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  1. I love that they don't even pretend to do anything but bad comedy anymore.
  2. Action figure economics? You give one figure two shields, and you've sold one figure. You give each shield it's OWN figure . . .
  3. Given Disney/Marvel's aversion to doing anything but douche-comedies with absolutely no dramatic value or gravitas whatsoever, if they DID do Captain Britain, I'd half expect them to do it as some half-@$$ed brit-comedy farse. Sort of a Mr. Bean/Johnny English as a superhero. Honestly, Cavill would do better sticking with DC. Granted, they haven't really treated him that well, but at least they haven't COMPLETELY gone down the rabbit hole of suckiness . . . yet
  4. Not gonna happen, but I would love a redo of the Carol Danvers Ms. Marvel. She IS a major part of Rogue's origin, plus the tooling already exists. I figure that gives her a slightly better chance than most of the pipe dreams on this thread. Just throw some of that crap cell-shading on an old 3-pack Danvers and slap it in a VHS box.
  5. No, he wasn't. I never read your book, but I'll see your Eric Lewald, and raise you Supervising Producer/Executive in Charge of Production of X-Men, Winston Richard from Comic Scene #30, Dec. 1992.
  6. No, actually, he wasn't. "Morph" from the cartoon was an "original" character they created to kill off in order to establish a sense of gravitas. He was kind of a loose pastiche of BOTH Changeling and Mimic from the comics, sort of a binary version of what Hanna-Barbera did with Black Vulcan, but was never actually intended to BE either. So no, while AOA Morph was created as a call-back to the cartoon, and Changling and Mimic were loose inspirations, there has never been a comic version of the animated Morph . . . outside the comic adaptions of the cartoon that is.
  7. Wait, Stormbreakers? Marvel can't come up with an original STORY to save their misspent lives, but they dreamed up a nickname for the friggin' art staff!?! Well that isn't the least bit douchey.
  8. That's the only one of the AOA 2.0 wave I want, but first things first. I still need the rest of the Armadillo wave, Kingo and Druig, and the actual FF from the FF Retro line. A pretty tall order considering I begin my annual holiday hiatus (mid-Nov.-Mid-Dec.) in about a week.
  9. I heard the same thing, and you're right. It will be cool having Spidey among the rest of the Marvel movies. I'll believe it when I see it though. Full disclosure, however, I'd be happier if they just cut some kind of deal to bring in all the Marvel/Universal shows from the 70s. Tweed suits, wide ties, big lapels and bell-bottoms aside, I really love those old shows.
  10. What was it Robert Wuhl said in Batman? Oh yeah: "I smell fresh ink, guys."
  11. Seeing as how NONE of the Spidey movies have made it to D+, it could be a long wait.
  12. Sounds like somebody's going for a quick cash-grab to make up for some under performing movies.
  13. Got shipping notice for High Evolutionary and Psycho Man from Target.
  14. Hit Walmart for groceries and finished out the D+ 2.0 wave. Also found a No Way Home Doctor Strange with the Armadillo part switched out yet again, this time apparently with the unmasked bald head from a Hydra 2-pack. For obvious reasons I left it behind (as if I would buy it anyway. Worst of all, judging by the package being hidden toward the back of the second action figure isle among the MOTUs and WWEs (away from the ceiling cameras), and the still pealed and tacky tape, I honestly think the cheeky little pile of human dog-poop pulled the switch in-store!
  15. I can't speak for anybody else, but for me, the movie is a non-issue. It was always ONLY about the figures. Their "blandness" and "Stargate Day-Player" costumes make them perfect blank slates for whatever head-cannon scenario I wanna dream up. As for the movie itself, everyone keeps saying it's different from every other MCU movie out there. If that means Fiege and company have finally decided to move beyond the frat-boy douche-comedy rut they've been in for the last several years, more power to them. Me? If I dedicate 30+ bucks and 2+ hours of my life to a movie, I don't want stale one-liners and woke box-checking by a director with no knowledge/respect for the subject material. Heck, I have no knowledge/respect for the subject material, but I'm not making a movie about it.
  16. I don't know. I think it's awfully telling that even the company themselves are pretty much saying "don't hold your breath for any sequels."
  17. Local Walmart had almost the entire Watcher wave (no Zombie-Hunter Spidey). In spite of hating What If . . . , I would've happily snagged these just to finish the Watcher, but with the FF wave hitting soon, I decided to hold off for the good stuff.
  18. Nice to see he's taking advantage of the adrenaline boost his appearance in the new Ghostbusters movie is generating for his career (the last one didn't work out as well). Hopefully, we'll see something similar happen with Aykroid and Hudson.
  19. No doubt. I just came away from Gamestop's website where I picked up Phastos at 17 something, which is the most I've paid for an Eternals figure outside of Thena, which was the only one I paid MSRP for. I'll collect the line because, in a weird way, I find their genericness . . . interesting, but I won't pay full price. Hell, the only reason I snagged Phastos at THIS price was to score the free shipping for the Tigra figure I was ordering anyway. Just leaves me needing Druig, Kro, and Kingo.
  20. Let me hit you with a counter-point. Sticking with my Nova example, what exactly is the difference between not being able to find the figure because most Walgreens don't seem to be interested in stocking it, and not being able to find the figure because it was never made? I can't speak for anybody else, but if the only way for Hasbro to make a figure is distribute it in a way that no one can find it, they can save their money, cause I'd rather they didn't make it at all.
  21. Well said . . . with one caveat. Sure, when a retailer agrees to sell a product, they bear the responsibility of doing just that, but the ULTIMATE responsibility for getting products into the hands of consumers lies with the producer of said products. If no stores in my area are carrying the Walgreens exclusive Nova, whose fault is it that I can't buy it? The retailer, for whom toys are a minor concern at best, or the toy company that made sure ONLY that retailer could sell it?
  22. I like how within two weeks of the new mold being used, all the fan-boys will be bitching for something new because it's gotten old and tired. My God, we're a fickle lot.
  23. The market's in a bad place right now, it's entirely possible Hasbro took that into account in lining up new product. Personally, I don't expect much, and most of that will probably be Spidey-centric. Hasbro's not about to let a movie tie-in go to waist. They MIGHT show a couple hints for the new anniversary stuff, but even that is a long shot. Hopefully, we'll all be surprised.
  24. I don't know. I see Hasbro probably wanting to put a little extra into this Anniversary wave, if for no other reason than, as someone else pointed out, Spidey is Marvel's big bread-winner. Plus, with prices rising, and LEGITIMATE shipping issues across the board, they may just decide to dangle a few extra carrots to keep the fan-boys happy.
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