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  1. Yes, yes, that's all well and good, but does the suit fly and talk like Spider-Man's? . . . and Nightman, and Spawn, and just about every other live-action superhero in the modern age. At least it's better than Iron Fists jogging suit and bandanna mask, or Smallville's biker jacket and jeans (not even gonna mention Clarks overcoat and black T).
  2. In a particularly good mood today, but still to blessed hot to go hunting, so I finally broke down and ordered most of the Build-a-Bear wave from Pulse (Ultron is sold out). I did make up for it by tacking on a She-Hulk. I know I could've gotten the entire wave for 19.99 a piece at brick-n-mortar, or lower even, but like I said it's to hot for that hunting crap. Plus, this way I can use Paypal and stretch out the tab with Pay in 4. Let the FedEx man run around in 90+ heat, and bring my toys to me, that's worth the extra 20 something . . . right?
  3. God, I hated this series with a passion. I DO remember hearing about the Giganto back in the day, and I thought it looked cool then. Alas, we can file this one away with the Build-a-Quinjet and Bad Guy Pack-In wave.
  4. Yeah, none of us were surprised at that one. I can even give the Has' a little bit of a pass since it IS a nice set (gotta love the 90s). It just kinda irks me.
  5. Finally forced myself to watch the show today . . . and it was freakin' awesome! I'm not sure if it was something they did just for this episode, or if this is the way things are gonna be for all the shows, but there was a certain Fleischer quality to the animation that I never picked up on in any of the previews. It wasn't all perfect though, but closer than I've seen the MCU get in quite a while. I could just see them coming up with the Steve/Hydra-Stomper face-plant to appease some Disney exec who probably said "Where are the jokes?" Now I'm looking for both a "Captain Carter" take on the Avengers, and a Steve Rogers take on Agent Carter (with the Stomper).
  6. Or . . . it means people have an opinion. They are allowed. It's like I bought that last Cannonball figure, but that does nothing to change my opinion Hasbro screwed the pooch on it. Just as, if I should buy the X-Force set, it won't change my opinion Hasbro is pulling a sleazy move trying to make us pay them for a figure they F-ed up on in the first place.
  7. I guess it all depends on WHY they're complaining. I honestly don't know. I haven't been following the whole Galactus thing, and I make no secret of my feelings about Haslab. So, while I have no dog in this fight, the logical thing to me seems to be if they don't like it, don't sign up.
  8. Are we not supposed to? I mean, that's how the companies know thy're doing something right or wrong. Plus, it never gets old to see someone come on and complain about complaining. LOL 😜
  9. Man, I hope the hands on those Mr. Fantastic arms are interchangeable. I know Reed can stretch, I don't need my toys to remind me. Now, what is up with Sue's face?
  10. I'll probably just read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia and leave it at that.
  11. Well let's look at it another way. If your place of employment suddenly stopped paying YOU your normal wage would it be greedy if you took them to task over it? Would it matter if you already had some money?
  12. How is it "greedy?" If someone hired you to do a job for such-and-such amount, but they decide NOT to pay you that amount, you're gonna get in their face. It's not being greedy, it's just expecting what was agreed upon. It doesn't matter if your bussing tables or making a billion dollar epic, a contract is a contract.
  13. When you make a superhero movie, and the least obnoxiously stupid scenes are apparently going to come from Woody Harrelson, you have made some SERIOUSLY poor creative choices.
  14. Triple digit heat and general disillusionment with the state of the hobby have seriously dampened my enthusiasm for this wave. Honestly, I just can't bring myself to even look.
  15. Exactly. You see something you don't like, you complain. If enough people join in, the company will make it better. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and all that. It amazes me that some people still don't get that.
  16. You've never watched public television have you? This is like those canvas bags or tin water-bottles they give out when you pledge during one of their telethons, or when banks used to give out cheap toasters for opening an account. It's the psychology of commerce, people are more likely to buy something if they think they get some kind of reward out of it, no matter how ridiculous it may be. There's no rhyme, reason, or logic to it.
  17. Oh come on! They're not even writing these things anymore, are they? They just cut and paste copy from older press releases . . . sort of like how they write their comics.
  18. I'm not talking about the FIGURES, I'm talking about the CHARACTERS. I don't need a 3ft. Galactus, but I do want a Galactus. There's no reason he couldn't be done as a build-a-figure . . . or a deluxe figure . . . or BOTH. What about the heralds? I want an improved Terrax, but it looks like THAT won't be happening either. It was one thing when they wasted slots in a wave with crap like Boxer-Shorts Deadpool. At least I knew that eventually they'd get around to the characters I want to buy. Now, we don't even have THAT little placebo. Sure, they'll get around to such-and-such . . . assuming he isn't earmarked as a tier incentive for a HasScam Quinjet or whatever.
  19. Give us these characters in mainstream releases so EVERYBODY can get them. THAT's what I'd support. Anything else is just Mattelbro whoring out it's characters for a few extra pieces of silver.
  20. I bowed out after the first episode. If there's any truth to the TOTS numbers that have been floating around, I wasn't the only one. Either way, I couldn't care less. WandaVision surprised me by being great, otherwise each new MCU project elicits a similar reaction to that of the house-guests in Clue when they find Yvette's body.
  21. THAT is an excellent point. What's the old saying, "Found money spends easiest?" Plus, cabin fever was making people do some weird stuff. Would I be happy if Galactus tanked? ABSO-friggin'-LUTELY, POSITIVELY! Do I expect it to? No, honestly, not really. But I would be SERIOUSLY surprised if it even remotely approached the numbers the Setinel commanded.
  22. This is ESPECIALLY true of most primers. A good way to get around it is a couple coats of a 50/50 mix of joint compound and white glue or Mod Podge. Also, spray paint is fine if you just want a lump for Terrax to stand on, but you can get a much better range of effects with just plain old acrylic paints.
  23. Well, the fans that really want a Galactus, AND are willing to foot the ridiculous bill for a massively over-produced POS. Otherwise, that 32 inches? That also represents the size of the d!#k there telling the rest of us to go eat. That's okay though. At this point, the feeling's mutual.
  24. Oh yeah, Hasbro is brilliant. Sure, they're playing to a tiny percentage of collectors with more money than perspicacity, to the exclusion of the vast majority of collectors, but sewing division in the community never hurt nothin'. Just ask Mattel. Honestly, if Hasbro told us in no uncertain terms they were going to make a widely available mainstream Galactus, and a HasScam release would have no affect on it, I'd be fine. They've given us no such indication. Ask any economist, robbing Peter to pay Paul is a real dangerous business practice. Peter may just decide to up and stop buying what little you do decide to sell him.
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