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  1. I've been a member around here for years now. I used to frequent the forums a lot back when Marvelousnews didn't exist and it was simply just a branch off of toynewsi. When Marvelousnews came out, the forum as far as I'm concerned was completely destroyed. Every imaginable topic is now a subcategory. Now, if anyone posts any subject that could possibly link two subjects together, it can be moved around by a mod at their discretion to a thread no one ever frequents. I miss being able to discuss all things Marvel in one section. Now, whenever I post, I have to make half my concern whether or not I'm posting it in the right area, just so some condescending half-wit mod won't move my thread and try to make me feel like an idiot for posting it there. All these subcategories should be abolished. There's no reason that Marvel Universe figures or Icons or anything else should need their own section. It should just be all together since the only real difference between a lot of these figures are their height. Furthermore, many of these subcategories are hardly EVER frequented. Many of the video game categories and some of the other various extremely specific threads for tv shows and the like are never viewed. Even if no one was ever interested in them, at least with all the categories together, that thread would slowly move down in the list of active threads. This would actually validate people not being interested in a thread. Now they're just hidden away in a place no one would read anyway. What the forum SHOULD have for categories are "Action Figure and Collectables", "Movies and TV", "Comics", "Customs", "Arcade World" , etc. I don't understand how it could possibly be perceived as efficient to have an "Arcade World" category with the subcategory "Video Games", when there are other subcategories for specific video games. So, if I post something about Marvel Ultimate Alliance, would that go in the "Video Game" section, or the "Ultimate Alliance" thread? No one should be bothered with that. That shouldn't be an issue and it never was until this "revamp". As the old saying goes, if it's not broken, don't fix it. There used to be a way you could view all of the categories in one thread, but I'm not sure that still exists. If so, I'd like the link for that. I really wanted to get that off my chest. I've noticed since this whole big change, many of the really good people that posted and frequented this forum have left. It no longer feels like everyone knows everyone. It just feels like a segregated jungle.
  2. since it effects the direction of where the figures go and which character are made then yeah it does make a difference that made no sense. if they have the rights, they can make any character that any other company can make. if hasbro made them, im sure the quality would be low. actually u misunderstood the thread, what i meant was if only hasbro was giving us the same level of characters variety with MLS that eaglemoss is giving us with their lead figurines. Thats y i want hasbro to be like eaglemoss... i mean we get to choose the next 20 figurines by votes. oh. yeah....i misunderstood. my bad. To be fair, the quality of these isn't that great either. They're all hand painted... like heroclix. So some of them look good, and others look pretty ridiculous. At least Hasbro's ability to produce decent figures is consistent.
  3. Probably to promote the "terrible 3" overwhelmingly abundant movie lines: Spider-man Iron Man Hulk
  4. OFF TOPIC! To be fair, I'm not entirely convinced anymore that Storm's cape was intended to be attached to her wrists. I've definitely seen it attached in some comics, but unattached in others... just simply near her wrists (and because of how it drapes in front of her, it's perfectly plausible that the cape would be near her wrists if she put her arms out or up.) I think it primarily depends on the artist nowadays, but I still think her original costume's cape wasn't always attached. It just looked like it. Here's a prime example of it not being attached: Anyway, my point is, I'm fine with the Hasbro figure (should it EVER come out) not having the cape attached... and maybe now you will be too :) (PS: I'm sooo glad cartoons have evolved a little bit since then. Not the animation itself, but definitely the sound fx and voice acting. I kind of like the old drawing style.)
  5. No they are doing characters we will never see in the ML line, and they are being released in the u.s aswell. Both the dc and marvel lines. So yes i can compare since collectors are buying the not so famous characters eaglemoss are doing... so why cant hasbro do the same with the ml line since it targeted towards collectors. so what!!!! They bring out it every two weeks. They haven't even nearly done asd much as ML and they only reason they can is like i said they come out more. U managed to collect all of them? Dc and marvel? umm well if hasbro doesnt keep repeating the same characters again and again then we would be getting more new characters, if eaglemoss was hasbro they would give us different wolverines, different iron man (and dont go near the mark1 :) ), and several outfits for the same characters. But no thats the difference. 1 company respects marvel fans and still gains money while the other.... The rulk wave, ares wave, 2 packs, foom, etc... how many repeated characters do we keep gettin? I see what you're saying about the character selection by Eaglemoss vs. Hasbro, but lets face it, they're two completely different things and it's not really fair to compare the two. Aside from being in separate counties, they're both trying to accomplish different things as collectibles. Eaglemoss is trying to inform people about the character as well as provide a figure. To my knowledge, if you live in the UK, you can actually subscribe to the Marvel Eaglemoss line and get the new issue in the mail every month or whatever like you would any other magazine. And I don't know if you've personally seen any of these up close, but they definitely put far more work than they do into painting some of these. The faces especially on these have a tendency to be otherwise terrible sometimes. They definitely have their flaws. I think while the figures are more often than not good looking, I definitely believe Eaglemoss's main focus is on their magazine. Marvel Legends, however, has to appeal to the masses as well as collectors. So this obviously means that we'll get repeated characters so that it appeals to everyone... or at least the masses. Marvel Legends (both Hasbro or Toybiz) have never been completely for collectors. Sure it might've been more geared towards collectors than other action figure lines, but it certainly was also targeted at kids/young adults. Eaglemoss's line is specifically for collectors and always has been. That's why they're able to make one of every character (plus or minus a few otherwise necessary variants like Dark Phoenix or Black Spider-man) and Hasbro can't. I do agree about the character selection, but I think it's almost unreasonable to wish Marvel Legends were like Eaglemoss's figures. It could never happen... especially without a major price jack. Those little 3 inch figures come with their magazine at a ticketed $15 or so. That's already $5 more than a Marvel Legend. If Marvel Legends were distrubuted in the same fasion as these, you can bet your bottom dollar that Marvel Legends would be pushing $30. And plus, comic figures directly focused on collectors don't usually do that well (Marvel Selects, for example).
  6. I definitely think the forum's lack of traffic is due to the layout. I wish all the threads were all garbled on to 1 big page. I hate having 30 different Marvel sections to look at. Absolutely hate it.
  7. Friggin amazing, as usual lol. I'm not all that familiar with Chamber, I still know who he is. Perfect job!
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