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  1. could be 70s-80s X-Men Ala New Phoenix (cus the Toy Biz one was fugly as hell) Nightcrawler as you mentioned Dazzler 80s Psylocke (wishful thinking) Age of Apocalyse Magneto (highly likely considering its promoting the Apocalypse film) 90s Rogue (is a given) 90s Jubiliee (id die) Gambit is long over-due North Star and Aurora would be amazing dunno if Id want a 1st Appearance Storm, or Jim Lee Storm New Banshee in X-Uniform Reavers (maybe that will be in the BAF) Brown Suit Wolverine Morph (cartoon series) 90s Beast 90s Cyclops Age of Apocalypse Iceman switchout head on 90s Iceman body Polaris Lilandra and Professor X in hover chair BAF or Apocalypse BAF
  2. Don't know if this is posted but the first X-MEN LEGENDS wave of 2016 will include 7 figures (none of which will be movie figures) First up is 90s Rogue which everyone is aware of (the BAF part that comes with Rogue is an alternative Magneto onslaught head). Now since the actual BAF for the first XMEN wave has not been announced however is suppose to be very "impressive" I think the BAF will be Professor X in hover chair, or a new Apocalypse The 6 other figures in the wave I'm certain will be from the X-MEN 92 cartoon era (Jim Lee) I am hoping for a Jim Lee 90s Cyclops Jim Lee 90s Gambit (updated from Toy Biz even though that one was great) Jim Lee 90s Beast and then we have possibilities for the remaining Blue and Gold team members... the most important ones would be 90s Storm, 90s Jubilee But since we already have a Jim Lee Jean Grey, Archangel, and arguably Iceman ... maybe even Colossus I hope we don't see another Wolverine... but of course that is just wishful thinking. The only Wolverine Id like to see is Old Man Logan Polaris might be a possibility as well as Quicksilver But I hope they complete the first wave with primarily 92 XMen cartoon series... maybe even have a Morph figure from the cartoon line / comic line
  3. I got one for a decent price $91 shipped, before prices went insane Thanks anyways. The Thunderbolts set was ridiculous I think I had to pay close to $160 shipped ---- Only other exclusive I can think of that was 1 per customer was the Hellicarrier which I couldn't order since HTS.COM wouldn't ship that to Canada.
  4. btw I had 4 'open in new window' tabs going for each listing I wanted. Clicked on the add to cart button on each page... and hope for the best one would take me to checkout.
  5. Antman SDCC Exclusive is still available on the website. I entered 4 for quantity, and it prompted me to the checkout, it automatically reduced it to 2. So yeah the limits for the exclusives and almost everything else on their website is 2
  6. Last year I did attend Con I bought two Thanos Imperatives and two Foam Gloves ---- The year of Uncanny X-Force Legends I bought 2 3-pack Uncanny X-Force Legends and 2 Masters of Evil 3packs (from Hasbrotoyshop.com) --- I attended Con in 2011 and bought 2 Sentinels and I think 4 Marvel Legend Thors (I still have) --- Im pretty sure Thunderbolts pack and Deadpool Taco Truck were 2 per customer // I missed those that year because I slept in and I had to go thru eBay which was a nightmare
  7. even at San Diego Comic Con they limit it 2 per person unless its something big like Magic I've never seen a "1 per customer limit" on Marvel Legends Con exclusives since they beginning ie-Galactus MU Masterworks SDCC
  8. in the past they've allowed up to 2 per order and nothing on any of the listings says limit 1 per order. I just looked now
  9. Glad to say I got my order in Massive order MU Thunderstrike MU Shanna MU Doc Ock MU Vulture MU Daredevil MU Ultimate Spider-Man 2 * Doctor Strange SDCC Exclusive 2 * Antman Global Event Exclusive 2 * Mini Antman Figure Helps save on shipping and beats eBay prices. Also get to open one and keep one. win / win
  10. Daredevil Legends: -Daredevil (Shadowland Variant ?) - we already got a Daredevil figure in the last Spidey Wave -Elektra -Lady Bullseye -Blade -Mr Fear -Purple Man -Foggy Nelson BAF Mephisto X-Men Legends II -Iceman -Polaris -Havok (Modern) -Nightcrawler -Rogue -Dark Phoenix -Professor X (in hover chair) -Aurora & Northstar -Gambit -BAF: Apocalypse (movie or new comic) Avengers Wave -Quicksilver -Mockingbird -Luke Cage -Antman (comic) -Iron Fist -Sam Wilson Cap -Lady Thor BAF: Uatu Other random figures -Spider Gwen -Mary Jane Watson -Traditional Green Goblin / Mysterio / Kingpin -Moonstar -Savage She-Hulk -Fantastic Four box set (I can hope)
  11. BAF: MEPHISTO - Daredevil - Lady Bullseye - Elektra - Franklin Foggy Nelson - Luke Cage - Mister Fear - Purple Man or Cloak & Dagger I doubt we'd see another Blackheart but it is a possibility
  12. Sold off movie characters basically got the 4 figures i wanted (baf included) for $60 shipped Beats hunting these down at retail
  13. Batroc Movie Hulk And Spiderwoman are gonna be the hardest figures to find from this wave I doubt this wave will appear in North America anytime soon thx to the backlog of products due to west coast port strike Retailers are just shifting thru wave 1 now
  14. Im waiting for the movie figures to go on clearance Knowing my Toys R Us they go over board with film merchandise. I think the movie Ultron looks way better than the comic 3 pack Ultron. But since Target closed down in Canada ill be forced to import. Best to wait until all the Avengers movie stuff saturates the market to look for good deals. Target in Canada still gets new Marvel Legends which makes no sense since everything is being cleared out at 30% off Oden wave figs on shelfs , wish they wouldve got the new Spidey wave
  15. SpiderWoman by far is my fave with Hellcat in close second Then Movie Hulk Batroc Thanos Iron Man Movie Cap I wish they wouldve saved the movie characters for a boxed set And included MIA characters like Blade, Moonstar, Savage SheHulk I get that they had to include those movie characters for retailers sake But from a collectors POV this wave seems like 1/2 a wave Plenty of good stuff in the antman wave. Spidey legends wave 3 is definitely gonna be preordered at robotkingdom. Excellent experience with them
  16. Big Bad Toy Store now has the case of 8 available for non-preorders.
  17. Received my Thanos Case today from RobotKingdom awesome service. Unfortunately Spider-Woman was loose in packaging. I was gonna keep them in boxes and get rid of my doubles. I decided to open the entire wave. Thanos is pretty good. Sloppy paint in some areas - Im gonna sell off the movie figures and stick with comic
  18. I wish they'd release this for non preorders In other news my Thanos BAF series shipped i should receive by end of next week
  19. I always thought it looked bad I saw it in person at sdcc when it was unveiled Marvel Select figure was better imo I didnt know what the Hasbro reps were talking about when they said the figure turned out real nice I thought they were high and the production pieces would look better
  20. FANTASTIC FOUR - MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE (which probably won't happen since Marvel doesn't support Fox related products) -Future Foundation Invisible Woman -Future Foundation Mr Fantastic -Future Foundation Thing -Future Foundation Johnny Storm w/ Franklin Richards -She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters -Power Man -Crystal BAF: The Watcher or Super Skrull X-Men Legends Series II - Nightcrawler (AoA running change) - Professor X with hover chair - Iceman - Marvel Girl (running change White Phoenix or Dark Phoenix) - Rogue - Dazzler - Cyclops Jim Lee BAF: Weapon X, or Juggernaut, or Apocalypse, or Lilandra Spider-Man Wave 4: - Spider Gwen - Mary J Watson - Electro - Vulture - Mysterio - Silver Sable - Elektra - Bag Head Spider-Man / running change House of M SpiderMan BAF: KingPin, Swarm, Doctor Octopus, Omega Red, Cloak & Dagger Dr Strange Marvel Legends Series: -Dr Strange -Dr Strange (movie) -Mandarin -Lady Bullseye -Baron Mordo -Magik / running change Darkchilde -SubMariner BAF: Dormammu Avengers Wave 4: -Quicksilver -Mockingbird -Squirrel Girl and Wong -Victoria Hand -Brother Voodoo -Sam Wilson Captain America -Winter Soldier (comic) BAF: Norman Osborn
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