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  1. Not sure if these really count, but I repainted and re-caped a Keaton Batman into the version "I" like.


    Nightwing is Cloak's body, combined with an ultimate Storm Shadow's head. Also had to change his hand to another Joe's so that he could hold the stick.


    As I have a better Nightwing... Injustice Nightwing is in the process of becoming Robin.

    Haven't decided yet if I'll go Tim Drake or Young Justice Grayson... probably Drake ;)



  2. Gotten behind in posting myself. Here's a few fun ones I've been working on?

    Darkhawk got a little sanding and painting, nothing too crazy there. Still, while I love the idea that they MADE a Darkhawk at all... THIS is the version I know and love.



    And a good old fashioned Johnny Blaze.


    Ghost Rider body, Nick Fury coat. Can't remember where the gun came from... one of the random GI JOes I think.


    The head and bike were from the 90's Ghost Rider line, these came from the Blaze 'stunt rider' ones.

  3. I've had amazing luck with the acetone nail polish remover. I tried a couple things that just I worked and worked and got no results... I tried that stuff and a simple swipe smeared it right off.

    blew my mind.

    Too much can have negative results with the plastic, but in moderation I haven't seen anything that compared.

  4. Here's a couple of long works in progress finally finished :)




    Recipe, Classic Thor body, Thor 2: DW head (sleevless version) Nick Fury coat (had to boil and pop a bicep to get it on... but seems to work once its there.)

    Carved up mjolnir that didn't turn out as good in my head as I'd hoped... but still better than I had ;)


    cut the hair a bit to accentuate the ponytail... but doesn't show well on the picture... GOT to get a better camera one of these days....









    and a functional Doc Ock :D

    Pretty easy here. Doc ock with stupid backpack arms... and secret wars arms. dremel. glue. SUCCESS!!! A doc who's arms will ACTUALLY reach farther then his NORMAL arms... O.o






  5. Yep! Protector's the one I was thinking of. Never heard of him before, and what they did with the package was no way to drum up interest :-/


    Personally I prefer SOME kind of bio or interesting tidbit of knowledge about who I'm buying... I think the first time I heard Daredevil was blind was way back on the original Secret Wars figure. Loved him ever since!

    Legends kind of got into the rut of "Buy this... because your looking for leg piece #3 to go with the other 5 pieces you have... so who cares who this character is... " and less about the individual characters in their own right :-/






    kinda true but AGAIN they didn't release or make reference to any of the other Marvel Knights in the pack.


    And That X-men set is not what I was trying to say at all.


    I literally mean if,


    the packaged the "One" figure of Wolverine as the X-men,


    then as the variant of that one "X-men"


    The One figure


    They then packaged "storm" as the X-men...


    and leave it at that like they did with "Marvel Knights"


    but then again I felt it kinda worked for A-Bomb or Abomination being called "Abominations".


    but I'm weird that way.



    Oh, I agree with what your saying.

    I'll go a step farther... I think it's a stupid name... since few people even REMEMBER it. It was a failed comic 13 years ago. Vol one went 15 issues and then petered out... vol 2 lasted 6 issues.


    Worst of all, While I had them all because I was a HUGE Daredevil fanatic at the time... Even I barely remember it. I know the idea was 'catch the punisher'.... DD and Black widow started it... moonknight joined in and financed it... Shangchi was around... and MK paid Luke Cage to be some muscle... mostly because it brought back the yellow collar shirt Iook I loved so much for him... But cloak and dagger??


    I vaguely remember dagger in some background shots... but really, don't remember much else about her in it. The book wasn't about them, and they didn't do a whole lot in it...

    Dragging up a 13 year old name of a failed comic concept just to name these two is a WEIRD decision... O.o




    but is "Marvel Knights" actually better?


    honestly Cloak and Dagger sounds much cooler UNLESS they planning to release the whole team as Marvel Knights.


    It's kinda like Saying


    "Marvel's X-men" and only packaging Wolverine or Storm as the variant...and that's it. Because of copyright issues.




    Didn't they though?


    we already HAVE Punisher, daredevil, moon knight, black widow and Power Man... Multiple costumes of each too....

    Shang chi's the only one missing. Which is better than MOST teams out there :P


    We also had an X-men pack with only wolvie, rogue, and longshot of all people...




    As a rule, I like to see the actual NAMES of the people on the box... but at least they tell us something about the characters this time. There was a dude in all white in a recent marvel Legends line that I STILL have no idea who or what he was supposed to be...


    SOooooooo.... I had an 'incident' yesterday applying some spray matte clear on a custom. I'm not sure if I didn't shake it well enough or WHAT. but the figure ended up with a white frosting kind of 'slimed' look.


    Basically looks like crap, and now I need it off. Anyone know a good way to get that stuff OFF a figure? soap? Acetone? REALLY don't wnat to start from scratch on this thing... but gotta do SOMEthing....

    Don't know if this will work but when i'm using testors and mess up I throw the piece into some lighter fluid and it comes off pretty good. Just wash it off with water afterwards lol



    Hmmm... Thanks for the suggestion. Have to see what I can find...




    ......it's already painted right? Everything you can do is going to strip off what you painted. It sucks, but I've done that before. You have to repaint.





    This isn't so much a custom... as it is a metal miniature, but I use pretty much the same process. At the end, I usually hit it with a coat or two of shiny clear gloss for a nice hard shell... then hit with some matte clear to knock the shine down.


    The matte clear went on like crap... I'm REALLY hoping I can find a way to just lose the first layer or two before ruining the paint on this guy... Feels like I've been working on him forever... and frankly I'm a little bored with him. BUt he's for a friend, so it's gotta get done. The idea of starting from scratch just nauseates me a bit...


    I've had the clear coat wear off after time and use.... but I've neverreally TRIED to take it off... I'm wondering if thinner or acetone would even work on that stuff O.o

    I put it on there to NOT come off >.<


    Sounds a BIT encouraging on that part though! :)

  8. SOooooooo.... I had an 'incident' yesterday applying some spray matte clear on a custom. I'm not sure if I didn't shake it well enough or WHAT. but the figure ended up with a white frosting kind of 'slimed' look.


    Basically looks like crap, and now I need it off. Anyone know a good way to get that stuff OFF a figure? soap? Acetone? REALLY don't wnat to start from scratch on this thing... but gotta do SOMEthing....

  9. Everyone is doing such great work right now.


    Molecule Man



    Recipe - 25th Anniversary GI JOE Lift-Ticket. The expression was just too perfect for the most nebbish villain of all.

    Torso and arms- Kang

    Hands - Iron Fist

    Legs- ...I think SW Cyclops with the upper boots from W:O Cyclops with the feed from a Spiderman (no reason for that combo, just had some parts to use)

    Torso thingy- sculpted.


    I want to finish the Secret Wars characters. Still need to do Titania and a comic accurate Lizard.

    Love it!


    He's on my list too... I mean, we are SOOOOo close to a perfect cast of Secret Wars... Sooooo close.....



    Anyone ever done anything with him to make him look cool? I keep looking at him, and hes'... BORING. just 'a dude' standing there...


    I open up any random book and just standing around he's still stretched in out flat or longer arms or oversized hands or something... Anyone seen some good mods or customs or Molded parts that will help spice him up a bit?


    Maybe like Sizemore's sandman up above? I'd love a Mr.Fantastic that's ready for an 'action shot'.

  11. The first custom I had planned from the moment I saw Proffessor X's suit.


    Personally, I LOVE some secret ID figure. I'd like to see a few more steve Rogers, 'glasses' Cyclops, peter Parkers, not to mention some Bruce Wayne and Clark Kents


    He's TECHNIQUELY done... but I REALLY like the wave 2 Avengers Hawkeye head that's coming out... so I figure he'll be changed when I get one of those!!! Also doesn't hold Mockingbirds clubs very well at ALL.... so I could foresee a change of hands in his future...


    Basically, cut out the vest, Painted the belt black and shirt white for a little contrast and repainted movie Hawkeye's head. Needed a little silicone to stay on prof's neck, but fairly sturdy now.


    Thought about painting the tie-tack for some more contrast



    MATT MURDOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!








  12. Well, time to add a few of my projects!! I may try to touch up a little paint, maybe do something with the belts, but these are close to finished.


    These are based on the 'All-New X-men' book.... so there are a few 'retcon discrepencies' from the original x-men #1. Like Iceman with no boots.


    Cyclops and Iceman were the easiest. Just simple repaints. Iceman got some more 'white' added to him... (I think this was an X-factor version to begin with... so I took his belt off and gave it to the single carded Iceman with the silver 'x-factor' costume... not really CANON... but it looks good with the rest of the team.

    Cyclops just got went from first class Cyclops... to 'REAL' First class costume.



    Angel was a bit trickier. Origianlly a wave 20 version, He got Power Man's lower legs/boots, Iron Fist's head, and wings painted whiter.







    Looks like a job for a Time Lord. I... just LOVE the 3.75 scale... ^_^




    Beast was a fun puzzle and I like how he turned out... Always bugged me we didn't get a human beast (or ape) version of him with the x-factor set..So I decided to make my own. Then I got hooked on All-new X-men, and focus changed. I still hold out hope for a good blue furry version... so human went to original class :)

    Thunderbird Body

    Sentry left Bicep... T-birds kept falling off.

    Hands: Grinnah the goblin from hobbit 3.75

    Feet: Bilbo from Hobbit 6'' scale

    Head: Captain America 5PoA from big lots.




    Finally, Marvel Girl!


    Base, First Class Marvel girl.

    Lower Legs, Mockingbird
    head: Tauriel from Hobbit 3.75 2-pack


    Head took a lot of sanding. filing, and cutting to make it look decent, but I'm content how it turned out.








    How did you attach your wings? I drilled holes in her back and used thumb tacks, but I feel like there is a better way than thumbtacks that allow for wing motion a little better.




    On a seperate note... Why?


    I've been planning a full sized Wasp for some time now.... but I never planned on GIVING her wings...


    I admit my comic collection has been very hit or miss since civil war, but she never used to grow wings till she shrunk. Can she do that at full size now?



    I still think the original Secret Wars 2 pack Cap is, all around, the best Cap made to date at any scale.



    I know this has to be a mistake.. because you can't really mean "at any scale"..


    there have been some true masterpieces of Captain America made in the Toybiz Marvel Legends line.. 6 inch and even the big 18 inchers


    Yeah, I actually do. there is something about it that just so perfectly captures Cap and how I think he should look.


    I do like the original ML Cap a lot, the two are very close.


    I also have all the 12 inch movie caps from Hot Toys.



    I absolutely LOVE my wave 1 ML Cap, He was probably my favorite, but his shield went missing and I can't seem to track down a good replacement for it :(

  15. Could anyone actually clear up WHY they like SW or actually more importantly... What is the deal with the wave 22 one? I keep hearing he has a new sculpt.... but for the life of me I can't see any difference. OTHER then the belt piece... which I consider VASTLY inferior to the sculpted black belt from the Magneto/Cap set.



    Which honestly is MY favorite one. Secret Wars version does not have the white star on his back, and thus looks incomplete to me... and he's got the pouches and utility belt of the 2000's cap. I loved him when I got him... but looked to upgrade. LUB cap looked pretty good with the classic 80's black belt sculpted... but he didn't have the star on his back either.



    Magneto/Cap however... has the white star, the sculpted belt, waist articulations AND Elastic on shield so it can stay on his back... without a hole in the middle of his back.

    Frankly I love that version, and despite my roaring addiction, I just can't seem to find a reason to bother wave 22 or LUB. What's the appeal?

  16. Ok... been doing a few head swaps and repaints... but now I want to switch some parts.


    Add in the fact that I just broke my SW Mr. Fantastic just by spinning his bicep around, I'm a LITTLE nervous...


    Soooooooo what is the preferred method of switching the body parts here? Masters of the Universe folks talk about 'boil and pop' and Hairdryers... but those are much sturdier toys. Does that work here too?






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