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  1. Saw the Hobbit figures, entire set, not a huge fan but might grab some during sales. Haven't seen new Star Wars/Marvel figures in forever. I DID get something though... comic shop had an Angel Bob (Doctor Who) figure left, and my desk needed to be a bit more terrifying since it's October... I keep it facing a mirror to be safe -.- *won't blink*


    Anyways, might start gathering Doctor Who figures while I can't find anything else. I want an army of Weeping Angels now.



    Nice to hear from you geo. It's been awhile.

  2. Seriously, guys? I'm reminded of why I stopped posting here in the first place. Any time you offer a dissenting opinion about something you're branded an outsider who just doesn't get it. What a lovely "community". I'm out, have fun with your echo chamber.



    Come on man, Don't leave everybody is welcomed here. People disagree all the time, it's what makes the world interesting and every individual unique. It's what makes the world better through collaboration and creativity. So come back man.

  3. I hope Hasbro's not dumb enough to pull a Sentinel and release the Orange at retail and make Green the variant.


    I wouldn't put it past them. Didn't they even go as far as arguing that the retail Sentinel color scheme was accurate to modern comics despite the fact that it isn't?


    Also, what's with the love for Foom? He's a pretty obscure dude for such a huge effort. I mean, I've never read any comics with him so he just looks like a big doofy dragon in purple shorts to me. If Hasbro is really going to put out the effort to do a super obscure Masterworks like this then why not do something that actually looks neat, like Eternity or something.


    Also also, let's be real here. Even if he does get released and the five of you who are stoked for him get one he's still going to peg warm (shelf warm?). Hard. If Galactus and Sentinels are peg warming then they're going to have to start charging these things rent.


    So basically because you don't see the coolness behind a giant dragon toy from Marvel Universe, you mistake your opinion as "let's be real here.." Fact and say these will shelf warm hard because you don't see the value in this there for only 5 people want this.....


    ....ok THAT is just your opinion.

    So no soup for you....

    Next sdcc I'm all over this, I assume that's when will get him. The green one will be at the con and the orange at retail. Once again I assume and hope, because if it's not that way Ill be very disappointed we never got foom.

  4. Just got my shipment from bbts. I got the scarlet witch wave plus a single Juggernaut. Juggernaut's helmet looks kind of strange, kind of "battle damaged" appearance to it, in the paint job. I don't remember it looking like this in the store. Just wondering if I have a bad paint job or a new variant or if they just revised the paint in the re-release. Also, I did not get a bag head spidey and I really want one. Where are people finding him? Did anyone get him from bbts


    wouw in christopher walken voice. Return that juggie. Make them give your money back or get a new one.

  5. Plus side, that could be a good sign. Maybe Vision is going to be in a future revision case. Give me the Herc wave, the Prof X wave and Vision and I'd make my second case purchase of the year.


    oh man that herc wave. That's the perfect wave, all characters we've never gotten before. No wait the angel but, what the heck I still want it so bad. Can't wait for nov or dec when it comes out.

  6. Also, not really a true acquisition, but over the course of a week I have purchased 2 Gladiators and 2 first appearance Wolverine figures from Target in an effort to trigger the system into ordering a new case to my store. The store now only has 3 Gladiator figures on the pegs.


    I will just return these figures later during the holiday season and hope some parent will buy them then.


    Good for you man! I had to do the same thing at my Fred Meyer's 1.5 yrs agoby buying up, oddly enough, the multiple SunFire and Jean Grey's that had been sitting alone on the peg for months!


    See this is what's wrong with hasbro. My area never received a single sunfire, I had to buy mine for double the price that it goes at retail. Meanwhile your area had so many people didn't even want him. I read a while back in another forum that a guy in some city in texas found visions non varient constantly. They had so many that they didn't know what do with them. While the rest of the country barely got any or nothing.

  7. Also, not really a true acquisition, but over the course of a week I have purchased 2 Gladiators and 2 first appearance Wolverine figures from Target in an effort to trigger the system into ordering a new case to my store. The store now only has 3 Gladiator figures on the pegs.


    I will just return these figures later during the holiday season and hope some parent will buy them then.


    genius, I think I might try that. Although every target in my area is full of gladiators, like 7-9 per store. So I don't think It will help out to much. nonetheless I will try it.

  8. Long time appreciation of brilliant posts and great discussion, First time poster.


    I have enjoyed all of the updates and finds from the many passionate superhero fans here.


    This is my son's sweet haul for his 7th birthday:



    530256_696484288190_1192530045_n by TheMisterParsons, on Flickr


    The defining toy was of course the classic color Sentinel.

    I finally found at Marshalls. It was probably 25+ fruitless trips before my heart leapt.

    He got mostly villains as he has most of the heroes, and he actually prefers villains (Storm Shadow and Boba Fett fan).

    Plus we just discovered the 90s X-Men cartoon on Netflix, and we've been making up for lost time...



    396935_696483225320_1799363597_n by TheMisterParsons, on Flickr


    One of the best parts of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe in general is the balance of strong female characters, thus my little girl is right in the midst of the fun!



    580850_696483869030_1839789212_n by TheMisterParsons, on Flickr



    Thanks again everyone for an amazing Marvel community!


    welcome to the site, and to your son I wish him a happy bday. Tell him not to grow up to fast and enjoy being a kid, those are the best years of life. Seems like today most kids don't want toys and want to grow up to fast.

  9. Bought a masters of evil pack for my uncle, I already got one thanks to the guys here. I waited and waited for three days on hasbro.com and listen for clues from you guys of what had happend years before and that helped me to estimate the time when they would be released but, not the day. Thats when I joined up here, the talks you guys were having were great and entertaining. Anyways went to three targets and nothing except the new comic packs and older waves.

  10. Found wave 19 at wal-mart this morning.It was the most excited I've been in a long time.Picked up the 3 extras for a friend.So start checking Wal-Marts in your areas and happy hunting.Also it was the future foundation Spiderman so the baghead might be hard to come by at retail.



    No way, really get outta here. Show me the receipt, no just kidding. I believe you or do I. Let me see that receipt, no I'm just kidding. No really show me that receipt. I though walmart was done with mu. So are they skipping wave 18, I haven't even seen wave 18 yet and already their skipping to 19. What is going on with that company, I think they may be more evil than hasbro. Here is all the grief those companies combined have given us. Skipping around or not giving us anything. Sometimes giving the brits and canadians stuff we don't get or some states get it late or not at all. Giving us repacks of characters we already have with one we want. Shipping out the good stuff from mu and the movie lines to tj maxx and marshalls, because thors, iron mans, caps, and spidermans peg warm.Between walmart and hasbro I don't know who I hate more.

  11. Went hunting this morning and turns out the guy I talked to a while back from the target lied to me, he told me they restocked tues and thurs. Today I asked three workers and they all told me that they restock mu mon, wed, and fri. The guy who wanted a kraven told me the days they don't actually restock so that I would go those days instead of the days they do. I would never do that to anyone, I would tell them the right days and that way everybody has a fair chance. Mu collectors should look out for each other, yet this guy who also collects misguided me.

  12. I need a big favor guys in Miami area, early september I'll be in a bussines trip, near by Miami International Airport, Ill have a few free hours, somebody from the area could tell me if there is anything worthy (Im looking for the new comic paks, maybe a sentinel) on Miami international Mall, also Im planing to go to Sawgrass Mills

    any pointer?? thanks in advance



    Stay away from the walmarts and save yourself sometime. Targets and toys r us is where you will find the comic packs and if you stay here long enough you might get lucky with some of wave 18. I don't know if this is much help, you probably already knew that walmarts suck and targets and tru are better.

  13. The new 3-packs showed up at my Wal-Mart. Passed on both sets. Red Hulk looks weird on the new Hulk body, while clear Invisible Woman has a funky half translucent/half cloudy look that is just bizarre.



    Rooooooooooooooooooooogggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't believe it's been a year since they announced those 3-packs and we still don't have them. I Want rogue and longshot so bad. The inhumans pack is a dream, since the beginning I have wanted black bolt and medusa, I hope we get crystal and lockjaw sometime in the future.

  14. Got the Xmen pack at a TRU. First TRU that I found it wanted $55 which I thought was BS so I waited. Found it at another one maybe 10 miles away from that store and they only wanted $45 so I grabbed it. That first TRU had the Shulkie/Wolvie, Cap/Magneto, and FFSM/DD but they were all labled either $22 or $23 so I passed on all but that cool black spidey even though I like my custom white DD better. Checked the receipt later and it reads only $20! even though the scanners also said it would be $23. Weird.

    Also picked up the Chitauri w/chariot (is this a Chitauriot?lol) but couldn't get myself to get more than one.


    Without a doubt the coolest haul this weekend was the new Spider-Man Lego set with Doc Ock. It is really cool and best of all it comes with Iron Fist as a Lego too! woohoo! I hope they make lots more Marvel legos.


    Which tru did you see the she hulk/wolvie at. Was it the one in brandon or in st. pete.


    neither. I was in Orlando for the last few days. My mom is having major surgery in a couple days so we took her on a little vacation for the weekend to help her relax and forget about it. I think it was the Florida Mall location that had the most 2pks but also the highest prices. The Mall at Millenia had less but their prices were at least 10% lower across the board it seemed.


    Lakeland had absolutely nothing as per their usual it seems lately.


    We did find some cool Star Wars sets my son was wanting and a Cars set my youngest son was wanting. My oldest however feels gypt because he didn't find any Transformers to get except Sgt Kipp (or something like that) which I wouldn't pay almost $18 to get because we had seen him at Ross months ago for like $8 or less but he didn't want him then.


    But no, Brandon, and Westley Chapel still have nothing to the best of my knowledge. We haven't been over to the Pinellas side in a while, but from what I've heard they don't have anything in Clearwater or St Pete either really. Hopefully we see waves 18-21 all hit this week! That would be a major haul! Of course, school starts this week here so I'll be slightly busy, but I'm hoping to find stuff anyway.


    I hope your mom is okay and feels better, i'll pray for her. Just came from class, I started school today and have been busy. I remember your tips on college and started taking classes centered more towards my history degree. Well i'm of to my next class.

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