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  1. I didn't see any burning topics on this, but I was browsing Hasbro toy shop and stumbled upon it. It's a HTS exclusive. http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/ProductsByBra...=21740&PG=4 For those who haven't seen it yet. I'm leaning away from ML at this point in time, but more neat looking figs like this might make me think twice.
  2. madman1366

    Titanium man

    I found them the other day at KB. The few Walmarts and Targets in these parts to restock any at all lately have all stocked up on the first wave of them again. I got there just as the guy was pricing them and getting them ready to put out, so it was good timing on my part. The higher price sucks, but then again I don't have to worry about beating the scalpers to them anymore. Iron Monger is pretty cool I must say. Much better than the first version. Titanium Man is ok. I wonder, how much different is he from a Halo figure?
  3. madman1366


    I need some figures for some kitbash/re-paint projects I want to get started on. I've got just about everything else I need except for meat for the grinder. I'm looking for LOOSE figs only. Please no sealed or mint figs. I want these loose, for several reasons. I don't care if they're complete or not, so long as the bot is intact and nothing is broken and it can transform. So here's what I need... Energon Tow-Line Energon Megatron (leader) LOC Starscream/Sunstorm Movie Wreckage (complete only) Movie Longarm (complete only) I'm looking for at least several of each and for the best deals I can get. So if anyone has extras of any of them then shoot me a message with your asking price.
  4. madman1366

    Life On Mars???

    So I see Brittany finally went home!
  5. madman1366

    Happy B'day! [12/7]

    Eh??? Whatcha say sonny???
  6. madman1366

    The Sudan Mohammad Teddy Bear Incident

    C'mon people, I was being a smart ass...George Carlin style. HOWEVER... Eventually the world has to get it's collective head out of the archaic past and start to think of the future. Religious beliefs are one thing, but the kind of people who show up in the thousands to call for the head of a woman because of what she named a teddy bear is completely absurd. Just because thousands of people share the belief that it's right doesn't mean is anything less than murder pure and simple. Now they're devout, tomorrow they're suicide bombers. Next year? Who knows maybe they nuke the world. Is the world supposed to just stand by and allow for murder if number of accomplices makes it "justifiable to their beliefs." Yeah there is a bit of hypocrisy involved when it comes to forceful intervention, but if diplomacy isn't an option then what else is there to do? Now I'm not one who is all about conformity in most ways, but if there is ever to be true progress in the world towards peace and beyond then we're all going to have to learn to follow the same basic set of principles. I think those principals are based pretty much on common sense and respect toward civility and that's always a good place to start. War is an ugly thing, but make no mistake, it's gonna take a lot more blood before this world ever does get it's head out of it's ass. Believe it or not, there actually is something good that comes out of wars though people have a hard time seeing it that way. It takes the kind of analytical thinking that people would see as being rather cold in nature, but an impartial assessment has to be. We may spill a lot of blood, we may destroy entire cities like nothing. But when all that is said and done, we do something miraculous...we rebuild them. Bigger and better. Each and every time we go through this cycle of war and peace we become a little bit wiser and a little bit better. Of course, in some respects a little bit worse as well...but I chalk that up to growing pains. Just look at Japan pre and post WWII. Before and during the war, they would definitely be considered violent and barbaric especially when you see how they treated POW's. Scary stuff!!! They had a burning hatred of the US quite similar to what certain religious extremists do today. Well when war did break out we eventually took Japan apart and then nuked a couple of cities for good measure. It was a horrible act and a horrible war. No denying that. But look at Japan today. They're stronger than ever and our relations with them seem pretty good. They've build a new civilization since then and are now a major cog in the worlds business market. We knocked them down but we stuck around and helped pick them back up again and we didn't force them into anything other than peace. ...Just food for thought. It's gotta make you think a little.
  7. madman1366

    The Sudan Mohammad Teddy Bear Incident

    What I'd like to know, not just about these people, but ALL religious extremists is what WOULDN'T offend them or their religion? I think when it's all said and done, they're simply pissed off people that the whole world isn't bowing down 10 times a day to their god. Here's my solution, sounds harsh, but hey we put down mean pit bulls all the time! First go around the middle east in heavily populated extremist areas and name all the teddy bears after whatever religious figure is appropriate for the area. When the protesters show up to call for death...give it to them! Have the worlds finest marksman take every one of the crazy sob's out. In no time at all I think the level of extreme would lowered by quite a few notches. Problem solved! Sometimes what the world needs isn't always pretty. Turds like these have to be flushed.
  8. madman1366

    I just saw THE MIST

    I saw an interview SK did in part hyping the movie and he spoke of the new ending that was made for it and how much he really LOVED it. The director was a bit nervous about it hoping it would get King's approval, and it did.
  9. madman1366

    I'm bout ready to write off message boards

    I posted this on another thread on the same subject. If you really think about it, it's pretty scary how closely it resembles where we've been and possibly where we're heading. http://www.mcsm.org/democracy1.html Our government is already a leaky boat when it comes to money. We have a broken welfare system that enables people in all kinds of bad ways. There's a pretty sizable number of people already depending on government money to live and that's not likely to go down. In fact, they want more! They'll probably get it too. As great as capitalism is, there's nothing stopping the few (relatively speaking) from eventually owning it all. Given enough time, the wealth can tip so much to one side to the point where basically everyone else is screwed. Another thing to think about, look at the credit card companies. They're out there basically giving credit and loans to anything that moves. Now they know people can't afford these debts that they keep running up higher and higher but is that really the point? Debt is one way to guarantee servitude. Call it the cynic in me, but that's what I see happening to large part of the population, they're little more than servants. Underpaid. Overtaxed. Overworked. Servants. Sounds like I'm being a bit extreme, but I don't think so. You may not see it now, but give it time. Give companies more time to outsource every job humanly possible or when the day comes where 3/4 or more of our paychecks end up paying some tax. Here in Illinois, new taxes are popping up left and right...big ones too! When the government decides to bump up a tax on something, it's not the wealthy that are hurt, it's the lower and middle classes who either can't or are just getting by as it is. This is basically what led us to revolution the first time. How else do we go about balancing this out? While things may not happen quite as they did before I believe it will happen. Especially here in the U.S. there is so much tension building over so many different thing that eventually it's gonna hit the boiling point and everything could blow. No telling when it may happen, but I think it's gonna eventually. I can't see how it won't.
  10. madman1366

    I'm bout ready to write off message boards

    I'm not talking about communism. I'm talking about some of the deficiencies with capitalism that's all. Is there an unwritten rule that says even in a capitalist society it's wrong to think we can do a better job taking care of our own? The rich didn't didn't get rich because they're nifty folks. WE MADE THEM RICH. Our fathers, grandfathers and so on and so on did as well. You have an ever smaller portion of the population controlling more and more of the collective wealth of the country. At what point do we realize the burden placed on the lower classes is simply too much. Whether you see it or not, we have a growing rift between rich and poor. Which means the middle class is slowly disappearing and it's the middle class that has held this country together. It probably wouldn't hurt if our government looked to start solving more problems here at home instead of trying to solve the rest of the worlds woes. Time to let them figure it out for themselves. As it is, democracy/capitalism ARE doomed to failure. And we're on the down side right now. History has shown it will happen and history repeats itself because we're still too stupid to learn from it. The question is, what will we try next? Whatever it is, in order for it to be an effective means of advancing ourselves as a race, we have to learn how to take care of our own better. That doesn't mean people still can't strive to make a better life. Systems of government that create and allows others to get rich off of poor lower classes of people will always lead to failure in the long run. In those lower classes, the seeds of dissent are sewn. Well, there's a lot of frickin seeds out there right now! And more every day. I really don't think it going to get much better either.
  11. madman1366

    BSG Razor Flashbacks

    Pretty good, I hope we find out more about that. I guess it's pretty obvious that the human cylons were made from the people on the ship that the cylons captured. I would think these little episodes will become a bit more relevant once the upcoming season hits. Here would be a nice little twist of fate. If the fleet eventually gets to earth (which is slightly in the future) and earth is just starting to use robots as everyday servants. Deja-vu! Of course, the cylons not being far behind find also see this...and, well...you can see where it would go from there.
  12. Let's look at it this way, very few rich people give a crap about anyone else who isn't rich. So not really. A lot of those rich "humanitarians" are an illusion. They donate just enough to the causes they do so that they guarantee themselves nice big tax breaks. Who knows if the organizations they donate to are really on the up and up or not. I always tend to wonder how legit they are. Personally I think they use donations as a front for getting away with paying little or no taxes and gaining a reputation as a do-gooder. As for politicians, I believe they are bred to be what they are which is why the higher ones tend to come from rich families. Not only look at our president but all over the higher branches of government you'll find generations of powerful families in high places. I think we have more of a "royalty" type of class than most people would believe, completely different to those who are simply rich. And royalty sticks to royalty. Money is simply the means they gained and continue to hold onto their power. And make no mistake, it's about the power, NOT the money. Money is simply a tool. If you don't have it and think that you'll stand a chance of ever having any real political significance...think again! People from common backgrounds can get into the club as well, but they'll NEVER hold the same kind of power and influence. But they have to work at gaining the money and trust of corporations first. Without bigtime corporate dollars behind them, they'll never have a chance, and I'm sure that's no easy trust to gain. Corporations aren't going to throw money at ANY candidates unless THEY KNOW that when the time comes, that person is going to make the decision that benefits the company over the individual. That's why tobacco has never been made illegal. That's why we still depend on fossil fuels when there are many alternative sources perfected and ready for use. That's why medical science can treat just about anything but can't cure a damn thing! It goes on and on and on.
  13. madman1366

    AREA 51

    If people REALLY want to see some interesting stuff on UFOs then I suggest checking out History Channel when they have their UFO programs on. The stuff from Russia will REALLY make your hair stand up on end! Supposedly they've been literally getting into dogfights with UFOs in the air since WWII. They even had the son of the former Russian leader on the program saying that Russia has indeed had many run-ins with them and that they are real. I don't know if he said for sure that they are studying captured alien crafts, but he definitely believes they have had contact with aliens. There are also a bunch of former KGB agents who speak of secret UFO projects that are going on in Russia as we speak. They've had many more direct confrontations and mass witnesses to UFO events than anywhere else apparently so it really makes for some interesting stuff.
  14. madman1366


    I've heard people mention they get tired of seeing the same old discussions over and over. Personally I don't mind this because it's interesting to see how some peoples thoughts might have changed over time regarding some figures and lines. I've TRIED to start more fun topics for people to put a little good creative thinking to work but nobody seems interested all that much in posting in them. So I don't know what else people are supposed to talk about.
  15. madman1366

    The World Is Crazy!

    While I don't believe in religion, I don't believe that some people need to go as far as they do to try and snuff out all of it's little traditions. Christmas is a tradition we've all come to follow and it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be religious to take part in the sentiment of the holiday. Same goes for all these quacks who you're always hearing about suing to ban this or that for violating church/state separation policies. Some of it is downright silly. Just people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Barring any events of global annihilation, I do believe that one day humanity will evolve beyond the point of religions...but not for a loooong time and that's if we have the chance to do so. The more one fights a religion, the more cause they give it. People will grow and find new truths in time if we simply let it happen. Even at relative peace the world still looks for ways to fight...and not the good fight. People make so much over the loss we suffer in war but it pales in comparison the loss we suffer being so divided in so many petty squabbles. Remember, it's the little things that kill!

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