would also be good too All-Black Silver Surfer would also be good Honey Badger
  7. Supreme Intelligence would have to be bigger and maybe in a three-pack with Ronan and Noh-Varr
  8. I mean Hulk, Thor, Iron Man were all solo players when they started the Avengers. Beast was on the X-Men during some of his Avengers tenures. Hercules was on the Champions and Avengers at the same time. Namor was on Deep-Six, Avengers and Defenders same points at time.
  9. TBH the Avengers were never that honorary with a lot of the crap they pulled and let slide like Starfox, the whole Pym abuse debacle and the whole letting Ms Marvel get sexually assaulted and being like nothing happened. Some garbage stories there. Should totally be retconned. ehh Swordsman ain’t all that bad he did help train Hawkeye, and did die to be reborn as a plant person and impregnated Mantis to birth the Celestial Messiah: Quoi who’s supposed to be fighting the leader of the Kree/Skrull Empire: Hulkling in Empyre. At least it ain’t Dr Druid loser ass died four issues into his book lmao Plus the Avengers were just a team assembled of heroes to defend the world when they couldn’t by themselves, it’s not like they let a whole bunch of criminals join them, which they did.
  10. Deathbird Dr. Nemesis Exodus Firestar Hepzibah Kid Omega M Meggan Vulcan Xorn
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