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  1. After months of wondering if I'd ever see 'em, I finally found the Red Hulk and clear Sue team packs. Scored those from TRU and snagged the IM2 Rolling HQ from Ross (15 bucks, not bad). Also saw 4 or 5 cases of the new comic packs, but I'm undecided on those. A whole wave of comic packs and not one new figure? For shame Hasbro. At Walgreen's on turkey day, I got Hawk, 2 jungle BATs, 2 Steel Brigades, a Hazard Viper, and a Cobra Trooper for $25 total. Awesome GI Joe sale.
  2. Hey Yenmaster, check the TJ Maxx and Ross near the Mall of Georgia. I was over there about two weeks ago and they had a ton of both sentinels at each store. Thanks man. I'm right between Columbus and Buford, about an hour each way. I'm in Anderson. It's a bit of a hike for me, so I only get to go every couple of weeks. The TRU down there definitely beats ours.
  3. Hey Yenmaster, check the TJ Maxx and Ross near the Mall of Georgia. I was over there about two weeks ago and they had a ton of both sentinels at each store.
  4. I still see these from time to time. Don't give up hope. What you should do is look up the most obscure, out of the way K-Mart store in your area and check there. Anything in a rural area or small town.
  5. Scored another Hammer Drone, Sif, Target's Christmas Batman, MK Goro's Lair, and two Zombie Vipers. Had to brave the hellacious mess at TRU (they were not prepared to handle the insane volumes of layaway customers), but I'd say it was worth it. Would anyone be interested in more holiday themed Batman figures from Mattel? Loved the Halloween one, and the Christmas one is actually not bad. I'd love to see St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, April Fools (Joker-style Batman!) and maybe even Pilgrim Bats for Thanksgiving. Mattel is always going to make nonsensical repaints, so why not have a little fun with 'em?
  6. I agree with katajak, can we keep this to toys on this board? and let you people argue this delusional crap in a different post? PS, can somebody please let me know when those Wal-mart exclusive packs come out, let me know what is in them please? thanks as far as the avengers set, it looks like 4 iron mans, 2 caps, a thor and a destroyer. I cant really make out the SW set, but it looks like it has an obi wan, a destroyer droid, a clone trooper (or storm trooper) and it looks like a death star trooper (all movie legends). at least thats all i can see from the ad scan. KB Toys used to do this a lot back in the day. WM did it a few years ago with '06 Saga Star Wars figures. If these sets are anything like those, there won't be just one set. Almost each one will be different, with random figures thrown in left and right. I can see Mandarin getting slotted in with a gazillion pegwarmers no one wants. Most like though, it'll just be all the pegwarmers, with the occasional HAMMER Drone or Hydra troop for good measure. Keep an eye out for a surprise or two, but don't get your hopes up.
  7. Ah my bad. I thought you meant a variant of the Avengers MK VI.
  8. Big haul this weekend. Scored Shao Kahn's throne, Beta Ray Bill, Kraven, Ultimate Spidey (Parker), Kang, and all 3 Glow-in-the-dark Spidey figs from TRU. Picked up another Hammer Drone from TJ Maxx. Scored the Halloween Batman from Target. Picked up a full set of DG Joes, plus 6 extra Cobra Troopers. Found a Sif for my girlfriend as well. Also found Pursuit of Cobra Alley Vipers (x2), Blowtorch, Steel Brigade, Dusty, Cobra Commander (Red Card), and Firefly (City Strike) at TRU and Walgreens. Looks like I'm going to be eating ramen and lunchables for the next two weeks...
  9. Scored Miles Morales and Shatterblaster IM. No foot holes on the latter though.
  10. Went out grocery shopping and scored Nick Fury and two Chitauri. Saw a third Chitauri, but was short on cash. Shatterblaster Iron Man is so disappointing. I can live without the torso, but why retool a figure with "super" articulation and skimp on wrists and swivels? I will pick it up near the end of the year, when it is everywhere (I'm a completist).
  11. Looking on EE, I see that Kang and all of wave 18 will be shipping for several more revision cases, but I think Paper Bag Spidey is going to be a one off. Anyone got an extra they'd like to sell or trade? I have a carded Avengers BW...
  12. Finally found wave 19 (minus Kang) at WM. Exciting as that was, what really made my day was seeing a little kid and his mom looking at the Marvel figures. This kid could not have been more than 5 or 6. He saw She-Hulk and got excited, then flipped when he saw Ghost Rider. He was grabbing them and he found Falcon. He jumped up and down, saying Falcon is his favorite. I told him Falcon is going to be in the next Captain America movie, and his eyes lit up. His mom showed him the BE Iron Man, Comm. Rogers, and the classic and FF Spideys and he did not seem the least bit interested. Hasbro execs, you need to pay attention here. This kid was more excited for a female, a "boring, obscure" character, and a "scary" character than he was for all the main heroes combined. And they say only Wolvy/Spidey/IM/Hulk sell...
  13. Awesome that you're be receiving new toys at your WM, unfortunately the wrong ones.... Hate hearing that it's 3 Avengers cases and 1 MU case, should be the other way around... 1 MU case is better than none. This WM hasn't gotten a case of MU in months. It's a step in the right direction. And all but two WM's in my area completely dropped the line. I just hope the Avengers cases are wave 4, not 3.
  14. Spoke with the toy dept manager at WM and she scanned the Marvel Universe and Avengers SKU's. They will be getting 3 cases of Avengers and one case of MU. Wish me luck guys. Should be later this week.
  15. After weeks of searching TJ Maxx, I finally scored a Laufey. Nice sculpt and worth the wait. Also picked up two more deluxe Chitauri and the Strikefire Transport from First Avenger ($12 at TJ Maxx!) All caught up and ready for the new stuff.
  16. Ebay. Decent (sort of) price. I think I paid $25 shipped for him. pretty decent, he's a deluxe and htf...not bad at all. I saw this and found it interesting. Please tell me you found that in a traditional American store...Please...
  17. That wave is showing up everywhere in my area. Each time I go into WM or TRU hoping to find wave 4, I am greeted by cases of wave 3. Glad they decided to show up after I burned Odin knows how much gas hunting for 'em a few months ago.
  18. Found the Juggernaut/Colossus pack at Wally World. Finally caught up on comic packs, now to find the basic waves...
  19. Found two more deluxe Chitauri stashed away in the clearance aisle at Walmart. I think the third from the case was still there, but I wasn't going to go digging through that mess. Saw over on Toyark that someone found the basic Chitauri and the new Iron Man at retail. Anyone here spot those or Fury yet?
  20. Scored the X-Factor set and the Magneto and She-Hulk packs at TRU. Found the new wave of comic packs (minus Juggernaut/Colossus) at Target, so I picked up the Mandarin set. I'm also seeing several Walmarts doing away with Marvel Universe. Not a comforting sight. Where are you guys finding wave 18? 19?
  21. My TRU's have been getting that case in for months. I was hoping they had stopped shipping them. The Iron Spidey variant is in that case (randomly) however.
  22. As promised: Left arm snapped off of one of 'em, but he can just be battle damaged. Cap did rip a few arms off didn't he?
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