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  1. Hyperion in his Avengers suit. Good call. Another curiosity for me is Hawkeye’s sky cycle. Do I need two? Or more? I guess Hawkeye is best known for riding it. I think my (maybe) need for multiple sky cycles stems from the old Captain America and the Avengers video game. Whenever a non flyer needed to fly they threw them on sky cycles. Cant wait for official reveals
  2. Re-reading the list, here are my hopes for the figures I want: Ulitmate a Cap: vol1 version Extremis IM: please be in scale this time Molecule Man: Secret Wars suit Wonder Man: extra head WITH sunglasses Kid Omega: WCA suit BK / Sersi: 90s team jacket suits Hawkeye: either long sleeved version or lighter classic comic colors Hulk / Banner: This Hulk HAS to have the purple Speedo’s Captain Marvel / Doom: Monica Rambeau Thor / Destroyer: Armored, bearded Thor Hyperion / Dr Spectrum: updated Red Suit & Complete mask for Soectrum the Spideys: just give us the actors likenesses. We now know that MAFEX has the rights.. the rest are wait and see. I’m sure I’ll get all the Avengers related stuff but my pinks above gives us something better than repaints
  3. Reading over these leaks it really checks a lot of boxes off my list, specifically the Avengers stuff. But....this really seems to good to be true. Like ridiculously specific to my wants. For every Quasar and Classic Hercules ( right costume, new tooling) there is a US Agent ( wrong shield colors) and Classic Dr Strange ( poor paint job on chest Demon) that takes a step backwards and instead of giving us the definitive figure we instead get a place holder that is “ good enough for now”. It happens way to often, and I fear which of my long time wants are perfect and which will be a place holder until the definitive one gets released. Like say, will Trenchcoat (trenchcoat?!?) Wonder Man not include his trademark red shades? Seems like a no brainer but Hasbro omitting the shades take it from definitive to meh. Like how the perception of Siryn went from “awesome” to “WTF?” when it was revealed to not get a screaming head. The Black Knight / Sersi 2 pack has me intrigued. These two together has to mean we’re getting team jackets versions right?!? Or at least they come with extra arms like Moira MacTaggert’s figure so we can choose to go full on 90’s or a more classic look. Another concern is the Spider-Man NWH wave. So we’re getting all 3 Spideys as singles when the 3 pack isn’t even released yet? Kinda crappy if true, just like the Mojo deal... but watch, the singles will have actor licenses thereby making the 3 pack even more pointless. So much Avengers stuff, I’m actually excited and hoping it’s true, but dang, lots of 2 packs which means $$$$. Then the cherry picking like Kid Omega ( wasnt he in the latest West Coast Avengers team?), the Richards kids ( ugh, will these be basically statues like Spider a Ham?) 2023 could be expensive
  4. This speaks to how Hasbro has been rolling these past few months: offer a product at a higher but still reasonable cost and the wheels in my mind start thinking “ hey, it would be a little pricy at $60 but I cold get 4, 1 for each member of my family. Then the customary price hike and they’ve priced me out of buying even 1 figure. So there you have it Hasbro, I considered a 4 figure purchase of about $240, you raise prices by $20 (!!!) and now you get $0. It’s like they want this project to fail. That sounds familiar ( looking at you Haslab Ghost Rider) This is exactly how my yearly purchases have gone as well. I used to buy 2 of every Avenger and MCU character. Now I buy 1 and Hasbro loses that extra money I would have spent before their price increases. Just mind boggling
  5. I’m bummed Robbie isn’t getting made but Mephisto pulled me back in. Now with the ticker going backwards maybe the Devil doesn’t get made either. It would be unfortunate if this is the first Haslab to fail because it is a beautiful piece. But the Hasbro team getting a huge slice of humble pie would be a fitting consolation prize. You’d think Hasbro would want this to succeed but this past weekend feels like it was an attempted power play by Hasbro to the limits of what fandom was willing to pay.
  6. That does look great. May be grabbing a second Sharon to do this very thing. Be nice to have an extra female body, been using Jessica Jones exclusively to represent civilians
  7. U.S. Agent just arrived from Amazon. Looks fantastic ( except for Hasbro inexplicably making the final ring on his shield that odd grayish/ blue color instead of black.) this arrived in pristine condition unlike my last few that were Amazon exclusives. Those came very distressed. Odd that non exclusives seem to get the care you’d THINK exclusives would get.
  8. Based on the pics, Mephisto for this stretch goal he is very close to how I remember him looking in stories like The Infinity Gauntlet and Mephisto Vs limited series. Is there a more specific look you are thinking of?
  9. Yeah bad news on Robbie not making the cut. Now let’s say it gets its 9000 to begin production but comes up short on Mephisto. Now we’re back to $350 for a (really sweet ) car and 1 figure. Be interesting to see how Hasbro spins that. Now this is a worst case scenario but I’d feel taken if really great things were offered but due to cost, lack of interest etc I end up with the bare minimum. I guarantee unless the next project is Avengers related then I’d be double cautious about ever backing a Haslab project again
  10. Who boy.. thinking this figure will be easy to wait for a sale for... is this a deluxe figure? That box looks like what we’ve seen for the recent 2 packs
  11. I enjoyed Sega's movie tie in game fro what it was. It was fun to play as Iron Man for the first time since Ultimate Alliance and before that for me I think was all the way back to Captain America and the Avengers game. The controls were awkward but eventually I was able to get the hang of it. It was a decent branch off of the movie universe and had cool bosses. I actually bought the PS4 VR game but never found the time to play it. I too am cautiously optimistic for someone to finly make a great Iron Man game
  12. Yeesh that Iron Heart is fugly... seems the only miss so far though, I like the Aztec look for Namor ( though i agree with Mike D, he shouldbe way more buff for being a life long swimmer. Could have done without the nude pics for comparison thougb haha), Attuma etc.. Nakia has an interesting look and the actress is stunning so she could be wearing a paper bag and make it look good. Jury is out for the film still..still feels like Hulk Hogan v Leaping Lanny since TChalla is MIA..
  13. So now its going to likely miss the early bird which means its going to have even less to offer folks. There are people who are going to back it with the idea they can cancel if they dont like the add-ons and as this continues to struggle and making things like stretch goals becomes more and more unlikely then its going to become even less appealing and hence even less people are going to back it or people who backed it will cancel. this is my thing. I thought I’d back if the powered down Robbie Reyes makes the cut but if not that’s one very large part of the appeal not included. For the overall package it’s decidedly less exciting. For me it’s not the price per se though admittedly I don’t like the idea of spending over $300 for any collectible. I’ve supported both the Sentinel and Galactus and I feel I got a good value for the cost. This one drops in my value immediately if Reyes isn’t included. The tiers may sway me but for now I’m sticking with backing only if Reyes is included.
  14. Cool set. I know this is what Hasbro wants but I’m not buying more than one of these sets, even to army build Mr Negatives goons. In the old days I would have needed 6 as that’s my default number for my collections armies. Now, if I decide to buy I’ll have Negative and his sole surviving henchman. At least until Pulse offers them individually. Hmm.. can’t recall, has the Army Builders on Pulse gone up in price too?
  15. Hopefully this mans they have smartened up and this is a nice way of quietly canceling these films
  16. I love revisiting the glory days of the Avengers. My only slight nitpick is whenever Marvel attempts to turn back the clock the story ends up with too many elements of today’s writing style which in my opinion can’t hold a candle to the writers of the 70s and 80s. that being said, I’m hoping for a fun return to the Avengers hay day PS: getting Alan Davis is win/win
  17. This is a very cool reveal. The detail inside the car is great, really well done. Im in the camp of those surprised by the price tag. I’ve said since they Sentinel, who blew their projections out of the water, that if us fans didn’t temper our fervor for these things that the price would continue to climb. Galactus, yup, more expensive. Ok GR isn’t more expensive unless we’re talking price v what were getting. Ill probably give in and back this unless the de-powered Robbie isn’t reached. My biggest con for this is how to display this car in a Avengers team shot? Thing is too big for my detolf it appears
  18. @Lord_ScareglowI'm not sure any civil servants are paid "great money" but i get what you are saying. I wish it would be possible for the big box stores to care but between long lines, angry customers and now windowless packaging I don't see anything changing. I'm curious the circumstances that prompted the loss prevention team to check the box? I feel like this may be isolated to this guy at that location. Like they knew this guy had done this before and were actively watching for him. Pure speculation of course.
  19. Yeah this waves face printing isn't quite spot on as previous or in some cases upcoming releases. Like mentioned above, not bad just not as accurate as others. Still, I really enjoyed Hawkeye so it's fun to get both Kate and Clint. Really hoping someday soon we get an updated Clint from The Avengers. That first version is outdated he really doesn't fit with the current level of sculpting we are getting now. Maybe in a oft rumored Anniversary box set of the first movie. Dang.. double edged sword there.. a set with all updated sculpts ( Hasbro wouldn't DARE release that crappy Captain America for a third time on that outdated sculpt would they?!?!) would be sweet but EXPENSIVE.
  20. Not a bad likeness, not their best work either. Fun surprise that they made her be glad to add her to my collection. Wish they figured out a way to have her hood up look. Something about girls in hoods..... plus the good accessory would have been great custom option
  21. Nothing about the Moon Knight suit says "armor" to me. Its a suit of mummy like bandages. But who knows, his powers in this show were all over the place and definitely not very Moon Knighty. I mean, at one point he was skewered by multiple spears. Like all three straight through his torso. Seconds later he is kissing his lady like nothing happened. Oh and later on he was flying. FLYING??!. Whether or not we can agree if he is wearing armor or not, this was the worst comic to MCU translations, both visually and from the source material yet. It's like no one involved ever read a MK comic.
  22. on another note, wonder if we will hear from Doc Samson again, since he is still looming around the MCU with Incredible Hulk characters getting themselves back in the MCU, I think a powered up Samson would be much applauded. Forgot about Doc Samson. I could even see Ty Burrell reprising the role.
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