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  1. My idea; 1) Wolverine (Tiger stripe costume) 2) Sabretooth (Jim Lee) 3) Silver Samurai 4) Romulus 5) X-23 (modern costume)/ Lady Deathstrike (running change) 6) Omega Red BAF: Cyber (on the ultimate green goblin body) or Wendigo
  2. well for me, Wave: 1) Psylocke 2) Romulus 3) Cyber 4) Toad 5) Polaris 6) Cyclops ( jim lee ) BAF: Sauron
  3. The Face off hulk is cool, but with my marvel select thor ( the god of thunder thor ), it's a little too small, and other marvel legends hulks are even shorter or narrower, so i will stay with my marvel select hulk ( the first one ). It's just the right size, not too big like the icons but bigger than the face off. Now, if hasbro were to release a hulk with the new marvel universe hulk body mold that's at lease 9.5 to 10 inches tall, then i might pick that hullk.
  4. Finally ! : Nuke/ dormammu Nice ! : Absorbing Man BAF Meh : red onslaught BAF best accessory : maybe absorbing man interchangeable arms ? ( I seen one photo with a steel colored right arm and another with a tree bark sculpted left arm )
  5. Well, if it is going to be like one of the last few years, maybe around December or January. That will be smart for Hasbro to do.
  6. I really have no problem with hasbro at the moment, i think this is their best year so far. We gotten the biggest BAF since Fin Fang Foom, and more fan favorite characters in this year with the least amount of dissapointments than in any other year. My biggest nitpick right now is BAF size, I'm glad the hulkbuster is 9 inches tall, but i wish hasbro would make same size BAFs. For example, a wendigo BAF would be nice,but than again, toybiz also gave pretty small ( for a BAF ) BAFs like modok, and mojo.
  7. the only figure i really want here is Giantman. I wish he was taller and I hope he has finger movement. :/
  8. NEW: A-bomb REMAKES: Psylocke BAF: Marvel now giant man Mister x Toad Cyber Wendigo Romulus Jigsaw Agent Zero Cable Cyclops (Jim Lee) Deadpool Rogue ( Jim Lee) Skaar Northstar Magneto Auroa ( SISTER ) Black widow Firestar
  9. Okay, well marvel legends are probably the best type of marvel action figure to collect since many other lines like marvel select, spiderman classics etc can be in scale with legends the legends I recommend getting are : 1) series 5 colossus, 2) series 8 ultimate captain america, 3) red hulk wave wolverine, 4) house of m " IT ", 5) ROML thor.
  10. Wait, is Agent Venom coming in August, September, or October ? Cause Hasbro said it was to be releashed on August 30.
  11. Well, it's about time Hasbro has releashed "Great" marvel legends. I'm really happy about Sentry ( I have been wanting a mordern verson for a long time ), Scarlet Witch, Classic Hawkeye, and Ms Marvel.
  12. My first marvel legends figure was Terrax wave constrictor. I liked him because he had a lot of movable joints and was cool looking. Now when I got him, I had no idea what was his real name or his backstory. All that I cared about was how cool he looked and how much you can get from him.
  13. Well it sure is great to have that figure to be released. By the way does anyone know when will the figure be able to be preordered, It should be this month.
  14. Does anyone know why Hasbro canceled this wave, and why are we getting more lame waves instead of this awesome wave. Seriously Hasbro could have made this wave and they would have made more money.
  15. Hasbro really needs to step up their game. We are halfway done with 2014, and we have still not gotten any information about them releasing any of those figures save for jubilee. I was really looking forward for a ( cheaper ) moonstone figure and a tiger shark figure. Well another disappointment, along with sentry and blade, it looks like we won't get any of those figures. ( toybiz wouldn't have pulled a fast one on us )
  16. You know, That's not a bad idea. That could work, yeah Hasbro can release a danger room Diorama for the x-men, many collectors would find interest in a x-men themed base. And since I'm horrible at making custom bases and stuff for action figures, a official danger room released would work with my ( 1 ) x-man.
  17. Well I think you should get the toybiz deadpool ( if you have gold coins to trade ). It looks more muscular ( which deadpool does look in the comics ) and unlike the Hasbro one, it can open both hands and because of that it can hold any weapon in any hand without turning the hands into cr@p. If it's the shoulders you don't like, there is always a guide on the internet that shows you how to get rid of the bulky shoulders.
  18. I have been wanting to say this for a long time, We really don't need another : 1) Wolverine ( There are over 10 wolverine figures, enough said) 2) Spiderman ( We have him more than wolverine !) 3) Thor ( 3 is enough ( if done right), 4+ is a crowd) 4) Captain America ( There is a CA figure in every other wave !) 5) Iron Man ( com' on does this guy need to be in every armor he has) 6) Thing ( I think we have enough "Things" for a while)
  19. I think hasbros best bets would be: 1) A-bomb 2) Stan Lee 3) Franken Castle 4) Thanos 5) Titania 6) Ursa Major 7) Jeph Loeb
  20. Needs: 1) Scarlet witch ( the toybiz one is a joke ) 2) Rogue ( jim lee) ( the face on the toybiz one is ugly and the moonstone body would add curves) 3) Ms Marvel ( The toybiz one is too skinny and needs more curves ) 4) Blade ( the one we have is too small and looks funny ) 5) Psylocke ( the new one is better, but needs to have more curves with moonstone body ) 6) Beast ( the toybiz one is cool but has no ab joint and a funny neck, and the hasbro ones are more disabled than the Professor X figure )
  21. Well, I got to admit that the storm and the Stryfe figure look dope ( I really like the Mohawk and the armor ) and it's cool that we are getting them, however I'm not very excited about the wolverine figure. We don't need another wolverine figure, we really have a army of wolverines and I don't like how the Cyclops looks. It's not about the sculpt or the paint but I don't like the marvel now look of Cyclops, it just looks weird on him ( it looks more of a daredevil costume then anything else ) , and I noticed that both of Cyclops hands are made into a fist, which is a turn off for me. It's just that Cyclops is supposed to have a finger or 2 hand where it looks like he is going to press the button on his visor, however that hand is not on this figure so I will skip this figure ( not a bad figure just not what I look for in a Cyclops figure ). The Magneto figure looks cool, but it doesn't look like the helmet is removable which is a bummer. However the jubilee figure looks cool and I'm glad we're getting one finally. Overall the wave is a okay one, not bad but could have gotten better figures ( like a new rogue ) , however the biggest let down for me is the toys'r'us near my house just closed down like 3 weeks ago :(, I'll try to get the storm off eBay.
  22. Well, I can't say that I'm really happy for those figures. I mean not that I don't like guardians of the galaxy but Hasbro is really taking a risk at making a wave of them. Not a lot of people know anything about them and honesty I would prefer the old jubilee wave ( the one with tiger shark and moonstone ) over them. I'm also a bit surprised that Hasbro didn't release a x-men DOFP wave. I think Hasbro should wait for the movie to be released and then sell the wave. It will make more money and add more fans would be attached to both. After all Hasbro has a lot of unreleased figures that a lot of people want ( like classic Hawkeye or Sentry ) and I think Hasbro should play catch up first.
  23. For me, I would like to have 1) Silver Samurai 2) Armor ( x-men ) 3) Cyber 4) Romulus 5) Jim Lee style Rogue redo 6) Scarlet Witch redo 7) Tiger shark 8) Current/remake Sentry That will be all :)
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