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  1. Alright, thanks a bunch man, I'll be on the lookout for loctite glue then. Once I get some I'll try it out on some old figures I have laying around the garage :P
  2. So each figure in the set comes with a piece of those backgrounds you have? Yes. Each figure came with part of the display. Beats the hell out of a stand. Beats the hell out of a figure they could just offer under a higher pricepoint too. Yeah that is a really cool idea actually. Don't get me wrong I think BAF's are a cool idea, but I personally don't have enough money to order whole cases of a wave, or go out and buy an entire peg(especially since the only local carrier of Legends for me is TRU at $19.99 :\) It would be neat though to see them do a build a scene type deal, and offer a potential BAF as a deluxe sort or figure for like $10 more than a regular Legends figure.
  3. That's sick man lol, I wish I had that kinda luck! You and me both. When I complain or ask questions, I just get blank stares. Glad you found your IM. Yeah or the employees get a smart mouth about me asking for something, god forbid right? Haha, they really seem to hate doing their job at walmart in particular.
  4. Some reviewers seemed to be irritated with the amount of reused parts on him. I really don't mind though still think it's a great looking figure. But then again I haven't been collecting log enough for reused parts to bother me at all really.
  5. I would think that anything within the 6-inch scale would work well for Legends style figures. Although, you would have to take into account the size and shape of the hands of the figures that you're looking for accessories for. You could also do some tweaking to any accessories you find to make them fit, and use those little ties that come in the packaging of Legends figure so they can hold just about anything.
  6. Hey, thanks for the replies so far guys! I do have some more questions for you though, haha! Your Initiative War Machine has droopy head syndrome too?! If so, that's crazy, I wonder if they're all like that, I haven't watched a review of him so I have no idea. Is there any type of glue you recommend damprime? Or does any glue work generally well, also how would you recommend getting the glue near that neck hinge of his?
  7. I agree with you on only collecting what you find appealing. That way it's your own unique collection and not just mass complete waves of figures. That just how I feel on a personal level about collecting things in general though, not trying to bash anyone or anything like that. As an aside, the Marvel Select Hulk is just an amazing figure :P I got him the week he was released at the local comic shop where I used to live. He's a really big a sturdy figure too, I had no problem spending the $22 bucks on him. I also have a feeling that he'll fit in pretty well with Legends because of the way Hulk's size tends to differ.
  8. I know how you feel, haha. The toybiz Deadpool looks like the best figure of him, in my opinion. It's a shame that it's impossible to find in most stores nowadays, and the crazy price he goes for online :\
  9. Hey guys, I just recently picked up an Initiative War Machine from the Iron Man Armored Avenger Legends series, he looked really great in the box, very cartoon reminiscent. When I got him out of the box some of his joints seemed pretty weak, they feel like a really soft plastic unfortunately. My main problem with the figure is that his head is so loose it just falls down(his chin hits his chest) whenever I try and move it around. Unless I put it all the way back, but I don't have a flight stand of anything to have him in a pose like that. So I know that there are ways to make plastic softer, and loosen joints, but are there ways to make joints tighter at all? It's not a huge deal but with the figures head being so loose it really limits the poseabililty for me, and I just feel completely disappointed when I look at it because the loose head really ruined it for me. I don't want to return him though cause he looks really cool and he was the only one in the store.
  10. I actually just started collecting as well, and welcome to the forums! I think that now is a great time to start collecting again as Legends are just starting to come back. Both of the Return of Marvel Legends are out and have been out for some time. The figures in these waves may be hard to come by in local stores but, for the most part, are pretty well available online. Wave 3 is just starting to ship out from online retailers as well, so we should be seeing that wave in stores in the near future too! To answer your question about Deadpool(my personal favorite Marvel character ^.^) the ToyBiz version tends to go for a pretty hefty price from what I've seen, the cheapest I've seen personally was like $65. The Hasbro Deadpool figure from the Toys R Us exclusive 2-packs is pretty expensive also, upwards of $100. However expect that price to drop tremendously as the Deadpool being released in wave 3 is a rerelease/repaint of the Deadpool in the 2-packs.
  11. I've been to six different stores that carry Legends around my area and I've only ever seen one Iron Man and it was the stealth variant.
  12. That looks really cool man, it definitely looks a bit different from MS Abomination too. Great job overall.
  13. That is THE goofiest hood I have ever seen on an action figure
  14. So each figure in the set comes with a piece of those backgrounds you have?
  15. Hey all, I just recently was rummaging through the garage at my moms and found an old First Appearance Hulk from the Galactus Series (http://marvellegends.net/Figures/ML09/Hulk_0.htm). I had him when I was much younger and he was played with a lot. The figure is really worn and has a lot of brownish colored scratches around his arms, chest, back, and face. Also his hair, pant legs, and eye brows are a bit faded. I'd like to restore him by painting over the brown scratches with a gray color to make them disappear. It would also be nice to restore his eye brows, pants and hair too. One thing I would like to add to the figure would be a nicer wash, to kind of bring out the details in the sculpt a little more. Now I've never customized a figure before, and have no supplies. So what kind of supplies would you guys recommend? Also how would you go about fixing up a figure when it comes to paint scratches and fading, like where to start first and such?
  16. His claws are actually sturdier than I though they would be. Also I was watching a review of him on youtube and the reviewer said that to straighten any claws on a figure his just wraps wire ties around the claws over night and that straightens them out. Alternatively, you could probably heat the claws(but be careful not to heat the wrist joint) and use something sturdy to straighten out the claws, then wait for them to cool back down. I'm not positive if either method works, but it's worth a shot if you have really badly bent claws. My Daken's claws were surprisingly pretty straight right out of the box though so I was lucky with that.
  17. Hey all(sorry for the double post but I thought it would work better this way), I just stopped by my local Walmart and they were redoing the toy aisles like was stated earlier in this thread. While I was browsing the aisles I found a piece of paper laying on the shelf, turn out it was their modular fall 2012 coverletter. It was just laying there, the other papers were hanging on the wall, so I decided to take it with me so I could let you guys know what was on it. Anyway the paper reads as follows: Category Overview Space decreased by 8ft in select stores. Key Movie properties such as Spiderman, Avengers, and Batman drive the business. Other brands such as Beybblades, WWE, and Power Rangers provide consistent growth. The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise is expected to be a very good program. Merchandise Changes This year brings innovation in the 10inch figures. There are more interactive items to help bring the toys to life. Roleplay is a growing play pattern. The category leads off with Spiderman. Fixture Changes There are no fixture changes. Signing Changes New signs arrive for Spiderman, Avengers, Batman, Star Wars and Turtles Display Units There are new displays for Batman and Beyblades Exit Strategy Markdowns are sent to allow you to sell through deleted merchandise. Common price poits are used to allow deleted merchandise to be displayed together once the new modular has been set. Double face adjacent items as deleted items are sold through. Resources All trait changes must be submitted by Store Management. Store Management should use the Email My Department application to submit their request.
  18. Awesome, it's always nice to read about a successful hunt :). The only Avengers legends figure I saw was the battle damaged Iron Man at an out of town Walmart. I passed on him though.
  19. The only thing that really bothers me about Daken is that his paint apps are somwhat sloppy. Where the brown meets the yellow on his face is kinda messed up, the lines aren't completely painted on mine. Also the white for his eyes is way out of the eye area that was sculpted. He also had a huge paint chip on his belt right out of the box :\ His right ankle pivot is really loose too.
  20. Thanks a bunch for all the help guys, but I just stopped by my local TRU today to return Constrictor, and they restocked their Legends so I managed to snag a Masked Daken! I was pretty excited because they seemed to move everything around in the store, and now have two pegs for Legends. They also had a blue Ghost Rider that will hopefully still be there next time I stop by, along with a Drax, Hope Summers, Big Time Spidey(which I just got in the mail, go figure), Fantomex, and Klaw. There might have been one or two others but I don't remember because I really only wanted Daken and GR. I also spotted an Initiative War Machine from the Iron Man figure line, and two Mac Gargan Venoms from the Spidey figure line.
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