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  1. I forgot about Avengers 3 and I think there will be a New Avengers movie and I would like to see all Avengers characters made because I'm a big Avengers fan : Swordsman Mantis Moondragon Hellcat Two-Gun Kid Doctor Druid Starfox Spectrum Tigra Firebird Forgotten One Quarsar (Wendell Vaughn) Sersi Stingray Rage Machine Man Living Lightning Thunderstrike Justice Triathlon Silver Claw Jack of Hearts Echo Amadeus Cho Doctor Strange Manifold Shang-Chi Sunfire Ex Nihilo Abyss Blade Alexis Doombot Victor Mancha Plus all the ones mentioned above
  2. Amazing Spider-Man 3 Green Goblin/ Hobgoblin (Comic) Mysterio/Vulture Kingpin/Sandman The Lizard (Comics) Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacy (Comic & Movie) Cloak & Dagger Spider-Woman/Arachne BAF: Rhino (Comic) Black Panther Black Panther (Comics & Movie) Black Panther (Shuri) Storm Brother Voodoo White Tiger (Kasper Cole) Man-Ape Radioactive Man Venom Spider-Man (Symbiote) Venom (Eddie Brock) Venom (Flash Thompson) Venom (Movie) Anti-Venom Valkyrie Mania BAF: Venom (Mac Gargan) Amazing Spider-Man 4 Spider-Man (Comics) Hydro Man Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Moon Knight Captain Britain Mockingbird Firestar The Wolverine 2 Silver Fox (Comics) Copycat Wild Child Aurora Chamber Stepford Cuckoos Jean-Phillippe Cluster Sinister Six Sinister Six Superior Six Superior Foes Sinister Twelve X-Force Bishop Boom Boom Wolfsbane E.V.A. Psylocke Marrow MeMe Dr. Nemesis Siryn Vanisher Colossus Domino Forge The Defenders Silver Surfer Black Knight Daredevil Nighthawk Ghost Rider Man-Thing Darkhawk U.S. Agent Deathlok
  3. Marvel Legends Infinite Series - X-Men: Days of Future Past Magneto (Marvel Now & Movie) Rogue (Marvel Now & Unreleased) Jubilee / X -23 (Modern) (Havok (Marvel Now) / Vulcan) or (Angel normal skin w/ metallic wings / Iceman Modern) (Beast (Marvel Now and Movie) or (Gambit / Nightcrawler) BAF: Juggernaut Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Ant-Man Ant-Man (Movie) Ant-Man (Scott Lang / Eric O'Grady) Hank Pym (Movie & Comic) Wasp (Modern) Vision (Modern) / Jocasta Yellowjacket Monica Chang BAF: Stature or Modern Giant-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Avengers 2: Age of Ultron: There so many characters to pick from Hyperion (Black & Gold)/ Blue Marvel Cannonball & Sunspot Luke Cage & Iron Fist Ares/Hercules Wonder Man/Captain Britain Jessica Jones/Lionheart Nightmask/Star Brand Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver (Comic & Movie) War Machine (Comic & Movie) Captain Universe/Smasher BAF: Atlas Marvel Legends Infinite Series - The Fantastic Four Mr. Fantastic (Comic (Future Foundation) and Movie) Invisible Woman (Comic (Future Foundation) and Movie) The Thing (Comic (Future Foundation) and Movie) Human Torch (Comic (Future Foundation) and Movie) Crystal Black Bolt & Medusa She-Hulk BAF: Dragon Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series - X-Men: Apocalypse Mr. Sinister Stryfe/ Cable Storm (Comic Modern and movie) Toad (Comic and movie) Polaris/Danger Darwin BAF: Apocalypse Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Captain America 3 Falcon (Comic and movie) Sharon Carter/Black Widow (Comics) Winter Soldier (Comics) Human Torch (Jim Hammond)/Namor D-Man Quake Male & Female SHIELD Agents BAF:Armadillo Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Thor 3 Marvel Now Thor Beta Ray Bill Thor (Movie) Sif Valkyrie Loki (Comic and movie) Jane Foster (Comic and movie) Enchantress BAF: Odin Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Hulk Marvel Now Hulk Red Hulk Rick Jones A-Bomb Skaar Sentry Hulk (movie) Lyra Thundra BAF: Abomination
  4. That's a great idea since I think he's joining the team in the current story line sometime soon. I would like to see comic versions of all the Guardians especially Agent Venom and Captain Marvel
  5. I would like to see the Agent Venom from SDCC 13 in this line
  6. Hopefully Hasbro doesn't give us any figures based on the atrocities of the movie characters because more than half of them look horrible. So I would love to see a comic based figures only since there are a lot of X-Men figure I would like to see
  7. Just a hunch but I think we'll get some of the figures that were not released in previous lines like Jubilee, Dani Moonstar, X-Force Archangel, White Pheonix and AoA Jean Grey, and Rogue.
  8. There are so many characters to choose from for BAF's Apocalypse Galactus Sentinels I missed out on all of 'em Fin Fang Foom Frost Giants would be good The Watcher with Deadpool accessories Hulk and Rulk size of MS versions w/ articulation Thing size of MS version w/ articulation Modern Giant-Man
  9. I would like if for some of the BAF's they would make variant for it so you won't have the same BAF if you don't want one like w/ the Ult Green Goblin line you will have 3 BAF parts left over from the SWAP figures and I don't want 3 left over parts and I don't want another Ult Green Goblin but I also don't want doubles for some figure like that Electro. I think every figure should have a Swap figure like Sup. Spidey should have Doc Ock or Moon Knight swap figure Amazing Spidey Movie should have Spider-Man (Comics), Green Goblin, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) swap figure Movie Electro should have Electro (Comics version) swap figure Cap Line: MN! Cap maybe Sharon Carter, D-Man swap figure WWII Cap maybe Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Namor Swap figure Movie Winter Soldier of course a comic version of him swap figure Movie Black Widow a Comic vrsion of her swap figure Movie Cap a comic version of Falcon swap figure
  10. I think Apocalypse might come in the X-Men: Apocalypse movie. Onslaught would be good too. I also would like the newer version of Magneto too. I think they need to make the Alpha Flight since there's only Guardian, Sasquatch, and Puck we've gotten but some redo's would be good. There are so many X-Men and X-Men related characters to make so hopefully the have like 3 waves so we can have a lot more X-Men characters.
  11. There are so many X-Men characters to choose from for a wishlist My wishlist for the ones I want the most are Angel (Normal skin w/ Metal wings)/ Iceman Nightcrawler/ Beast (MN!)/ Northstar Sunfire/ Banshee/ Gambit Thunderbird/ Warpath/ Jugg-Colossus Havok (UA)/ Vulcan/ Cyclops (MN!) Gladiator/ Juggernaut Cable/ Forge Psylocke/ Storm/ Lady Mastermind/ Magik BAF: Sentinels
  12. Spawn of Symbiotes 2: Venom/ Anti-Venom/ Agent Venom Sinster Foes: Sandman/ Vulture Trusted Allies: Cloak & Dagger Spiders: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)/ Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)/ Spider-Man 2099 Nights Vigilantes: Moon Knight/ Daredevil Fearsome Martial Artists: Iron Fist/ Shang-Chi Sinster Foes 2: Electro/ Mysterio New Avengers: Luke Cage/ Dr. Strange BAF: Rhino
  13. Jubilee Wave: Moonstone / Songbird Blizzard / Batroc The Leaper Radioactive Man / Tiger Shark Venom (Flash Thompson) Thor (Marvel Now!) BAF: Jubilee When are these coming out because they're all really great figures especially Venom and Thor. Maybe we'll get a variant of Venom with red and a Beta Ray Bill variant of Thor because they are pretty much in scale w/ each other.
  14. Ares Hercules Nova (Richard Rider) Luke Cage Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Magneto (Marvel Now) Angela Rocket Raccoon (Marvel Now) Groot (Marvel Now) Drax (Marvel Now) Gamora (Marvel Now) Star-Lord (Marvel Now) Iron Man (Marvel Now) (Black and Gold Armor & Space Armor MK III) Silver Surfer Quicksilver Wasp (Marvel Now) Swordsman Black Knight Vision Mantis Moondragon Hellcat Two-Gun Kid Falcon Wonder Man Tigra She-Hulk Starfox Namor Doctor Druid Mockingbird Fantastic Four (Future Foundation) Moon Knight Firebird D-Man Forgotten One Human Torch (Jim Hammond) Sersi Stingray Rage Machine Man Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) Living Lightning Crystal Thunderstrike Darkhawk X-23 Giant-Man Justice Firestar Triathlon Silverclaw Jocasta Ant-Man (Scott Lang) Jack of Hearts Captain Britain (Lionheart) Echo Amadeus Cho Stature Valkyrie Ant-Man (Eric O' Grady) Doctor Strange Power Woman Daredevil Storm (Avengers & Uncanny X-Force) Captain Britain Spider-Woman Rogue (Marvel Now) Manifold Power Woman (Victor Alvarez) White Tiger (Ava Ayala) Maria Hill (Secret Avengers) Vulcan Psylocke Beta Ray Bill
  15. If hasbro continues with this movie line for 2 more waves I would like to see: Sandman, Moon Knight, Fantastic Four (Future Foundation), Shang-Chi, Firestar, Cloak & Dagger, Daredevil, Shocker, Mysterio, Vulture, Rage, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Iceman, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Nova (Richard Rider), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Captain Britain, Wasp, Toxin, Rhino etc...
  16. I would've liked to see these figure be released for this movie line are: Demolition Man, Comic versions of Black Widow and Winter Soldier, Agent 13 (Sharon Carter), Mockingbird, Falcon, Namor, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Taskmaster.
  17. I have a long list of figures I'd like to see and I know most of the people that comment on this too but I'm just gonna put a couple characters here now. Wishlist: Sharon Carter (Secret Avengers) Quake Angel (Normal Skin w/ Metal Wings) Black Widow Moon Knight Headpool Lady Deadpool Kidpool Colossus (Cable & X-Force) Domino (Cable & X-Force) Cable (Cable & X-Force) Forge (Cable & X-Force) Dr. Nemesis (Cable & X-Force) Red-Hulk Indestructible Hulk Boom Boom (Cable & X-Force) Havok (Uncanny Avengers) Taskmaster Polaris Nightcrawler Beast (Last Mutation) Black Bolt Medusa Northstar Sasquatch Omega (Michael Pointer) Guardian (James Hudson) Spider-Man 2099 Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Sandman Hyperion (Black & Gold) Quicksilver Juggernaut Sunfire Sunspot (Avengers) Cannonball (Avengers) Shang-Chi (Avengers) Captain Universe (Avengers) Smasher (Avengers) Spider-Hero Ronin Nightmask Ex Nihlo Abyss Starbrand Phil Coulson Nick Fury Jr. Spectrum Blue Marvel Scarlet Witch
  18. If the Captain America, Spider-Man, X-Men, and future movie ML lines get extended to at least 2 I'd like to see: Captain America: Agent 13 (Comic & Movie Versions) Black Widow (Comic Version) Winter Soldier (Comic Version) Hydra Soldiers (Comic Version) Taskmaster Nick Fury (Comic Version Nick Fury Jr. (Secret Avengers) Nuke Falcon D-Man Armadillo Spider-Man: Sandman Toxin Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) Green Goblin Gwen Stacy (Comic Version) MJ (Comic Version) Superior Spider-Man or Classic Spider-Man (if they put the other in the wave that's coming out)
  19. Avengers: In Their Costumes When They Were On Any Avengers Team (Avengers, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Avengers A.I.) ​​​Black Bolt (Re-do) Nova (Richard Rider) [Re-do] Nova (Sam Alexander) Jocasta Star Brand Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) Iron Man (Black & Gold or Godkiller Armor) Hank Pym (Avengers A.I.) Wasp (Uncanny Avengers) Vision (Avengers A.I.) Black Knight Doctor Druid Black Widow Agent 13 Maria Hill Quake Abyss Ex Nihlo Cannonball Sunspot Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Captain Universe (Tamara Devoux) Falcon Hulk w/ armor Hyperion (Black & Gold Version) Manifold Nightmask Shang-Chi Smasher (Izzy) Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) Spider-Woman Modern Luke Cage Justice Beast (Last Modern Mutation) Black Swan Mr. Fantastic (Future Foundation) Invisible Woman (Future Foundation) Thing (Future Foundation) Namor Dr. Strange Havok Rogue Sunfire Wonder Man Nick Fury Jr. Phil Coulson Mockingbird Taskmaster Alexis Monica Chang Doombot Victor Mancha White Tiger (Ava Ayala) Aleta Ogord Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter) Captain Britain (Brian Braddock) Captain Britain (Lionheart) Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) Charlie-27 Crystal D-Man Firebird Firestar Flux Hellcat Jack Of Hearts Justice Living Lightning Machine Man Major Victory Red-Hulk (Re-do) Quasar Yondu Moondragon Rage Martinex Mantis Nikki Sersi She-Hulk Stingray Sandman Silverclaw Valkyrie Storm Starfox Ant-Man (Eric O' Grady) Ares Scott Lang Daredevil Darkhawk Swaordsman Two-Gun Kid Triathlon Whizzer Echo Amadeus Cho Ronin Power Woman Moon Knight Speedball Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson) Stature Power Man (Victor Alvarez) Blue Marvel
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