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  1. norinradd

    SDCC 2018 3.75" Speculation thread

    Wedge, I had the same difficulty. I saw on the website last week that the item was available for preorder at $17 + dollars, but I decided to wait and try to pick it up at the stores, but then when Aug1st came around the website had it at $22 but out of stock and none of the stores I have checked online have any in stock. I even checked Amazon and Ebay....I believe these do not exist. Whether they did not ship, or were held back they seem to not exist. Was anybody here able to get one?
  2. norinradd

    Unfair Criticism or Justifiable Judgement

    No you are not slow, I am slow, I must have been confused with all the customs which use the Joe Parts. I guess there was not as much use of cross over as I had assumed, did they use from other lines (movies wolverine; iron man; spiderman; cap; thor)? My intent for the thread was to examine whether or not the criticisms (which I slung many) towards the later years of the line were justified or were we too harsh. I suppose they both could have made use of the molds (Vonner gave us a great selection with some recycling within the line). Although both missed a great opportunity to use the JP T Rex for Devil Dinosaur -which Vonner was rumored to be offering in the future. Since I messed up the thread discussion on the first post, let's change it to what molds could have been exploited that were not.
  3. So for no apparent reason today, I began thinking about the Marvel Universe 3 and 3/4 figure line and how the run of David Vonner is revered by many of us as a miraculous time, while we tear down Dwight Stahl and Jesse Falcon for what had become of the line. I started realizing how much part swapping was available to David Vonner from the GIJOE line, which I believe were not as readily available towards the end of the line due to the lack of GIJOE line. Was this simply a case of limited access to accessible parts to use for articulated figures, or was it simply lack of creativity brought on by disinterest in the scale and success of the line in general. What are your thoughts about this? Let's discuss.
  4. norinradd

    SDCC Sentinel may be seeing a re-release

    It's funny how every year a few weeks before Toyfair Hasbro has some form of leaked image of some product and it is never clear as to which scale it is. I think this is Dwight's way of yanking is for his pleasure. I would be surprised if this is 3 and 3/4, but I'm even if it were not, those 6" build a figure sentinels worked nicely with the 1/18th scale. I feel as if I will not purchase them at 6" simply for the principle of the matter. I do not want to support the team who decimated our favored scale in greedy desire to promote their own chosen scale...at least not until we receive some respectable offerings of product.
  5. norinradd

    Database of Customizers and Casters

    This would be unfortunate if it is so. I hate seeing our options shrink. He has some great items.
  6. norinradd

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    Ugh, if only those Batman Animated figures were 3 and 3/4, then we could reinact the scene from Mad Love with Joker attempting to perform Dentistry on Jim Gordon.
  7. norinradd

    Database of Customizers and Casters

    For any 3 and 3/4 collectors upset over our lack of Netflix character sculpts, be aware there is a new customizer who uses 3d printers to reproduce head casts. Chango customs/Daniel Salas has so far offered a Netflix Daredevil; Luke Cage; Tom Holland Spider-man; Jon Wick head casts. The casts are good quality but can run upwards of $10 per head cast. There is also the need to drill the holes for the neck peg in the head casts. While I found the communication good and the turn around reasonable, there has been some concern over a lack of communication recently, but this delay may have simply been caused by the holidays. I am curious to see how this man's business grows as well as to see what other head casts can be produced, and hopefully a decrease in the cost per item. Any other casters anyone has to recommend? I have seen Vorticious/Dennis working hard to get orders out and it seems as if he will be back to a 4-6 week turnaround within a couple months. Avac'sLab has a really nice selection of some unique pieces -even organizing their new items for 2017 -not certain of the turnaround, as i haven't ordered in a little while Angry Nomad - I haven't ordered in a while, so I am not certain what the turnaround is AngelForge- some really unique casts and torsos- I haven't placed an order in a while, so i can't comment as to the turnaround time. Boss FIght Studios - they have Vitruvian Hacks Blanks, great blank figures for making a custom from a clean slate...they also have snake torsos which are flexible and can support/balance a figure such as Bushmaster or Globulos from GIJOE. The turnaround time on my order was very fast. Mauraders- is a good site for ordering some accessories and other cast items-lots of variety in color of the same sculpts. Very fast turnaround. These are all I can think of at the moment. Please continue to add other casters (as opposed to those who produce and sell finished customs) here as you find them, and please support these small businesses, as it is a good way to keep our chosen scale alive.
  8. norinradd

    3 3/4" sighting and hauls

    I keep checking from time to time, but find nothing has changed. It is unfortunate, because as much as we at times disagreed and "b and c"ed about things, we really did(still do) have a great community of unique individuals on here who shared in our love for our chosen scale and figure line. I look forward to a time when things may change, but until then I will try to contribute every know and again, just in an effort to keep our community on life support (in the hopes that things may return to those glorious days of product being on the shelves). If nothing else, I can always rail against our combined greatest of adversaries, and nemesis to the Marvel Universe line...Dwight Stall.
  9. I plan to do a couple of things: -boycott the Hasbro Marvel lines: With the lost sales from the absence of a 3 and 3/4 line, the current management will have to answer for the absence of that product line (which to my knowledge and experience sells out much faster on the shelf than the 6" lines)-this only works if the money we would have spent on these figures stays away from any other Hasbro Marvel toy line (I feel they are banking on us going to 6 inch in lieu of our preferred products absence). Hopefully the decrease will point to this time where the decision was made to "rest" the line. -make popcorn and wait for the above results (it's okay that this may not happen anytime soon if at all, as I am very patient and I like popcorn) -I will use the time and money S pent on searching for this line investing in various small business start up figure lines (Boss Fight vitruvian hacks; zombie lab; mauraders; (any others I should know of?) as well as casting stores (avacs lab; angelforge; Vortious; (other suggestions please?) -work on filling in some gaps in my collection through customs and purchase -and most importantly take the time to appreciate the collection I have, because after all when the line was good, it was great to us.
  10. Hey All, I figured with the hiatus on the 3 and 3/4 lines going on, many of us would be turning to customizing to fill in and pad our collections of marvel figures as well as other lines. Unfortunately, sometimes finding information about who makes customs and casts molds can be hard to come by. This forum can act as a database for all of those talented small business owners who are producing and shipping their custom kits and sculpts for us to order from. This thread can also be utilized to post updates on where each customizer is time wise in fulfilling those orders, so we can have a more accurate understanding of the time frame it will take to receive any orders we'd like to place. Please feel free to post below the names of any customizers whom you have ordered (or continue to order) from, perhaps a brief statement of their speciality (i.e. GIJOE back packs) as well as any information regarding when/how long ago the order was placed -please remember to update/edit your posts when your orders are received.
  11. norinradd

    Hascon & NYCC hopes/predictions

    Oh yeah, New mutants Toad Hellcat Spiral Avalanche Pyro 90's xforce and factor teams Leader Hela Et cetera
  12. norinradd

    Hascon & NYCC hopes/predictions

    Our souls have truly been crushed.... if we were to get a couple of lines of figures (or a renewed Marvel Universe) which characters could we possibly get? I know we haven't had Kingpin yet, but with all the different eras and costumes of figures who could make the cut (seriously it is difficult to think of many as we have received so many). A few that come to mind might be: Kingpin Tigra Jessica Jones Baron strucker Sleepwalker Classic guardians of the galaxy J Jonah Jameson Tombstone Typhoid Mary Nuke Dreadnight Jack o lantern Scarecrow Silver sable Egg head Donald piercer The reavers Sebastian Shaw I really struggle to think of others, but I really feel that there should be a lot more.
  13. Congrats Stitch.....here's to many great memories for you and your daughter of playing "super guys" together. One of my proudest days was when my then three year old could identify Galactus. Many happy days to look forward to ... even if you don't ever sleep the same again.
  14. I know, I know, it is extremely (eternally) optimistic of me to think we may see anything, but that Falcon on the Jessica Jones/Jewel cardback has once again given me the glimmer (albeit slight) that we may see some new 3 and 3/4 figures. I am assuming that we will see a new wave with the new Falcon. I also hope, after watching the Netflix Defenders that we would see two sets of those movie two packs (like the Thor Ragnarok) of DD and Jessica Jones as well as Luke Cage and Danny Rand. My hopes with that would be that the articulation is improved (chest; wrist thigh) and better paint apps. What are your thoughts?
  15. Perhaps try using a hair dryer to heat it and then loosen it up.

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