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  1. 2011-- Modern Thor 2012-- X-Force set, with Wolverine, Psylocke, and Archangel 2013- Thunderbolts set, with Luke Cage, Moonstone, Ghost, Crossbones, and Satana. I thought there was a pattern here of a team manifesting into action figure form based on their popularities in the prior year... but there isn't... seeing as both X-Force and Thunderbolts sets were formed in 2011. But if you can find a pattern here, go for broke with your predictions! Mine: Brain: Avengers Marvel NOW set- Thor, Scarlet Witch, Rogue, Havok, Wolverine OR Inhumans set- Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Crystal, Lockjaw My brain's telling me it's gonna be some sort of an Avengers team and the reason why I picked the Marvel NOW set is simply because they have to have a full Marvel NOW team at some point, so why not at SDCC? Plus the Thunderbolts set from the previous year was quite out of left field-- maybe they're opting for a more mainstream approach this year. Then again, with how successful the Infinite waves have been getting, maybe another "out-of-left-field" set wouldn't hurt sales, and it would satisfy some fans. Which brings us to the Inhumans. They got an MU set...so... plus, this is a good way to re-popularize the team and put them on the map as a viable brand, especially with the FF movie coming out next year. Heart: X-Men Marvel NOW set- Storm, Rachel Grey, Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue I enjoyed this composition. And it certainly broke barriers. But would Hasbro risk an exclusive composed of only female figures? Maybe we don't have enough faith in the consuming public? This set's also good in that it satisfies those who were really banking on Rogue/Jubilee to get released last year. Another team I would love here is Alpha Flight, but they're not really on any radar right now, anywhere. Seeing as we already have Sasquatch, Guardian, and Puck, a set of: Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Medicine Man would be nice. Gut: X-Men Days of Future Past comic set- Classic costumes of: Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Storm, Nimrod, Rachel Summers, Colossus No word yet on an Infinite DOFP line, and it looks like there won't be one. Ergo, my gut's telling me it's gonna be a DOFP set just to have it coincide with the movie's release. What do you think? What are your predictions?
  2. Sooo not excited for that line, what with only 2 comic figures. I cannot justify spending $22 + shipping and customs for a Rocket Raccoon with no leg articulation, or for a Gamora that is less than stellar in appearance. What happened to the comic Star Lord (that was shown as a concept art either last year or the year before during SDCC)? IF it comes out as a swap later, then I might think about it. It would be nice to get a comic Groot BAF in the second wave, a Starlord & Gamora comic swaps, and possibly Agent Venom, but I fear this is just wishful thinking. Ugh, I'm dying here. I need a Legends set that I'm gonna be excited for the coming months! When do they usually reveal the SDCC exclusives? April or May?
  3. 8 Females in one line (Cuckoos counting as 3)? Sign me up, I want this line naaaaoooo!! Jubilee would be nice here too, or even Yukio. It's a shame. I actually feel like The Wolverine could have given us some great figures, had the Infinite series started when it got released instead of the Puck line. Silver Samurai BAF (movie), with Wolverine, Yukio, and Viper as movie figures, and Silver Samurai, Jean Grey (either unreleased), Hand Ninja, Lady Deathstrike (an update over that horrid Toybiz figure), Japanese outfit Wolverine, and Mariko Yashida as comic figures. A Classic Sunfire would be cool too-- if MU can get it, why can't ML, right?
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/UNRELEASED-MARVEL-LEGENDS-PHOENIX-FIVE-CYCLOPS-OFFICIAL-FIGURE-SAMPLE-HASBRO-NR-/281294808118?pt=US_Action_Figures&hash=item417e7a2436 Real or custom? I mean, how did anyone manage to snatch it from the display, if it really is real? Regardless, how much would any of you pay for this? I paid $75-ish-$100 dollars (don't remember the exact amount) for a custom Crimson Dawn Psylocke and custom Silver Luke Cage, knowing that I'll probably never be able to justify spending a heap load on the real thing. Of course, the real thing is always nice, but sometimes, a copy can be effective enough, no matter how illusory.
  5. Those struggling to get Black Widows (at a good price)-- check front page. Sounds like good news. But could this also mean the Winter Soldier is also destined to be a peg warmer?
  6. Is this a wishlist thread? Cuz here are my picks, as they are definitely not realistic. Evidently, I tried to limit the movie figures, as they have with the Spidey wave (2-7 split)... However, the Cap wave is an even 3-3 split (4-5 split, if you include the swaps + WWII movie figure), while the GOG wave, a 4-2 split. So who knows how the future makeups will turn out to be. Days of Future Past Movie figures: 1) Magneto (Fassbender) 2) Bolivar Trask Comic figures: 3) X-Factor -- Havok (modern) -- Multiple Man (modern; army builder hurrah) 4) Manipulators of Memory II --Rogue (unreleased legacy) --Danielle Moonstar (unreleased) 5) 80s Storm, with leather vest and mohawk. That or Classic costume. 6) Hosts of the Phoenix --White Phoenix (unreleased) --Phoenix 5 Cyclops (unreleased) BAF: Movie Sentinel... or Master Mold/Jubilee Lots of females and no strong headliners, aka Wolverine (hallelujah), but I don't care seeing as this is my wishlist. It'd be nice to have a movie sentinel BAF or a Master Mold, but that is unlikely with how small the packagings are. If that does happen, they won't be as big as the Toybiz Sentinels or the MU ones... so if that's the case, I'd rather they revert to the unreleased Jubilee. Age of Ultron Movie Figures: 1) Falcon 2) Quicksilver Hybrid Figures: 3) Scarlet Witch -- Movie -- Comic (a new one would be appreciated, considering the Toybiz atrocity. I would prefer the Marvel NOW outfit, though) Comic Figures: 4) Bulldozer (unreleased) 5) Ironsuits -- War Machine (unreleased) -- Rescue (unreleased) 6) Thunderbolts -- Batroc the Leaper (unreleased) -- Songbird or Blizzard (unreleased) BAF: Ultron Again, no solid headliners, but don't care. I'm much more interested to see the unreleased figures come to play. Ant-Man Movie figures: 1) Ant-Man 2) Hank Pym 3) Wasp (if she's in the movie; if not, a comic version then, perhaps her original look with skirt?) Comic figures: 4) Masters of Evil -- Tigershark (unreleased) -- Radioactive Man (unreleased) 5) Ultron's creations -- Vision (white out) -- Jocasta 6) Ant-Man -- Eric O'Grady -- Scott Lang BAF: Giant Man (Movie) As for the rest, I'd have to see whether those movies you have listed even get the thumbs up, lol. I'm really disappointed with the GoG wave, aside from the Nova figure. I hope they release some swaps that we don't know about to add some comic life. How about a Gamora comic version swap, or even Angela? She uses a sword too.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I couldn't contain my excitement. I managed to get another Black Widow from Amazon about 20-30 or so min. ago, just by virtue of refreshing every 2 seconds. Do I have a life? LOL! I guess if I really want something, I'd do anything to get it... Not the great price of $16.99-- $21.99, but hey I'll take it! Came down to about $31 with shipping/customs, which is still good I suppose, considering how much she sells for on Ebay and other venues. This makes up for me choosing not to get those AIMs @ HTS lol.
  8. I think at this point they do understand the demand for the army builders and other rare figures (such as Black Widow). It'd be hard for them not to, as they did decide on the cases makeup... but because they are the brains behind the production of the same figures they are selling, in order to appease their customers, they have to sell all their figures at the suggested retail price. This isn't anything new. For SDCC collectables, buying from HTS (if you are not attending comic con) is the cheapest way to go. That's where I got my Thunderbolts set, heehee. Again, shipping to Canada with that set was $32 flat, but at least I could justify that as it was a gigantic box. Buying from other sellers (US or Canada) for something that big would have been, on average, around that much for shipping to my location, so HTS was a good deal in this case. But the AIMs... I couldn't justify spending $50 ish on one AIM, $80 on 2, with S&H included. I could technically buy one from Amazon right now for $35 with shipping and custom taxes. So why go with HTS? sigh, such a shame to see a good price go. What I find peculiar is that one of Hasbro's bigger HQs is in Quebec, and yet they don't sell any of their products there (i.e. there isn't a Hasbro TS.ca). They're all manufactured overseas and shipped to the US for distribution in NA, and not Canada.
  9. LOL AIMs are gone. Welp. Hydras still up so click on the damn checkouts!
  10. A longshot, but does anyone wanna grab one AIM for me and sell it to me for $30-$32 US, shipping included? LOL! I don't live too far from the border-- Ontario L5V2Z9. PM me if you wanna do this act of goodwill. I have Paypal funds to spend!!!
  11. Hello, Hasbro Toy Shop is now selling Wave 1 of Captain America. So if you're still missing some AIM Soldiers/Hydra Soldiers, you can get them for 19.99 each. I tried grabbing some, but shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $32. For me to have a good deal, I'd have to buy 4 or more of them, and I don't have the cash for that right now, lol. I already have 3 Hydras myself, which is enough for my "army". Only have 2 AIMs, but I'll grab a third one on ebay with a Canadian seller. Enjoy to whoever grabs them.
  12. It is, but it's not very reliable. I have two apps applied to my browser, both free to use, which tracks the prices of whatever product/website you have them follow. They do give you email notifications, but neither recognizes the price changes quickly enough to do so. That, or Black Widow just plain sells out so fast that neither one of my apps can recognize the price change. I managed to get one... since I'm a writer, I'm pretty much attached to my mac so I check for BW availability whenever I can. I was able to get one simply by checking every few sentences I write, and neither of the apps even recognized the price change to send me an email. There may be some programs out there that might cost money to use... but are probably much more reliable than the free apps. Up to you if you want to look into that.
  13. I managed to one-click one. Wanted to get a second one, and it was gone lol. Still waiting... She is truly elusive. I feel like 1-click is the only way to go, cuz the first time it came up as 16.99, I had to enter all my info and it screwed it up. LOL. Got lucky the second time.
  14. Woooow. Literally, for the last hour, I've been staring with the frustration at the message "We are sorry. The item cannot be shipped to your address" at Amazon.com. The joys of living in Canada. Toxin was $16.99, and I watched the number in stock go down to 0 lol. I don't get it. Amazon LLC sold me 4 figures last week, but won't ship me this one. Tear.
  15. Thanks a lot for this. Picked up the whole set. Who knew they shipped to Canada? I just dread the custom fees once they get here, lol. But only way to get them apart from insane Ebay prices. Also, I just checked Amazon. Black Widow was 16.99 for like a split second. Lol. Picked up Boomerang, Winter Soldier, and Spider Girl all for $16.99. Not a bad deal. Also got a Movie Cap America from last night, same price. I wanted to get two WS, but there was only one left being sold for $16.99. Get a Boomerang/Spider Girl, as they still have some left.
  16. Geez, do you guys have those RSS update notifiers or something similar? How are you all so on top of the updates? Not that I'm competition. I'm Canadian and would think three times before I purchase something from an American site. Customs, conversion, increased shipping prices are all things I have to think about. So can someone kindly give me a rundown of how that works?
  17. Are there any Canadians here? I live in Ontario, but no luck downtown Toronto or the GTA when it comes to Wave 2. Wave 1, only Spiderman pegwarmers (both Spideys + Beetle) are the only ones left in local Wal-Marts/Targets, if any. Cap Am Wave 1 only pegwarmers remain in select TRUs. I'm a little frustrated as I found a Montreal/Ottawa store selling the Cap Am Wave 2 online, selling Wave 2 case of 6 for $190 with shipping and taxes included. Really don't want to have to spend that kind of moolah, especially on (my predicted) pegwarmers Marvel Now Cap Am, Red Skull, and Zemo. The most you can sell those for are... what, 20, 25 bucks apiece? If you're lucky?
  18. Online exclusive- I feel like this is the only way to go. As far as the roster, I'm not sure who I'd want. Maybe... 1) Shi'Ar Empresses- Deathbird/Lilandra To my knowledge, the Shi'Ar haven't been featured that much the past few years in the comics, so this may not be practical. Even MU doesn't even have any members apart from Gladiator. But ever since that Toyfare poll, I've wanted a Lilandra figure for the longest time.2) Avenger Angels- Ms. Marvel/Scarlet Witch (I rather like Wanda's Marvel Now outfit) Just some remakes of the horrid Toybiz molds.3) Sly Sorceresses- Amora/Selene Villains. I think they represent well two of the strongest Avengers/X-Men villains.4) Bird Belles- Songbird/Snowbird Further completion of the Thunderbolts and Alpha Flight teams.5) Peter's Partners- Mary Jane/ Gwen Stacy We need Spider-man universe reps. An alternative I'd prefer are his enemies: Silver Sable/Typhoid Mary maybe?6) X-goddesses- Polaris/Storm Still no Polaris to this day. The last X-woman we got was Hope (Mystique if you wanna get technical), and personally, I couldn't care less, especially if Polaris keeps topping most wanted charts. 7) Inhuwomen- Medusa/Crystal Who was the last Inhuman we got? Only Black Bolt right? That said, these two are not likely, even in a regular ML line. But one can hope. If Medusa can make MU, maybe...just maybe.8) Gender Benders- Capt America/Iron Man in female form You can be sure something like this will be implemented, just to force the Iron Man and Cap collectors to pick up the wave, or these two at the very least. Although, I would rather have some female Cap villains. Maybe Diamondback? Or even a Guardians of the Galaxy women, like Gamora/Moondragon? Or maybe Marauder women like Vertigo/Malice? Ugh, so many choices, and we're not much closer to getting any of these wonderful female characters. BAF: Giant Girl? Madame Web? Thundra? Mankiller? I really want Giant Girl, even if she's as big as the MU Goliath figure. But I don't think we're gonna get any bigger BAFs from now on that were Sentinel/Giant Man sized.
  19. Females, especially during the toybiz days, weren't exactly the best sellers. As such, a line of all females probably will never happen. And the selection of female figs have been very limited, most likely because Hasbro cannot take the risk of overproducing more than one female in each line (not including swaps or exclusives). So what happens as a result, evident especially in the recent lines, is that a female figure's price will sky rocket onto the stratosphere, particularly in the second hand markets. But what if there were talks of getting an all female line? Would you buy it? What restrictions do you think would make it possible for it to be a success? And who would you want in?
  20. Any Canadians out there? Maybe Torontonians who can help me out? Haven't seen these yet locally in my suburb... there is a Target here, but their system is different from that of the US, so no DCPIs unfortunately. Only article #s... Anyone seen these in their areas? Would love to snag both sets, and maybe 3 each of the soldiers.
  21. Vincent, I have had your problem for the longest time, which prompted me to stop collecting for a period. But the wonders of online ordering became my salvation. True, retail costs are very low, but action figures I find, are not as prominent as they used to be more than a decade ago (and possibly, not as profitable?). The most recent wave my local stores carry is the Hit Monkey, skipping Epic Heroes altogether. The local Disney store stopped carrying any action figures altogether, not even the Marvel Universe line. I live in a major city suburb, mind you. Honestly, if you want any of the new lines, succumb to order online. Get them asap, for if you wait around another couple of years hoping for their retail release, you might find that their rarities have hit the market and their prices, skyrocketed. Also, the Wolverine Legends line was never meant to hit any retail stores. Online exclusive. You might find some local comic book specialty stores carrying them, but don't expect them for cheap prices or large quantities.
  22. BBTS has it up now, as well as the Spidey Legends figures. January 2014 release date... Hmm, isn't that a little soon? I thought they were releasing these babies on film release dates? But then again, the Black Widow and Winter Soldier, both of which are the movie versions, will come out at a later wave, presumably closer to the movie's release date. So I guess that's okay too.
  23. I love the idea of swap figures... if they actually get delivered. I REALLY don't mind having to pay for another set just to secure them and to support Hasbro. I really don't. But they need to commit to getting these all out. My thoughts: 1) I think the Arachne might be Anya Corazon Spider-Girl... their costumes are very similar, but their hairstyles... the auburn colour leads me to suggest it might be Anya, not Julia. The latter in more relatively recent drawings, especially in Omega Flight, has been sporting blonde hair, not her classic auburn fade. 2) Carnage swap might be Eddie Brock Toxin? 3) How do you know the two spideys are separate? I think they'll both be available in both waves. Think about it: Spiderman movie figure gets an arm almost as big as him... this leads me to suggest that one other figure gets the other arm, two figures get one of each leg, one figure gets the torso, and as is customary in almost every wave, the head gets its own figure. That's 6 BAF pieces. Also, it says at the bottom of the posters "#01-06", suggesting a total of 6 figures... So yes, the two spideys are separate figures, but looking at the poster, I think they'll be available in both sets.
  24. Oh hai professor, Basically what prime said. Here are some other notable things I can recall. Good news: - Movie line will focus more on getting all swaps out - However, while it has been assured that the Cap Am movie line will have all swaps guaranteed, as well as available all in one box, the same cannot be said of the Spiderman line. - This means that Wave 1 of Cap Am line will offer Cap Am, Hydra soldier, Aim Soldier, Red Skull, and Zemo available all in one box. The other revealed figures will be released in a second wave. Bad news: - Spiderman lineup will consist of Spidey, another Spider version, movie Electro, Black Cat, Carnage, Boomerang, Ult Beetle. It is unknown at this moment which figures will be featured in the first and second waves. - The unreleased swaps (MoonSTAR [CJay kept calling her Moonstone], Blade, Lyra, Sentry, Iron Fist, Bulldozer, Jean Grey I and II) do not have a planned release date in 2014... meaning, if they were to be included in a later wave, it will most likely wait till 2015. - no news on the Jubilee wave. It's mid November... highly unlikely they'll be released this year, if at all.
  25. It's been almost three months since SDCC. A status report would be nice. Perhaps a timeline of the next year indicating when to expect certain running changes, if at all.
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