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  1. 26 minutes ago, Jmacq1 said:

    But then you're back to:  This accessory pack is only useful for people that have the Super Skrull BAF, which is limiting your market right out of the gate.


    Basically, I CAN see the Marvel team taking a risk and putting character specific  accessories in a pack built around a particular grouping/team/family of characters...that at least is potentially useful for all the folks that might collect that particular team, which can be a fairly wide net, as it includes all the completists and all the fans of that specific group.  Given how they line seems to break down these days that would potentially mean:  An Avengers (Comic) Pack, An X-Men pack, An FF Pack, a Spider pack, and MAYBE a Deadpool/X-Force pack, as well as a somewhat more generalized "MCU" Pack.  You could do generic FX/weapons packs alongside those, of course.


    But literally a pack just to enhance ONE character?   That's stretching it, especially with a BAF (which by it's nature, less collectors are going to have).

    I mean I would assume a lot of people got that Super Skrull, because I saw various people army building with the army builder

  2. An idea for an accessory pack would be extra arms for Super Skrull BAF with more powers of the F4, two fully flamed arms, two full rock arms, two full stretched out arms, two- fully invisible arms, an arm with stretch flame, an arm rocky invisible effect, a flame invisible effect, stretched rocky arm

  3. The X-books are awesome right now. X-Men is great, sure it's slow, but i'm enjoying it. S.W.O.R.D. for me is the strongest, because Ewing. Excalibur is okay. X-Factor I haven't read. Hellions is good. New Mutants is great. Haven't read X-Force. But from what I've seen people love this new era of X. I love it, because so many mutants are being used in the books, even the most obscure characters: Forearm, Mammomax, Marrow, Shark-girl, Wolf Cub, Peeper, Blink, Lila Cheney, Frenzy, Gateway, Manifold, Fabian Cortez, Vanisher, Amelia Voght, Wiz-Kid, Risque, Random, Fabian Cortez, Mondo, Manon, Maxime, Beak, Nature Girl, Anole, Dust, Sprite, Icarus, No-Girl, Petra, Rain Boy, Tempest, Sway, Darwin, Vulcan, Synch, etc... so many characters who were in limbo get cameos and used compared to years back, and that splash with Krakoa coming out of a portal in X of Swords: Destruction with all these characters was *chef's kiss*  

  4. 1 hour ago, Atlantis said:

    The Extremis armor was far too skinny to house an actual human male. So it absolutely needs to be redone. Its not my favorite suit of armor but as I've said repeatedly....Accuracy Matters. 

    And for the comments that the Blue Marvel is an "obscure" character....maybe they meant rarely used. I wouldn't call him obscure.

    Red Wolf is obscure. Sunturion is obscure. El Aguila. Woodgod. Mauler. The Agents of Atlas. Red Rajah. Killraven. Arabian Knight. Mystery Men.  All of whom, by the way, I'd love to get Legends figures of!

    Please and thank you.

    I feel the Agents of Atlas are a little less obscure now compared to the rest, because they had a few minis, and the new team helped bring back the older team, and some of their members have appeared in other books as well. I'd take the Agents of Atlas (both teams) though, and Red Wolf (both versions). Also Extremis was too short as well. I feel obscure for them not that known to a casual person.  

    I'm hoping when they get around to Blue Marvel we get his Ultimates look for, even though I love his Mighty Avengers look, but I'd want him in his Ultimates look to put him with an eventual Jimmy Woo figure and a new Night Thrasher in his trench coat look to make the Three X's from Incoming which was a cool concept that I'd wish they'd expand upon more as its a pretty cool set of minds and wouldn't mind more interactions between them. 


  5. 7 minutes ago, ADour said:

    With Immortal Hulk ending, I think Ewing should be open for handling another title. And considering he proved himself with both Immortal Hulk and Empyre, I think making him the next Avengers writer is a no-brainer. But that's not to say Jim Zub wouldn't be a great choice. In my perfect world, Ewing, Zub and Waid (due to being the No Surrender / No Way Home team) would each handle an Avengers book, with all three titles sharing an underlying status-quo narrative not unlike the way X-books are currently being handled.

    Apparently Ewing is going to write Defenders, as a continuation of Immortal Hulk. I’m hoping Waid can still work for Marvel while also doing stuff for DC, as some writers can do both. Zub would be the best choice right now. But I’d gladly also take Kelly Thompson writing an Avengers book as well. Steve Orlando too. I think those 5 would be great at writing a cohesive Avengers part of the MU that aren’t retconned to not being Avengers 

  6. 1 hour ago, tarot said:

    He lost the name power man long before that #$## happened. In fact it was only a few years after he debut that the name went to Atlas.

    Plus it's not like he uses the name, the current one is basically a legacy of Luke and Danny, who are cool with him having the name and have teamed up on numerous occasions with Victor Alvarez 

  7. 7 hours ago, leokearon said:

    Didn't they already do this story like 2-3 years ago.

    Yeah that was Infinity Warps or something like that which was just Gamora killing Thanos and taking the Infinity Stones and creating her own universe which merged a lot of characters together, and also introduced the new Moondragon and Phyla-Vell from an alternate timeline, which was one of the good things that came from that. The rest of the story not so much. I think that story or it’s offshoot introduced the new character that’s on the Cap cover. 

  8. 1 hour ago, sentinelofliberty41 said:

    Gosh, you're so on point it's insane. I really want someone on the book who can capture each voice, right now everyone talks and quips like Tony Stark. I miss having the main roster and a young avengers. Have the classic guys show up to mentor or the young ones come in to aid the old dogs from time to time and keep them tied together. Have a classic roster on the main team and rotate a few spots. It practically writes itself and could be an interesting and good way to bring in those newer characters by tossing them on the Young team. Heck, even have some old Avengers there to guide the younger team so the main roster doesn't have to stay huge.

    Yeah, the Avengers have Ghost Rider (Robbie) yet they don't really mentor him aside from Carol at times. They have so many characters that fall in the Avengers bracket that they could do so much with like a New Avengers team: Swordswoman (daughter of the Swordsman), Eli Bradley Patriot (grandson of the first Captain America, and son of Josiah Patriot), Tom Foster Goliath (nephew of Bill Foster), Toni Ho (daughter of Ho Yinsen, co-creator of Iron Man armor), Lila Rhodes (niece of James Rhodes the War Machine), could even introduce Kiri Oshiro (daughter of Rumiko Fujikawa like her Secret Wars Armor Wars counterpart), Kevin Masterson Thunderstrike (son of Eric Masterson, the original Thunderstrike), Tommy Shepherd Speed (son of Scarlet Witch), Kate Bishop Hawkeye (legacy of Clint Barton Hawkeye), Laura Kinney Wolverine (daughter of Logan Wolverine), Ava Ayala White Tiger (sister of Hector Ayala White Tiger), Angela Del Toro (niece of Hector and Ava Ayala the White Tigers), Max Brashear Dr. Positron and Adrienne Brashear (son and daughter of Adam Brashear the Blue Marvel), Cassie Lang Stinger (daughter of Scott Lang Ant-Man), Victor Alavarez Power Man (legacy of Luke Cage and Iron Fist), America Chavez, Ultra-Girl, Avengers Academy kids, Avengers Initiative kids, other unused young characters and have the roster rotate every so often so they know what it's like to be Earth's Mightiest Heroes back up team while also being mentored by them at the same time letting them do their own thing. Additionally, have the Main team overseeing everything, while having a black ops team, Secret Avengers, a reserve team made up of heroes from around the globe to strengthen relations Avengers World, a team that deals with strengthening relations with Mutants, Atleanteans, Kree/Skrull Alliance members living on Earth, Eternals, Deviants, Inhumans, Shi'ar, etc... a team that has a feeder system of a reopened Avengers Academy which would be the Young Avengers team, which would then lead them to be on one of the other teams, and having various heroes go to the Academy and teach them teamwork, mentor them, be friends and be there for them, etc... and team ups with the Champions, New Mutants kids, Strange Academy kids, etc... 

  9. 5 hours ago, sentinelofliberty41 said:

    Not to interrupt since you weren't talking to me but I have to interject, Wasp should always be in the Avengers. That was my immediate problem with Aaron's run. She is one if the longest running members and was chairman longer than anyone, including the big three. I really hope we get a book with her avenging again that includes a relationship with her and Hank someday. I'll scurry out of the conversation now.

    Yep, I feel it should've also included other characters as well like have Wanda, Wonder Man, Vision, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, etc... come in and rotate with other characters. When Al Ewing wrote Empyre he used Aaron's Avengers team, and other Avengers characters better and brought in Hulkling, Cotati Swordsman, Quoi, Mantis, Wiccan, F4, and the Agents of Wakanda. Also in the Empyre: Avengers tie-in by Zub he used: Luke Cage, Dr. Nemesis, Gorilla Man, Black Knight, Wanda, Vision, Ka-Zar, Doctor Voodoo, Quicksilver, Wonder Man, etc... who pretty much have all been in limbo. Also Aaron's goal in the Avengers is just to make them look bad especially Thor. Hell even Tony and Carol are out of character like "we're not family" line, when protecting baby Starbrand, which was dumb killing off Kevin when it's possible for there to be multiple Starbrands especially from different planets. Also the whole Squadron Supreme of America and the previous team is just forgotten about. The choice of choosing Black Widow for a space mission when they can call: Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Quasar, etc... He only seems to write Black Panther and Blade good. Namor contradicts what Zdarsky wrote in Invaders and what Pak was writing in Agents of Atlas. Aaron already needs off of Avengers, he should stay on writing Jane Foster and give him maybe Black Panther. There's plenty of creators who would do great on the Avengers titles, give us a few titles, with classic characters back as well as new characters in the ranks like Toni Ho, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Patriot (Eli), Goliath (Tom Foster), etc... and have the books be interconnected with each other like the X-Books. Hell they don't even interact with the rest of the MU like the rest of the Marvel books, like Hulk hasn't appeared, Champions haven't appeared, Empyre wasn't mentioned, neither was Absolute Carnage, and it looks like Aaron is doing KiB tie in, as obligation before Heroes Reborn, and after his Phoenix tournament stuff. 

  10. 48 minutes ago, ADour said:

    I think that they've used Pymtron a good amount of times. He first popped up in Uncanny Avengers, then Secret Empire, then Infinity Wars, and Tony Stark: Iron Man just a year ago. It's not like regular Ultron appeared every other week either.

    100% agree with you on Zub and Ewing. Those two and Waid have done so good with No Surrender and No Road Home that I'd love to see the three become the architects of the Avengers, each having their own Avengers title with a level of interconnectivity similar to the current X-books.


    That'd be so good, I'd add Kelly Thompson, Kieron Gillen, and Nick Spencer  

  11. 8 hours ago, ADour said:

    I like Pymtron as an established thing. Unless they manage to do something properly with Hank after hypothetically returning him to life, I'd rather they didn't just revert Pymtron for the sake of status quo.

    I mean they don’t use PymTron either way, he’s just floating in a space inside his own cell. Plus since Aaron has full control of the Avengers right now, PymTron, Janet, Wanda, Wonder Man, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Patriot,  Stinger, and so many other Avengers are just living in limbo, just the characters in his book. Like give the team to Jim Zub or Al Ewing the two creators who’ve done great with the Avengers before. I feel if Ewing or Zub write the Avengers, PymTron would get used more often as well as other characters stuck in limbo 

  12. 3 hours ago, ADour said:

    That'd be an interesting development, but I have to say that I love Pymtron, so I'd be sad to see the status quo return.

    I feel PymTron has run it’s course, especially with Hank not knowing about Nadia. I want to see Hank interact with his daughter, and also Janet again maybe get back together but idk, maybe cos I wanna see them have Hope Pym & Hank Pym Jr like MC2?

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