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  1. I will definitely be grabbing an Ayo for my Dora millaje army. I don't collect MCU so this is great for me. Will save some moolah for sure. PS: Also, now that I've posted, does this mean I've been automatically entered into the contest?
  2. So far, the waves we're getting are: Spiderman Sandman GoTG Titus GoTG Mantis X-Men Warlock Spiderman Vulture Wing Thor Legends Marvel Knights Spiderman Gwenpool leak That's 8 waves. Not likely we'll be getting another GoTG, unless the Gwenpool wave is meant to be released for 2018.
  3. ... Where's everyone getting this info that Enchantress is going to be rereleased in the Dr. Strange wave?
  4. Tarot, OP counted Deadpool as an X-Men movie. There are too many figures for me to include, if I'm being honest. My major wants, however? Multiple Man Polaris Nimrod (BAF or its own, don't care) Sebastian Shaw Sauron (BAF or its own) M Rachel Summers with the Phoenix looking trenchcoat. Dust New Mutants set- Moonstar, Karma, Rahne, Cannonball, Warlock, Sunspot Alpha Flight set- Vindicator, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Marrina
  5. Lmao! Hilarious. But... People are already rationalizing that it may not be Jean (Cyclops). I however think it is her, which would annoy me. Why does that ginger keep coming back?!?! Geez. Hasbro has major boner for her. I think the list is decent. Assuming that Wolvies is Logan and Phoenix is Jean, every character has pretty much been done before (though not necessarily an exact costume remake). Cable released in the SAME wave as Phoenix again, yikes. This is the third time. I was hoping for a wtf character that no one was expecting... And look at that. No villains. Quelle surprise.
  6. Well, it looks like, just based on the Civil War and Absorbing Man waves, that the 2016 waves will follow a full thematic pattern. That's to say, every single figure save for one will be paired with another and lumped into a distinct theme (Edge of Spider Verse, for example). Cut cardback design costs possibly? If this carries over to the X-Men wave, then here are my predictions for odds on likely to make it. I'm not saying ALL of them will make the one wave, just that they're most likely to make it over some others. Rogue & ???- We know Rogue is in. The question is, who will be her partner? I'd say either Gambit (lovers theme), Polaris ("Green is my favourite colour"), or classic Mystique (but this is a low probability). Jean Grey in one of her unreleased forms would be another choice, since Hasbro seems to love Jean the most. Combined with her two Toybiz appearances, Hasbro has released 1) Marvel Girl, 2) Marvel Girl 1st appearance/New, 3) Black Queen, 4) Jim Lee... and they had plans for two unreleased versions. I wouldn't like her making it but I also wouldn't be surprised. Northstar & Aurora- finally got their MU release. Plus one can assume Dwight and co. were building up to this when they had Puck as a BAF in the Wolverine wave. Also, Defenders GR and Misty lumped together proved that male and female pairings are not out of the question. Polaris & Havok- if Hasbro has been listening to the fans as they said they were, Polaris should be a shoe-in. Who better to accompany her than Havok. The problem is, Rogue in Jim Lee form is also in high demand, so putting two highly demanded females in one wave is not likely. If Polaris makes it and if there is a future wave, she might make it in there instead. Deadpool & ???- Well, he's a shoe-in, unless he gets his own wave... which I'm not betting on. The mystery would be his partner. Old Man Logan possibly? Cable? Colossonaut & ???- Got MU representation, and he needs to fit the bigger male mold quota. He may be the BAF. Old Man Logan & Laura Kinney Wolverine- modern representation. Carries on the Wolverine name post death, plus Laura fulfills a female mold that seems to be paired with a different female mold (Magik-Hela, Misty-Tiger, Wanda-Carol... exception being Thundra & Valkyrie) Villains Pair- Gosh so many villains to choose from and not enough logic to narrow them down with. There WILL BE at least one pair of villains, if we were to follow the 2016 waves pattern. Ideally, I would love Lady Deathstrike (the Toybiz one needs to leave my display) but she IS female. AND a villain. Double no-no in terms of chances. Arcade, Apocalypse, Avalanche (classic)-- or the triple A's, as I call them-- have decent chances. Silver Samurai would be wonderful with Yuriko, though. BAF- Sauron, Collossonaut, Apocalypse, and Nimrod have the best chances I reckon. As we all know, everyone went crazy for Sauron when a custom of his got shown in SDCC. Apocalypse to capitalize on the movie... yes, I know Hasbro is supposed to stay away from the Fox movies associations, and they've done that with the Jubilee and Puck waves. But in some interviews, the Hasbro guys have been unashamed at referencing how 2016 is gonna be a big X-Men movie year. Nimrod would be a great and logical alternative to Apocalypse if they want to keep away from the movie associations. Dani Moonstar & ???- I feel like the ship has sailed for Dani. Last year and the year before, there's been consistent demand for her ever since they canceled her release. She even made top 5 most wanted figures here in MN based on the twitter poll made a year or two ago. But based on the polls in which I've partaken (Fwoosh, Marvellegends.net), people are forgetting her. Which is a shame. I WOULD LOVE DANI TO MAKE THE COMEBACK SHE DESERVES! Pair her up with Rahne and BAM! Golden! Or anyone else from the New Mutants, I don't care. My Ideal Wave List Manipulators of Memory partie deux- Moonstar/Rogue Alpha Flight- Northstar/Aurora Vindictive Villains- Deathstrike/Silver Samurai Headliner- either DP or Wolvie or both... don't care. I've come to accept this will occur no matter what. BAF- Sauron
  7. My biggest gripe with the Moonstone mold is how unarticulated it is in the hip/upper leg. It's acceptable for characters that don't necessarily require a lot of dynamic posing (Rogue, Moonstone, Ms. Marvel), but when you slab it on a martial artist or a superheroine with advanced fighting combat skills, the mold would need some dremmeling to be of any use to me. And then you risk ruining the one figure you really wanted from the wave lol. Regardless, I still bought the set but only because I sold my ugly MCU Guardians set and used that money to go into this one. Would rather have a comic display than movie display.
  8. It is impossible to order multiples of the same exclusives destined to go to the same address, paid by the same method of payment, and/or placed separately via the same account. A few will prob be able to succeed in doing so, but this is one thing I love about Hasbro. And yes, it will most likely be in the morning. Just have your phone with you.
  9. I approve of your post monron! I think what he was trying to say was not necessarily to put the blame on one party. After all, in any story, there are always at least two sides to be heard. And as the inconclusive online feuds between fans have suggested, each side is as viable as the other. However, what's at stake here is the fans' disappointment. It's classic clash of the titans. People of power (in this case, company goliaths) vie for supremacy/ownership, the commoners end up losing the most. Is Disney/Marvel really willing to sacrifice the 80/90s fans of the X-Men. The past half decade, there is a growing "nostalgic trend", where remakes of popular shows/properties from the 80s-90s have been resurfacing. Ghostbusters, TMNT, Reboot, etc. Generation X has spoken and is driving the economy now (not fully, but getting there), and the easiest way to leech money off them is to cater to their nostalgic roots... given how they were raised compared to their forefathers. On the other hand, is Fox willing to take the same gamble? Still, the fans who want the merchandise are getting a drought. But if they shared their universe with Marvel's, what is at stake for them? Do they have more to lose and is that why they do not play ball? Even though Dwight's mentioned that there is no official embargo on the X-Men and F4, the product lines speak for themselves. All I see are corporate monoliths unwilling to move forward.
  10. Daredevil (yellow outfit. FA) now spotted too as part of previews. Where are the females?!?!? (Please gods of sdcc, grant a miracle and bring us an all female x-women wave).
  11. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to link to other news sites, but it's confirmed. Doctor strange astral form Brother Voodoo Magik Hela Dormammu All encased in a pretty Vishanti book case. Excited for it? I want two!
  12. I think decepticon is just stating a missed opportunity to include another lost Legend into one of the waves. And TBH, I was expecting Moonstar to be a swap for Valkyrie... But I still have hope. Remember Magik, anyone? Huehuehuehue.
  13. Why should the body have an indication as to who the swap is going to be (assuming there will be one)? Black cat and spider girl? Scarlet witch (Medusa) and Carol (Moonstone)?
  14. Yeah that's the second time TRU Canada has done that sale in a matter of two months. I'm so cheap, I buy whatever's available during the 40% off sale, and then return them for full price once the figures I want come by in the coming weeks (basically, an exchange for the figures I want). All X-Men Legends have the same SKU and GOTG Legends have the same SKU so... Probably would be more convenient to do price adjustments but meh. decepticon, you're the one from Alberta right?
  15. 24 for each figure is still a fair price. But I know what you mean. TRU has only sent me 3 of my preorders so far (out of6)... They haven't given me a cancellation notice for the others but we shall see. Luckily I managed to get storm and mags locally but with preorders, it sucks that one always has to have a backup plan.
  16. The female legion of figurines... Orgasmed. But no dust? Take out Siryn and replace her with Dust!! As far as the staple teenage female, I think I'd prefer Pixie over Armor. Rachel hound... Easily my fave Rachel costume. I read the DoFP saga and the aftermath like... Maybe 5 years ago? When Rachel came in, I found her a much more interesting addition than kitty. Psylocke is easily my fave X-woman and although her 80s outfit isn't the most popular, I'd love to see that in figure form. My birthday ice cream cake was custom made two years ago to include Psylocke in that pink outfit hehehe.
  17. Thank you for the ultimate judgment call over which brands are superior than others. If you're done you can stop reading this thread.
  18. Morlocks army!!! Ugh... Glenn Webmann made customs of most of the morlocks. They were sooo rad. I think for me, Callisto, Annallee, Leech, Ape, Masque, Marrow, Tommy, Sunder, and Erg would be enough (lol!! Enough? Try impossible). But there was another custom maker who did one of Beautiful Dreamer prior to her joining the X-Men and it looked sooo awesome, that I thought, why not throw her into the Morlocks army too? Trust me, I crave for some Shi'Ar... Deathbird, Lilandra, and possibly Deathcry the most. Of course, the actual Imperial Guard can be thrown in too- Hussar, Manta, Warstar, Earthquake, Flashfire, Oracle, and all the rest... but they're equally as implausible as the Morlocks, haha. I didn't include them because I figured I already had 7 waves. Best to save some for the GotG waves. hehehehe
  19. Can't get enough of X-Men either. I've done something like this before in some capacity, but what the hey? Here's my wishlist (more thematically organized), in order of want. Ideally, I'd like them all, but that is but a dreamer's wish. Especially with the hordes of female characters in the X-Men universe. On a minor side note, Dsmith, I approve of your New Mutants lineup heeheehee. Alpha Flight Series- Snowbird Bear/Wolverine Swap BAF Wolverine Guardian (upper torso) Shaman (lower torso) Northern Knockouts- Snowbird/Vindicator (Heather Hudson) [with head and tail swaps] Les Jumeaux Canadiens- Northstar/Aurora (with limb swaps) All classic AF outfits. Then again, most of them retain their outfits anyway more or less. I really liked the idea of swappable BAFs, so for this one, I thought a bear/wolverine swap that Snowbird can morph into would look cool. Yeah yeah, wolverines are generally a lot smaller then bears, but this is Snowbird we're talking about. If she can morph into a giant owl, why not a larger wolverine? Modern Series- Colossus (Juggernaut) BAF Hellion Doctor Nemesis Namor (Marvel Now) Stepford Cuckoos (army builder) Ladies of Legacy- Rogue (unreleased)/Frenzy Muslim X-Men- Dust/Monet St. Croix A female heavy line with no heavy headliners... but surely with a badass looking Colossus BAF, people would still flock to get this set right? LOL, suureee. Hellfire Club Series- Selene/Tessa Swap BAF Magneto (Marvel Now) Sebastian Shaw Mastermind Hellfire Club Footman (army builder) The Bishops from Hell- Harry Leland/Donald Pierce (with head swaps) Mistresses of the Mind- Emma Frost (Marvel Now)/Cassandra Nova (with accessory swaps; maybe Tessa's cape has a bluer shade) Love this set. It's like everything one would want for a Hellfire Club set. You get all the core members, a couple of Marvel Now outfits to pose with Cyclops MN, AND you get Selene and Tessa as BAFs. They have such similar outfits, you probably only need a head swap. X-Factor Series- Wolfsbane/Rahne Swap BAF Havok (with torso) Multiple Man (army builder) Strong Guy (w/ Hell Lord variant) [with head swaps] Luckless Lovers- Shatterstar/Rictor (with forearm or hand swaps) Femme Factors- Polaris/Boom Boom (with foreleg or feet swaps) Ideally, I'd love to have all wearing modern outfits. The yellow/blue X-Factor motifs are kinda bland to me. Strong Guy can have a standard modern outfit (black shirt, https://d1466nnw0ex81e.cloudfront.net/n_iv/600/1732856.jpg) and a Hell Lord variant. Wolfsbane can have a human form (maybe X-Force? That was my fave outfit of hers) with swappable head/limbs/hands/feet. Classic Series- Sauron/Karl Lykos Swap BAF Cyclops (classic principal blue & yellow boots remake) [sauron's shorts] Clash of Kin- Rogue (Jim Lee)/ Mystique (classic white qi pao dress) [human/pteranodon left arms] Golden X-Men- Sunfire/Thunderbird [human + pteranodon heads] The Brotherhood- Avalanche/Destiny [human/pteranodon right arms] Forces of Radiance- Storm (First Appearance)/Dazzler (First Appearance) [human/pteranodon legs] Oooh I like this. All the classic outfits in my list that need to be a)remade or b)done period. Morlock Massacre Series- Callisto Swap BAF Gambit [torso] Caliban [head + Morlock staff] Leech [legs] Malignant Maurauders- Scalphunter/Harpoon [left arm/left tentacles] Malicious Marauders- Arclight/Vertigo [right arm/right tentacles] Bonus- Angel with bloody wings. Hehehe, way cool. Eeeeh. The more I get into doing these wishlists, the more I get excited. I know they have little chance of getting done, but still! Villains Wave- Proteus/Shadow King Swap BAF Silver Samurai Bastion Arcade Toad Lady Deathstrike Well I'm spent. Not really sure how to make the swaps work here, but I'm sure I could think of something. But, it's almost time to wind down. Welp, I had fun.
  20. Well said Dsmith. What still confuses me, however, is when Hasbro said that despite having made the swaps in the Epic Heroes line (Blade, Moonstar), they've only released the colour swaps (Deadpool & Doom) in limited release in the UK and in even more limited release in the US. So... with no plans (yet) for XML wave 2, looks like Moonstar will get the shaft yet again. Oh well. I think Hasbro can commit in delivering all they've revealed so far... I'd be surprised if they didn't, with how much the price went up for the Legends figures in comparison to last year.
  21. That really all depends on each store's processing dates. They get delivery x amount of times each week, but how many employees are actually willing to scour through the boxes and boxes of toys just to get one person what they want on the day their delivery just arrived when their stock room is a mess? I've tried that tactic numerous times,never worked. But as I said, the TRUs in my area are horrid at customer service. So I usually go with their processing dates. I often call first... No point in wasting traveling money. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't cuz it doesn't matter how specific you are, the service rep may just never know what you are talking about. Still, unless a tru is within walking distance, if you check everyday you might find, if added all up, gas slash transit money might pile up to the point where you're paying more money than if you were to get the product on eBay.
  22. I'm pretty sure it depends on the location and their traffic. I have three TRUs in my city and they all have different stocking schedules as outlined by head office. Best to call each location and map when to make calls and visits. E.g. location A has deliveries Thursdays an processing dated Friday or Saturday... Location B has deliveries Mon and wed, processing on Tues and Thurs... Etc. I must say though, customer service in all the TRUs in my area are all bad. Lol. PS. I don't think it was necessary to start a new topic on the xmen legends, no? There's the main sightings topic, and then two slash three more XML topics apart from this. Regardless, good luck!!
  23. http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/captain-america-marvel-legends-variety-pack?BR=820&SBR=452&ID=33709 Pretty nice set. $18.75 each at least for all figures. Plus shipping of course. Not a bad deal nonetheless. You get one of each of the army builders, though I fail to see why Winter Soldier is double packed. I have the whole set already, plus 4 of each of the soldiers... so not gonna bother with this one. But those still looking for it, stay tuned. It's "coming soon." EDIT: IT'S ALREADY UP. THAT WAS FAST.
  24. Deception, lol the case in Alberta is not representative of Canada as a whole. You probably don't have a lot of competition there. The set in all the stores I'm willing to visit have all sold out. Within the first few hours (according to employee testimonials), most likely due to scalpers.
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