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  1. Thanks to this site, I stopped off at Five Below on Thursday and picked up 2 of the Starlord/Gamora packs for only $10+tax. Even for $10 each I wasn't interested in this set of minor repaints, but for $5 each I was happy to pick them up. I wonder out of all of the comic book packs that we got, how many actually gave us 2 new characters/costumes. I don't think that there were too many. It's a shame that that second wave of the comic book pack relaunch (the Captain Marvel set and the Scarlet Spider/Spider-man set) was so weak -- I think a stronger wave would have been successful enough to have kept it going. But when the budget was obviously so poor that it only gave us two packs (and the Spidey set looked pretty cheap, imo), I don't know how Hasbro could have expected good sales.
  2. My figures arrived yesterday. Jessica Jones turned out great. The paint apps for this wave turned out much nicer than the last wave's. I actually passed on most of the last wave (Maestro, X-23 Wolvie, etc) when I saw it at Target because so many of them had bad paint apps.
  3. Thanks for the heads up decon! I ordered the whole wave, though none of the characters/costumes really excite me. Here's hoping that Jessica Jones figure turns out looking as good as the one in the pic -- great sculpt!! Hopefully at Hascon they make an official statement on the future (or lack of) for our line. It would really annoy me if they end it without giving me the rest of Alpha Flight or any of the New Mutants.
  4. http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Defenders_Vol_1_59 I was a big fan of the old Defenders comics. Defenders #59 was one of my first Marvel comics when I was a kid. We really need Hellcat to finish the core team, and Gargoyle would make for a cool figure. A classic Moondragon would rock. As far as other Defenders go, besides Hellstrom and Gargoyle we also need the blue Perez version of Beast and Clea. I very badly want a Devil-Slayer figure to fill out the team -- he's always been one of my favorite characters.
  5. I fed a scalper and ordered Rom from Ebay. He arrived yesterday and he looks AWESOME!! Very cool to have him in my collection!!! Maybe now there's a chance that I'll get a Son of Satan figure one of these days. Yeah, right.
  6. You definitely have a valid point regarding taking a DIY approach to the paint apps, norinradd, but for $13 we certainly shouldn't have to. #$%@!$& Stall.
  7. The cheap paint apps have actually been more of an issue for me lately than the reduced articulation. Now that they almost never use washes or highlights on our figures anymore we sometimes get very flat or cartoon-y looking figures. The original costume (brown and yellow) Daredevil figure is a prime example -- great sculpt, full articulation, but without any washes used to provide any shading the sculpt comes off looking a bit too flat, and the yellow is too bright. His face also has the same issue. Maestro from this year has the same problem -- lacking any sort of shading or highlighting effect from the paint apps, his beard looks rather one-dimensional and rather cartoon-ish.
  8. Thanks for posting that Falcon teaser, Ddhawkins. Cool seeing another figure from my old store list confirmed (sort of). I wonder what the figure actually looks like.
  9. My Executioner/Enchantress 2-packs arrived from TRU.com today! I got lucky and 1 of the 2 sets had an Enchantress with decent eyes. I have to say that Executioner looks pretty awesome. I am also glad that they didn't horribly reduce his articulation -- I'm very happy he still has the wrist articulation. On the other hand, now that the line is basically dead, the new figures don't excite me too much, since I don't have any of the New Mutants and only half of Alpha Flight. I really wish we had gotten that year of X-verse figures, like they had promised us a few years ago. :(
  10. Thanks for the heads up, Mangar! Cool, I will finally be adding Executioner to my collection. I don't care for the new "eyeliner" look, but if they haven't cut back his articulation on top of that, it's no big deal.
  11. I picked up my second Spidey/Shocker set at Target, now that they are on clearance. While there, I made the mistake of looking at the 6" figures. A classic Beetle, with articulated wings, and Captain Universe (with alternate heads). *sigh* What a mistake. I miss the days when we actually had a quality 3.75" line so damn much.
  12. Weird... they pulled the last wave, but this one is now available for preorder. As far as Ultron goes, I can see him selling fine. It has been awhile since he was last re-released, plus this is a variant.
  13. Another collector ditches their collection. And I score my second Death Archangel variant figure for only $32.00, including shipping. Now if I could ever find that Giant Man set for a decent price.....
  14. Earlier this week I stopped by the closest Target and picked up a Spidey/Shocker set. Unfortunately, the Spidey figure has weird blotch on his thigh -- looks to be more from the mold than the paint application. I then stopped by Toys r Us for the heck of it, and was surprised to see that the Morbius/Quasar wave has finally (!) arrived in my area. It was pretty cool to find the Rogue figure (the only one I'm missing from the wave) in a store. In-hand, her mohawk doesn't bother me as much as it did in all of the pics, but it is still pretty annoying, especially since otherwise it would have been a really nice figure. If the line continues, I really hope that someone else will take over at Hasbro -- this past year Bobby's overall performance has been pretty lacking in terms of design decisions and overall quality control.
  15. Thanks for the feedback regarding the Shocker figure, guys. I just wish it was getting better reviews. I guess at this point "okay" is not too bad of a rating.
  16. What do you guys think of the Shocker figure now that you have it? Of the figures that were revealed at last year's SDCC, he was really the only one that I was looking forward to. The painted-on "quilting" of his costume looks disappointing to me in the pics I've seen, but I know that sometimes, in-hand, the actual figure looks quite a bit better (Doc Ock and Armored Spidey are two recent figures that come to mind).
  17. No Spider-man Homecoming 2 packs at my closest Target. Honestly, after last year's underwhelming releases, my enthusiasm for this scale is pretty much gone. I think if Shocker's quilting had been sculpted instead of painted on, I'd be more excited. On the other hand, I picked up some more of the articulated Star Wars figures from Wal-Mart today. I got Kylo Ren and Reys, plus a Stormtrooper. Pretty awesome getting them on clearance for less than $6 each! :)
  18. They have the new wave at my closest Target as well. The paint apps of this wave, though not terrible, could definitely have been better. I passed on Lady Deadpool, the one that I wanted the most, because one of her black eyespots had not been completely filled in. Maestro had a line of white above his mustache on one side of his face. I did pick up an X-23 Wolverine -- awesome figure! -- but passed on buying a second of her because there was a spot of yellow paint on one of the "ears" of her mask. In person, this wave doesn't excite me anymore than the pics of it did. Even one Bronze age character/costume would have gone a long way towards engaging me as a customer. I thought that Maestro, like so many of the recent releases, was ruined by going cheap on the paint application. A wash effect on his hair, beard, and armor, would have made him look a whole lot better. Moon Knight didn't include any weapons, as far as I could tell. Did he quit using them in the comics or did Hasbro just botch the figure?
  19. Last night I stopped by the local Meijers store and I scored my 2nd copy of the Captain Marvel comic book pack for only $5!!!! They're having a special sale of half off of all of their clearance toys. Their 3.75 comic book packs were on clearance for $9.99, so half off of that was just 5 bucks! SCORE!!!! They had their clearance stuff scattered all over their department -- on endcaps, in aisles, etc. I found the comic book packs sitting on a shelf in an aisle that had mostly clearance stuff. Too bad they didn't have any of the last wave (with the 2 Guardians of the Galaxy sets). For those folks who have Meijers stores in their area and are interested, today (Saturday) is the last day of the sale.
  20. Just curious. stitch, what don't you like about the MU Thanos?
  21. Thanks much for the news and the pics, dragonkings! I'm very curious what we'll get with the next wave. Will those Spidey-verse figures be part of it, or a separate line?
  22. Awesome!! Glad to finally see some news for our scale. Lady Deadpool is the only one that I really want, but I'll buy them all for the sake of the collection. The X-23 Wolvie really looks nice, though. That Foom is the build-a-figure one from Legends, right?
  23. I really like the 3.75" scale, and I hope the line continues! That said, this year has been the biggest disappointment to me so far. They've given me a lot of characters that I've really, really wanted but I've found most of the figures to be lackluster at best. I've given you plenty of money Hasbro -- what did I ever do to deserve that Quasar figure that you gave me?? I'm hoping that we get some preorder news soon for the next wave, and that it helps to restore my interest.
  24. My shipment also arrived pretty quickly. Groot is nice, but it seems like they chose some off-model artwork to base his face on -- it matches the cover of the comic that's packed with him, but isn't he usually drawn differently? Hydro-man looks really good. I think he's one of the best figures that we've gotten so far this year. They should have given him a swap-able "water arm" but nowadays they don't seem to even give enough of a budget for proper paint applications, so.... Morbius was a pleasant surprise. Yes, the "skin areas" of the figure really need a wash or some other dual-colored paint application, preferably using a light blue or purple, to give it a more realistic look. However, I'm pretty happy with his head sculpt, and I think it's a good figure by the current standards of what we get. Good, but not great. I didn't have the Toys R Us Black Panther figure, so it was nice adding the new single-carded figure to my collection. So now I just need Rogue and the Captain Marvel comic pack, and I'll have everything. I doubt that I'll bother to add the Starlord/Gamora pack to my collection. The white trim on Starlord looks nice, but not nice enough to make me buy the pack unless I find it really cheap (under $10). And, yes, they really should have given us these repaints two years ago when the Guardians were re-packed as single-carded figures back in that lousy ionic Wonder Man wave. We'll see when and if the next wave hits. Still not feeling the excitement much anymore, though. :(
  25. Awesome! I just picked up 2 each of Black Panther, Hydro-man, Morbius, and the Groot comic pack for only $61 and change, including shipping. Thanks much Dohboy! :) Here's hoping that Groot won't be the disappointment that Quasar is. Even for only $11 each, I couldn't justify pulling the trigger on the Starlord/Gamora pack. At least not this close to the Christmas season. Too bad I was too late to get the Captain Marvel set, but I'm still one happy camper. All I'm missing now is Rogue and the Captain Marvel comic book pack (not counting the Starlord/Gamora pack, which I may not bother adding to my collection).
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