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  1. Seems with this actress’s physique they have no choice but to go the “StarLight” route from the boys and have a 90lbs actor playing a powerhouse. They don’t do cgi muscles, they just have this slight framed woman kicking around fully grown men and we all pretend it’s feasible. could be good, with Ruffalo involved this is must see for me
  2. That Bear tho.. man he is one awesome action figure. Funny that a Bear, just a Bear, thrills me more than the entirety of the Shang Chi and Eternals waves.. can someone clarify: the Hologram Iron Man is using an MCU style/ design. But is it an technically an MCU figure? Meaning does the box reference the MCU? Or is it just a hologram that happens to use an MCU Iron Man buck? I collect both but store them according to movie or comic
  3. Ah Armor Wars. The year this all went down was quite the year of change at Marvel. Captain America was just the Captain, Tony had this Silver Centurion Armor, Hulk was grey, and Spidey was sporting the classic black. Thor was all armored up. If you took a break from comics and came back in this era you’d hardly recognized anyone. This was the first time I witnessed the rift between Cap and Tony as the Captain arrived at the Vault to try to talk some sense into Tony. Only for Tony to turn on Cap! Riveting !! Man this was good stuff... this would make a pretty great retro wave
  4. Yessir, Perez is a close 2nd. No other artist, I guess I’d add Jerry Ordway to this list, captured such expressive facials, dynamic poses and could lay out action scenes like these guys.
  5. This is a great figure. This is MY Namor, that Walgreens one was ok but this was a figure I figured we never get. Was very pleased when he was released
  6. Excellent drawing. I had this one, the Avengers and XMen all as screen savers. John Byrne is my all time favorite artist. To me, any hero John drew was the definitive look
  7. Lots of great characters in that story, with or against the Avengers. Be a fun couple of lines. Could get some much needed updates and never before seen versions of others.
  8. Agree most of these 3rd and 4th tier MCU characters that are being pushed as the “stars” will be quickly discarded once Disney moves on to the A plus franchises like FF, XMen and However they continue with the Avengers. It’s never been more obvious that the Eternals, Shang Chi and most of the D+ stuff is transitional until they get back to WELL RECEIVED blockbusters. Falcon as Cap will be interesting with how they proceed. As Falcon, Sam had a great arc until the shoe horned him into the Cap role. I immensely enjoyed his transformation from Falcon to Cap but the end result was underwhelm
  9. Target.... SMH...so a few posts up I asked if anyone else got a date for the 7 th for the Bad Guys wave from Target. well on the 7th I hit some Targets again and am now being told : 1) the 10th is when they should arrive 2) should be in within 2 weeks 3) one store had Doom but when asked said the figures were in transit.. they are literally so all over the board they are useless in tracking these down. And when did Target go from being able to see which stores has them to the only info given is “In Stores”?
  10. Hmm.. my Black Widow does look a little goofy holding two guns while she has two more permanently on her hips. Same with Deadpool. yeah I guess my vote goes to weapons being molded in / glued in as worse.
  11. Those early ToyBiz releases are full of Caps Iron Men’s, Wolverines, you’d run the risk of people complaining that they make too many Caps, Iron Men’s, and Wolverines... Hasbro does love them some anniversaries so anything is possible.. maybe they could homage the original ToyBiz releases in that worthless Retro line.. less plastic for those tiny things. im in for classic characters so if this were an avenue for Hasbro to get more out I would be game..
  12. A quick google search shows this turkey had quite a career over at DC.. I want to say this is lazy writing but it seems like drugs were probably involved
  13. Yes this is what the comic book writers would have you believe, that Gilgamesh was a forgotten bad a$$.. in the same vein as Shang Chi is Marvels Deadliest fighter.. that nobody cares about. Gilgamesh, even as an Avenger was pretty goofy. His run was forgettable but Marvel really tried to get readers to care but he is just lame... and yet BOTH of his Avengers looks are miles better than this terrible movie design
  14. As far I know that particular picture is pure speculation at this point. Some one or two on these boards is almost always right when they post these line ups ..can’t recall if Lord-Scareglow is one with the insider knowledge. we are getting close to release time though so it won’t be much longer before the wave is confirmed
  15. I picked up the old MU 3.75” version years ago, one of the few figures I never opened. Will pass on this one.. it’s just... meeeehhhhh..
  16. If true this is a solid wave.. would want to get them all. Really think this retro suits would be the last time I’d have to buy the FF though
  17. I figured I was fine with the Walgreens flamed on Torch until I saw those crappy Retro figures and how well the classic red flame torch pops in package. I’d love that version. Torch and the upcoming US Agent retro figures are the only times I’ve been tempted by those 3.75” figures.. i agree as well, that the main team could be split into waves to allow an expansion of the FFs corner of the Universe.
  18. Well don’t read to deeply into this @Atlantis.. my “have to buy these” is more a mental defect than any sense of duty. Have you never been a completist for anything? It is a frustrating thing at times for sure.. I was this way with comics until Marvel priced me out with hundreds of variants.im this way with MCU and Avengers Legends too. So yeah I have to buy them or have that tingling boring into my brain saying “what if”.. rather satisfy that urge and spend the cash to know my collection is complete until they announce the next wave.. I’m only joking here of course. The money I sp
  19. Ehh for me these are boring movie versions of boring comic characters. Great face printing and shiny paint seems more bells and whistles than great action figures. The terrible articulation, and boring designs are doing this wave no favors either. You don’t have to look any further than the Bring on the Bad Guys wave and the Disney + wave to see how to make comic characters exciting. I agree no one is forcing me to buy them. As an MCU completist I kinda have to though. Believe me I’d rather not, in fact I’d rather there wasn’t an Eternals movie. The decision on both this and the Sh
  20. This is a fun figure, Hasbro is doing a great job of filling out the ranks of these Disney+ shows. I thought about pre-ordering but learned my lesson with Marvel’s Katy. She is the reason I predict no issues getting my hands on Mobius. Wondering if Target ticked off Hasbro/ Disney to get such ordinary exclusives if late. Don’t get me wrong, I picked up Marvel’s Katy and will also get this one as well as the Happy 2 pack.. just as far as “exclusives” go.. not terribly exciting.. also: an October release?? Got to think this will get a much sooner release
  21. This figure is so nondescript I kinda feel like this is a joke. Never heard of the actor, its somehow even more boring than the figures needed to build him.. this just keeps getting worse and worse.. They are doing their best to talk me out if buying any of these haha
  22. Same. Huge BK fan, thought for sure with Kit Harrington in the role Hasbro would cash in on the star power. bummer
  23. To each their own but as someone who had owned both the Hasbro version of MODOK is far superior. i get it if you’ve been plugging away and at this point it’s a matter of principle but $50 bucks gets you an improved in every way figure
  24. It’s actually easier to list whom I have not completed: Galactus, Sentinel, Apocalypse, Nemesis, Jubilee and Warlock. sold off the ones I didn’t care for either because I got the wave specifically for the BAF ( Kingpin, Sasquatch) or I like most of the wave but could careless for the BAF ( Titus, Abomination..)
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