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  1. My first reaction is the price tag is too high for a toy. At the end of the day it feels like even with the add ons it could be sold for about 100 / 150 less. Although BBTS is selling it for near $500!!!! That being said, it looks amazing. Simply amazing. I feel no pressure to buy, it’s one of the coolest things in the Legends collection but don’t collect XMen, so huge savings for me. Now if it were a Giant Man, MCU or comic, I’d begrudgingly purchase. Would still hate the price tag but would feel more urgency to purchase got the old MARVEL UNIVERSE Sentinel and while also cool has been in storage since purchase. Do like the scale of the HasLab one, the Amazon repaint ( I believe the same as the MU version) is passable so while I’d love to own the new one, I cannot justify the price tag.
  2. I have bought quite a few Extreme Sets to use for this very idea and generally they work very well. However, the walls tend to warp inward and the floors either arch in the middle or near the corners. I’ve taken to using Velcro to hold them in place. So while they do look amazing there is some work to do to keep them looking good. I suppose a thicker cardboard might work but I can’t see Hasbro going this way. Extreme Sets are priced about right for what I want to pay, thicker material would surely drive the price up. in a similar thread I proposed a series of backdrops similar to what Extreme Sets does but with familiar Marvel Universe locations like Avengers Tower/ Mansion, The Daily Bugle, Danger Room, Stark Labs etc.. that could peak my interest for sure. I had also said I could see Hasbro molding a face of the Supreme Intelligence in thin plastic or cardboard as an background insert in some sort of Kree themed boxed set. Really the only way I can see a Supreme Intelligence getting made in any way. However, Hasbro tends to go the cheapest ( meaning less expensive) way for accessories etc so my guess would be the end result may look / feel cheap
  3. This guy is not for me but glad some of you are happy to get him. In truth, I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the last few fan channel reveals. Storm in black for those who refuse to believe her costume is silver ( or white), Grey!?!) Beast. Why ? In blue he is the perfect Perez era Beast with the classic head. Would have bought multiple. In grey, he is an easy pass. Toxin? No clue who he is. All good, my wallet took a pounding the past few years for the Avengers and MCU product we had gotten. Nice to get a break now that Hasbro has moved on to Xmen and Spideys rogues gallery. I can pick and choose which is a nice change of pace
  4. Huh, Walgreens canceled my order saying it couldn’t process my payment (PayPal). 20 minutes later ebay had no trouble taking my money from same account. This was for IM 2020. The kick in the pants was I saw a couple in stores but passed them up because I had them pre ordered. Will be very displeased if this happens again with the Moon Knight pre order. Mostly because I’ve got them reserved at retail and if I get canceled again I feel very strongly I’d have to pay much more online
  5. Not a bad looking figure, if a little unnecessary. I have this guy pre-ordered at GameStop with the game but not sure outside of being a completist what I’ll do with him.
  6. Now this trailer gets me excited again... until that last shot in those terrible Stark Suits or whatever they are calling them. ”things are getting weird” indeed Black Widow
  7. I am not familiar with this story but I picked up this Wolverine. Not sure how I feel about the headsculpt. Seems exaggerated to say the least. Is it an artist specific design? I know Rob Liefield had odd proportions and exaggerated elements, wondering if this is an example of that? also: so glad ML has not tried to replicate Liefields anatomy. Now that would be a bizarre representation
  8. As an Avengers ML collector I feel compelled to pick the Gamerverse versions up but... my god I don’t think Hasbro wants my money. I pre-ordered the game bundle to get that odd “Outback” Hulk. Will probably pick up the Starboost IM.. but those Stark Suits from the this screen shot are just depressing. It’s like they are trying to alienate us before release. I really want this game to succeed but character designs and story elements that have leaked are making the chances of playing this more than a once through unlikely. Does anyone remember those laughable Jungle Mission uniforms the team wore from Avengers: United We Stand? Probably not because I couldn’t even find a screen shot to remind you.. unfortunately the way this game is going I fear we will see those atrocities before we see classic comic or MCU versions. i heard some time back that each character would have up to 30 skins but as of now I would enjoy playing as none. I am hoping game play and the eventual reveal of comic/MCU skins make this a great game but with each new reveal it looks less likely
  9. Got another email from Walgreens saying my pre-order is delayed. Guess this will be a weekly thing now. What is most aggravating is walking into my local Walgreens and they have IM 2020 on the shelves. I know they are no guarantees but in my mind seems like my “pre-order” would arrive before stores stock them. Left the one IM 2020 for someone else and will hope that me delayed order will be fulfilled..
  10. Miles has never struck a cord with me. Game looks amazing though. This is a wait and see for me.
  11. Love the Avengers box set ideas mention above. I’d add: Classic West Coast Avengers: Hawkeye, Silver Centurion IM, Safari Jacket Wonderman, Tigra, Puffy sleeves Mockingbird with bare legs MCU Hall of Armor wold be Aces: knock out the early armors that were done before current articulation Comic Hall of Armor to knock out classic suits that need updated Classic Avengers set to check off much needed members: Monica Rambeau in 80s Cap Marvel attire (call her by any name just give us this look), Swordsman, Moondragon, Mantis, 80s Beast with Perez era headsculpt A X-Men training suit set would be fun but betting this gets released ala Endgame Widow/Hawkeye or 3 in 1 like New Mutants hoping for a awesome surprise like the Alpha Flight box set. That was a great day and doesn’t get replicated as often as I’d like
  12. Got an email from Walgreens saying my pre-order May be delayed. It did not specify which pre-order but it is safe to assume its IM2020. Odd that there would be a delay as I could still order him when I frantically tried to get Moon Knight a few weeks back. it specifically says delayed and not canceled. Anyone order from Walgreens? Should I be worried or take them at their word?
  13. Oh man I have been looking for an excuse to buy that Bar scene from Extreme Sets. Just wish they were more conducive to fitting in my display cases. In the past I’ve cut to fit some sets but that tactic doesn’t always work Cool pic, love the background characters just waiting to see some action. Well done
  14. Cool figure. I think he looks almost better with the crispy head. so, pirate hat is NOT removable? Bummer, was hoping to make pirate versions of other completely un-pirate characters 🤣 overall fun figure, surely will be someone’s favorite this year
  15. Hard to believe the only official Firestar we’ve gotten was that 3 3/4 figure from a few years ago.
  16. Customs for sure. A sharp eye will spot quite a few other customs as well. j. Jonah Jameson, Chameleon, Photon, Smasher, to name a few..
  17. Well done Moron999, I always appreciate a good breakdown. While I knew of his character from crossovers, I knew zilch about his characterization or his powers. I (wrongly) assumed he was the Hulk of X-Factor. Thanks for the crib notes on this guy. I have quite a few guys like this on my Avengers that are personal favorites of mine that I would appreciate getting made like many here are glad for Strong Guy
  18. Gotcha. And to be fair I literally only collected Avengers and Avengers related comics then so I am unfamiliar with all of these looks. dont remember seeing any of these looks from any of the monthly super crossovers that were so prevalent in the 90s..
  19. Missed that, thanks for the heads up (skimmed it the first time) survey completed
  20. Warpaths proportions look odd to me. Could just be the oh-so-90s shoulder pads. Sunspot is a little off to me too but I think it’s just his colors. Again, comic accurate but it’s not a iconic costume by any stretch. Strong Guy is.. an odd design. He would fit in with The Incredibles where top heavy strong men with tiny twig legs are the norm. Is this intentional due to a mutation or just a cartoony take on him? You guys called it, a very quirky wave. Fun but not my cup of tea. Glad for those who are looking forward to this wave.
  21. Pet Avengers Miss Lion Lockjaw Speedballs cat (Speedy?) Redwing Zabu Lockheed Throg
  22. Wow, I was right that DOES sound terrible haha. Moon Knight is an odd one for characterization because depending on who is writing him, he is either delusional or sane. Ultra violent or “normal” violent ( ala DD or Spidey). Khonshu is real or isn’t. Always had a soft spot for MK but writers really don’t know what they want to do with him. My all time favorite, the Black Knight, unfortunately suffers from the same writers crutch. A single aspect of his character, in BK’s case, the insanity from the cursed ebony blade. One writer has him overwhelmed by the curse while another sees him conquer its effects. But, for some reason every writer uses the curse when they create the Black Knight story. I feel like if BK had a 100 + issue run writers would be forced to stop falling back on that crutch. Granted BK isn’t on the level of Spidey or Cap but if he ever got more than mini series or short run the whole curse thing would just be an arc and not all that defines his character. It would be like Tony Stark’s alcoholism, it’s always there but every Iron Man story isn’t about it. In the case of MK, we get it, he has ill defined mental issues. Would love to see a writer tackle ANY other aspect of his character
  23. Not familiar with that version of Moon Knight. Sounds terrible but for ease sake, care to give a break down?
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