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  1. Has Scarlet Spidey ever worn the hood up? Or was the Spider Logo off center like this? Admittedly not a huge fan of this look but both these issues are hitting my eyes wrong
  2. I’ll give MAFEX credit, they make aesthetically pleasing figures. I really liked the blue on the bottoms of the Symbiote Spideys feet and wished Hasbro took that extra step. This too is a nice figure but the cost is just too high.
  3. I’m torn on this set. I’m an MCU completist but, like the upcoming Black Panther re-release wave, there are only slight paint app differences and nothing new added. Plus, no set is worth having to visit Epcot. edit: what’s this set retail for at Epcot? I fear the answer as a lunch for 4 at Disney or Universal runs close to $70 ...
  4. Maybe so but not without precedent. If you recall, just before volume 2 was released Hasbro re-released the figures from the first movie. It was actually how I managed to get the wave as I skipped it when the first movie came out because at the time I had no idea who the characters were. Plus I was able to snag Space Armor Iron Man and Nova that I couldn’t find the first time around. In hindsight, Hasbro releasing the first movies figures again was no doubt because they knew they had a hit franchise at that point and a surplus of previously unknown characters.
  5. Agree, this new strategy feels rushed and half-@$$ed. Like they were given a hard deadline for when the new packaging was to be started without putting any thought into how it wold be implemented. If I had to guess, by this time next year, the whole presentation of the plastic free packaging will be very different than what we see here. Probably still plastic free but better box art, better figure security.. i mean, my experience with the latest Thor wave I saw bad paint apps and stolen accessories. All this with see through packaging. I shudder to think how we will all get burned if Hasbro just phones it in like they have here
  6. The figure is ok but wasn’t thrilled with the look when the MU 3 3/4 line released him. It’s not the best design in either white or black but this does beg the question if they release a white version will they eventually release a future foundation FF as well ? I mean, obviously they will but not to excited to buy the FF again at today’s prices
  7. Agree. At the end of the day who is this plastic less packaging really for? Don’t think for a second that Hasbro’s decision was for the World.. more likely to appease the vocal minority that anyone who uses plastic is utterly evil. The whole new packaging rollout seems ill thought out and rushed. I mean, pics of the figure instead of dynamic art? No way to guarantee what they say is in the box is actually there? This screams of reactionary steps that will surely be re-thought or revamped before long. It looks bush league and hardly like a major company’s product. everyone has hit the major concerns that at this point are not addressed. What’s in the box? Are the eyes painted correctly or cross-eyed? Does my figure have two left feet? Online purchases really don’t guarantee anything. Not like Hasbro is immune to mistakes when we can see what’s in the package now. i don’t know, this feels like a blind bag product. I’m not thrilled about the future of the line. really feel Hasbro will have to rethink this strategy when they see customers aren’t buying multiples for MOC or impulse purchases. Can’t imagine the environment will be such a huge issue to them when they can’t sell the same amount of product. Do you really think any company will place conscious over making $$$? I don’t know the solution. They can’t zip tie the figures to the cardboard but they can’t rely on the general public’s honesty either
  8. Can you imagine they did essentially army building style packaging? We are already concerned about thieves and what may actually be in the box.. if they put boxes that small on pegs thieves could steal an entire wave haha
  9. I picked this guy up but I doubt I’ll ever display him as Ragnarok. Most likely I’ll add lightning accessories and have him crushing Ultron or some other fool that tries to take on Thor. Ive always loved this suit for “Thor”. I’ve actually still got a 80th Anniversary figure still in box it’s such a beautiful overall package.
  10. Targets recent Legends treatment gets a bit odder. For months no Target within 90 miles had any new product. There was no sticker placement, no spot on shelves. The Thor wave started hitting but weeks after the street date still no new product. Then today, 1 Target has 6 Groots, another had 6 Ragnarok deluxe sets and half the BoneBreaker wave. I grabbed Wolverine as a placeholder for the Astonishing suit which HAS to be one of the next Obligatory Wolverine spots right? I mean surely Hasbro wouldn’t throw the only suit left I really need into something stupid like a Pulse exclusive 3 pack with a repainted Boom Boom & another legless Cannonball would they?!? WOULD THEY?!? I was surprised that Vulcan had two figures on pegs. I must have confused the fact that he is the first figure on the new standard body with him having rarity. Also saw Siryn and Sabretooth. Passed on them since I still can’t justify the price hike. oh also of note, I saw the Thor wave at FYE... FOR $39.99 EACH!!!! Unreal, if Hasbro thinks I’d continue frivolous spending after their $3-$4 price hike FYE is INSANE to think they will get anyone to bite on a $19.00 hike..
  11. Today I completed the Thor L&T wave by finding Jane Thor. Seems like a pretty good likeness also, Ragnarok arrived from Target yesterday. I thought the red eyes would be a deal breaker for having this guy sub into my collection as another classic Thor but the red isn’t overly bright and unle ss you place your face against the glass you might not even notice.
  12. Harsh. No Mother of the Year for Mystique. ok I though it was Baby Hulk.. thanks for confirming
  13. Is this baby Nightcrawler just baby Hulk repainted? I have baby Hulk in my accessories box but could take a while to dig him out
  14. Dang this year has been brutal for comic creators. I am sorry to hear about another loss for the industry
  15. Which Bendis did ad nauseam on his New Avengers run. What were his stories about? No idea, can’t recall because Bendis isn’t a good writer but I can tell you he put every Named character Marvel had in the Avengers
  16. Hell has frozen over part II: stopped in a local Walgreens and was shocked to find a lone Binary on the shelf. Oh and a few Dr Strange MoM figures. I left it lie as I had gotten a Binary some months back online from Walgreens so I figured she would get snagged by somebody searching for her. now it remains to be seen if the store had finally gotten some exclusives in stock or if it was a return.. but nice to find a Walgreens exclusive in the wild after so long of a dry spell
  17. Not that I’ve found. It appears only in this deluxe version ( so far) and the PC remastered version. seems dumb to only offer it that way but I isn’t want to pass it up
  18. Jeez what a goofy suit. He reminds me of kids pajamas or a Halloween costume. Like when a kid wears a costume of say.. a Rhino .. and his face sticks out the mask like this. The 60’s and 70’s were wild times for comic characters haha.. I had the original BAF once but sold him off. Don’t think I’ll try to find this one either. Rhino just never appealed to me as a character. i will say he looks like a well constructed figure. Unlike that Armadillo BAF who’s design hindered the execution of the figure. You just couldn’t pose him in any stance other than standing upright or his back piece looked off..
  19. I was underwhelmed with her initially but once opened she is a pretty good figure. Th execution on the flame hair is kinda weak but admittedly I’m not sure what they could have done to improve it. i was able to snag her in the very slim window that she was in Walgreens site but missed out on Zemo the first few times and Jigsaw most recently. I have however learned my lesson and won’t be shopping overseas for Jigsaw, got to think eventually he will be back in stock or on BBTS.
  20. Didn’t they announce this was some sort of virtual card based game? I mean , nothing in this trailer supports that. I’d be annoyed AF thinking I was buying a action game to find out I’m actually investing in a deck builder
  21. I’m in the camp that that T’Challa as a character should have continued in the BP franchise. I loved Boseman’s contribution as BP.. but it is pure folly to continue the series without T’Challa. It saddened me when Chadwick passed, not because he played an MCU character but because all signs hinted that he was a good man. But to think that his unfortunate passing means that his interpretation of a character ends and no other black actor can continue to elevate the character is short sighted. Honor Chadwick. Give him a nice tribute but let another worthy actor carry on what Chadwick started. No one is saying that another actor can replace Boseman. But another actor could certainly add to the foundation that Boseman laid. Even if the powers that be decided that T’Challaa should take a back seat to Shuri or MBaku his presence as a character SHOULD remain in the franchise. Just my opinion.
  22. FYI I found out I needed to buy the Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition to get the remastered edition of the original Spider-Man for PS5 No interest at all in Miles’s solo game but am having a blast revisiting the Parker game..
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