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  1. Here is my final version of the re-headed Avengers Assemble Hulk. Close up of the head: The hair in back is new sculpt. I probably gace it too muh detail - you can tell where it starts: Warts and all, here is the shortcoming: the neck post looks awfully skinny. But I can live with it.
  2. Annnnnd 3 days later, BBTS has the wave in stock (if you need it).
  3. "Caved" and ordered Mysterio, Rhino, Elektra, and Cap from Smalljoes. They were in-hand and a few dollars less than BBTS. Disappointed in BBTS this time.
  4. (Prologue: I like Supertom's kitbash of new Cap and LUB Cap. LUB Cap is staying on my shelf for now.) I may have just taken one for the team, so I'm posting another informative set of pictures. Today, I bought the 5 POA Thor. I did this not because I support the line, but because I wanted the head. and because I stalked my Target's reset all freaking day, but they did not put out any MU figures despite leaving four pegs for them. This was the only interesting thing there for all my trouble. Also, tomorrow is my birthday and I just wanted to buy something, okay? Anyway, here is the head on the modern MU Thor body (heads swapped): The head is a little bit too small IMO, and definitely sits a little high. I dremelled it out to sit lower. They have been complaints that the head is too "cartoony," but I refer you all to the JRJR-based current head I included for reference above. I think the new head is the more realistic of the two. But the Ages of Thunder Thor is still the best, IMO. I'm not sold, but I like it well enough to try a repaint and see how it helps. Results will be posted in a few days. BTW, I think the helmet sculpt is awesome. It may be worth hollowing out.
  5. Since I was unwilling to remove my LUB Hulk's head, I took photos of the new AA Hulk and LUB Hulk in the same spot taking care not to move my camera in order to to get the same scale. Then I moved LUB Hulk's head over via Photoshop and tinted it the matching color. I may have found my Hulk. The head will take a bit of work to convert, and I'll have to sculpt a new neckline, but it may be worth it.
  6. A custom cast head is $5 unpainted and (if you can find it offered) $10 painted. Plus if you buy the figure you get a body you might be able to reuse and a crappy spring loaded gun!
  7. So now I move on to the Red Skull and Falcon. We have seen Red Skull's body before, but the head is new, and has a hat. I thought it would be worthwhile to try the body from the movie version (same body but the uniform has some green instead of all black) and also the Colonel Vogel body. I like the added contrast the green uni gives, and I may keep it that way. The white is interesting, but ultimately not for me. Comparing the two Falcons, you can see that the new one is bigger in size and has a new head. The wings are also soft like typical cape material (but still translucent). They are also glued on securely - no removing these without a lot of effort. They are also designed in two pieces so that the upper arm and lower arm can move independently. Overall, very well done. Well there you have it. All thing considered - knowing in advance these were not all new figures - I am still very pleased.
  8. And now on to Black Widow. This figure is pretty good, but I am not leaving her as-is. The body is a repaint of the Avengers movie Black Widow. The wrist blasters and belt are new, and not as good IMO. The belt is definitely smaller. Here is a comparison: L-R this is light-up base 'Tasha, new Avengers Assemble 'Tasha, and the Avengers movie ScarJo 'Tasha. (My Wave 7 'Tasha has been cannibalized in favor of the Light-up Base version.) Immediately I wanted to do some head swapping, and I like all of these better: In fact, I fell in love with this version immediately, and she was going straight to my shelf.... ...when I realized I had one more thing to try. Soooooo I ordered another.
  9. Next I wanted to focus on the Hulk's head and explore the possibility of switching heads since if there is one general complaint about him, it is the head. First, I present your menu: Light-up Base/Wave 2 Hulk's head is a different design, with the peg extruding from the head and fitting into a hole into the body. Therefore, I did not remove it or try it on the new body. But I included him in the picture for head size comparison. Of the other three heads, NONE fit on the neck peg of the new Assemble body - the peg is huge. Each would have to be dremelled. The following pics show the head perched atop the new body the best way I could manage without drilling, using blue tack. And I'll tell you now - NONE of the greens match. The most workable simple switch is Wave 18 Hulk, in my opinion. It is a tad small, but is a good sculpt and the greens are not terribly mismatched, but I would have to paint it. Light-up base Hulk's head is more ideal, but would require some surgery - and I'm not willing (yet) to give up the figure. Frankly I would look for a custom cast if you are dead set on replacing the head. Onyx has some attractive ones, but he is way backed up right now. Ruffalo - too small: Original Avengers Hulk (would sit lower with a dremelling): And Wave 18 Hulk:
  10. Today I received the four Avengers Assemble "bridge the gap" figures I was interested in. (They were supposed to get here Saturday or Monday, and I had to call FedEx several times to get them to look for the package and find it.) Here are some pictures for comparison purposes for those who might be interested. First up: Hulk size comparisons. The Big Guy is actually big now. Here are some various Hulks with standard MU figures for comparison: And here is a line of Hulks side by side. From L to R we have Light Up Base Hulk; Avengers Ruffalo Hulk (one of these things is not like the others!); the new Avengers Assemble Hulk (who technically is called "Gamma Fist" Hulk despite the fact that his fist is unexceptional; and who, despite being in the SHIELD gear line, has no gear); the most recent MU Hulk; and the original Avengers set Hulk. Size-wise, I like this new Hulk. He is basically tied with the Light-up Base Hulk (which is the wave 2 MU Hulk with a better head). Kudos to the team.
  11. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow - I will post some head swaps. My package arrived at my local sort center Saturday at 6:42 AM. No further updates since that time, and it did not come today. WTF? So no head swap pics today. That sucks I was looking forward to see some head swaps. I'm ticked off. I called Fedex and put in a ticket. Still no updates, still no delivery.
  12. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow - I will post some head swaps. My package arrived at my local sort center Saturday at 6:42 AM. No further updates since that time, and it did not come today. WTF? So no head swap pics today.
  13. That looks great. I'd like better-formed wings on that head, though. Good call. Maybe down the road I'll sculpt or carve some better ones. Namor's wings, maybe?
  14. this is the Cap I am trying to figure out how to make.. but I really don't want to repaint him. which parts did you repaint, if any? Similar to what NeroZero did on the last page I took the light-up base cap and the new Cap. Kept the old Cap's torso and upper arms, used the new Cap's lower arms, legs, neck and head. The only real modification I made was chopping off the old Cap's neck and attaching the new Cap's so he can still look up and down. If you're careful with that part, the blues are close enough that you don't need to paint. Although I repainted everything cause I'm crazy. That looks great. I'd like better-formed wings on that head, though.
  15. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow - I will post some head swaps.
  16. Thanks for thinking of me - I got started early this morning. I checked a TRU and a Target on the west side on the way down - nada. I'll score Elektra, Mysterio, etc. somewhere before too long. I keep missing Amazon. My Assemble haul should arrive Monday.
  17. Target was empty of all MU except a clearance WCA ($17). Walmart had a Dr. Strange and a boatload of GotG regular-priced. The Walmart in Lagrange had MU on sale for $7. They had Hercules, Nighthawk, Beta Ray Bill, Psylocke, W18 Spider-Man, and WWII Captain America, but regular priced team sets ("classic" FF with clear Sue, Heroic Age Avengers, etc.). They also had a whole bunch of the SS/Dr. Strange and Falcon/CA comic sets. The TRU in Fayetteville was a waste. I almost got a regular Absorbing Man, but everything else was old and dated (old version Spider-Man, Psylocke, Thor). They did have the Secret Wars Iron Man/Spider-Woman set, as well as a handful of the Juggernaut/Colossus packs. Neither Target in Fayetteville or Peachtree City had MU figures of any kind (singles, comics, or packs). Thanks - very helpful, especially since I am also going to Lagrange and was thinking about Fayetteville. My family thanks you!
  18. Well, there you go. Columbus got canceled and now I'm visiting Newnan - where Jason just hit. Dangit!
  19. I want to see it in person, but I'm thinking I want that head. Cool beans. Glad you had better luck today.
  20. I hit Montgomery and Opelika a couple of weeks ago - I wish you had mentioned it - I could have saved you a trip. Still, they could have restocked, I suppose. I hit Newnan in the same timeframe. I did not hit any 5 Below down south, but I snagged Darth Malgus at one near me recently.
  21. Toys R Us (I've personally seen it put out every Saturday morning for the last three weeks) Target I'm visiting Columbus on Saturday. I'll have to budget extra time for a stop - it's dry up here in the big city.
  22. The only thing wrong with that figure is the connected claws. Patch-Wolvie claws would have rocked. The coat and sleeves don't match the comic. Just sayin'.
  23. argh.. that hurts. good thing Hasbro decided to put in those 4 repacks instead of more Mysterio, Rhino, Elektra, Professor X, Nova, or Vision lol Or Cable, Angel, S Witch, Kang, She Hulk, Ms. Marvel, ....I found 2 She-Hulks at a Wal Mart yesterday.
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