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  1. I've been hearing about a lot of people doing this. For my money, though, the only way this would work is if there were a corresponding "Clear" modern head to do the same swap on the upcoming clear Retro version. I mean, call me anal, but if I'm gonna drop the 25 bucks for a clear Retro Sue, it's gonna HAVE to match regular Retro Sue as close as possible.
  2. Nice! This one is definitely on the want list with Quasar. Certainly not my favored iteration of Carol Danvers, but lets be realistic. This is probably the closest we'll come to getting a Ms. Marvel figure for a minute. I second that 1st App. and Warbird/Ms. Marvel request. Just give us those 2, and they can pack away the character never to touch again. . . . at least until Marvel figures out how to fix everything they screwed up about her.
  3. Been hitting Target.com and Amazon kinda heavy lately, so I decided to give Pulse a chance to abuse me again. Snagged Retro Hercules and Sandman. Lets see, who's doing the shipping? Ah, FedEx Smartpost via USPS. That'll do it. To paraphrase Rodney Dangerfield: "They give great headache."
  4. Yes and no. This particular Walmart used to be REALLY bad about it, but that was two, maybe three, years ago. Nothing since, at least not regularly. Near as I can figure, some @$$-hat REALLY wanted an Armadillo.
  5. I've already gotten everyone I want from this wave. I just need to get the rest to finish Armadillo. Trouble is, that means finding figures that HAVEN'T had the BAF piece switched out.
  6. Yeah, that kinda bothered me to. In any case, Sue and Ben arrived this morning. Now if I could just find Torch, I'd be done with this wave.
  7. No telling where Sue and Ben are at this point. According to UPS tracking they turned it over to the Post Office Saturday, and it should be delivered tomorrow. According to Post Office tracking, they haven't received it yet (which would make delivery . . . problematic to say the least). For Target's part, their cutting me a refund for the missing figures on top of the money they knocked off yesterday.
  8. Reed arrived early this morning. No sign of Sue and Ben except for a note on the UPS site that the USPS delivery has been delayed by ONE day. Whatever.
  9. Why do I do this to myself? Reed, Sue and Ben were scheduled to arrive from Target Monday, the 22nd. Then, they were rescheduled to arrive today. Then Target revises delivery BACK to Monday, only UPS, who turned it over to the Post Office, have delivery scheduled for TUESDAY! Mind you, while all this is going on, my order arrived here, in my city, YESTERDAY afternoon. Given I also had to pick up Thanksgiving dinner groceries today while suffering from the nasal infection from Hell, my day might have been a total write-off . . . if I hadn't been able to pick up my Walgreens Nova (AWESOME figure), and snagged the entire AOA 2.0 wave at Wally-World. Oh, and Target knocked five bucks off my order. Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you . . . and some days you get the bear but he takes a big ole crap on you anyway.
  10. Heading out to Walgreens later to pick up my Nova figure. Hopefully, it'll go better than last time. Also, UPS should be delivering Reed, Sue, and Ben today.
  11. "Maybe not, but you're still just a cover-band." Gotta hand it to Percy. He may not be much of a writer, but it takes brass to admit your story's built on one of the most cliche plots in entertainment history, while stroking your own ego in the same breath. . . . and they're sticking with that "Stormbreakers" thing?
  12. As long as it's not on an FF Torch mold. I want it on that new body tooling everyone's so hyped about.
  13. I voted "Other." I don't buy EVERYTHING, but I'll buy what catches my fancy, MCU, Comic, Retro, whatever. I'm mostly a comic guy though.
  14. Actually, the presence of an actor/writer of Stallone's caliber is the only thing that gives me hope for this movie. There's sort of a reason Rocky is considered one of the greatest movies of all time.
  15. Dropped by Target.com originally intending to finally pull the trigger on Retro Sue, only to find they also had Retro Reed and Ben back in stock. Human Torch is unable to be shipped to my zip code for some reason, but I'm probably the only guy on here who DOESN'T have an issue with the previous version, so no problem there. With free shipping, a 10 dollar "sorry we FUBARed your shipping" gift card, and their Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal, even after tax I managed to get all three available figures for slightly less than the price of 2. Some days you get the bear . . .
  16. Betting we'll be seeing some, if not all, these guys in a deluxe format like Vulture. On the other hand, they could always release them in some kind of Sinister Six boxed set. Either way, there are a couple of these guys I wouldn't mind picking up.
  17. I couldn't believe it! They actually crafted a trailer that made me want to see an MCU Spider-Man movie. Then, here come the jokes. Of course, that's pretty much the MCU's stock and trade. They build up all this drama and gravitas with their productions, and then whiz the whole thing down their leg with stupid, out of place, ham-fisted comedy. It IS nice to know Spidey won't be without a sugar-daddy this film. After all, if you can't play Robin to Iron Man's Batman anymore, and what sadly passes for writers honestly have know idea what you're about or how to craft a hero who stands on their own, at least you can still be Doctor Strange's boy wonder. Looks like Peter even gets to trade in his talking tights and Iron Man underwear for . . . MAGIC Iron Man underwear. God, I hate the MCU.
  18. Personally, I'm leaning toward the theory that this ISN'T Spider-Man 2's Doc Ock. He's from the MCU universe, just an altered timeline. That explains why, in the first trailer, he apparently recognizes the MCU Peter AS Peter Parker. Theory kind of gets some credence from the revelation that Electro has a different appearance this movie . . . and the fact Doc Ock was very much dead at the end of Spidey 2.
  19. In those rare moments I actually let myself feel even a hint of optimism about this, I DO smile just a little bit at the thought of the 90s Marvel toons potentially following X-Men back.
  20. Disney has a long and proud history of taking the long and proud history of the IPs entrusted to them and wrapping their garbage in it. That's GARBAGE, not trash, the stuff Disney makes is rotten to core and stinks to high Heaven. They'll ruin this the way they ruined every other Marvel property.
  21. Really? Cause all I see are a new set of characters defaced and maligned till they fit in with the MCUs now thoroughly cliche SNL level "comedy."
  22. I really, REALLY hate FedEx. The Psycho Man and High Evolutionary I ordered 6 days ago were supposed to arrive today. Instead, they've been "In Transit" somewhere in San Jon, New Mexico since 1:58 AM yesterday. Now delivery has been rescheduled for the 16th . . . four more days. I swear, if anyplace else I knew of had these bloody things in stock . . . At least I got a $10 gift card out of it . . . considerably more if FedEx remains true to form and looses my order AGAIN.
  23. No. EMH was a miracle of rare device. They couldn't do a cartoon like that again, . . . and I wouldn't want them to try. That's also why I'm leery of that new X-Men revival. If it actually turns out good, though, sure revive 'em all.
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