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  1. My dream is to get all of the Avengers involved in the Korvac Saga and display them in the Collector's tubes, just like in the story. My dream on top of that dream is to get all classic Avengers from the original five all the way to Lionheart and display them all in the Collectors tubes.
  2. Colleen Wing and Skurge please. Both complete iconic partnerships. 'Nuff said. Once the female scale swimsuit is created, that gets us hopefully both Marrina and Namorita. Marrina completes the original Alpha Flight line up and adds to the Avengers. Namorita adds one more to the original New Warriors team, leaving only Vance/Justice to complete it. Vance is also a classic Avenger, so he adds to that team. Creating these three figures would make a lot of Alpha Flight, New Warriors and Avengers collectors very happy. Speaking of Vance, he's awfully lonely being the only classic GOTG member. I'm still shocked we haven't seen at least Yondu in Legends scale given his cinematic notability, "y'all". The absence of any of the Starjammers outside of Binary is perplexing. X-related, popular fun team - they would look amazing displayed. We've got the three Summers brothers - they need their daddy. The core seven Defenders team exist, but fleshing out more team members will always be welcomed, especially Gargoyle, Clea, Daimon Hellstrom and Devil-Slayer. Thanos, Adam Warlock and classic Gamora exist, all we need are Pip the Troll, classic Drax, Maxam and a more subdued, less flesh-exposed classic Moondragon to complete the Infinity Watch. Moondragon, of course, adds to Avengers, Defenders and GOTG. Classic Kirby Inhumans would just look so amazing. Destiny and Avalanche - c'mon Hasbro. Let's finish this.
  3. 2023 is the 60th anniversary of the X-Men and the Avengers. Maybe each IP will get a BAF wave celebrating this? I can easily see a 60th anniversary X wave featuring favorites like Banshee, Avalanche, Deathbird, Spiral and Feral. I would hope a 60th anniversary Avengers wave would be all classic, since there are still so many missing classic Avengers and villains - 1st appearance Wasp, Safari Jacket Wonder Man, Mantis, Yellowjacket update, 1st appearance Monica Rambeau, Sersi, Crystal, Swordsman, Jack of Hearts, classic Falcon, Moondragon, Stingray, Firebird, Starfox, classic Mockingbird, Count Nefaria, Graviton, M'Baku, Skurge, Moonstone, Titania, Blackout, classic Nebula, Morgan Le Fay, Collector, Grandmaster, Korvac, Super-Adaptoid and many, many others...
  4. That's what I'm afraid of. If we get MCU Titania first, comic Titania might fall by the wayside like Skurge, M'Baku and Nebula. And comic Titania is a must to add to our Secret Wars cast.
  5. That would be great! If there's another comic Avengers wave in the future, I'd rather a female villain spot go to somebody new, like Titania, Nebula, Diamondback, Deathbird, Alkhema, Morgan Le Fay, Nekra or Black Swan. Although not technically new since she's already had a figure, I'd give Moonstone a pass in her original yellow suit with the helmet - I'd love to finish off Zemo's Under Siege team.
  6. This wave looks great! Hopefully Hasbro will follow up with an Avengers 60th anniversary wave in 2023 that skews a little more classic- 1st appearance Wasp, Count Nefaria, Mantis, Titania, Starfox, Stingray, Graviton, Moondragon, Swordsman, Sersi, Safari Jacket Wonder Man, 1st appearance Monica Rambeau, Nebula, Jack of Hearts, Fixer, Crystal just to rattle off a few that would be amazing…
  7. Hopefully an updated Madame Masque will come with an alternate Masque clone head, which would be another Avenger (well, honorary) to check off the list.
  8. Or hopefully a full on 7 figure/BAF cosmic wave which could pull from all sorts of crazy cosmic areas like original and newer GOTG, Imperial Guard, Infinity Watch/War/Crusade, Kree, Skrullls, Galactus Heralds, Eternals, Annihilation, Brood, Starjammers just to name a few… 4 Walgreens cosmic characters were a tease. We need a full wave! Or several cosmic waves!
  9. The wave that has less updates/costume alterations and more never-been-made-before figures. If one of them: Thor, Madame Hydra or Quicksilver is not correct and we get an actual never-been-made female Avenger (was Jocasta the last one?) or another villain like Count Nefaria or Graviton, that would be a great wave - 3 new and 4 updated/alternate look.
  10. 2 new and 5 updates/alternate costumes. Hopefully 2023 will have a 60th anniversary wave with the ratio reversed - 5 new and 2 updates. Far too many Avengers and villains that have never had a ML figure.
  11. I'm a classic Avengers guy all the way - pre-Bendis. There's still a lot of classic team members and honorary members to go. Hopefully this wave and the remainder of the retro cards (Lady Loki and others) will help check off some of the following: Swordsman finishes off 1960's Avengers that have never-been-made-before in ML. And of course Rick Jones and Jarvis. Of course 1st appearance Wasp, Yellowjacket update, Clint Barton Goliath and 1st appearance Wonder Man are definite factors in the 1960's as well, but Swordsman is technically the last. Fishnet Black Widow was an ally and I'd gladly display her, but she technically wasn't an Avenger... yet. Mantis, Moondragon and Two-Gun Kid wrap up the 1970's for never-been-made members. Safari Jacket Wonder, Perez Beast, classic Falcon and classic Hercules are definite factors as well. The original GOTG and Whizzer are honorary members, so they technically fit. Carol in her 1st appearance costume was an ally, but not technically a member until she wore the black costume, but I need the first costume to add to my Korvac Saga cast. Starfox, Firebird, Dr. Druid, Demolition Man, Gilgamesh and Jim Hammond Human Torch are the never-been-made of the 1980's. A definitive She-Hulk, 1st appearance Monica Rambeau, classic Mockingbird and lab coat/red jumpsuit Hank Pym are factors as well. Marrina and Rita Demara Yellowjacket are honorary members, so they fit. Sersi, Stingray, Living Lightning and Crystal fill out the 1990's never-been-made-before Avengers. Vance Astro as Justice and all of the bomber jacket versions are factors. Magdeline, Javert Swordsman and Deathcry are honorary members. Masque is honorary as well, but she's really just an alternate head when they update Madame Masque. Jack of Hearts, Triathlon/3-D Man, Silverclaw and Lionheart wrap up the classic Avengers. Gypsy Scarlet Witch would be an amazing figure. Many, many Iron Man armors and Wasp costumes would complete several teams and eras as well.
  12. With US Agent, Speedball and Blue Marvel, plus one of the big three as the A list anchor, that's probably it for the Avengers men. The other three slots - female Avengers and enemies.
  13. If I were to pick the remaining spots: Moondragon Mantis Count Nefaria Titania BAF - Skurge
  14. Probably a reboot to realign the comics closer with the upcoming MCU films and Disney + shows.
  15. With all of the wave rumors and confirmations, especially if both Disney+ waves are strictly MCU and the Iron Man wave rumors are correct, there is no place for Tigra in any of these lineups, so she probably isn't the character with a tail.
  16. Carol Danvers costumes are nearly complete, right? Unless I'm totally miscalculating, all she needs are: Original Kree red and blue costume, which has two versions - bare midriff and covered midriff. Sometimes with 1970's disco hair, sometimes with long hair. Binary, which would be awesome in a Starjammers box set. Black and white costume with armored pieces, which always looked more like a Sharon Carter look, also that I could live without. Not my favorite.
  17. Black Widow has a few classic looks I'd love to own: Original costume with the fishnets, black mask and "B" earrings. Definitive 1970's costume with the yellow zipper up to the neck and the big, big hair. The Crossing era with the red spider leg motif on her abdomen/stomach. Miller gray suit - without the bomber jacket, which will probably be the next look we get for her. Added bonus - Original look - green dress, stole, pillbox hat with veil.
  18. Hellcat and her mighty...baton? Because she's used a baton in so many issues... I know it probably wouldn't price out accordingly, but it would have been better if she came with alternate hands or better yet, an alternate head with black hair for Green Nelson as The Cat.
  19. 21 New Moondragon - classic Jack Of Hearts High Evolutionary Deathbird Executioner Gargoyle Attuma Red Wolf Mantis - classic Nightmare Puppet Master Lockjaw Crystal Gorgon Triton Karnak Starhawk Yondu Charlie-27 Martinex Nikki 21 Updated Tigra Dracula - classic Toad Wasp (Janet) - 1st appearance, swappable helmet head and pixie haircut Ultron - classic Crimson Dynamo Titanium Man Ms. Marvel (Carol) - 1st appearance Kree red and blue costume with bare midriff Monica Rambeau - 1st appearance Baron Strucker Angel - red suit, halo on chest Dr. Strange - classic Wonder Man - Safari Jacket Yellowjacket Yelena Belova - 1st appearance Luke Cage - classic Iron fist - classic Man-Wolf Jigsaw Werewolf By Night Frankenstein's Monster
  20. MCU Quicksilver MCU and comic Whiplash Comic Versions of prominent MCU characters: Classic Ultron, circa late 70's/early 80's Classic definitive Red Skull Mantis Yondu Skurge Classic Dr. Strange Classic Drax Classic Mandarin M'Baku Baron Mordo Destroyer Heimdall 1940's Bucky Top Tier Comic-Related The Watcher Mephisto Wasp (Janet) - 1st appearance, to go with the rest of the updated classic original Avengers Ms. Marvel (Carol) - 1st appearance Kree-inspired red and blue costume with bare midriff Bag Head Spider-Man - easy kitbash, just surprised he hasn't appeared yet Banshee update - has to be coming in 2021 Invisible Woman - clear plastic "invisible" Yellowjacket update Longshot update Aunt May Second Tier Comic-Related Remainder of the Inhuman Royal Family Original GOTG Tigra update Quasar Mastermind Toad update Destiny Firelord Mr. Negative Avalanche update Wonder Man - Safari Jacket Perez Beast Lilandra X-Factor Wolfsbane Classic Angel update - red suit with halo design Classic Crimson Dynamo Classic Titanium Man Iron Man - Extremis Iron Man - Heroes Reborn Moondragon Kitty Pryde - Shadowcat
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