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  1. My Target order arrived yesterday and my Enchantress and Executioner had good paint apps. For all of the complaints and criticism I give to the current Hasbro regime (and often time rightfully deserved), I have to say I am appreciative that Dwight, Jesse, and Bobby found an appropriate place to get the Executioner to us- and for keeping the articulation. That being said my thoughts on the figures are:Hulk-at first I didn't mind the lack of articulation as much as I thought I would, but wrist articulation would have gone a long way. Thor-Again the wrist artic. Would have been great. I do wish the cape help on better. Enchantress-very nice, wrists would be great, I may mix it with the original release to get more articulation. Executioner-awesome figure. The paint could have used a dark wash...and I can't help but desire a helmet and two mystical m-16's.
  2. Hawkins... POST LINKS. It's not really helpful otherwise. Hawkins... POST LINKS. It's not really helpful otherwise.I'm ever so sorry I don't know how to post links. Please find it in your heart to forgive my terrible computer skills. I figured given the name of the toy company ID TOYS would be have been enough to help any one be on there way to the riches that are MARVEL 3.75 action figures. I just figured people would read the post notice there wasn't a link and just google ID TOYS. But apparently you just got stumped wen there was no link. You must of sat there screaming at the computer screen "DAME YOU HAWKINS YOU HAVNT LEFT A FU&@ING LINK HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DECIPHER THIS CRYPTIC FU@&ING POST!"Like Axonrey said Google is a great aid in finding these darn fangled toy company's! No,no, guys don't start bickering and arguing over small stuff, this is exactly what they want us to do! they are trying to break our 3 and 3/4 fellowship by delaying the product and creating stress and infighting amongst our group. Don't give in to their trickery and manipulation. Stahl and Falcon want to break up our combined fan strength so that there will be no one to lament the passing of the 3 and 3/4 line....do not allow them the satisfaction or ease,or else it will lead to their 6 inch domination of the world. Seriously though, I saw Hawkins post this morning, and being a traitorous colonist, I had no concept of what an ID toys was, so I searched it on the ole search engine-no problem. DD was probably all excited to see some sign of life in the line and of course being the generous fella he is with sharing info, he set out to share his find. Good Form sir. Push you down has a valid point too, albeit it could be approached a bit differently. Links are our friend and they create a sense of convenience for all of us. When possible please do remember to include a link, as it makes finding items so much more helpful. Especially with some of these online vendors and such. You have to scroll through pages of nonsense sometimes to find what you seek. Please be courteous and think, to include the damn link. One has to appreciate axonrey and his "teach a man to fish" philosophy -bravo sir Excellent form. And ssg just has our number with his "some of us are lazy statement", although I must say given the choice ALL of us would choose to be lazy and click the link.😁
  3. I found the 2 packs at a Target today (the same one that told me they weren't carrying that item and the other one was out of stock 4 days ago). Anyways, they had one Thor/Hulk set and two enchantress/e executioner sets. I picked up the executioner/enchantress set that had good paint apps (in case the other one I ordered comes in looking as Donkey-Punched as all these others).
  4. Thanks Prem, I wasn't going to get pissed off over a toy and make accusations (especially since the staff is usually so nice to me-perhaps they thought since I was there as they opened that I was a scalper and were less inclined to help). The sales lady who told me they had 6 also told me to call the night before at around 9:30 and ask them to hold the item for me (she was a very nice lady), which i did, but was told they were expecting the truck during the night and they didn't know what was going to be on the tuck. One of the other shoppers there was looking for the Marvel Legends Netflix figures, but they did not have those either. At least I have one being delivered from Target this week (we shall wait to see how the paint apps appear-perhaps I will post when it arrives), and on top of it, I decided to pick up the Guardians Set while at TRU, so it wasn't a total waste of time.
  5. So on Stitches advice, I went to the local TRU today (and Target) to see if I could hand select a Enchantress/Executioner set with good paint apps. Now I had been told earlier this week that they had 6 (3 Thor sets/3 enchant sets), but they had to wait until 8/1/17 to sell. I went today at opening amongst other grown men looking for The Netflix 6 inch and Ninjago etc. they were unpacking boxes and did not have anything on the floor. So I had the manager and look up the R web number and she called back to have the stock workers check the stock rooms, but nothing. They told me the couldn't find them, even after I explained that I was told they had them but were not to sell them earlier in the week. Meanwhile their are other guys in plain clothes walking around the stock room-walking in before the store opened-now I don't want to be the conspiracy theorist and fall into the "they help out the scalpers" without evidence and proof, after all they could have been their to help unpack the truck and not in uniform (their incentive for working the overnight/morning hours) or they could have been the truck driver helping to unload the truck into the stock room. Did anybody else have this happen to them? I mean how does a store have something which they cannot put out until a set date, and then right when they open they don't have it, and all they can say is "we can't find it" , "maybe they never sent it". It doesn't seem right. Oh well, now I am happy I ordered from Target when I could.
  6. Oh yeah, btw I ordered both my Thor two packs and it only came out to $43.00 with free shipping. The only concern as mentioned above is the worry over the painted features, but it is a pretty decent price to pay to avoid having to try to get to the TRU before the scalpers. Also, the shipping is scheduled to arrive within the week.
  7. Not a problem Stitch, I found it online...my stores said they had none, but I was able to order online. Now let's hope that they pick a non derpy eye Enchantress....anyways, here is the DCPI for those who still need and want to order from Target online (avoid the nonsense of waiting for the release) Enchantress/Executioner= 087-06-9262 Thor/Gladiator Hulk= 087-06-9263 Happy hunting...
  8. it's "ok," and passable, (at this point beggars can't be chooses right?) wish it was sculpted lines but overall the toy fits better than the old Spidey Helicopter set one I was using. the lines were pretty clean painted on mine. It's a pretty decent Thunderbolts Shocker. I'd still like a replacement (or at least some gauntlets) for the original that they did in the Spider-Man line several years ago, but this one is serviceable. My only real complaint is that it uses those awful lower legs that Hasbro is pumping out lately where the ankles never seem to fit into a neutral position due to the wonky way they cut the joints. I also was concerned about the figure which was shown at Toyfair, but the body isn't terrible (I agree the quilting would have been better had it been sculpted on). The real issues I have with the figure are the lower feet/ankles mentioned above (absolutely terrible), as well as the head. I don't care for the painted head, to me the brown on his crown creates an odd appearance. I have ordered a Shocker head from a caster (probably from the previously released figure) and intend to paint it and use it as a substitution.
  9. oh yeah, I dig your articulated Rocket - what base figure did you use if you don't mind the inquiry? cause I have plenty of rockets to use to make one now.
  10. I did the same with my Quill and Yondu....I was thinking what would be a good replacement torso for this. I was going to try a renegades Duke, but the neck was too tall and did not feel like dremeling the head out. But the legs and arms are good as is the head and the JP Chris Pratt head. Just want to get some torso articulation.
  11. I think these 50% prices were just the Targets sale to clear stock prior to the new stock hitting shelves. It seems as if some have been fortunate enough to catch this wave at just the right moment while the sale is still occurring. I have two targets near me (which I have been checking) and one had the sale the other did not. Thank you all for posting this information, as I was able to acquire the entire wave fresh out of the box today. The break down was as such: 1 Marvel Maestro 1 Spiderman UK 1 Moon Knight 1 Lady Deadpool 2 Invincible Iron Man 2 Wolverine It has been a long time since I acquired a whole wave in the wild...it felt good-even if overpriced.
  12. Saw this at a Ross store last Friday. For $7.99, if I had more room I would seriously think about army building an Antman ant army.
  13. I think I got baited by Dorkside. First off, I love Dorkside, they ship super fast and are very comparable with their prices. That being said, I was holding off on ordering the Guardians 2 packs because I was trying to save up some money and not order as much. I figured these would be the sets to skip as 3 of 4 are repaints. Well, I started reading all of the posts about how great the new Groot is and thought, well why not, especially with the sale price. So i go to order and low and behold the Groot/ ROcket set is sold out and no longer available on the site and all they have left is the starlord and gamora set-which I imagine they had plenty. Now of course, I really want this set. So a few days go by and I keep checking. Finally around 1:30 am in the morning I check and both 2 packs are available. I figure for the price, I might as well order both sets and have the almost complete team in matching uniforms. I successfully order, only to get an e-mail from them the next day saying they are sending the starlord and gamora set separate because the Groot and Rocket set are out of stock. Now, I truly believe that Dorkside will do right and will get these in and send them with free shipping, but there is a part of me which smirked as I read the e-mail and thought "what a clever trick to clear out their stock"-lol. Well played Dorkside.
  14. Is this the one that was supposed to be a Walmart Exclusive with the expanding wings? If so, what happened with the exclusivity of Walmart?
  15. For some reason the Rogue figures in the hats almost look like Agent Carter to me.
  16. Saw the Spiderman 2 pack at the local TJ Maxx today...it may have been the absence of pocket cash...or the lack of articulation....or the addition of Spiderman again....but I decided to pass. I am really looking forward to the torso articulation returning (too bad so many great characters suffered through these dark, dark days of articulation reducation (looking at you Beast(s); Spidey(s); Black cat).
  17. I hate to do this to Dracos (because he is an awesome guy on this forum....and I understand his pain and frustration), but I found the entire Wave 2 at my Toys R Us today, I was surprised to see this, as my area is usually delayed in receiving product and I had not been to the TRU in almost a month. I was also surprised that they had more than one set of the wave. I did buy the last Gamora but I did see another Rage and Living Laser figure; I believe there were at least one or two of the Antman and Armored Spider-man; as well as a few Daredevils and Visions. Out of panic I almost purchased the Wave off of BBTS, as they were no longer available from Dorkside toys but was waiting to make the purchase when I had the cash to deposit. I feared that if I did not hurry, that these figures may not be widely available and that they would be a Wave that was hard to find or caught up in some storage waiting for prior lines to clear out. But I am happy to now avoid the shipping fee for this Wave.
  18. Matt Murdock- Head swap and paint Kingpin-Painted Custom Kit from Vortious Psylocke-Painted custom cast head Beast-Painted Custom Kit from Vortious Ghost Rider- Painted Custom Bike and Head from Vortious on a Spiderman Noir body
  19. Some customs I have been working on and am finally finishing. Please share your thoughts, I hope to continue to add to this thread as I complete more projects. Captain Marvel-I tinted her hair with a tan wash to give more definition Crossbones- is a simple head swap with a GIJoe Retaliation Roadblock figure Nick Fury Jr- a simple head swap and some paint apps added Old Man Rogers- A simple wash and painting of the head Sam Wilson Captain America-added wings
  20. Seeing those stylistic diorama photographed ads at the backs and inside covers of the marvel comics at the time really drove my interest into the Marvel Universe line. Seeing Galactus and the MU figures really raised an eyebrow for me, so to see those no longer produced is disappointing. It amazes me, that the 3 and 3/4 Marvel team is doing as good a job as they can with their hands and feet basically bound. It seems the funding for advertising has gone away from it (much the same as the funds for card art; file cards; stands; accessories have seemingly been absorbed into the 6 inch line budget). To build a healthy line, Hasbro needs to replenish the budget of the line, the smart move would be to seperate the divisions so that the money flows into the line-for example: if the 3 and 3/4 line (at it's exasperated and inflated price), were to take the profits made from that line (exclusively) and use that (or at least part of that) to supplement the budget, then they would be able to at the very least restore articulation or lower the price point back to a more affordable price point ($7.99-$9.99). It is hard to believe that the 6 inch line's budget comes exclusively from that lines profits, when their price continues to stay around $20-22 and they add accessories; articulation; and removable heads and hands. I see 6 inch figures pegwarming constantly (even seemingly harder to come by figures), yet I barely ever see a 3 and 3/4 figure in brick and mortar store. It seems as if the 3 and 3/4 line, even at a ridiculous price moves, while the 6" line has meandering sales. With 3 and 3/4, I have space to purchase the entire line (including the multiples of iron man; spiderman; and wolverines) but with the 6 inch line, I would have to limit myself to only the characters I really, really want.
  21. Well, these finally hit in our area and I was able to find all three packs at a Target. I am surprised to say, that the figures I was not too excited for are actually as good if not better than the figures I was looking forward to. The articulation of course is still missing in my book, but a nice start. I made the obvious and simple mods to my Sam Wilson Cap.
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