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  1. Found the entire X-Force and Retro X-Men wave in Target in Valparaiso, Indiana - including Storm. I already have them all, so somebody else is about to have a good day. I left them all.
  2. I wasn't *actually* confused. I was just jokingly pointing out the silliness of the back and forth about how many DPs had to be in a DP wave to make it a DP wave, and not an X-wave, and so on. I also used that post as a platform on which to state my dislike for Deadpool (again).
  3. Only a character as awful as Deadpool could be responsible for posts as confusing as these.
  4. Yeah, I think the presence of Deadpool makes the difference, and I suppose that's only thanks to precedent. And I'm really okay with Deadpool waves, as long as they don't go wild with the number of DPs, because that character more easily opens to the door to lots of more obscure but cool X-Men/Mutant characters that might take longer to get to if just going off direct X-Men cred; Maverick, Black Tom Cassidy, Siryn, etc.
  5. Yeah, and some think that may even be an error, and that it may just be an X-Men wave.
  6. Huh? Fat/Bro/Lebowski Thor in the bathrobe? Because, we *are* getting that one as the BaF in the third Endgame wave. Was there another Thor I somehow missed?
  7. Dark Beast aside, I think that BaF is going to be Holocaust (most likely) or Sugar Man.
  8. It depends on what you request, exactly. If you order a figure from the store and have it delivered from their warehouse to your home, much like you'd do from their website, you will pay shipping costs unless they have a free shipping offer. Alternatively, you can have items that are in stock at other stores within your (whichever you do this from) store's distribution ring transferred to your store at no cost, you just have to go pick it up. Also, you can pre-order items by paying a $5 advance and the item will be shipped directly to that store. There are a few options, and I've utilized each at one point or another with 100% success rates.
  9. I buy the explanation that it’s become a silent shared exclusive, and despite the doubt shown in my last message, that’s what I felt was most likely the case. Fortunately, I’ve not had trouble finding any of Walmart’s recent exclusives (ML, Black Series, Pokémon), but I know they’ve been blowing it since the days of GIJoe RoC and those exclusives. That stuff flooded onto shelves and just sat (like all RoC product), and ever since that it seems like Walmart hasn’t bothered to properly stock exclusives. I remember the madness that was the Star Wars 3.75 Jabba exclusive - oof. Well, I think we’ve likely found our answer. Now all we do is wait.
  10. Most Target stores haven't performed resets/made shelf space for the 80th Anniversary product just yet, so if they do have stock it's sitting in the stockroom. If Brickseek or other apps are indicating that a particular store has product but it's not on the shelf, you just need to find a department rep and have them either check the DPCI and go retrieve the stuff for you, or at least describe what you're looking for and they may be familiar with it and be able to retrieve it from the back.
  11. That wave has been on shelves for what, 3 weeks tops? With how much of them are showing up as of now, I feel confident that wave will eventually saturate. The last X-wave was that way. It's just going to take some time.
  12. Here is a screen shot I’ve taken from an IG post (_rektangular's) that supposedly shows the figure and Target receipt. Note that the item listed as "Hasbro" is what is supposed to be 80th Cap, while the other item is clearly listed as "THR", or Thor. Is it possible that someone "returned" one or more 80th Caps to one or more Target stores, knowing they'd match in the system? I don't know how plausible that is. I agree that it's unlikely for what is supposed to be a Walmart exclusive to show up at Target, too, and I'm not sure which is more believable. I mean, we've definitely seen supposed exclusives become non-exclusives, but not only has this been completely unmentioned, but it doesn't seem like Walmart's style to share. Also...was it ever 100% confirmed that 80th Cap is/was a Walmart exclusive? I recall there being a lot of confusion about that.
  13. So is anyone seeing the 80th Cap show up at Target? Apparently some folks have found it there, despite that it was/is a Walmart exclusive. I've ran the DPCI through Target's system and it identifies it but it's not in stock anywhere around me.
  14. Also picked up Mr. Sinister and X-Force Wolverine at GameStop today.
  15. Ran into a fellow collector today and we both picked up the 80th Anniversary Iron Man and Thor from a local Target in Lexington, Kentucky. Both stores in the city have cases of both figures, but haven’t made shelf space for them yet. I’m sure this is the situation in many other places too. Make sure to ask the reps to check because it seems like these things are lingering in the stock rooms!
  16. The good thing about this speculation is that we kept in mind that any Deadpool wave would basically be an X-wave. Tbh, that’s what the last DP wave was, aside from the fact that there were 3 DPs in it.
  17. We probably should have seen this coming. A big time BaF like Strong Guy was almost certainly going to get placed with a wave most collectors wont be clamoring for, but I didn’t dare believe it would be with a Deadpool wave. Groan, indeed. Here’s my best case scenario wave: Black Tom Cassidy (great choice) Lady Deathstrike Maverick Garrison Kane Classic Domino MCU/Fox Deadpool GW Bridge I figured a mix of X-related characters and some specifically from 90s Deadpool comics.
  18. I’ll get Heimdall and Valkyrie assuming I can find them and I may wait for clearance if they seem easy to find, but the rest of the wave are either repeats of things I have (Vision, Cap), or aren’t interesting to me. Mark 85, like so many recent MCU IM figures is just boring to me, especially without added accessories. Iron Patriot looks like a popsicle nightmare and I prefer the scheme for the original (added accessories aside). That Cap, despite the changes, is mostly hard to look at - like a plastic surgery disaster. Vision somehow turned out worse than the original release. The facial printing looks messy and I’m not really digging the opaque plastic. As for Fat/Bro/Lebowski Thor...it’s new, different, and admittedly unexpected, but I can’t find it in myself to buy that wave to build it. Here’s to hoping I find it at a second hand comic shop and it ain’t too pricey. With all of these considerations, this wave is at the very least on par with the Captain Marvel wave as the weakest wave thus far. I did however end up buying 4 figures from the Captain Marvel wave, and can’t see myself doing that with this Fat Thor wave...so, we will see.
  19. The facial print on that Vision looks way worse than the original, at least from what I’ve seen of this new one. Overall, this wave is super underwhelming. I never picked up the first Valkyrie, and this one is better so I’ll grab it. Heimdall is well-done and I’ve actually wanted him, so I’ll buy that too. The rest of that wave? HARD pass.
  20. Welp, that Fat Thor wave just unveiled at SDCC might now take the cake for weakest wave. Oof.
  21. Alistair Smythe springs to mind, especially since he's so unique looking. Swarm is an obvious choice, though I have to admit that I'm not totally sure how Hasbro is going to pull that off. It could either be really cool, or really uncool. Vermin is also a no-brainer since they can take the Jackal buck and run with it. Also, as thoroughly discussed in another thread - Demogoblin.
  22. Yeah, what's up with those Cap portraits? I can tell there are subtle differences in the chin and mouth, but that's it. It looks like they're meant to represent two separate artist renditions of the character.
  23. As everyone else has said, I think the chances of any figures based on the existing X-Men films ever being produced are slim to none. The handling, release, and success (or lack thereof) of Dark Phoenix shows that those in control chose to let that franchise die a mostly quiet death, so that Disney could raise X-Men from the forgotten ashes...yes, like a Phoenix. With that in mind, producing toys of a franchise they want to be forgotten wouldn’t make sense for Disney. Tbh, I don’t even see a new Hugh Jackman Wolverine ever being produced by Hasbro, unless it’s some sort of exclusive based on a future cameo from a Deadpool film or something. I do, however, believe that we will certainly see X-Men figures produced once those characters are introduced into the MCU. Maybe I’m biased, but I have a feeling that the X-Men are going to become the new Avengers in the sense of being an MCU anchor for film phases. As for character choices, that’s going to totally depend on what characters make the cut into the MCU and in what form. Speaking of my preferences for existing X-Men comic characters, I hope we are presented with properly fleshed out MCU versions of Xavier, Magneto, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Storm (at the very least), and would then like figures of said characters.
  24. I’m thinking power effect attachments of various colors and shapes (an assortment of all the various ones we’ve seen so far), power effects to attach to figures to represent them being attacked by other figures and powers, explosion props (like the Disney Store exclusive Stormtrooper), guns/muzzle flash attachments, blade weapons, tactical vests, diorama pieces like newspaper stands, trash cans, tables/chairs, food/cameras/computers/handheld objects, a collection of swappable portraits for characters that don’t have figures but could be made using these portraits on existing releases (Kingpin/Shadow King as an example), and again, stands and flight stands. I think the options for “generic” accessories are pretty plentiful. None of those things, with the exception of the portraits would necessarily be limited to only one character. Simultaneously, focused sets with just Spider-Man accessories or X-Men power effects and alternate body parts could also be provided, and I would buy them. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, which is something I must stress.
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