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  1. 3 minutes ago, AnotherPunkChef said:

    Just read a statement on Hasbro's website saying they were going to eliminate ALL plastic packaging from their products between 2020 and 2022... https://newsroom.hasbro.com/news-releases/news-release-details/hasbro-phase-out-plastic-new-toy-and-game-packaging

    Yeah, I came in here to talk about just this. It really makes me wonder what the future might hold for action figure packaging. Ultimately I don't care how it's delivered so long as I'm able to view the item before purchasing.

  2. 9 hours ago, DarthOdette said:

    That is a gorgeous figure for sure.  She was one that came to mind for me as well

    I agree. That figure is really fantastic, but is totally a sleeper because I got that pack for Magneto and I ended up having more fun with Scarlet Witch. Which is why I was so surprised when I saw her being sold loose at toy shop just two weeks ago. I can't believe someone bought that 3pk and immediately sold that figure.

  3. On 8/8/2019 at 9:30 AM, DarthOdette said:

    I agree with you on most of what you said, but I’m not sure what you mean by this?  It’s the articulation that makes the fortnite line a massive success 

    I should have clarified that I have yet to get my hands on a figure using McFarlane’s 22 point articulation system; so, I really can’t give a personal thumbs up or down on how proven or successful it is (my girlfriend has their One Punch Man figure, but she hasn’t opened it yet). With that being said, we already know that this is equal to or less than the standard ML figure, and less than most 1/12 import brands. I also recognize that many people seem to enjoy Todd’s Fortnite figures and praise the advances he’s made with articulation under his toy banner, but I don’t really hear anyone saying they’re better than anything Hasbro has to offer or even Mattel. In fact, many reports and reviews indicate that while McFarlane has added articulation points to his figures, that the basic construction is poor; loose or misshapen sockets that allow limbs and heads to easily detach, and of course, poor range of motion. More so, how will those figures hold up over time? The overall long-term quality of the pieces will ultimately prove or disprove how successful that new articulation system is. It just hasn’t had time to compete just yet. 


  4. Don’t get me wrong, I like McFarlane’s products (my girlfriend collects most of his anime and video game stuff), but I don’t see him being able to release sufficient numbers of figures each year to keep casual fans invested. This doesn’t even consider the QC issues and yet unproven new 22 point articulation system, which would likely weed out even more buyers. Oh, and the non-compete contract he almost certainly has with DC. 

    Alternatively, Mattel is the only real, current viable option for a license like Marvel, and it just doesn’t make sense for Disney to partner with a company that couldn’t make friggin’ DC toys that sold well. 

    Side note: I would absolutely LOVE for McFarlane to expand, and rapidly on their Star Trek figure line. 

  5. 50 minutes ago, monron999 said:

    I think fan channel is Hasbro's way of setting up some of these risque characters. While I'm pretty sure they'll never do a Mephisto or Blacheart in any capacity I think we have a legit chance at getting Goblin Queen and Lingerie White or Black Queen through that avenue. Also, I think the only chance we have at getting a Mar-Vell or Ms. Marvel/Dark Ms. Marvel is through Fan Channel.

    They could probably get away with Blackheart (much like Toybiz did) if they just don’t mention that he’s essentially the Devil’s not-so-emmaculate birth son; visually he’s just a black, spiky monster. I agree that Mephisto is pretty unlikely, though. 

  6. Without taking the time to look up character names, I think it’s safe to say that any character that sports devil/satan motifs, Hitler/Nazi/hate group connections or symbolism, or that have hyper-sexualized costumes, won’t see mass retail release. Alternatively, I don’t think we can ever truly count out obscure characters just for the fact alone that they’re obscure. Though, Leather Da...Boy, probably won’t get a plastic release. 

  7. I think if Hasbro lost the license for Marvel (or Star Wars to a lesser extent), it would jeopardize the entire ecosystem of the hobby. While everyone waited for new product to be revealed, for it to release and actually fill shelves, and to see if it actually took off or not, the power vacuum left behind would be awful. It would likely kill off a huge swath of collector interest and risk the industry either not recovering at all or sputtering on for years before it did recover. Some might say that this wouldn’t happen (tho it is probably exaggerated) , since DC changed hands and the world didn’t end, but I think it’s fair to say that the Marvel by Hasbro market is far more prominent and potent than anything Mattel ever dreamt of. So, I shutter at the idea of a scenario where Hasbro loses or drops the Marvel license. 

    With all that said, I would 100% drop off the Marvel collecting radar. Whoever or whatever picked up the brand and undoubtedly rebooted it would have to be pretty spectacular for me to have the energy to restart a collection as massive and meaningful as ML is for me.  Like, let’s say McFarlane got it; I would probably buy a well-done Magneto, or Captain America, but would eventually have buyer’s remorse as they’d be standalones in my collection like all those Mezco One:12 I bought and sold a year later.

    As said, it would be more bad than good.

    However, such an event would free up a lot of my cash for more 1/12 scale import figures that are 3-5x as expensive, but, uh, so much better made. 

  8. Found these at both a Target and Walmart, both in the Hamburg area of Lexington, Kentucky - both stores still had multiples of each. Great finds, and I really do love these sets now that they’re in-hand. This has been a stellar week for me for finds in the wild. I’ve found the full retro wave (Storm included), the full Wendigo wave, WWII Cap w/ bike, 80th Cap, and 3 MCU 2pks. Luckily I already had all of the X-stuff, or this would have been painfully expensive. Still great, tho. No complaints here. 



  9. 11 minutes ago, darknight86 said:

    The last 24 to 36 hours in my search for the 80th Anniversary Captain America has taken me on a roller coaster ride.  First, I really dislike trying to shop for action figures at Walmart.  The aisle for action figures is usually barren in my area, mostly empty pegs, disorganized and what figures you find are considerable old.  That’s why I was happy to have a glimmer of hope that Target was going to also sell the figure. Access to Target stores is more convenient due to their proximity and number.  But I decided to chance a Walmart that was showing CA in stock by the Brickseek site.   The figure comes in a box of six and of course when I get there none had been put out.  Strike one.   I go home and later that evening while checking a Walmart link, it tells me that 5 are in stock at a certain store.  When I see 5, I think they must be out on display.  I decide that before I go to work, I’ll hit this Walmart.  Monday morning I’m a man with a plan and a full tank of gas.  I hit the store and…. OF COURSE, IT’S NOT ON DISPLAY.  Strike 2.  I get home from work very late into the evening and tap the Walmart like I had previously, and it states that the Walmart that I went to earlier in the day has 1 left to order for pickup!  Faster than you can say Steve Rogers, I’m tapping those keys and secure the last one.

    But the story doesn’t end just quite yet.  After viewing my order email, I went back to the Walmart site and it now populated that their closest store to me had 5 IN STOCK.  Now this is where the crazy starts to take over.  The store opens at 7AM, I’M off, you know where this is headed.  I take off for the store and get there at 7:30AM.   The place is relatively empty.   I go down the aisle and find CRICKETS!!!!!!!!  Again, a section that looks like swiss cheese.  I stand there, motionless.  I pace back and forth as if somehow the figure is going to materialize.  Another customer sees me and reads my body language and asks me if there was something that I was looking for.  I tell him and he says that this figure that will complete my 70’s Avengers collection is on the pallet in front of the aisle.   WHAT!!!!!!!!!  Sure enough the box was there and one had been taken out.  There was an employee assisting the customer (who pointed me in the right direction) who was looking for a DC figure.  Once the employee finished with the customer, she passed me the red, white and blue hero I was anxiously waiting for.  Still no follow up email on when I can pickup the other CA, so for once being crazy worked out.


    Fun story with a happy ending!

    Always check those pallets at Walmart. They often roll them out and let them sit for a day or more. If you spot cases you want, usually employees will open them...or if you’ve got some car keys and are a little brave, you can pop the cases yourself. I’ve done both with high success rates. But as always, proceed with caution!

  10. 8 minutes ago, bashpics99 said:

    Well, if true, that is definitely good news. While i've been lucky in terms of finding WM exclusives, i do generally find Target exclusives are more plentiful and also tend to be restocked more.  Feels like with WM its one and done, and if you miss it the 1st time that's it.  

    Yeah same. I’ve always managed to find WM exclusives, whether they’re ML, Black Series, or whatever else, but it’s almost always been a I see it once and never again situation. 

  11. 11 hours ago, leokearon said:

    X-Men Bring on the Bad Guys wave

    BAF: Nimrod

    • Pyro
    • Avalanche
    • Toad
    • Mastermind
    • Sebastian Shaw
    • Lady Deathstrike

    This is about perfect imo. The only addition I would make is to add a generic female Acolyte as mentioned above, and provide alternate heads and hands/power effects. That figure could be sans BaF piece. 

  12. 20 minutes ago, bashpics99 said:

    very confusing since supposedly that is a Walmart exclusive. good luck tho!

    I shared some info a few days ago in this thread about someone supposedly finding the 80th Cap at Target, and the associated DPCI number as well. It pulls on both Brickseek and employee handhelds in-store, with info identifying what it is.  It would seem that it’s now a shared exclusive between Walmart and Target.

  13. 9 hours ago, CO_Alex said:

    Have you opened the set?  I’ve ordered most of the 80th Anniversary Legends online, but held off on this one.  I want to see it in person before deciding if it is a must have.  I’m really torn because I love the bike, but not crazy about the figure.  I would have pulled the trigger had it been the Captain America from the Amazon 2 pack with Peggy Carter.  I’ve seen pics with the head swap and this Captain America has a long neck which doesn’t look good with the Chris Evans head even though I understand this set is not from the MCU.    

    No I haven’t, though I will soon. I actually preferred this set over the MCU one, and doubt I’ll get the other unless I find it cheap. I’ve always been a sucker for Cap in his WWII BDU. 

  14. 43 minutes ago, Benn said:

    Well, the argument seems to be that this is hurting people. And, if that's the case, social stigma might be the perfect tool for the job, at least for people who aren't receptive to the idea that they're hurting people.


    Yes, if someone is attacking or directly insulting others (hurting them) because of the figures they chose or want to collect, then we should address those situations case by case. However, I don’t think someone saying “I don’t want this figure, why was it made?” is worthy of such consideration. So the real problem, in my eyes, is not with that specific sentiment but instead the problem is whatever additional or follow up sentiments or statements are expressed for the purpose of attacking someone who disagrees or does want said figure. We should instead focus on active cases of bullying, and not try to restrict people from offering their thoughts and opinions - that kinda turns into bullying. I understand that collectors of MCU figures might feel alienated by other collectors saying they dislike MCU figures, but people shouldn’t be forced to withhold their opinions just because of that - because then they become alienated. We can’t stop people from having feelings and opinions, but we can stop them from bullying people with different feelings and opinions. 

    The goal of this thread, or so I think, should be to say “Hey, respect the opinions of others and don’t attack them for their opinions unless they’re doing you or others harm.” But, we shouldn’t be trying to say that people can’t b*tch and moan about how many DPs are made, or how many MCU characters are in a wave, because that’s censorship. Because whether you believe it or not, this discussion is leaning that way.

    In the end, a better forum rule would be “No bullying and don’t be a jerk.”

  15. We should never seek to restrict by rule, law, or social stigma any word, phrase, or statement that doesn’t specifically and directly hurt, oppress, or infringe upon the rights of another person/individual. I mean, c’mon. Discussing it, even “just for fun”, borders on hostile. We should know better. Cap would be ashamed of this. Let’s move on with our lives. 

    Big nope, people. Big no. 

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