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  1. Yeah, I know everyone is constantly screeching about how the MCU guys are the first to reaaly "Get" Spidey, but as I see Peter Parker packing his Stark-Tech Power-Suit and say goodbye to his hot, ethnically ambiguous aunt and go off on a Genius School class trip to Europe with also hot, and even more ethnically ambiguous neo-MJ, I gotta wonder . . . is this REALLY what Stan and Steve had in mind back in the day? Sorry, I've been watching "Where the CW's Supergirl Went Wrong" videos on YouTube and its over-loaded my SJW tolerance almost to the point of a "China Syndrome" scenario.
  2. That's pretty much the reason i use this thread. Basically, I see if anyone has found such and such figure at retail, if so, I know its time to hit the bricks and go hunting for it. Or, if someone spots something on one of the etailer sites, I can hit there.
  3. Ooo, they had me up until Woody Harrelson. Pass. The producers are gonna have their work cut out for them though. Not only do they have to craft a worthy continuation of the first film, but the have to come up with a worthy successor as signature sound-byte for the "Turd in the wind." line. Seriously, it's become the "I'll be back." of our time.
  4. Of the two, i think I prefer Megalopolis. Granted, their shipping is a little high, but they have the single friendliest customer service department I've ever dealt with. BBTS is great to, but their shipping takes forever and a day. As far as pricing goes, both exercise that e-tailer mark-up, though BBTS seems a little more forthcoming with the sales. At the end of the day though, If I had my choice, it would be . . . Amazon.
  5. Sure, their license expires in 2020, but if it hadn't been for what's going down at Mattel, I doubt anybody would even have questioned it. Hasbro and Marvel have shared a long and successful relationship (the main benefit of a company that actually knows what they're doing). With industry numbers being down across the board, I doubt either side is willing to take the risk of cashing in that golden ticket.
  6. Technically not Marvel Legends, but I was in my local Wally-World yesterday and found a bunch of 12" (not Titan Series) Captain Marvel movie figures. The figure is in her red and blue gear sans helmet, but the package cross-sell also shows a version in her Starforce suit with a "possibly" removable helmet.
  7. Well technically, he comes with four extra hands . . . one at the end of each extra arm. SEMANTICS!!!
  8. Yeah, there are a couple of stinkers in this one. The Red Goblin is the stupidest thing I've ever seen, though he's generic enough in appearance I'll probably use him as another Symbiote. The Black Cat is a failed and pointless redesign, and Modern Spider-Sym combines the worst elements of both. On the good side, Night Thrasher and Sable are my big wants for the wave, and the 90s 'toon fan in me is over the moon for Six-Arm. Don't really feel strongly one way or the other for Puma as a character, but I'm up for any character making their "plastic debut." Final tally? 4 outta 7 seven ain't bad.
  9. Even more sweetness. Hey, if Yon Rogg (or whoever it is) comes with a swappable head, we could have a good start on a half-way decent Star Force!
  10. Hmm. I'll take as much Brie Larson as they wanna give me, but of the two, the Star Force is the one I really want. I'm just not a fan of releasing a whole other complete figure to show a character using their powers. I don't need a stretching Mr. Fantastic, a Superman with heat vision beams or whatever.... that's what imagination is for. That being said, I'll take 'em all. Maybe even slide in a Carol in her '90s street clothes (w/removable baseball cap, natch). God, look at me. I've actually gotten excited about movie-verse figures again!
  11. mako

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I'm pretty sure I read where Hasbro created those early waves from scratch, hence the horrible articulation. At that point they didn't have the mechanics to do it right, or the time to come up with something better.
  12. mako

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    No, I'm pretty sure the Blob was pure Hasbro.
  13. It is for me. It's actually gotten me "into" movie figures again.
  14. Is it at all possible that the Lilandra head is just that, a head? Lets face it, the Peter Parker head from the Mary Jane 2-pack, the Hammerhead and JJJ heads from the Chameleon figure, the Murdock head from Yellow Daredevil, Headpool, Porkgrind; none of those was a sign of an upcoming figure. They were just accessories. An alternate head is just an easy way to show off shape-shifting powers in an action figure. With her funky head-gear, Lilandra was just an easily recognizable brain-box, it could've just as easily been Spider-Woman or Storm. Sometimes a duck is just a duck.
  15. Interesting that only the Marvel/Netflix shows depicting anything close to positive role models have been cancelled. Meanwhile, bitchy, slutty alcoholics and cliché gun-toting urban psycho-vigilantes are still well represented.
  16. Now I'm F---ing P---ed. I get Disney wants to funnel viewers to their new site, but if you wanna attract Mako-money, offer me something I DIDN'T already have, don't take away something I DID have, that just cheeses me off.
  17. They knocked about 5 bucks off Gaververse Spidey. Throw in the "No Hurry" free shipping and I couldn't resist any longer. Ordered and done.
  18. I look at lines like this and thank God someone is still making toys for kids.
  19. Funny, I thought Squirrel Girl was one of the characters we needed MOST in Marvel Legends. She along with Quake has been on a lot of peoples "want lists" for a long time.
  20. If I wanted gore or torture porn I'd watch an Argento flick. I have higher aspirations for my superhero viewing.
  21. The last thing the world needs are more "R" rated superhero movies.
  22. Make no mistake, I don't like anything about Deadpool, comics, movies, whatever... but when they made that Beatles/Nickleback analogy, I laughed out loud.
  23. Okay, I don't know why this concept is so hard to fathom. A character being on TV makes it more desirable as a potential action figure. The bean counters DON'T CARE that Serpent Society Cottonmouth is different from "Pimp Stormtrooper" Cottonmouth.
  24. I'd love nothing more than to get a Marvel Legends Stan Lee figure. I'd even settle for some kind of rerelease of that Stan Lee/Spidey SDCC exclusive from a few years back.
  25. Remember how long it takes to film a TV series. Plus, being on the inside, there's a better than average chance the Has' knew about Cottonmouth being on Cage looong before we did.

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