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  1. I live near Myrtle Beach in SC. Our TRU is too small for the area and I have been to 6 different area Walmarts and 2 Targets as well as multiple trips to our TRU resulting in no sightings. I heard Charlotte NC (3 hours Northwest of here) had a sighting and was told these were spotted outside of Charleston SC (2-3 hours south of this location) at a Target this past weekend. Many local stores have finished their inventory and appear to be resetting with a lot of Batman vs Superman, but on the reset lists at the Walmart there is no mention of the 2 packs in sight. The local TRU yesterday showed 2-3 empty pegs for the 2 pack Marvel Legends (with a sticker on it that had a handwritten "2/22" on it) and another 2 for the Captain America, but when asked about these the kid stocking the shelves kind of blew me off saying "yeah, this just is product that is out of stock at the moment". Not really knowing what he was talking about, nor attempting to understand my question...just giving me any answer to get me to not bother him as he stocked DVD's and Blu Rays that no one purchases from them anyway. Thanks for the link to the site, I checked it out, but they must be out of the two packs. It seems feast or famine in my area...when the 50th Joe line came out, I called TRU almost bi-weekly to ask "did a truck come in? Did you get GIJoe figures?" but for two months there was nothing...then they arrived and some sat on the shelves for weeks while others sold right away. I get that we are at the coast, but Charleston is a major shipping hub and if inventory is finding it's way all around us, I can't understand how we are not benefiting. One would think with the amount of Walmarts in the area that they would at least aim to supply one or two of the stores, right?
  2. I am extremely frustrated. I have been to 6 different Walmarts and the Toys R Us in my area and have not seen hyde or hair of the 2 packs. To make matters worse, it appears as if the resets will not include any space for the 3 and 3/4 line. Is anyone else having this issue? It seems as if these are popping up all around, but non have shown up in the immediate area.
  3. I am in the same boat Wedge, what was originally advertised as a September shipment, was pushed to an October date, then bumped to November, and here we are at the end of November with no word on these preorders shipping. What makes matters worse is another online retailer received their shipment and have them advertised as in stock. I have been tempted to cancel and order through them, but have never yet had reason to doubt Dorkside when ordering through them. One can't help but feel that Hasbro's distribution is the cause in the problems here. My LCS told me they ordered a case or two of these, so I figure if they get them before Dorkside,then I can pick them up and cancel at that point. Of course this kind of nonsense would happen with the Emma Frost Colosonaught, Northstar figures -that everyone has already been (with good reason) skeptical about them actually being released.
  4. I found Avengers Infinite line at a Target today, but between the $12.99 price and lack of articulation I found it hard to pull the trigger. There was 1 Bishop; 2 Grey Beasts; 2 Blue Beasts; seemed like a lot of the Big time Spidey's; 2 Sandman and 2 Sandman Variants; also a Daredevil and Hawkeye.
  5. Clicked on the page for this thread to read the updates and all I hear in my head now is Shout at the Devil by "Motley Crue" - I was half expecting someone to have found a Mephisto figure ]:)
  6. RichardC, would you be willing to pick me up the social class set (if the paint apps are decent) as well as one of the arctic set for cost + shipping- so long as it isn't too much inconvenience to you? Edit: RichardC-please disregard the above message, I just saw these were available online-on sale, so I ordered them. Thanks anyways.
  7. That Ronin is Great!!! Now make like Betty Crocker and send me your recipe! I am assuming that it was a Colossus figure as well as a Thor Mjolnir hammer, but I am very curious as to what the head covering was made from. Are the wrist gantlets from a Crimson Dynamo?
  8. My BBTS preorder for Watcher is still showing, so I will not worry until they remove it.
  9. Just another way that those in power at Hasbro are killing the line.
  10. Actually, I just made it work: 1.) Remove the head 2.) Blow dryer on hot onto the leg; pry it free with a flat head screwdriver x2 3.) wrap a sock around the torso; place in a vice and tighten; wait for slight cracking sound (it will not crack all the way like the joe figures used to) 4.) pry open with flat head screwdriver 5.) the arms are stuck in purple plastic locks; but not a problem; heat with the blow dryer and then use the screw driver to pry two of the lock tabs out while soft; remove the arm pegs and it is free. I may still try to make a reversible chest piece with both faces (when i find the time). Thanks again, Brian
  11. UgghhhhhhThanks darkmanx845. I was thinking of taking the red skull piece apart until I could free up the rest of the pieces, but then I realized I might just try to scan print and recreate the two faces as stickers; cut a sturdy piece of paper such as oaktag; and cut the stickers to size; then cut them; stick on either side of the paper and have it reversible to the chest plate. Only issue know is that the redskull sticker peeled a bit. Anyone know where to get a good scan of the faces?
  12. Hey all. I just got an Arnim Zola Red Skull variant figure and an Arnim Zola torso. I would like to remove the arms, head, and legs of the variant and add them to the Arnim Zola figure instead. Can this be done? I have attempted to pull and soak in hot water then pull, but am afraid to break this. Can the torso be cracked and the pieces removed (is this necessary?). Please help me out and let me know if I am missing something here?
  13. Hey guys a quick question. Can the Arnim Zola Build a Figure be disassembled once the pieces are connected? If so what is my best method for this? I want to remove the arms and legs from the Red Skull variant and add them to my Arnim Zola.
  14. Hmmm, I was unaware of that. My pre order was with DorkSide..good price and fast shipment, but I am surprised that I have not received any notification regarding this order yet. I got Wave 2 very fast, but then again wave 2's selection was not as good (IMO) as wave 3. Perhaps a watched pot does not boil?
  15. So seriously, does anyone know what happened with the Wave 3 pre orders? I saw people post on here about a week ago (or longer) that they were receiving their BBTS orders, and was certain that I would see EE, Smalljoe, Dorkside toys, or other orders or at least posts about billing/shipping notifications, but it all seems to have dried up this week. Even the BBTS pre orders are not being filled as quickly as they previously were. Curious? Do you think BBTS had some inside track to a few select cases or have the other sites been delayed? Production delays? What happened here? I don't mean to seem impatient, but it looks like one helluva wave of figures.
  16. They must have gotten a tiny shipment. I'm seeing a lot of people who haven't gotten theirs yet. Did BBTS under order? Did Hasbro under-produce? My theory is that they found a way to get an initial order out (perhaps a few cases-just to get the credit for being the first to ship of all the other sites who did pre orders). I had ordered from Dorksidetoys and have not yet received any word on this...yet. I was worried, as they shipped just about on par with BBTS for Wave 2, but the fact that several from BBTS have not gotten shipping notifications and neither have the other sites, is leading me towards this theory. If other sites can deliver the same goods as BBTS can in the same time it will hurt their Pre Order sales (especially when people pre order/ get them elsewhere -other sites; ebay; brick and mortar-yeah right) and cancel their pre-orders. Hopefully everyone else will receive in the next few weeks, but this is just a theory,
  17. I'm looking to Build a Groot, but I don't have use for the rest of the Guardians figures. If any body is interested in teaming up with me to get the GOG Legends figs minus the Groot parts and is willing to go in on the purchase, please PM me and let me know that you are interested.
  18. Congrats Dragonkings! I love to hear when the good guys win .
  19. I was upset that it was the same exact Cap figure as the previous lines as well. I think a Marvel Now cap would have been much more welcome (save the previous mold for a holiday style retail store multipack). Iron man could have seen any other color combo and the collectors would be (at least a little) more inclined to purchase it. If they needed a Thor style figure to pack in Beta was not the way to go as he has been previously and most who wanted him have received him. I would have rather a different version of Thor or even a different Asgardian (by choosing BRB they have a character in Thor garb to help ground the line, but that wave already had the Erik Masterson Thor, so it was unnecessary). They could have included the Executioner from the three pack making collectors happy and giving the children an additional character to play with their new thor. If they had to include the Steve Rogers figure, then why not slap a Nick Fury movie head on it repaint the hands and boom call it Marvel Now Nick Fury. Then sculpt a Coulson fig (probably couldn't because of likeness rights and pay) and make a 2 pack.
  20. In the past I have ordered from these stores. Here is my feedback: -Alyosha Broken Arrow Customs - He has had trouble with his site (as well as his health at one time if I am not mistaken). The quality of product is always good and he has sent extra packed in items which were not ordered at times. The negative, is that sometimes there have been delays in items (I am still waiting for, but not holding breath, a Tank Girl Gear custom set which I'd ordered in 2010. I have since simply purchased the figure I was intending to create. Alyosha is great for the community and he is one of the longer running custom stores around. -Greg at Glassman Customs is a great guy. He offers alot of unique pieces which he casts and hydroshrinks from other toy lines giving more variety for the figures you make. He seems to use a lighter resin for his casts and the quality is always good. One of the things I really like about ordereing from him is his communication. He replied to and communicated with me regaurding questions I had about my shipments. His shipment time was approximately a month from order to delivery-whihc is fast in comparison to others. I felt secure ordering from him and would do so again. -Onyx Phoenix Productions is another great site with good custom pieces. Their site has it's own forum which certainly makes communication more direct, unless you are like me and grow tired of having to remember too many passwords for too many forums. I don't go on onyx phoenix forum enough to remember my passwords, but for some this would be a great feature. The last time I ordered from them was during the holdiays a few years back, so one can understand a delay in shipping of items, The items I'd ordered had almost take two months to arrive, but again it was during the holidays and I was replied to as quickly as I'd e-mailed. Good Communication (if on there site) and great products. -TofuJesse is a site I have orderd from, but have grown increasingly frustrated with. His prices are great compared to some of the others, but communication has become poor to non existant (if anyone knows this man and is aware of any health issues or other problems, please let me know). My first order from him was shipped out a little over a month after the order was placed and was received with the exception of one minor piece - the others items were of good quality. I e-mailed Jesse and explained the missing piece, he told me he would send it right out, so to save him from having to pay shipping of one small item, I ordered more items. Thist order I placed was about a year and two months ago and I still have not received that order (some of the items were out of stock, but my card was still billed right away). His site does have a neat feature that will e-mail you when an item you'd like comes back into stock. This feature can be dangerous as, if you have a poor experience and do not recall it, you may order again on impulse based upon the desire to acquire that newly stocked item. I had e-mailed him about the missing piece earlier and he had assured me that it would be sent, but when I placed the next order and e-mailed asking for an updates on the order status, he just disappeared. I have just placed another order, for items which were labeld as being in stock, and while I was right away billed for the order, it has been days and the order is not being displayed on the site as shipped/completed. Once again, I have e-mailed and received no word. I am now ready to cancel the order and request refunds. If anyone has reason why I should wait, feel free to let me know. Vortious Costums-Dennis is one of my favorites, because the items he produces are great (some need a little sanding down or finishing-but for good reason-HE IS FAST), and he is great at communication, and is really easy going to work with. He has several times made adjustments to my orders and swapped out items. He has sent extras to me and even been fantastic about walking me through the assemply of some of his more complex kits (which are really cool). Oh yeah, his shipments arrive super fast two, hence the reason to sand some of the work down. I have actually been shocked to see items I ordered the week earlier in my mailbox. He has great business skills as well as casting skills. Probably my top costumizer. I hope this info helps some of you. Please share your experiences as well, positive and negative feedback.
  21. There are a lot of customizers who cast parts for action figures and sell them on line. Some of them are very reliable, others not so much and some have issues that can come up from time to time. I thought it might be good to create a new topic to share stories and feedback of these customizers and their business practices with others. If you have had any experience with or know the following customizers, please feel free to post your stories below and if I have missed any, please add them to this topic as well. -Alyosha = Broken Arrow Customs = http://www.brokenarrowtoys.com/ -Greg =Glassman Customs = http://home.comcast.net/~glassman6/CustomSite/CustomSite.htm -Onyx Phoenix Productions = http://onyxphoenixproductions.ecrater.com/ -TofuJesse = http://www.tofujesse.com/ -Vortious Customs =http://vortiouscustomaccessories.ecrater.com/
  22. Picked up a Legends Black Cat in addition to the Hydra and AIM soldiers I already had. I am looking to trade these for some MU figs which I still need (loose). I am also looking for a set of the new AI line.
  23. Anyone looking for Legends Black Cat? PM me. I collect loose MU figs.
  24. Picked up a Hydra Soldier and an Aim Soldier to trade for anyone interested? PM if interested.
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