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  1. Sorry, I want a Classic Doom as bad as you do, but NOBODY is surprised at this.
  2. I like it, but I probably would've gone with a soft-goods cape, maybe another alternate head with a more "classic" Doom portrait. But until a classic Dr. Doom comes along, this will do nicely.
  3. So, the guys a twisted freak with a sick sense of humor who makes God-Awful movies. What's it matter as long as people a stupid enough to eat his crap and call it ice cream. Just remember, it doesn't matter if you take out the trash, once you bring it back in, you'll never get rid of the smell.
  4. Best of all, its already an Asian character with a mostly Asian supporting cast. No reason to SJW-ise anybody for racism-uh-diversity sake.
  5. Ideally, standard Marvel Legends style. However, if it were the only way to get Quake, Squirrel Girl, etc. I'd take a more cartoony line . . . provided the scale/articulation were there.
  6. Agreed. Of course, I'd also love Marvel Legends based on Marvel Rising as well.
  7. These Marvel animated series always seem like such a good idea . . . and then we end up with Hulk and Hawkeye fighting over Falcon's grandmother's cookies.
  8. Been down with the flu for a week, finally managed to drag my sick butt outta bed to make a grocery run for my sister who was just released from the hospital with Flu-A AND Double Pneumonia. Closest thing to a new figure was a lonely Typhoid Mary (ironic) amongst a bunch of figures from whatever series the She-Beetle was in. Came home, popped a dramamine, went back to bed. Toy-hunting is a game for the living.
  9. I hope we also get Cap in his new costume, though i'm not complaining about the Quantum Suit figures. I see myself collecting a bunch and using them as army builders, kind of an Avengers equivalent to G.I. Joe Green Shirts.
  10. Let's get real for a minute. The state of the Marvel/Netflix shows/characters is immaterial. After the horrible showing of the Rail Authority exclusive last year, I doubt we'd see another NMCU set no matter what. As for what I'd like to see? I'm thinking maybe an 80th Anniversary Avengers set. Sort of a Marvel Legends version of that First Appearance Avengers set ToyBiz did waaaayy back in the 5" days. I know at least a couple of these would be repeats from the retail lines, but that's never stopped the Has' before. Captain America: Sculpted chain-mail w/ unmasked alternate head. First Appearance Iron Man Ant-Man: Same as Retro line, but with different minifig and an ant to ride. First Appearance Wasp: Also with minifig. Hulk: work that new body! Thor: maybe some kind of "energy effect" deco. And yes, I know Cap wasn't a founding Avenger in the comics, but an Avengers set without Cap is like a pizza without cheese. Yes you could do it, but why, that's stupid.
  11. I'd go for a Swordsman, even a Heroes Reborn version. Give me a Red Ronin as well. Now THAT would make an awesome BAF. Maybe a Wendell Vaugn Quasar?
  12. God I hate violating my own standards. Had no choice though, the new Riders should be hitting as we speak, Power Rangers hits in April, Overwatch isn't to far off, and I don't even wanna know when the next ML series hits. So I broke one of my BIG rules . . . again, and fed the Scalpers. I wanted to finish Kingpin. I needed to get the wave out of the way before any other ML waves hit. I needed Red Goblin to do it. I searched around Ebay, found the absolute best price I could for an unopened complete figure . . . and paid 34 bucks and change for a toy I don't even really want. I'm a sad, sad little toy whore. But at least I got me a complete Kingpin now. Good with the bad and all that.
  13. My criteria for an "Above All" wave is probably a little different than most of yours. I'm an artist, so for me, the actual physical product is only part of the equation. The visual presentation is also important. With that in mind, my "Above All" would have to be the All-Father wave. I still remember when TNI published Hasbro's official packaged promo shots, and I literally stopped and said to myself "My God, these are beautiful!" In all the years I've been collecting, I never regretted opening a package until I cracked into that Hawkeye figure. I felt like i was defacing a museum exhibit.
  14. I hate to say it, but Hasbro WOULD know what they did and didn't do, so we have no other choice than to take them at their word. Cannonball has no legs. I don't like it either, but here we are. Another damning bit of evidence would be the pictures. I would assume the point of separation for the "blast-field" and Cannonball's torso would be at the waist, like Hydroman back in the day. Now I could be wrong, but it looks to me like the blast-field and Cannonball's lower abdomen are one solid piece. No joint, no legs.
  15. Doubt we'll get a Stan Lee figure, and I wouldn't want one anyway. It would feel to much like they were cashing in on his death, and that's a level of creepy I'm not at all comfortable supporting. Smart money says we'll get some sort of Avengers tie-in, though I wouldn't rule out the 80th Anniversary theme being worked in as well, maybe even some sort of "First Appearance" boxed set. Considering the timing with the Disney/Fox merger, we could see something involving the X-Men, but I wouldn't hold my breath. My own personal thought is we'll see something revolving around classic interpretations of Marvel's cosmic characters. Maybe a boxed set with Captain Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel, Classic Nova, something along those line.
  16. I already won once, so I'm pretty sure I won't be in the running again for a good long while, if at all, so good luck to all you other potentials.
  17. One of the great constants of the toy collecting hobby is that EVERYONE thinks their Walmart is the worst, though in my case, I'd put money on it. In any case, the most I've seen at Walmart lately are a bunch of Symbiote Deadpools, the Captain Marvel wave, and the timely arrival of Black Panther series 2. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll keep my eyes open.
  18. Hard to say with Spider-Man vaves. I've seen waves hit everywhere at once, and yet there are waves I've never seen at brick-n-mortar. Unless it happens to be a movie tie-in, its pretty much a crap-shoot.
  19. Hey, I feel your pain. I'm STILL trying to find a Red Goblin for a decent price. Just don't get discouraged.
  20. Take it easy bud. Just keep checking, it'll come. Just don't feed the scalpers, its a losing proposition all the way around.
  21. I got mine in store at full price (21.79) the day before yesterday. I'm not complaining though. I found her on my second try, pretty much the week of release. That's unheard of in itself, but at 21.79, that's also a couple cents cheaper than ML usually ring up at Walgreens in these parts. A minor victory, but I'll take what I can get.
  22. Anybody seen the Kingpin Wave in the wild? I'm still hunting that elusive Red Goblin. I usually try and remain upbeat about these things, but if I see another E-tard passing an unpackaged figure with no BAF piece off as "New," "Mint," and "100% Complete!," I'm gonna loose my lunch.
  23. I'm thinking of getting a bunch of these, putting some spare heads on them, and using them as an Avengers version of the G.I. Joe Green Shirts.
  24. Oh yeah, cause they've done such a wonderful job on Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  25. Standard stuff really: Animated series style Morph (easy to do with X-Pool body) Updated Lee Jean Grey Toad New Kitty Pryde in more appropriate scale. (Could be done as Ariel or Sprite in a Retro Series.) For the more budget conscious among us, a Titan Series Sentinel.
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