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  1. Cannonball is a tough pill to swallow. I got him hoping he would fit into my Avengers line up but he is just terrible. I ended up using the blast effect as a boot jet effect for the 80th Iron Man. Just cut a figure stand to fit under his foot and glued that to the blast effect. Justified the purchase for me
  2. Just picked up the recent Alfred Pennyworth from the DC Multiverse line and am thinking of customizing him into Edwin Jarvis. It seems like this would be an easy task, potentially just a head swap. Has anyone here done this or are planning on doing this? Depending on which artist interpretation they can even look very similar in their comic appearances. Any suggestions on a ready made head that could become Jarvis? My skill level is pretty much popping off heads and popping them on and minor dremel skills
  3. Valid points for sure. Re-reading some stories from both a Marvel and DC (Egg-Fu smh) from the 60’s and 70’s and their portrayal of stereotypes of minorities is cringeworthy to put it mildly.
  4. Some obscure characters I’d like to see to fill out my Avengers roster are: Silverclaw Deathcry Comic Mantis Moondragon Shroud Not as obscure but overdo Tigra Safari Wonderman Swordsman classic Monica Captain Marvel In truth with some oddball choices we’ve gotten lately I may get my wish for a few of these
  5. Would it be THAT controversial though? I get Cultural Appropriation is bad but isn’t the Adversary a true American Indian or American Indian Spirit? Seems like if it is a true representation of a groups heritage wouldn’t twist as many shorts. I vaguely recall this character so if I am remembering his origins wrong I apologize up front.
  6. I too would like to see more variety of representation of other lesser teams like New Warriors, Invaders, Thunderbolts, Squadron Supreme. But in ADDITION to annual versions of the Avengers, XMen, Spidey corners. I have been all over this board stating my love of the Avengers related Legends, it’s my best shot at getting lesser characters like Starfox, Dr. Druid, Triathlon ( you know, the characters nobody wants <wink wink>). And Man has the Spidey waves given us some great characters lately.? it doesn’t make sense to me to have say a Spidey, Cap or Iron Man wave without those guys getting a new figure in the lineup.Now a full on Avengers or X wave can do well without Cap, IM or Wolverine as long as other requested characters get their shot.
  7. ok I can see where my post has room for interpretation. Thank you Mako for understanding the spirit in which my original post was meant. You said it better than I did to express my point without taking every word so literally
  8. Saying that it’s melodramatic to “finally” acquire a figure is a bit of a nit pick. Instead of understanding my point that brick and mortar stores are late to the game and hence can determine which figures pegwarm you focus on a arbitrary time frame of release to purchase. My choice of using the word “finally” was more in the vein that I was looking forward to certain figures since the announcement, not necessarily from when they started popping up in stores. So when I “finally “ bought the figure I was hoping to get since it was announced it had indeed been months.
  9. And timing can determine which pegwarms as well. a lot of big box stores are late to the party and by the time the get on shelves at Meijer, Target or Walmart, most collectors had lost patience and grabbed the figures they wanted online. I know I have gotten antsy and pulled the trigger because I was tired of seeing empty pegs. Then weeks after I’ve had my figures I check these stores and they had finally arrived only for me to leave them as they lie (not made of money you know). This must be fairly common as figures I would expect to fly from the shelf hang for weeks. A good example are both recent retro XMen and XForce waves. Only saw the likes of Wolverine, Boom Boom, etc months after people were posting about finding them in the wild. So I pulled the trigger on Mr. Sinister, Nightcrawler, and Guardian from Pulse. Then today I walk into a local Meijers and all 3 are on the pegs. Now I’m sure all three will be gone in no time but my impatience will prove to be someone’s very good day. Bet if these box stores could find a way to get these sooner many of the more common figures would be snatched up quickly
  10. Unless, like mentioned above the accessories were themed. Make sets specific to teams or characters and appeal to collectors who have those figures. Then if it doesn’t apply to your collection you can skip. Not sure how they would market that approach though
  11. weird times we are in when some of the most impressive figures in terms of sculpting pegwarm. although they are pegwarming after everyone who wanted one got one, not like Ant-man, Wasp etc. always were overlooked. I too grabbed my set as soon as they saw them. Just a observation that we are in unique times as collectors.
  12. Sure I would support this idea. Any chance I can get to get those early armors from the first few movies in modern articulation. My only suggestion would be to have them the same size-ish as the MCU FIRST 10 YEARS Iron Man. That figure looked like how a man in armor should look.
  13. Love this idea! I would go for themed head sets or heck, the head/accessory set is brilliant. I have used various heads for bodies they were not intended for (ex: used the Madrox head for unmasked Black Knight. Figured it was generic enough to pass for Dane Whitman circa Absolute Vision storyline). It could be a great way to get versions of characters that were close to the classic looks while representing a different era. Like classic Wendigo head, Perez Beast, mad Hulk, Scruffy beard and mullet 90s era Dane, less pissy Guardian etc. Also love the cowls idea. I have poached a few from the old Toybiz ones like Cap, DD and Wolverine and have added them to my current Hasbro versions. Always loved that look with the unmasked head. I would add empty helmets for characters like Black Knight and Nova and maybe dropped hoods for characters like Moon Knight. Awesome way to add variety to display shelf’s. Not sure about what accessories would be cool.. most characters that have appropriate accessories already come with them. Would have to be fan channel though, just saw a 80th cap replaced with a retro Cap and a Freddie Blassie alternate head. Can’t have this continue, always ticks me off when I see that.
  14. Noted. For clarification, Harbor is a big dude and Hasbro likes to reuse parts when convenient. Just an observation and not so much a slam on Harbor.
  15. I think an articulated bear is a win for everyone. If they must appeal to the “action” in action figures, give him a missile backpack. Maybe a David Harbor Red Guardian can share Fat Thor’s buck. Also agree with those who think this will be a MCU/ Comic mixed set. I believe MCU only sets are our reward after a movie make a kagillion dollars
  16. Armored Daredevil is a guilty pleasure, seems like that look doesn’t get the probs it deserves. Huge Cap fan, so when the big head Cap from the Red Onslaught series came out I made up my mind that it is actually John Walker from when he took over as Cap and the skinny US Agent from the Epic Heroes wave is Steve Rogers The Captain version. I know the 80th version shares the mold but the head is better proportioned so that is definitely Steve Rogers i think Hasbro will go for one more vintage X-Men wave since they are going full X right now. 1. Classics Havok 2. First Appearance Storm ( or Black repaint of retro ) 3. George Pérez Beast (only need new head) 4. Classic Brown Wolverine w/ Cowboy head (from recent GameStop version) sorry, he is obligated to appear in every x wave 5. Classic Angel 6. Nimrod ( Silver Samurai was 99% new so why not) if Hasbro does move away from the X, I don’t see them going as random as the classic Marvel Universe line where in the same wave there were FF, Avengers and Spidey characters all mixed in together. Seems they stick to a theme (series 2 Avengers, series 3 X-Men. Although as I type this series 1 was very random ( Spidey, Punisher, Wolverine, Widow, Cap, IM). What I’d like to have: 1. US Agent on 80th buck 2. Armored DareDevil 3. Bearded Thor on 80th buck 4. Classic Dr. Strange 5. Green Quicksilver 6. Classic Swordsman
  17. It may take 10 years because they would have to slip in one of the characters into a related line every few years like they have started with the serpent society. The parts are there for extras like Blue Angels wings, the rest are easy repaints. Seems like Hasbro is starting quite a few teams like New Warriors, Serpents, Alpha Flight ( box set knocked this team out).. be interesting to see if the rest off
  18. I wouldn’t mind the main roster in classic costumes. What’s that make? Around 12 characters? Essentially the main Justice League right? Superman (Hyperion) Batman (Nighthawk) Wonder Woman (Power Princess) Flash (Whizzer/ Speed Demon) Green Lantern (Dr. Spectrum) Firestorm (Nuke) Aquaman (Amphibian) Black Canary (Lady Lark) Martian Manhunter (Skymax?) Oberon ( Tom Thumb) Green Arrow ( Golden Archer) Hawkman ( Blue Eagle) Probably take 10 years
  19. The Thor is growing on me, hated it on first reveal. Love Iron Patriot, actually missed that he wore this in EndGame ( too much going on to be bothered by details) would like the white suit from the Deadpool set for yet another suited figure but the “beef stick” neck makes this an pass. Probably. I can kitbash but customizing with paint is out of my wheelhouse. not familiar with Big Time Spidey but I remember the first version sold out and is $$$$ on the secondary market. Overall not interested. is this version Punisher comic accurate or just comic inspired? i have Vision from his two pack but obviously need him again for Fat Thor. Very worried that this clear plastic will be brittle like white Vision. no pics but this is another opportunity for me to complain about Avengers 1 Cap ( won’t call him America’s Ass Cap because that joke has overstayed it’s welcome. Plus America’s Ass will always be Kate Upton to me.) great costume that NEEDS to be on a modern articulated buck. no pics as well but the true winners of the 3rd endgame wave are Valkyrie and Heimdall. I’m guessing a matter of time before we get golden armor Heimdall.
  20. The thing is... at least all the Caps, Iron Man and Wolverines are different enough to warrant a new figure. With the exception of straight up repaints s ( with no new tooling) the many versions are either a new costume in someone’s preferred look. Cap and Iron Man have different looks in almost all their solo films and in all four Avengers films. My preferred look is EndGame for both but someone else may prefer AOU looks.. they are similar but different. Ok Wolverine is the exception because Hasbro finally got the perfect buck for him AFTER they released a bunch of his classic looks. I think it was a ready made excuse to redo them all on the proper buck. Yes there have been a ton of Wolverine releases lately and I am guilty that I will be one of those guys that still get the upcoming ones because my preferred look is the Astonishing costume ( which isn’t slated for a rerelease yet) and I want those bone claws from the three pack. And are people counting legacy characters as part of the total? For example: does Warmachine, US Agent, X-23 in Wolverine gear count as another IronMan, Cap and Wolverine? I get no fatigue, I want all the different costumes for my favorite characters
  21. Even better. From a lesser known storyline where Johnny tried to make it on his own. Haha, rereading my post your take is completely understandable
  22. Is Robot Kingdom also sold out? I checked there but a search yields no results. Not to pry (too much) but how much over $100 was the Hulk plus international shipping? Worried for my wallet going this route. Also, Hasbro Pulse is not high on my list these days either. Missed out on the Hulk but I'm ok with it, I went for the Collector / Grandmaster. However, my items arrived today via FedEx and the box was absolutely trashed. Ordered two and both sets have considerable damage. I had hoped that since it was an exclusive they would have shown a little more care. As a matter of fact, every order has been curiously shipped. My MCU 2 packs were double packed in a too small box (All three sets I ordered) and I recently ordered Guardian from the X-Force wave and his shipping box looked like an accordion. So annoyed.
  23. The Ultimates is a fun idea. Loved the first two volumes but once Hitch left the book the stories dropped in quality. I’d go for this set out of slight nostalgia. i know I’m an Avengers mark and I’m unashamed. My next dream line up is the post “Siege” lineup 80s Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel Armored, bearded Thor Dr. Druid ( hateful little man that he is) Captain America ( on 80th buck with the proper proportion head) in light blue Black Knight ( 80s light grey armor, no towel on belt and light saber, easy mod) She-Hulk on better articulated buck. Underrated line up, love this era
  24. Missed out both days on the Hulk. The first day I went for the MCU pack first thinking that since they sold out ShopDisney the day before and I really wanted this Collector figure. Today I was refreshing like mad and had two in my cart but by the time I hit process they were gone. Annoyed that I was refreshing since 11:50 thinking they would go early again more than not getting the figures. So even Premium members didn’t get one? Seriously making me not want to join if there is no advantage.
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