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  1. To add some clarity to my statements: I was saying that if the method of release for these accessories was to be that they’d be packaged with a small figure, then the accessories would have to be themed in order to stand any chance of selling *at retail*- this is because such a thing would require character recognition. Adding more that such an arrangement might seem odd to the casual buyer, even if themed, and again probably wouldn’t sell too well. So, I agree that themed accessory packs would work, but would *have* to be fan channel exclusives. I also don’t think packing in a small figure would be a necessity. It’s also only a personal preference that I’d prefer a collection of random hands, army building and unmasked heads, weapons, and power effects. Sure I’d still dig a themed X-Men set or Marvel Knights set, but I would prefer accessories that are less specific and just provide us with interchangeable parts for all ML figures. I figure both a set of generic power effects and flight stands would sell well right along with a Spider-Man set loaded with webbing, hands, food, a camera, a crushed Daily Bugel stand, etc.
  2. I’m sure I’ve overlooked this, but what’s the street date for the 80th Iron Man/Thor figures? I checked back at a Target today and got some sass from the stockboy about street dates. He, however, didn’t know what said street date was, and refused to even check the DPCI unless there was a tag for them in the aisle. It was, uh, fun.
  3. If I recall, those (as well as many of the novel product ideas Hasbro had for that line) didn’t sell very well at all. I think regardless of how it’s organized, accessory packs could only survive within an exclusive “fan channel,” and not at retail - and by “retail” I mean Walmart, Target, etc; GameStop could probably swing such a product in small enough numbers; maybe I’m wrong, though.
  4. Unless the accessories and parts were related to the character or the team the character is from, I don’t know if such an assortment of accessories and floating body parts would have enough consumer recognition to produce adequate sales in the mainstream retail market. With that being said, it just seems like that method would also bottleneck the accessories too much. Maybe I’m a minority, but ideally an accessory pack would provide accessories for various figures across the line, and not just say The Guardians of the Galaxy. So I’d like a pack that’s literally just accessories and stands.
  5. I don't know about "censored" action figures of women and there being a need for "curvier" bucks for them, but I do know that the Bucky Cap buck is old and used up and I'mma scream if I see it again. With that said, I would *really* like a 90s Havok and I *really* hope they don't use the Bucky Cap buck for it - especially since the character would benefit from having butterfly joints. I also think Doom desperately needs a Vintage appearance release, whether it's on a Retro Vintage cardback, a standard release, or some kind of exclusive, but that figures needs to be made. The logic center of my brain tells me that classic Doom is coming, what with the release of the First Family and the associated properties now being under the magical umbrella, but the irrational fear center of my brain tells me that the sorry Infamous Doom we got this year is all we are gonna get for now. Let's hope that ain't the case.
  6. Ah, the Danger Room is a great idea! I'm totally on board with that. I've always liked how the Diamond X-Men figures come with stands/backgrounds to complete the Danger Room, but I don't collect that scale so something for ML figures would be fantastic.
  7. You’re right, ideas and opinions on the quality and desirability of ML figure does differ from one collector to the next, and that is exactly the point of this discussion thread.
  8. As said, I think the Blackbird for the X-Men would be supreme, but a Quinjet would also be awesome. It would be smaller, probably cheaper, and this makes it more realistic an option. However, I think a giant 1/12 - 1/13th scale Sentinel would be my go-to choice.
  9. I’ve always thought accessory packs were a good idea, and especially offered as online/speciality store exclusives so they don’t stall, glut, and self-destruct. The DC Collectibles DC Icons line released at least one accessory pack - I think there was a second one that was cancelled shortly before that line imploded - and it included accessories for various characters from the line. ML could benefit from this by providing hands, portraits, capes, hats/helmets, jackets/vests, power effects (blasts, webbing, etc), weapons, and gorram flight stands. Now that Hasbro has fully embraced direct-to-consumer online sales and speciality store exclusives, and that they’ve began trickling out added accessories as pack-ins with other releases, I feel that there’s a much higher chance of accessory packs or something similar becoming a reality.
  10. Nighthawk for me too. I sold him and Citizen V loose immediately after taking the BaF pieces.
  11. Oof. All this talk about the Sauron wave and how bad it is/was, and that the character/costume choices were likely decided upon in order to sell less desirable figures on the back of a BaF (Sauron) we had been clamoring for for years, has got me thinking that Hasbro is likely to pull a similar stunt with future much-wanted BaFs. Now I’m over here sweating and thinking about the clogged toilet of a wave we might be presented to facilitate the long-awaited Strong Guy or Dragon Man BaFs. I know that using desirable BaFs to sell waves of standard figures is the general game plan, but that Sauron wave (and the Kingpin wave to a lesser degree) is one of the most prominent examples of total throwaway figures being so blatantly used to fill a wave required to complete a much desired BaF. It makes me wonder how bad it’ll be the next time we get that treatment.
  12. I definitely prefer the hunt and take part in it at least once a week, but it’s absolutely not an option for everyone. Gas costs and time spent are high. If you’re finding that you can’t find product on shelves, and you’re already hunting as often as possible, then I’d say you’d be smart to turn to online shopping and pre orders.
  13. I would be surprised if Hasbro doesn’t re release that Kingpin BaF in some way or another.
  14. I think it’s more a matter of what is commonly accepted as the appearance of the devil (red skin, horns, pointed tail, etc) matched with a name that is commonly given to “the devil”, and the general public seeing such a thing on toy shelves and becoming passionately offended. It’s less about Hasbro “getting over it” and more about them not wanting every day folk to think they’re selling religiously affiliated toys of any kind.
  15. I think the Sauron wave was somewhat split down the middle. Omega Red, Bishop, and Wolverine were great figures, but the rest of the wave felt like terrible throw aways. Deadpool is personally one of my least favorite comic book characters (hands down), so I never pulled the trigger on any of those other figures in the wave.
  16. I went to both local Targets and had the DPCI checked for the 80th figures, and was told that they may be in-stock next week. Both stores also had the FFH figures, but I picked those up weeks ago.
  17. I got the entire Vintage wave today from Dorkside. For the first time in a long time I’m hesitant to open figures because of how much I like the packaging. This entire set turned out really well.
  18. I think Hyro-Man looks more like Thomas Haden Church, who played Sandman in Spider-Man 3; obviously a cartoonish/caricature, though. It’s funny, because my dad was with me when I picked up that figure a few weeks ago and he thought the same and said it even before I did. Edit: It also, in some way that I can’t quite put my finger on, reminds me of Joe Walsh; I think it’s the smile.
  19. I don’t recall where I read it mentioned, but someone pointed out that Dorkside had the 80th Iron Man and Thor listed for pre-order, and I saw the listings myself too, but now they’ve been taken down.
  20. Beast seems to be only figure from the Caliban wave that’s really selling through and consistently. I think that wave got ordered a lot more heavily than normal, especially by Walmart.
  21. I do think it's funny how Walmart got yet another Captain America exclusive...it's like they want that all-american appeal, or something 😅 I didn't realize the MCU IM and IS 2-pk was an exclusive, though, so that's good info. Nevertheless, I'll use that gift card towards whatever 80th merch that BBTS will be carrying.
  22. I will agree that (IMO) that is one of the weakest BaFs in Hasbro’s history, but that’s strictly because I give zero craps about that version of Goblin. However, I really liked that wave and as others have said, it was a big push when I was still finding steam in getting back into ML collecting. I also agree that the comic version of Electro that we eventually received was PRETTY weak. The classic alternate portrait doesn’t really fit, and makes it seem like a poor home kitbash.
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