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  1. If they get done correctly. This particular example with cell shading may have its fans but the difference in price was the vhs style box. The paint would not justify the price hike. If fans get too many more Dr Stranges at premium price with the paint being wrong on the chest then I’m inclined to think more people will pass. Especially true if the errors are on a $25 standard figure
  2. The recent threat of another price hike could settle the argument for us. If many jump ship or get choosy, it means Hasbro probably attempts goofy gimmicks like this less in the future. Also means there is probably less chance that certain figures get corrected or redone. So as collectors we may finally be forced to take what we can get. Since we may not see a particular figure again..
  3. Like everyone here this news means I’ll be way more selective of the figures I buy. Got to think with so many cutting back that those oddball characters like White Rabbit and Rock Python will become a thing of the past. Not like Hasbro will think too many will be jumping to spend $25+ on Z list characters. Those really were a luxury of a time when cost/ demand made character selection fluid and they could sneak in a few deep dives every now and again. Too bad, as my hopes of filling in my Avengers roster with the more obscure characters may not happen. And forget about 5-6 figure team box set! Imagine the Children of Thanos set coming out with that new price point!! Those after market prices that we all shudder at will be closer to MSRP.. Well, I’ve posted many times here that we were in a true Golden Age of Legends Collection these past few years. All good things come to an end
  4. Gotcha. I was going by (faulty) memory that they killed Matt to allow Elektra to take up the DD mantle. Thanks for clearing that up. im still not a fan of the multiple/ gender version/ of established characters. Miss the days when there was just one person running around the MU as any one given character.
  5. And how long was Elektra Daredevil before they brought Matt back? I suspect about 6 issues longer than it will be before Steven Strange is resurrected and reclaims the Dr Strange mantle. Comics these days.. Daredevil, Lady Daredevil, Dr Strange, Lady Dr Strange, Spider- Man, Spider Woman/Girl/lady.. feels like 70s era DC where Superman had his family, as did Batman..
  6. I bought and sold the last Jubilee figure before I decided to get at least the animated team of XMen (plus a few too cool to pass up members) so I considered getting this a Jubilee. But.. tho she has minimal cell shading she still looks off to me.
  7. Hasbro is not good at cell shading. Their figures look either bad (Jubilee) or terrible (Venom). IF I were interested in these I’d rather have show accurate suits instead of trying to mimic an animation style. I get what they are going for, they just are no good at it.
  8. Just Shocker in my hunt area so far. Despite Target website saying certain stores has certain figures either in stock or in limited quantities. Cant wait for these to get out there, lots of cool figures in this wave. really looking for Symbiote Spidey but I’ve got him on pre-order at BBTS just in case he eludes me in the wild
  9. I can respect his long tenure in comics but his style has never appealed to me either. most of the time his panels seem lazy. Instead of the level of detail say George Perez put into each panel, JRjr would rather put in ‘speed lines ‘ where feet would go. Nah, I’ve never taken news of JRjr joining a book as good news
  10. I mean... it’s right there on the comic art included WITH this figure..why we haven’t gotten purple tight-whities Hulk yet is beyond me. Really one of the last ‘classic’ looks we’ve yet to get. I accept that Hasbro prob won’t make a dedicated sculpt for Avengers 1 era Hulk but in the art this body would work for his Hulk 300 era appearance. For 1st app, He’d need to be much smaller, bigger forehead.. you know what I’m talking about.. 60s era Hulk. FYI, I still display the ToyBiz 1st appearance Hulk in my collection. While not accurate due to the, yup, long pants, he remains one of the very few TB figs that hold up all these years later. Tho to be fair, he looked like the Hulk we all know and love by Avengers #3 ( long pants and all). Honestly, I’m buying this guy. But until we DO get purple skivvies Hulk, this is probably my last one
  11. Yes this costume is awesome. Also worn ( with slight variations ) in the excellent Ultron Unlimited storyline.
  12. This would be a big “nope” from me. DC did this and while the figures looked nice standing next to other figures from a particular artists style, standing next to a different artist’s figures it looked like a different line completely. I want symmetry in my collection not a group of figures that are under the Marvel banner but look like a mish mash of styles. this is why I’m not a fan of the animated style of the Into the Spider-Verse or What If? figures. They just don’t quite fit in with 98% of my Legends collection. to be honest, the sculpter (s) responsible for the upcoming Dr. Strange and the ToyBiz homage figures is pushing my sensibilities a little as well. Don’t get me wrong, all four look amazing but their unique head sculpts look like a sub line. Like..maybe they are a little tooo sculpted. So no.. keep Legends in the same style. Give us all the artist specific COSTUMES but keep the symmetry we’ve gotten be tough to make a team that looks so differently like below:
  13. I’ve been loving the supporting characters we’ve gotten like MJ, Luis, etc.. glad to get Ned as well. but surely, the Peter in this Ned & Peter will be somehow Super’ed up right? A masked alternate head? Could Hasbro truly release a “high school dorks” 2 pack? If so, this sets a new precedence. Jump on this set fans, the MJ/ School coat Spidey Set is hard to come by on the cheap today. either way, glad to add a few more MCU figures to my collection
  14. Mixed reactions after watching trailer. They are going full mental illness aspects for sure. Could be either too trippy or produce some fun stories. not sure if I like his suit. Looks a lot like a mummy in a cape. The face wrapped up in what appeared to be bandages gives me this impression. one thing for sure is this will be unlike anything Disney has done before
  15. Yep this exactly. I’m sure Roger Moore felt great pressure taking over for the Great, and first actor to play James Bond, Sean Connery. Was Moore as successful as Connery in the role? Depends on who you ask. Moore gave fans a different take on Bond that became something fun and thrilling in its own right. It was just different than what Connery gave us. Im 1000% certain Robert Downey Jr. won’t be the last actor to bring Tony Stark to the big screen. It may take quite a few years but you’re not telling me Iron Man/ Tony will never grace theaters again. And one can argue that so much of Tony in the MCU is tied to Downey Jr as much as T’Challa is with Chadwick. Disney knows how to make money and as soon as they can bring a Iron Man back they will. Imagine the pressure the NEXT actor to play Tony will feel. I don’t know, Disney was untouchable until Eternals and you’d think even with good intentions they’d not want to take the kind of risk that they look like they are heading into. Black Panther, and I mean T’Challa, needs to be in this franchise. There is a reason that he has been popular character since the 60’s and the rest have been supporting cast.
  16. Not being a Miles fan at all I was surprised how much fun Into the Spider-Verse was and how much I enjoyed the film. Though in truth some of the animated designs, Kingpin in particular, would be tough to translate into plastic form.
  17. This Wakanda Forever idea feel like a huge mistake on the level of Eternals for anyone else? I mean, outside of Nakia, Shari and M’Baku their aren’t many characters of note to carry this franchise forward. Arguably one of Eternals biggest drawbacks was the overall lack of character recognition that Avengers/ Spidey etc have. I am the first to admit that Chadwick was incredible as T’Challa but this role needs to be recast. Handing the franchise off hoping supporting characters can repeat the billion $$ plus that the first film did with background characters seems a risk. Boseman had a great run but but honestly if Disney is committed to carrying on with out him I wonder if the whole Wakanda idea isn’t better suited to Disney + tv?!? guess we will see but I’m a little surprised Disney hasn’t learned their lesson of unknown characters anchoring their next big franchise
  18. Great to keep my MCU Collection rolling with a much needed Ned figure ( did I just type that? Don’t judge, I want ALL the MCU characters) is this set the backpack that was shown off? Has a Hasbro ever released a straight citizen two pack?? Off hand I can’t think of another... wondering if the Venom in the Knull 2 pack will be unmasked? His long hair / bearded look was cool. be very interesting to see these with official images. bummer kind of about Lizard being Wally World.. on one hand their last few exclusives have been easy peasy to get online but their in store presence has been severely lacking. also hoping for a McGuire / Garfield versions of Spidey as well. A 2 pack would be amazing but I’d take them anyway they want to release them
  19. Welp I ended up finding a Sue ( Super Skrull BAF) discounted to $10, so I grabbed it and used your method to swap faces. Turned out really nice and love the figure so much more now. no need to provide a pic as mine looks just like yours does. Still just blows my mind that this wasn’t done for us by Hasbro. Once again, awesome idea! Really made this a great figure with a relatively easy customization
  20. I’d be all over a Werewolf, MoonDragon and Mephisto. Very cool mock ups. The pic of Mephisto loaded before the text and I about $#!+ myself haha.. Couldn’t believe they finally made him.. then the text came in. Boo !! Ah well, some day I’m sure we’ll get all of these. Hasbro has been doing some deep dives on some obscure Marvel characters.
  21. Agree the Original Inferno was a fun event. Though the Avengers were my fav, comic prices back then meant I was literally buying every comic Marvel published every month (including Power Pack & Dakota North). Then as you say the books headed into the Outback era, mixed with excellent art by Marc Silvestri and it was a memorable time for sure. I drifted away from the XMen ( and eventually collecting monthly comics altogether) but this story stood out for sure
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