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  1. Classic Warriors Three would have been great-perhaps even a Surtur and Heimdell or Balder or even repacked Thor for one of those MasterWorks sets. I don't believe we are going to see anything (again) this year. It looks as if a Classic Toybiz Package Hulk was announced for the 6 inch crowd.
  2. Ahhh excellent-thank you. We have no Winners here (especially in 3 and 3/4 realm), but it may be time to check up on Ross and Marshalls.
  3. It is always a bitter sweet time of year for us 3 and 3/4 collectors as this was usually the time we would be looking forward to what the Hasbro SDCC exclusive would be. Now most of us can say we don't let it bother us, (and financially this year, I am one of those who is alright we don't have the added expense this year) but after visiting the 6 inch forums and looking at their desires this year, I miss feeling that anticipation and excitement which came prior to the announcements. I think about the long list of figures and characters who were never made, and it just makes me wonder about what could have been. It may be unhealthy to dwell, but which characters would you have liked to see?
  4. I always wanted to see an Alter Ego set: Peter Parker; Tony Stark; Bruce Banner; Matt Murdock etc....or a support staff set: J Jonah; Gwen Stacy; Microchip; Foggy Nelson; etc. Or even better, since it is the 80th anniversary of Marvel it would be great to have a Classic Creator set (they would never be able to get the approval for all of their likenesses): Jack Kirby; Stan Lee; Steve Ditko; John Romita Sr.; John Buscema; etc
  5. This would be a great way for them to advertise their other classic moments sets such as the Wolverine vs. Hulk figure.
  6. Make a classic version, and then they can use the same body for a repaint as Squirrel Girl figure.
  7. It would have been great if they offered a mail away Secret Wars II Beyonder figure.🤣🤣🤣
  8. Not certain, but a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel/ Photon would have been a great addition.
  9. HAHAHA yes, of course....I allowed my History brain to prevent my biblical knowledge to see this. Great job...thanks for the essentially spelling it out for me.....I'll meet you all there, two by two.
  10. "Named after a boat"? -Mayflower? -Intrepid? -USS Flagg? -Titanic?
  11. Yeah, the idea of making this thread part of the 6' Marvel Legends, really worked to organize this page and keep traffic heading in the right direction. TIme for a new source of information as well as forum for discussion and com oratory....Where is everyone hanging out lately?
  12. It would be nice to get anything of substance out there. We have needed Kingpin for many years now, along with a laundry list of characters who have not yet seen the light of day.
  13. Thanks Ddhawins. It certainly does feel as if this is the end. I like to custom figures and I go to a lot of local comic and toy shows and you can see the supply of 3 and 3/4 figures have dwindled. THere was once a time where you could pick up tons of figures for a deal, but now not so much. I am hopeful that the news of the investors dissatisfaction and lay offs at Hasbro will convice them to reinvest in the 3 and 3/4 scale again.
  14. I stalked the Gamestop pick up store app, for the Gamersverse Spidey vs. Negative Man 2 pack. After finding the Civil Warrior vs. Collector and Ryu vs. Black Widow sets at Target last week, I woke up Saturday and saw that Spidey and Negative man were available at my local store and was able to get the last one.
  15. Yes, there are much bigger issues. And those issues are discussed in the appropriate places. This particular forum thread is for feedback and suggestions....which we were doing providing the administrator with our feedback and suggestions to a decision he made on the site which we disagree with. It may not mean much to you, but to those who expressed their suggestions and feedback on the topic it does. And just because the issue is simple, to some, doesn't mean everyone will like the outcome...and I believe our concerns are valid.
  16. I just checked, and Jay, you can't claim, while referring to the Marvel Legends Figure Discussion, that " There is a thread that clearly says 3.75" so I dont think people are going to get confused. " when you have the thread posted as follows: Marvel Legends Figure Discussion Discuss Marvel 6" scale figures like Legends from Toy Biz to Hasbro. Discussion I copied and pasted this right off the main page. Your forum clearly states 6" and says nothing at all about 3.75". I am already confused by what you post and then by what you say. Hopefully we will see a change which is no less inviting to our 6" collecting friends, but more inviting to us 3.75" collectors, so we can continue to enjoy this forum and begin to rebuild our fandom.
  17. I don't mean to be argumentative with you, and I respect your position as an admin on this page, but I have to say that I feel you may have made an error in removing a section for the 3.75 figure lines. I can understand that you feel you are better organizing the site through the condensing of the forums, but in fact when collectors of our line come to this forum (which in the past had been a safe haven for us to discuss and share with one another-granted less so since the purge of our line by the powers that be) and then see that there is only a section which reads Marvel Legends, our interpretation is that this is the 6 inch line, and that we have no longer have a home here. Remember, our scale started out as Marvel Universe before the multiple title changes (infinite; legends -which was a bad idea in and of itself; as well as previously being showdown; and all of the other character specific lines). I believe the lack of conversation on our forum was greatly due to the fact that there has been a lack of product, intentionally by the Hasbro team. We have been hurt and feel slighted by the deterioration of our line and the way it has been neglected in recent years (not just marvel but with GIJOE and Star Wars as well). This move that you made, while justified in your own views, just felt to many of us as a kick in the teeth. The timing of your move was unfortunate or perhaps fortuitous to those who want us gone, as we finally saw some new product hitting the shelves in three separate 2 packs of 3.75 action figures. And when we went to go to the forum to post in the sightings thread, or to look at where these were showing up, we arrived to learn that we no longer have our separate forum. Now I have no problem with you condensing the threads into that Marvel Legend thread, but I would suggest (as this is the feedback forum, and I wouldn't want to post about a problem I have unless I also provided a solution) that you rename the thread from Marvel Legends to Marvel Action Figures, or simply toys. This will entice much more traffic to click on that link to actually find the 3.75 thread for us to participate in. Otherwise it is simply buried and of no use to anyone, because as I stated above, us 3.75 collectors who are faithful to OUR scale and have felt the push from the corporate powers to make the change to THEIR preferred scale may have a negative association with the terminology "Marvel Legends"....even though technically we aren't even that anymore- we are Marvel Gamersverse. I hope this provides insight and perhaps some understanding to our concerns. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Jay, I will also add this in response to your above comment: saying things like "I dont think thats going to happen..." puts a negative doubt in your mind to us 3.75 fans and our allegiance to our line. If our devotion to our line has not wavered into the 6 inch realm with all we have endured and all the cool products which 6 inch has received in these last few years, than I don't believe our devotion can be simply brushed aside like this. Comments such as that are similar to the way Dwight Stall would react/ respond when questioned about 3.75 line (which he was clearly not a fan of). If our inactivity in these last few months soured you towards us, perhaps you could put yourself in our shoes as I stated above and understand why we haven't had much to talk about lately, as we have had little to no product released in our scale. If you truly want us to come to this forum and utilize it, perhaps you should be a bit more inviting and less doubtful to us in your language....otherwise you will see contributors and followers feel slighted, go elsewhere and not return when Hasbro Investors have their auditors roll heads at the company for their failing business practices these last few years, and we finally see the Triumphant return of our Glorious 3.75 line. It doesn't take much to show kindness, especially when others are down.
  18. Wedge, I had the same difficulty. I saw on the website last week that the item was available for preorder at $17 + dollars, but I decided to wait and try to pick it up at the stores, but then when Aug1st came around the website had it at $22 but out of stock and none of the stores I have checked online have any in stock. I even checked Amazon and Ebay....I believe these do not exist. Whether they did not ship, or were held back they seem to not exist. Was anybody here able to get one?
  19. Ugh, if only those Batman Animated figures were 3 and 3/4, then we could reinact the scene from Mad Love with Joker attempting to perform Dentistry on Jim Gordon.
  20. I keep checking from time to time, but find nothing has changed. It is unfortunate, because as much as we at times disagreed and "b and c"ed about things, we really did(still do) have a great community of unique individuals on here who shared in our love for our chosen scale and figure line. I look forward to a time when things may change, but until then I will try to contribute every know and again, just in an effort to keep our community on life support (in the hopes that things may return to those glorious days of product being on the shelves). If nothing else, I can always rail against our combined greatest of adversaries, and nemesis to the Marvel Universe line...Dwight Stall.
  21. I saw someone post today that the Jessica Jones/Jewel and Hydra Cap wave just arrived in Manila, so those of you who missed the preorders, keep your eyes peeled in the next coming weeks.
  22. From a display setting I can see you point Dracos. Personally my thoughts on articulation vs paint apps is that I would rather see the return to articulated sculpts...I figure I could always add a darker wash (if so desired) much easier than adding to the articulation.
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