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  1. Wonder who we can blame for 6 inch figures going so high in price, TRU? WM? Target? Mattel? Hasbro? Higher prices on most stuff in general? I don't know, but its getting annoying. Weird though WM would charge the highest, target's 14.99 is still cheaper then most places sell DCUC for though, argh, so annoying.
  2. Not really no. There was a 6 inch movie Iron Monger released repainted blue. http://www.hasbro.com/shop/details.cfm?gui...&src=endeca
  3. Second pic was pretty much a custom made to show off for the fan poll, first pic is the final release figure.
  4. *waits for more loose pics* Come on Pooda!!(your stuffs always nice anyway)
  5. 5 eh? Ronan wave Dr Doom(although his silver is a tad dull)(he's so good i bought two!) ML 2 pack Iron Man Ronan wave/2 pack Thing(i know some people consider him to small but he's perfect size wise IMO) Nemesis wave Daredevil(heads a bit tiny but other wise) Spiral(i was waiting for a good figure of her and they did her justice, i'd kinda prefer elbrows to double elbows and no upper arm swivels though) As for non ML Mark VI War Machine Raging Ghost Rider(besides the hips) Unleashed Iron Man(though they do have the hasbro legends logo on em too hmm)
  6. I might have to get him, i have the BAF but the new one isn't the metallic blue that will change colors and he's larger and seems to have an overall nicer sculpt, if he has chest/torso artic i hope its better then the BAF's, mine won't stay facing directly forward which ticks me off.
  7. Tarantula is terridly undersized yes, but Juggernaut is more old school Juggernaut and isn't nearly as undersized as Tarantula.
  8. He looks great and should fit in nicely with some of MS other offerings, but he's just to large to hang with MLs IMO which is why i won't pick him up.
  9. It is a bit strange how hos villains get the shaft, even under TB's reign, just Mandarin? COME ON! Sure Hasbro gave us Foom but still. Gimmie Blizzard and Whirlwind at the least!
  10. I prefer the ML6 and Target wave one myself, i just think that it is the best sculpt they've done for the ol guy. 12 is nice but the belt and his slimness in areas kinda kill it a bit for me. And 3 is way to big and his torso is sculpted in a lame twist.
  11. Scale mostly, i'm a 6 inch collector but i can see how the smaller scale has its benefits, they are close to being as good sometimes as the bigger guys, take up way less space, cost less(though still to much most of the time) and can be used with playsets and vehicles of that scale which are much easier to find then such scaled for 6 inch figures.
  12. If you are talking about the ones shown at SDCC, it was explained that most of those were inhouse one of a kind customs. That's why the ones they are releasing this year in the 2 packs look different. True, however, they could still frankenstien parts together like with those customs and still make some characters people havn't got yet which would in turn make more people happy.
  13. A Prime example of your point was the exclusive 2-pack's of cannonball, domino and cable,classic marvel girl. those things never moved! I picked up about 4 of each for 5 bucks a pop after sitting their for 6 months. Yeah, i got mine at a local collectors shop for like 8 a pack, still not bad, considering Cannonball and Domino are pretty good while Cable's ok(only ting that really hurts him is the pinched head...) i can't really say Marvel Girls that great though, i repainted mines gold into yellow and repainted the shape of the mask so she looks a bit better but still not accurate at all.
  14. So you'd rather the line be dead then great figures like the shield agents/elektra? classic IM? Forge? Ult Fury? a good classic outfit IW? the upcoming fan choice two packs coming out? Real smart idea there bub.
  15. I've bought every single figure in the Marvel Legends line that Toy Biz made (and most that Hasbro made), so sorry, you don't get to act like "those of us that have been dedicated to the line since the beginning" are some different class of people that all want the same things. I've been buying them since they first popped up on shelves, and there are probably a good dozen figures I'd like to see better versions of, or costume variations of existing characters I'd prefer over some of the "new characters" that were offered in that poll. We're also not talking about inconsequential cosmetic details, either...the Toy Biz Black Widow was crap from the ground up, not just a "bad headsculpt." But yes, I'd rather have a GOOD version of Black Widow than ANY version of Brother Voodoo or Bi-Beast or even the Hood. I don't give a hoot about those characters and likely never will, so I don't care about having them in my collection at all. And you can take your "customize it yourself" argument and shove it. Not everyone has the time, patience, talent, or MONEY to be a prolific customizer (gotta shell out to buy those paints, parts, tools, etc...), much less producing figures that are worth keeping. But hey, if you want me to make action figures for you, I'll be happy to charge you $50 for every simple headswap and crappy-paintjob figure I could come up with. Face it...you ended up being the minority. Life is hard. <Long winded bunch of crap snipped to spare everyone's intelligence.> Sorry you can't handle the fact that there are in fact people "Dedicated to this line since the beginning" that aren't clones of you. Your definition of "Dedication" (only wanting new characters) doesn't show up in the dictionary, I'm afraid. The only thing people need to "keep in mind when another poll comes up" is WHAT THEY WANT. Not what YOU want or what anyone else wants. For the record, I voted for Black Widow, Valkyrie, and Modern Havok (because I can't stand that classic Havok costume despite him being among my favorite characters). Whoever you voted for, you apparently lost. Now you try to pretend you're some sort of "superior fan" and act like ALL customizing is as simple as "boil and pop." Which is bullshit (and an insult to truly gifted customizers). But I don't really need your "help" for anything thanks. I got two out of the three figures I wanted, two Hasbro picks that I'll enjoy a great deal (Particularly Winter Soldier), and a third poll-winner that I won't mind having a "modern" version of. Meanwhile, sounds like all you got is a batch of sour grapes. Awww poor little guy sounds soo bitter. Not get what you wanted for Valentine's Day? You really do sound like you need my help. Remember these are toys, you shouldn't be so bitter about them. Customizing is really what ever you want to make out of it. It can be fun to make your own versions of characters or make new ones. the more you practice, just like anything, usually the better you get at it. You don't have to be truly gifted to do a boil n pop, for painting you need lots of patience. The truly impressive ones are the people that can take all kind of scraps and make something awesome out of them. I also got 2 of the figures I voted for so big whoopie. I will enjoy trading the Deadpool away and love the new Hulk for customizing that will be released. Black Widow, maybe I will turn her into someone else, not sure yet. All I have heard from you so far are insults and whining. In fact you whine like a 2 year old girl, trying to come off all tough and angry on the internet of all places. Yes you keep trying to flame me to no avail. No where do I have an elitist point of view on ANY figures or on my customizing or hobby of collecting. YOU pointed out how you have been collecting since the beginning. Who cares? I could care less how big or small your collection is. Do you care how big my collection is, because you shouldn't. MY OPINION is that re-dos are a waste. Deal with it. i am not gonna say sorry for the fact that you can't get over that other people see things differently then YOU do. So get the F*CK over yourself, you are not the toy fan choice poll police. Just like in politics, voting can get the rest of us stuck with a crappy candidate. Do you even read what you're posting? honestly, if anyone here is whining and groaning its obviously you. As for the figures, i have a feeling they plan to use Widow for Black Cat, they did mention the Spidey line would have new figures in the fall so its fairly easy to figure she may be one since they have a good body to use. If the 2 packs get a wave 2 more then likely we'll get X-Men colored Deadpool and red/blue Warpath, probably gray Hulk(i don't see em using Red Hulk in the two pack since he was the VAF version of the mold) Valk get repaint as who though? Sif? As for Widow and Soldier probably another take on Widow and more mean/commie long haired Soldier.
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