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  1. Absolutely. Iron Spider is one I've been after forever, provided they go the whole 9 yards. I'm talking waldo arms, etc.
  2. While the odd Spider-Villain or side character are always welcome in my collection, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything Spidey-wise I really NEED, at least to a point worthy of an Anniversary release. Still . . . That Retro Mary Jane/Gwen was all kinds of disappointing, so I wouldn't mind if they took another shot at MJ. If they had to, just take the old TRU 2-pack version and shove it in some new packaging with a bunch of accessories. I'd buy it. We're also already getting updated versions of Spidey-2099 and Secret Wars Spidey, so maybe another pass at more of the 'Verse variants? I'd personally love to see a pimped up, tricked out Spider-Noir. A decent (articulated) Spider-Ham maybe? Or a repackaged Sp//dr BAF with an articulated Peni Parker would be severely cool . . . and play right into Hasbro's wheelhouse. Oh, and count me in for the TV Spideys. A Nick Hammond version is something i haven't even dared dream possible.
  3. Yeah Buddy, I bet we can look forward to A LOT of anniversaries. Marvel Legends Anniversary, Spider-Man's Anniversary, X-Men's Anniversary, and my personal favorite . . . the anniversary of the day Hasbro figured out they can hyper-inflate their already ridiculous prices by adding an "ANNIVERSARY!!!" sticker to their packaging. Ooo, and don't forget the anniversary of the day AFTER that, when Hasbro realized they can strip down the "ANNIVERSARY!!!" figures and sell them AGAIN in the regular line. Thinking about having some T-shirts printed up for that bad-boy.
  4. Does it honestly matter one way or the other? No matter WHAT or HOW MUCH they reveal, it's all mitigated by our knowledge that distribution is crap . . . was crap . . . and is probably only gonna get worse.
  5. Dropped into Walmart this weekend, and low and behold, the only Legend on the pegs was Gamerverse Miles Morales. Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized some @$$-clown had pulled a repackage. Miles and all his accessories were there, but the Armadillo piece had been replaced with an Ursa Major arm! I'm usually more observant than that, but this one time I couldn't see past ole' Kid Arachnid. I decided to keep it anyway though. Legends are a tough find around here, and like I said, I was mostly just there for Miles. I figure if I have to buy him again, I can keep the arm and sell the figure on Ebay. It's not like I wasn't planning on selling off the MCUs from the wave anyway. It just bugs me that there are still dinks out there doing this sort of thing.
  6. I'll take it, assuming I can ever find it, but all things considered I'd rather have classic Ms. Marvel.
  7. Or the Guardians end up saving the day, but everyone else thinks it was Warlock who is so delusionally narcissistic (sort of a cosmic Barney Fife), he believes it himself.
  8. Gonna be honest, the only reason I would even consider getting this figure would be to get another web-line for the REAL Spider-Man.
  9. I think that may be the whole point. This whole thing is starting to remind me of an old X-Files episode (which in turn ripped off it's plot from a Superboy episode). The agents run into a female super-soldier developed in an experiment to create the perfect human weapon. The joke is, instead of a perfect physical specimen, the woman is slightly over-weight and plain looking. That just screams the kind of "Comedic Twist" Gunn would pull out of his butt for one of these movies.
  10. Captain C and Ultron arrived as promised. Tempted to go and see if my order is still listed as "Awaiting Carrier Pick-Up" on Gamestop's site, but honestly, I'd rather not know. Peggy was worth every penny, just to bad I have to get the other flotsam to finish Watcher. More importantly, I finally have Ultron, and thus, I have all the parts for Ursa Major. Meaning . . . . . . wait for it . . . Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you.* * I have waited so long to say that . . .
  11. So, I ordered my Captain Carter and Ultron figures from Gamestop last Friday. As of yesterday morning, they were listed as shipped via FedEx (aw $#!+!), on the 10th. and currently in transit somewhere in Texas with a scheduled delivery of today by end of day, thus coming in just under the line of Gamestop's arrival in 2-to-4 days estimate. As of last night, my order status had been updated to "Awaiting Carrier Pick-Up." WTF? One way or another, how do you confuse "Shipped and Almost There," with "Hasn't Even Left the Warehouse Yet?" Seriously, post-pandemic half-assery is so much more of an adventure than pre-pandemic half-assery. Before 2020, your order could be cancelled, damaged, delayed or lost. Nowadays, there's no telling WHAT is gonna happen.
  12. Jeez, the Armadillo wave is out now to? Just popped by a North Little Rock Wally-World where they had Morlun, Shriek, whatever they call that stupid MCU Iron Spider suit, and Jameson on the pegs. Left behind the MCUs.
  13. Yeah, as much as I'm tempted (especially Thena), I already made my decision NOT to buy Eternals. These things aren't getting any cheaper and you have to draw the line somewhere. The hard plastic skirts just make that decision a little easier to live with.
  14. Dropped by my local Ollie's this morning for Halloween decorations, and stumbled upon an entire peg of 80th Anni. Wolverines (Cowboy Logan). Got it for 9.99.. They also had a lonely little Luke Cage 2-pack . . . for 12.99 no less. I already had the set so I left it, but it was kinda sad seeing the only real merchandising for one of the best Marvel streaming series (Netflix OR Disney+) going for deep-discount at an Outlet store.
  15. Checked Gamestop.com on a hunch and found/ordered Ursa Major Ultron and Captain Carter. If the What If wave is out, then I guess I'm back into hunting again.
  16. I DIDN'T watch the episode, just saw the trailer, but yeah I figured we'd get a Stealth Carter.
  17. My Retro Gambit from Target arrived a couple minutes ago. The figure and package were in great condition, but the shipping box looked like someone had backed over it with a truck.
  18. It is . . . sort of. The opposite side of the dio card features the cover image from the comic.
  19. That's all well and good, but if Hasbro is charging 8.00 extra, LITERALLY for nothing more than the word "Anniversary" on the packaging, is this really a line we WANT to collect?
  20. Sadly, price gouging is nothing new. But hey, I agree with you, I wouldn't have believed Hasbro would pull something like this, but here we are. This isn't a couple disgruntled collectors throwing shade, it's all right there. The price is 31.99, a full 8 bucks more than a Basic ML figure . . . but with slightly less than they usually come with.
  21. Yeah, but then they wouldn't be able to sell that non-hole shield somewhere down the line, probably with this same figure, but with a dumbed down deco and less accessories. BOOM!!! Triple-Dip.
  22. No, inflation, to hear Hasbro tell it, is why their action figures MSRP for 22.99. The reason this glorified rerun is MSRPing for 31.99, is because Hasbro WANTS it to.
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