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  1. This is a great redo. The first promo pics had me worried as he looked undersized once again. Glad he is finally to scale... and these effects.. so simple but perfect for the character Really want another version with smaller boots but fear Hasbro will dohim in metallic colors completely screwing with my comic colored lineup
  2. SDCC DeathsHead! Now that i know i dont give a $#!+ I will forget this was ever announced. Money saved for the first time in years for a SDCC exclusive
  3. Ive always thought Ikaris's look was appealing. The problem is the character. Reading ANY story involving him is the equivalent of watching paint dry. The same applies to this figure. Its an impressive sculpt and paint apps are fantastic. But then what? He has no appeal to me outside of it being new and I wanted that BAF piece. I was suckered when he was announced, thinking id be excited to get him. But once opened, i was more thrilled WITH A CAT'S LEG than this turkey. Plus, his teammates get less and less interesting as you go down the hierarchy of the team. And its not like Hasbro will finish the team soon, if ever. Nah, its a well done figure but with no nostalgic connection he is bin bound if not sold outright
  4. WCA Moon Knight! Just a fantastic surprise. I had resigned myself to just having to use the all white version in my West Coast Avengers display, figuring this golden accessory version would never get made. Hasbro once again proving no suit or version is too obscure! Speaking of things thought never to be released where kids would see them: Hellstorm with a pentagram! So a symbol of the devil is ok but Moondragon's skimpy suit is too much? Look, im realy not complaining, just seems absurd on what is deemed to be crossing the line. Dont care for Lilith, Storm or Voodoo (why this guy again? Ill have to check but on first ocular patdown he doesnt look any different than previous) but Dracula is kinda cool. Reeeeeeally feeling like a Werewolf by Night, comic or MCU, is right around the corner. But dang, between Man-Thing and Francis Ford Coppila's Drac, they are taking the long road to get to him! Hellverine is dumb but looks fun. This is the kind of figure ill swear off but buy the first time i see him Blackheart is blah. Got to get this Rogue since its Secret Wars accurate. No opinion on Prof X.. is he Stryfe? Jean is ok, the Phoenix accessory is the selling point. Movie Venom is more blah than blackheart. Odin,... i feel like his height is going to kill my joy for him. Even IF his height is comic accurate, it doesnt feel right... i honestly cant recall a story line where Odin towered over Thor. Overall, Hasbro continues to kill it. Im kinda digging how theyve gotten away from Avengers/Spider-Man/XMen specific waves and giving us mash up waves again.
  5. Thought the same thing about Odin. Maybe...maybe at the height of his Odinpower he got bigger but it seems like it was just his power that increased, not his size. Honestly, his being that big is a knock againt him
  6. This is a lot of fun, well done. I applaud any Avengers effort and this is very cool
  7. I never got the appeal of Kazar. I get it, he's Tarzan. But much like the Netflix BAF Man-Thing, this simple figure speaks to me. Its dumb. Its simple. But its a fantastic sculpt and well done figure. I love collecting teams, and if we get Shanna its a quick team completed. Plus, im an unabashed Avengers mark so Zabu goes a long way to completing the Pet Avengers. What an era we are in!!
  8. My third favorite Iron Man armor. Maybe not so surprising its third biggest design update after classic and Silver Centurion. So happy he scales with the other armors. The first promo pics made him look undersized again. I agree a redo of the "big boots" version needed done but i absolutely need this armor with "normal" sized boots to complete my West Coast Avengers lineup. I just fear that small boots version will be metallic colors, which would throw off my comic colored display. That bright red and yellow fit so good with the latest Hawkeye, Wonderman and Hank Pym!!
  9. I kinda like him too. I cant explain why. But please Hasbro, if you are going to give us characters that make 99% of us say "who?" Then slip in Dr Druid. There will never be another era where we get figures like Black Winter so give me that one character that nobody wants ( but me and maybe the guy who created him) to complete my Avengers Vol1 roster.
  10. Well said. And look at the care and attention given to Ikaris. Imagine what other D list characters coukd get amazing action figures.
  11. I recall back in the 80s, Marvel put out 2 Maxi series for The Squadron Supreme and The Eternals. I couldnt finish The Eternals series it was sooooo f@#%ing boring. And I collected every issue of Dakota North if that helps you guage my interest in Eternals. Thus began my lifelong "meh" attitude towards the Eternals. Of course there are exceptions, any Eternal that served as an Avenger got a pass, sometimes begrudgingly (Gilgamesh). But i do admit Ikaris has a fascinating design. Im not sure if he ends up in my forever pile as i initially got him for the Zabu piece. I really only want Shanna, but that meant getting Kazar which meant i could build Zabu... man Legends is a slippery slope. And i cant say id want any more comic Eternals, the designs get worse as they go down the ladder of relevancy. But Hasbro killed this figure. Its pretty intricate design.. hoping since they did so well on Ikaris that maybe they take a stab on classic Jack of Hearts.
  12. Can someone settle a debate im having with my own self. I swear Whiplash used TWO energy whips. Or am I confusing comic and the MCU versions? Also, Whiplash is another simple awesome figure. Iron Man's Rogue's Gallery is full of easy to make characters to add to those weve already gotten (Spymaster, Blizzard etc)
  13. Ive upvoted everyone wanting Graviton. He could be so easy to do. Nefaria is better than i hoped. I recall hitting the back issue bins and seeing Thor bounce his hammer of this guys chest and was instantly intrigued... have been a fan of this suit ever since...so happy to add him to my Avengers villains list!
  14. Agree with @Atlantis, Hasbro could have just repainted the grey suit gold and called it a day. Toybiz did, it would be simple enough. But they really went the extra mile with the skirt. Small, simple detail that makes this figure comic accurate instead of "good enough". I get that were are in the midst of Anniversary celebrations but im so thrilled that Hasbro has been hitting the 60s costumes as well as some much requested 80s stuff. Here we are in '24 with the best versions of original suits weve ever gotten. Amazing.
  15. Just opened my set tonight and it is incredible! Sharon: a huge improvement over her previous figure and her portraits are stunning. She is a beauty. The mascara on the alt head isnt as pronounced as promo shots implied as well. I have the same dilemma with Sharon as i do with the box set Wasp. Both heads are so good i cant decide which to use as my default. Dum Dum. Ive been collecting Legends from the very beginning but this is my first Dugan figure (tho i think there was only one other?). Another great head sculpt here. Kinda dig how he slightly resembles Neil McDonough (the actor who portrayed him in CA: TFA. I think the comic Dugan is stockier but this works great for me. Nick Fury Sr/Jr. Great use of an alt head giving us multiple characters. Essentially making this a 4 pack. Classic Sr for me but ill see if Jr's head will fit on the 2 pack Agents body or ill track down another 3pack body. While ive had limited exposure to Jr, the head sculpt is perfect. Same for Sr. I was able to track down the Giant Man Fury but that body is no where near as good as this one. So 2 huge improvements over previous figures i own and a awesome new addition. Hasbro is killing it, decades into the game and they are still getting better and better
  16. Oh man i really hope so too. My only fear is that when/if they re-release him with smaller boots he will be in metallic colors. It wouldnt be the worst if it were metallic but the classic comic colors, WITH small boots would fit wonderfully into my WCA collection!!
  17. This film is tanking quickly. I know it would be a long shot to include Dane Whitman/ BK in the film but since the MCU came to their senses and abandoned the Eternals, BLADE was my last shot of seeing my favorite Avenger in costume.
  18. I thought Lady Death as well. Didnt Thanos sit on a throne of skulls in the Infinity Guantlet series? This is a loooooong shot but fun to guess
  19. Man-Thing was a character i didn't care about at all when i was fully collecting comics and gladly passed on the Toybiz version. But something about the Netflix wave BAF just spoke to me. Im definitely grabbing this new one, looks to be a fantastic update. But ill echo what others have said, we get a supporting character before the headliner?!? Interesting.. Though i am taking this figures existence as proof that Jack WBN is on the way
  20. Mine has been adjusted as well. Whew..l Maybe unpopular opinion but i hate soft goods so this Doom will be my Doombot sans Barbie doll cape. I know soft goods has its fans but this mixing of the two just throws off my sensibilities.
  21. I knownyour list is a but old and slightly out of date but referencing your list i was able to finally decide to part ways with my Toybiz Marvel Legends. There are a few key figures Hasbro hasnt remade that are must haves for me ( Green Quicksilver, Yellowjacket, FF She Hulk) but i feel good about the chances these get remade
  22. I knew this would be the version they'd go for, pretty much what they've given us before. Looks nice
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