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  1. I’d be on board for sure. My biggest bummer was the lack of wrist articulation, wanted a classic two handed pose that just wasn’t possible. bottom line, I will buy all Black Knight goodness that Hasbro throws out ive been on this board for a little while now and have always wondered how threads about a specific topic gets so far off base hahaha we went from talking about the new Black Widow figures to talking about Hercules beard!!
  2. I forgot about Hercules early appearances! I had been so conditioned to see him with his beard that even these pics don’t look like him.. I remember thumbing through a comic around #350 era and it had Hercules and the Black Knight in civies and I was confused who the heck this guy was.. haha took some actual reading to realize it was our favorite Greek god
  3. I liked the Legends version of the cape less Black Knight. I was a little bummed that it wasn’t the classic version but I was glad to have him. Of course he was from the “dark ages” of Hasbro’s early years so he had terrible articulation but design-wise he was pretty cool. For display purposes only he looks great STANDING next to the more recent release Black Knight. I would also love an official Black Knight in jacket / lightsaber era, again this version of the team was very 90s but I have a soft spot for them all. The custom from your post looks amazing and who knows, Hasbro May someday decide the pockets era is a gold mine for new versions haha
  4. Beardless Hercules must have been quite the controversy back when they did this. Hercules, Thor and the Black Knight acknowledge his face a few times in this era. Before the internet people must have written in the comic to complain.. it was weird, just didn’t seem like Hercules even though he wore the costume.
  5. The 90s were mullets, pockets, jackets and guns for everyone! Like, pockets for Giant Man? No need but sure give him pockets. The most grievous to me was the Black Knight. Goes from cape and ebony blade to jacket and lightsaber. But to this day this era has its charm to me an is remembered fondly
  6. I can do without Hasbro adding effect /power pieces as add-ins for the deluxe figures as i have quite an extensive collection of Tamshii Effect pieces that both look great and double for many of the powers effets for Legends. What i'd rather see are extra heads, hands, relevant weapons/accessories (Iron Man nano wapons) etc. Or in the case of the recent grey Black Widow it would be cool if they included extra arms so the bomber jacket can be removed (ala Mattel's Ultimate WWE Bret Hart ) Not against effect pieces, some things like an Iceman ice slide make sense, just want a Deluxe figure to give me more pieces that make a standard figure deluxe
  7. now to complete the rest of the 90's team I need: 1. Beardless Hercules 2. Proper white Vision 3. Crystal with BOMBER JACKET 4. Swordsman (with classic and Gatherer's alternate heads 5. Giant man with the shoulder pockets ( because 90's) and weird head gear 6. Black Knight minus cape and add BOMBER JACKET 7. Masterson Thor with helmet mask. 8. Sersi with BOMBER JACKET ahhh good times......
  8. Love the grey Black Widow. As a huge fan of the Harris/Epting run on the 90's (because Black Knight finally graduated to the starting line-up and was given time to shine) i had been waiting for a decent version of this look. I am indifferent to the bomber jacket because as others have said it was the 90's (looking at you 90's X-Force Havok and Polaris) and it just became part of her uniform. I think the look sans jacket is sharp however, something very sleek and simple about it that was different from her original look that made it stand out. Petty sure someday we will get the same uniform without the jacket. Not familiar with the white version. I didn't realize the MCU deluxe figure is inspired from a comic storyline. It looks great but as some have pointed out a little redundant in the wake of the deluxe reveal. As a character i love BW so any version of any look is just cake. I wondered to myself if we would start seeing effect pieces after the recent Storm Trooper from the black series was released. Hasbro is still behind the game as Tamashii Effects are the current leader of the pack for now. But these and the deluxe are a nice start
  9. good point. the hulk body is a $35 figure at best and depending on where you buy. Gamestop is notorious for their upcharge on Legends. so whatever this exclusive hulk is my guess is it is not the recent Hulk body we have seen
  10. Grey Black Widow is live on Walmart right now. ordered two
  11. yeah the costumes they have shown for the game leave a lot to be desired. however, it was said that there is supposed to be many skins for each character. then it comes down to personal preference, would you want another Hulk figure with minimal difference to the ones w'eve gotten or one with some wild design from the video game that would not fit into any other part of your collection? it will be interesting to see what direction they take these figures
  12. Saw bits and pieces at local Walmart, just Cap and Iron Man. As for other stores, saw the rest as individuals scattered throughout various GameStops but never the whole set there. i did however see the entire wave together at a nearby FYE, but passed on them as I had already gave up and ordered a set online and did NOT want to pay the $3-4 up charge
  13. This head sculpt is so good WHY is this not on the general release Black Widow head?!? the pics for that one look so generic and then Hasbro reveals this beauty. Dare I hope that those early pics do not reflect the actual product and the whole line will look this good?
  14. I don’t know enough about Morbius to throw together a list that makes sense but you can’t go wrong with monsters. All the above would be fine with me. in my perfect world Hasbro would release their versions of the classic monsters whether it be Morbius or Dracula, The Living Mummy, WereWolf By Night.. Mr. Hyde... all would be welcome,
  15. I ran into a similar situation with the Avengers EndGame third wave. Was in my local WM and there was zero new product. Literally in the next day and the were one each of the Iron Man and Cap. No others in sight, as a matter of fact the rest of the wave never showed as far as I know . At least I never saw them. During my search I checked websites from GameStop, BBTS, EE. Most had both Cap and Iron Man in stock while the rest were still designated as pre orders. So maybe certain retailers get certain figures from an assortment early? I ended up trading in some old PS4 games and ended up with enough credit at GameStop to order the remaining 3rd EndGame wave. The only place I ever saw them in the wild was weeks after my order came in I happened to be in a FYE. gladly passed on the $4 up charge...
  16. I found the new Spidey wave and picked up the Shang Chi I wanted. The others look great though. on a side note I also picked up the new McFarlane Superman. Got to say it is sooooo disappointing. As a statue he looks great, but try to pose him and the weird joints and odd proportions are exposed. As others have mentioned he is way out of scale for Legends but as a Superman fan I had hoped he would be something special. guess it was not meant to be. All good, though, Hasbro is going to get a lot more of my money this year. McFarlane's initial fail (going to keep watch to see if they improve) really makes me grateful for the golden age of Marvel Legends we are in right now. I get a company with a new license having growing pains, lord knows Hasbro had their share but when I can walk out with a SHANG CHI figure that puts Superman to shame we are truly in a great era
  17. To each his own. But I would submit that using smiling emojis and “haha” is far from getting “all hellbent”. We can disagree on character designs, doesn’t mean I was coming after you, in fact I agree that design is subjective and what can appeal to one may not appeal to all.
  18. This is true. when a character is made into plastic form they can greatly enhance the original poor design of their comic counterparts. Not always mind you but there is something about the tangible 3D figure in your hands that can allow you to forgive some of the more goofy designs. remember, we have been conditioned to accept grown men wearing their underwear over their tights 😁
  19. Horrible character design as opposed to say.. Living Laser, White Rabbit, & Rock Python? The bar has been set low in some cases if that were the deciding vote on who got a Legend figure haha
  20. Pretty awesome pic. Who knew Doom was a Mickey Mouse fan. First thing he does once he gets the Infinty Gauntlet is wish into existence the Mouse and his lady.
  21. This is about as perfect an example as it can get that shows when articulation goes overboard. The bodies that Toybiz used had odd proportions and looked very little like actual humans. Plus when finger joints got loose DDcoulnt even hold his batton. the figure in the right is better but with terrible hip joints made for a great pose but very little action. i think Hasbro’s version in the middle gets the human proportions right as well as about the perfect articulation scheme.
  22. Cool figure and lots of interesting characters in this wave. I’m getting Shang Chi only. Hasnt Demogoblin/ Hobgoblin been a BAF like every single time the character has gotten a Figure? Seem to recall a very artist specific version of Hobgoblin a few years back. Seems some characters are destined to be BAFs no matter how much sense it makes
  23. Agree that Hasbro plays it safe. Spidey will sell hence 13 waves ( is that accurate?dang!!) Reminds me of DC/ Warner bros.. always playing it safe so we keep getting Batman and Superman Movies. They take a chance and give us Wonder Woman and Aquaman and (shocker ) people flock to see something new. Hasbro has done a great job of giving us a remarkable selection but can still play it safe. On one hand we have gotten a wide variety of the Spidey universe but it still another Spidey wave. Imagine if they took that chance and gave us the much requested Iron Man or Thor wave. Feel their efforts would pay off from those of us that want that something new. for BAFS, I’d like MR. Hyde.. awesome monster would fit in with legends and horror Box. Just him and Marina and Alpha Flight is complete for me Clint Barton Goliath. Goofy 60s charm
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