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  1. The lack of even a hint of other Spider-Men kind of reinforces something I'd been thinking about for a bit now. Maybe I'm just splitting hairs here, but what if Ock and company aren't actually supposed to represent the villains from their respective movies, but doppelgangers of those characters. For that matter, maybe they aren't even from parallel universes, but from whatever alternate timeline Peter and Strange create when they FUBAR the spell. I know the general consensus is the plot will be a "many worlds" thing, but I'm personally getting more of a "It's a Wonderful Life" vibe from the trailer. Basically, Peter and Strange retroactively wipe out knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity from the world. Now Peter has to explore the aftermath of his decision. Of course, it also set off some timey-wimey thing which led to the MCU versions of Otto Octavius, Max Dillon, and Norman Osborn becoming villains. Case in point, the insinuation in the Doc Ock reveal was that Ock recognized Holland's Peter AS Peter. That would certainly indicate they were from the same universe.
  2. I could see HasLabs being a "special occasion" thing. 1 or 2 a year, and make 'em a really big occasion. Instead it's like Hasbro wants to have steak every night. That's why I can't help but wonder if the reason it's taking so long to even get to the bottom tier with Galactus may be because Hasbro has taken one to many trips to the well.
  3. So the entire plot of the movie is initiated by a bad sitcom gag? I was THIS close to going to see this train wreck. Now, I long for the days when the worst thing to ever happen in a Spider-Flick was Emo-Tobey.
  4. Final week and only 13,156 of a needed 14k? My own personal feelings aside, I would not have foreseen things going so slow . . . not for Galactus at least.
  5. Okay, lets just say this is a hoax. Some enterprising hoaxer created mock-up packaging and two figures for a non-existent Tobey-Man release, sneaked them into the store, and snapped a single pick? All just to propagate a rumor about a movie cameo? I guess it's not outside the realm of possibility, but I call it a stretch.
  6. That's a valid point. In any case, I hope a couple of these Spider-Men make it into Marvel Legends. Preferably in the main line, but i might not be averse to some kind of "Legacy" boxed set.
  7. Interesting, but even if the figure is for real, there's no guarantee he'd actually be in the movie. Given the rumored "multiverse" subplot, Hasbro may just be shoving old stock in new packages to score some extra cash. Hasbro likes cash . . . don't they? Certainly wouldn't be the first time a movie-line worked in characters that weren't in the actual movie.
  8. I get your point, but the EXACT same thing could be said for Guardians of the Galaxy, and they jumped straight from Joe-Nobody to house-hold name with one really dumb movie. For that matter, who knew Iron Man outside of the comics and a syndicated cartoon from the 90s?
  9. Oh, no doubt she'll get a boost in the ole' brand, but a D+ series is a long way from being a "main force."
  10. Only a day late (FedEx is getting better), but my order from Pulse finally came in . . . ironically delivered at the very same moment I was on a chat with FedEx trying to find out where it was. In any case, I'm happy to report Stealth Iron Man's crotch is completely intact*, though he did have the mystery dust on his head and arms. The stars of the wave, in my book at least, are Mod. IM and Darkstar, both of which are everything I could've hoped for (though Invincible Iron Man's Tony head won't fit on Mod's body).* She-Hulk is pretty awesome to. Amazing what a green deco and no open wounds can do for a figure. * Man, you collect long enough, you end up typing some truly bizarre statements.
  11. I'm about the same. I want the FF Retros, and the Watcher BAF, and possibly the animation style Venom. Outside of that, there's just not that much I really want outta the line. Some of the rumored stuff sounds good, but that stuff's always a wait and see proposition.
  12. I can certainly sympathize with that. Buying an entire wave just to score the BAF sucks, doesn't really matter which side of the fence you're on.
  13. I'll withhold my vitriol till I see what the BAF is. If it's something I don't care about, no sweat, I can cherry pick as usual.
  14. Not really a question of whether I'll get these or not (I NEED that Watcher), but some of them ARE pretty cool. I really love that animated styling. Why couldn't Hasbro have done this when Marvel was still making 'toons?
  15. And so modest! Anyhoo, I heard there's supposed to be another Retro Spider-Man wave early next year. I'm kinda hoping we hear something about that.
  16. The same could be said about every single MCU film since GOTG. Still, this one does look more interesting than your average Marvel mess . . . but that's a low bar.
  17. Personally, I'd love to see Falcon get his own movie, Winter Soldier get a movie (or at least his own D+ show), and bring Steve back as Cap. Let's face it, Fiege and company can play all the woke games in the world, but no amount of pandering is gonna make Marvel let them screw around with their bread-n-butter characters for long. Eventually Sam's gonna be Falcon, Steve's gonna be Cap, and everything will be right with the world. They got bills to pay with these guys.
  18. It won't be Captain America, but if they can grow up and get rid of the anti-state and racist rhetoric of the D+ series it might actually be a decent movie.
  19. Actually, yes. Earlier today I received an email from Pulse saying shipment of my Modular Iron Man had been delayed til December. I found that odd as I received a shipping notice for it, and the other figures I ordered with it, yesterday. Later I got the same email you did, telling me to ignore the earlier one. I was just coming here to post about it when I saw yours.
  20. Pretty sure I'll sit this one out. I'm not overly fond of Black Panther (can you say Mary Sue?), and I HATE Guardians of the Galaxy, so I doubt this one will set my world afire.
  21. By the time I ordered MY Build-a-Bear figures, Ultron was already sold out. I just wish I'd known about the Stealth crotch issue. I'd have probably waited to snag it at brick-n-mortar. Now on top of hoping FedEx doesn't lose my package (as usual) I have to worry about one of the figures being a piece of crap.
  22. That IS odd. The dust associated with mineral leaching (if that's what this is) is certainly not unheard of in action figures, but I've never seen it THIS widespread before. The first (and last) time I encountered it was with my first DCUC Nightwing and Hal Jordan figures back in the day. That, and the Stealth Crotch issue, make me wonder if the Has' wasn't cutting a couple extra corners to save a penny.
  23. Found the exact same thing at my nearest Walmart a few days back. No Modular Iron Man though. Funny thing is, I went by a couple days later and most of the Ursa Wave, and ALL the D+ figures were gone, but there was a single Mod IM. As always, plenty of Shang-Chi figures to be had though. Sadly, the time (and temperature) of year has sucked the collecting bug right outta me, so I left 'em for the next collector . . . I'm cool like that.
  24. I thought it was on Nicklodeon, but I could be getting my wires crossed with that CGI Iron Man series. In any case, I could only suffer through one or two partial episodes. This show brought obnoxious to an all new level.
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