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  1. I'm still very excited to get this version of Simon. I'm a little disappointed with how he measures up to Beast, though I guess I should say how he DOESNT measure up... I know this version of the Beast isn't how he was represented during his Avengers run but the pics above really demonstrate that even with a proper Perez era head sculpt, this Beast is way to big. Hank was always drawn much smaller in comparison to Simon... ah well, probably a non issue since Hasbro refuses to release the very much Perez styled Gray head in blue. Did the same BS with Beast in the 3 3/4 line too... Back to Simon.. I'm pretty confident that Safari Jacket Simon will never be re-done so I can overlook the baggy pants and the other minor details. Plus, he has been drawn with looser pants so to me this is just fine. Also, just like Hercules, the goofy smile works great for this character. Though would have been nice to have a more serious sculpt as well Anyone else think the lower half would be a great start for a red jump-suited "Scientific Adventurer" version of Hank Pym? Just need a new torso and Pym head and another huge Avengers want checked off!
  2. It COULD'VE worked had Hasbro been consistent on the bodies to ensure head swaps across the line. More than once a simple head swap would "fix" a figure only to have that little ball be too big or too small... But yeah, since they never had that type of consistency for this idea to work they'd have to craft heads for specific bodies already released. So it could work, but no way Hasbro puts in that level of effort.
  3. Yes, I actually owned that set once. No longer have either and I'm not sure if I sold them off or tossed them haha.. Not a fan of that eras articulation especially the ball hips. But this Conan would be a great stand in for a proper Legends
  4. Yeah I agree with your points above. I’ve been saying for some time that Hasbro could make a killing on selling accessories etc on Pulse for a decent price. I would have bought 6-8 of those portal accessories that came with the deluxe Dr Strange ( as well as with Zero in the upcoming XMen villains pack. But not at the $40 ( or were they $30?) that Target was selling the set for. If Hasbro threw them on Pulse for say $16, I could have recreated the ending of EndGame.. my other million dollar idea was a head accessory set featuring era specific or artist specific unmasked looks for all our favorite characters. Imagine an 80s Marvel Set with decade specific head sculpt of Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers etc... or a set of artist specific heads of say Peter Parker with heads representing eras of Ditko, Buscema, McFarlane, Byrne, Larson .... then collectors could pop their favorite eras head on their favorite version of Spidey.. seems like Hasbro could print their own money! Though honestly I fear what they would charge for sets like these in today’s market
  5. This is my thought as well. Cap Wolf, while not an official figure per se, getting that extra head was such a fun bonus that it adds credibility to the thought that maybe... just maybe .. ANYONE may get the call up and get immortalized as a Marvel Legend. To add to this, there was a time when I’d never add Jocasta, Rage, Thunderstrike, or Wonder Man in his Safari Jacket to my Avenger collections. It’s definitely a double edged sword as while Hasbro has given us amazing character selection, we end up waiting a looooong time to get them.
  6. Conan the Barbarian is my top choice. Love to add him to my Savage Avengers team but I thought I heard Marvel was again losing the rights for his comics and that the rights for action figures are too much of a headache to bother. I may have these details wrong but I definitely recall reading a thread where someone laid it all out why we’d probably not be getting a Legend of Conan. I’d absolutely buy ROM. I grabbed the 3 3/4 figure when Hasbro did that toy legacy box set at SDCC quite a few years back. A very cool figure. Way better than the companies first release from the 70s or early 80s ( yes, I had the original too!) and that thing was essentially a light up brick!! the only Marvel Western Hero I’d buy would be the Two Gun Kid to add to my Avengers team...maybe the Phantom Rider too. I recently was able to add 3 3/4 versions Two Gun, Phantom and Rawhide to my Marvel Universe collection thanks to the Dime Novel Legends blanks sets ( or did I?!? They aren’t officially called that but they are. ) Deep dives are fun for me. I certainly don’t buy them all but what they do do is give me hope that one of my favorite obscure characters will be made one day. It keeps this hobby exciting
  7. Best way to make sure there is no season 3 is adding Leslie Jones to the cast
  8. Avengers 1 Cap is tops for me. His last release in the 3rd Endgame wave was a poor effort, Hasbro really phone in that release. Next is MCU US Agent. His first figure was so inaccurate it has to be #1 on the long list of characters Hasbro dumped out to meet a deadline. Next is Classic Dr. Strange. Dormammu, Omega Sentinel... The longer Hasbro produces Legends the more posts like these will give us fodder to discuss figures that should have been done correctly the first time
  9. LOVED Ron Lim on Silver Surfer. Sounds odd but Lim's art was the first time SS really looked like a reflective surface. His art was beautiful and hooked me immediately. I think I started the 90s series in the mid teens but quickly backtracked and got e ery issue until I stopper collecting. Funny, Lims art on other books kinda fell flat for me. But his run on SS was defining and to this day is my ultimate Silver Surfer artist
  10. I agree with your points and chose my words specifically to point out that most fans know full well that Hasbro has no urgency to complete teams even when there is just one or two remaining members left. I too never add teams like the Avengers and XMen because as you've said, their lineups are continually adding new members. Instead for the Avengers, I just grab the members as they are released and wait for the next. But for teams like Alpha Flight and Excalibur where the choice to not complete the teams is glaring at this point. I've always assumed teams like the Squardon and the Serpent Society would never truly be completed, and that is fine, just hit the main members. But when fans have asked for Phoenix, Marrina etc but Hasbro still throws no bone it gets hard to think ots anything other than intentional.
  11. Some thoughts on this set after giving the pics a real discerning look see.. Let's pretend that Hasbro is committed to completing all these teams they started: How many Squadron members make the cut? For me, the 80s limited series team that homages the Justice League ( the two in this set, Nighthawk, whizzer, Lady Lark, Amphibian, Power Princess, Blue Eagle, Nuke, Tom Thumb, Golden Archer, Arcana, skrull guy... done.. need no more) How many more make the GOTG lineup? Or Serpent Society? Or Starjammers? Or imperial Guard... Spectrum makes me think we can get a decent 3D Man or Triathlon If they made Nighthawk in classic suit makes me think we could get a modern Nighthawk for my Avengers shelf
  12. These are very nice indeed. Have always loved the Justice Lea... Squadron Supreme. Will say though, did NOT like when Hyperion joined the Avengers ( alternate universe or not) Will absolutely pick this set up knowing the Squadron will never be completed. I mean.. how long did it take to get a 2nd member of the classic GOTG?
  13. I know I would if I were the writer. But I'd try to give my new Avenger an Avengers worthy arc. Seems most new members are very forgettable during their run ( too many to name but what did Ex Nihilo, Nighthawk, Blue Marvel, or even Ghost Rider add to the team's Legacy?) As far as the new writer adding a new member... maybe they figure been there done that. Time to go back to basics....who knows, but this looks to be a fun lineup
  14. Great to see a lineup of classic Avengers. I liked that they added new faces like Ghost Rider and Nighthawk but anytime we get a roster of proven, long time Avengers is a win. No surprise to see Sam in place of Steve with his upcoming movie but hopefully we will see Steve back where he belongs before too long Heres hoping this is a return to greatness for the best team in comics
  15. Pros: character selection. While we still get plenty of Wolverine, Iron Man and Spidey, we are also getting a much wider spectrum of character who have gotten a Legend for the first time. So cool that we are getting Puff Adder, Razorback, and Chod. I'll even concede that Orb is a nice deep dive though I hate he is taking up a slot in a dedicated Avengers wave Cons: pricing and packaging. I'm still not comfortable paying the process we do and not knowing for sure what's in the box.
  16. Grabbed the Japanese Spider-Man on a whim today. It's a pretty fun figure. Colors really pop and the design while slightly off is definitely Spidey. Hoping they can do a 70s era Nicholas Hammond Spidey next.
  17. Just came back to this thread to up vote the title. And the points made convinced me to cancel my preorder.
  18. I preordered the FF kids and the Spidey but I've already got buyers remorse on the Spidey. It does seem awfully high and I've no attachment to that suit.... may be a case where I'll cancel the preorder and take my chances in the wild and on sale The FF pack actually feels like I'll be getting my money's worth. Not a deal by any means but the set has the right amount of figures and accessories to make me satisfied with the cost of the set. This doesn't happen as often lately.
  19. The FF kids is fun but the only thing not allowing this to be a home run for me is that Franklin is unrecognizable to me. I'll be getting this set but I'll be waiting for these two as smaller kids (and hopefully as pack ins). Spidey I'm torn on was well. The game is fantastic but I absolutely hate the design. As soon as I was able to jump into a classic suit I did and never wore the suit again. It's the white spider I think. Gives me thr impression that the suit wasn't completed
  20. Found the Gamestop exclusive Mr Negative / Inner Demon 2 pack. While BOTH are great figures it is a missed opportunity to have made this a Demon 2 pack and release Negative on his own. Saw a second set at a different GS but could not pull the trigger on another $50.. That's too much for a 2nd Demon and I'd have no use for another Negative.... I can see Pulse army building these Demons so until they do this will be my lone purchase of this set
  21. Good eye on the legacy numbering, didn’t even notice. I understand their thinking that Sam is the current Cap in the movies so... but being honest and declaring that I am a huge MCU fan, but Marvel tends to ruin their comics trying to keep the synergy up to date with the MCU.
  22. This is where I’m at too.. Sam as Falcon was an awesome character. Sure he was street level but that kinda what made him cool. The storyline where Steve has Sam take up the mantle made sense but it ran its course. But now, does Marvel think Sam is too big to go back to being the Falcon? Whatever their reasoning, keeping Sam as a second Cap just feels forced, movies be damned
  23. Meh.. Sam just needs to go back to being the best Falcon instead of cosplaying as the 3rd or 4th best Captain America
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