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  1. The Toybiz Nightcrawler will probably never be unseated, even though the new Hasbro version does look absolutely fantastic. The level of articulation the TB one has while not looking totally goofy like so many other TB releases is a big reason why I feel this way. I also really love the portrait on the TB Nightcrawler.
  2. Other than Puck, because that's just not fair, what's the smallest Marvel Legends figure? I'm talking Toybiz or Hasbro.
  3. The left arm for my Caliban BaF has dried paint in the shoulder joint, so it won't rotate whatsoever. He's now stuck in a perpetual downswing, but I guess it works. I also had a Obsidian Cull Black Widow figure's left foot break off clean at the rocker ankle. Generally my Hasbro figures hold up and don't break, though.
  4. This seems like a perfect channel for large characters that are too large for the BaF treatment, like a Sentinel or Galactus. Though, I can't really see Hasbro doing that, as any new line of figures is going to focus on new iterations of classic/mainstay characters to drive sales to an all new market/branch of collector. It's a fun thought though. I will add that I was unaware that the 12" line had died. It seems like the larger lines like that never survive, much like the up-scaled X-men figures from the 90s.
  5. It seems like a nice figure, but this is a purchase decision I'll be making in-store if and when I find this figure in the wild. I'm not sold just yet. I guess I haven't been exposed to that costume enough for it to appeal to me all that much. Definitely looking forward to a classic update.
  6. To add a relevant update to this, I think that the new 3-pk Quicksilver has a fairly large noggin. It’s honestly kind of unsightly. All part of why that’s the weakest in that set. I’ll also add that many of the ML portraits tend to look very similar. Sometimes it’s as if all of these figures are a handful of cosplayers dressing up as different characters. It’s something I’ve come to accept and overlook, but when I stop and think about it it’s kind of off-putting. This is why I really appreciate the new Scarlett Witch portrait from the same 3-pk, because it looks totally unlike any of the previous women characters.
  7. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite, but the BP Wave 2 Vibranium Black Panther (purple details) is really nice in-hand. I know it’s literally the standard BP but with the added paint, but the purple and black really mingle well.
  8. Yeah I realize that, and even mentioned that in my last post, but Scorpion also has a variation of the same costume where his lower face/mouth isn’t covered by the mask. That has always been my preferred look for the character as opposed to what ultimately became this new figure.
  9. This isn’t something that’s ever been an issue for me. If memory serves, and based on the handful of figures next to me now, most pegs are either painted or cast in the same color plastic as the arms and don’t really show. I don’t own the Vintage Spider-Man, but I know past versions of the character *do* have this issue, but even so it’s never been too serious imo.
  10. Having 3 pieces of that Molten Man BaF in-hand, I can tell you that it’s pretty dopey. The right knee doesn’t even have full range of motion because of sculpting. It also looks more like Clayface from DC to me. Now that I have Scorpion, I’m even more disappointed that Hasbro didn’t go with the open faced mask on the portrait. The face actually has the opening of the mask sculpted, but they chose to fill it in with chrome green paint rather than flesh tone. I get that that’s one of the character’s looks, but having the open mouth with lips in a sea of green mask just looks silly. Also, the buck is somewhat undersized for the character, or so I think. Scorpion ends up being shorter than Hydro-Man, but only slightly taller than Mystique. It’s...weird. It’s a very nice buck, however, and I look forward to more suitable uses for it down the line. The long bendy tail is awesome, though, and a very appreciated addition. Too bad that wasn’t done with Doc Ock’s tentacles.
  11. Just picked up Scorpion at a GameStop. It’s really nice, but as some have said the buck is kinda small.
  12. I’m definitely tired of the Bucky Cap buck. Not only is it really common, but the feet are far too small and the sculpting makes the characters look less like they’re wearing costumes and more like they’re covered in body paint. I prefer some of the newer bucks that have creases and fabric sculpted around the body to simulate and detail clothing/uniforms (the 3-pk Magneto buck comes to mind but I don’t recall which exact buck it is). As for the Hyperion buck, I’m probably in the minority who doesn’t totally hate it. My biggest gripe is that the thighs are too large, and the knee joint are kind of back further than they should be, so when standing straight up the figures tend to lean forward some, or appear that they are “pushing their chest out”. This is then exacerbated by the fact that the pecks on that buck are HUGE. So, I get the dislike, but overall I think it’s a workable buck. I do think it’s old and that there are better options now (Omega Red buck, for instance). I know the Apocalypse Sabretooth is mostly disliked by collectors but I’m happy with it.
  13. Demogoblin is such an obvious release that I’m surprised it’s taken them this long. My only guess is that they didn’t want to wear out that buck too fast so they spaced it out.
  14. Yeah, I did a little clicking and found that most of these prices are rather inflated, so this list is either based on old data or some very specific prices like from Amazon or something - which is always a bit more on secondary market products. Rogue and Hobgoblin are fairly accurate, though.
  15. I’m surprised at not only Hobgoblin’s current secondary market value, but at how few seem to be available. I found 3 last night on eBay. Is that normal, or was I being a dud and somehow not finding the rest? This brings an interesting thought to mind: What are some of the most expensive/rare/sought after Marvel Legends Infinite figures? Between Hobgoblin and another figure I was recently driven to research (I can’t recall which), it seems that many of these figures that used to be easily accessible are now rare gems. Honestly kind of surprises me. Edit: I realize that the posed question sorta derails the topic, so let me add that as for the OP I agree that classic Dr. Doom is the only right choice for that character’s release in the Vintage line. Give him the little attachments for his gauntlets too and we good.
  16. It might be the first universally disliked BaF. Hey! If anyone reading this likes the FFH Molten Man BaF, please sound off. I’m actually curious.
  17. I appreciate it! I got them loose, because I’m not particularly interested in that BaF or the other figures in the wave. Ultimately I’m just very disappointed in the portrait they went with for the Klaw/Andy Serkis figure. Why the blood spatter? Why that extreme expression? Klaue is crazy, but Gollum he ain’t.
  18. With how poorly received that Molten Man BaF has been (I too think it looks awful, like it belongs in the basic line), I very seriously doubt that Hasbro will release any further BaFs or standard figures based on the remaining MCU iterations of the elemental villains. I mean, unless they manage some sort of repaint or something. With that said, I don’t feel that there are enough characters remaining from that film to fill a second wave. Now, I wouldn’t be too surprised if additional Sony/MCU Spider-Man characters from the first two films are released in later waves, but likely just one or two here and there. Again, I reiterate that any additional FFH releases are very likely, if at all, going to be released via fan channel multi-packs. That’s how Hasbro tends to squeeze dollars out of their afterthoughts.
  19. I broke down and picked up Klaw, “military” Killmonger, and Vibranium suit Black Panther at a deep, deep discount and sans BaF pieces. Literally the only way I was ever going to acquire those or any other figures from BP Wave 2.
  20. Or so you'd think. I'm just waiting for the inevitable G.I.Joe 6" line. I passed on the actual backing event for this the same as I did for the Marauder's WWII figures event. I wasn't satisfied with the appearance of those, and the wait times for product are so far out on all of these projects that I can't justify the spending without knowing exactly what I'll end up having in-hand. Though, they seem to have turned out well, and I'll be giving them a chance now.
  21. Don’t forget Hyrdro-man! That’s probably my favorite figure of the current Spider-Man wave. Also, could that 6-armed buck be altered and used for Forearm, since his arms come out of his shoulder and torso?
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