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  1. Agree, these are worse than the efforts Marvel Universe had in their final years. The video game designs are weak but they are indeed getting love from Hasbro. Hasbro can release all the gamer verse figs they want as long as the game has classic comic and MCU designs as playable skins.
  2. And that is how you summarize a characters back story haha. Thank you NWoWolfpack, feel I'm an Maverick Red Hulk expert now
  3. I also had to google who Shiklah is. Hasbro is really hitting the obscure vibe with this one. One more for the "if they made this guy (girl in this case) then anyone can get made" category... Hasbro already got me with Ex Nihilo and Rock Python, this one is an easy pass but for those who like this release please buy many, then the chances that the obscure character I want will someday see release
  4. After the recent NYCC reveal it is so cool, you called it !! Half masked Peter Parker head!! Such a fun accessory !!
  5. Sorry, had to post after Toy Fair.. called it with the retro Rhodes head
  6. No reference point for the Maverick Red Hulk. Can any one shed some light as to why they "recasted" General Ross to Maverick? Is Ross still a Red Hulk as well or just the Maverick guy? All things considered and this being comics, the Maverick Hulk isn't the worst, seems kinda lazy like some GTA V alt skin, but not the worst costume designs
  7. The only (minor) complaint I have with BAFs being re-released as single carded is that I went to the trouble of getting entire waves to get them. Not anyone's fault but my own it's just when I think of the time and money I could save... and depending on what the re-released BAFs are ( most likely repaints) it means I may have put the effort in to build less desirable versions. This already happened with Monster Venom, with the classic logo and comic accrurate colors being on the new fig when I had to buy 3-4 figures I could care less about. Ah well, as I said no ones fault but my own.. Not knocking BAFs as singles, just need to decide if the new versions are keepers and then what to do with the old versions. Dont get me wrong, I'd like a classic Kingpin with white coat and purple pants. Just not thrilled about paying $30-40 for essentially purple pants. Be awesome if they could make it feasible to go with an all black suit repaint but gave us purple extra legs/ pants to pop on the old version
  8. Right? The actress who plays her was an unexpected highlight for the Deadpool movies. She is gorgeous, glad to add her as a cinematic Legend
  9. My last post may have seemed a little harsh on Foxs Xuniverse. I would gladly buy all Xmen movie versions of Legends . Same with Blade, FF (Fox), Elektra, Man-Thing... I'd take them all. It's just that we have GLARING omissions from the MCU, which has dominated the comic movie landscapes that I feel need filled before Hasbro gives love to franchises that gave struggled under another studios guidance
  10. Army building at least needs to be done before Hasbro begins playing with their new toys. Quicksilver, Ancient One, Korvath, Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, the rest of the X-Con crew, a Agent Carter version of Peggy, Aldrich Killian, many more need done before a much weaker cinematic universe gets the love. I get Jackman Wolverine, he is the iconic version, love that both Professor X and Magneto gave both actor likeness but after that the xmen cinematic universe is filled with terrible costumes and bad actor portrayals. The MCU has done a marvelous(!!!) job of translating comic campiness into believable realistic Attires. Batroc and Crosssbones are great examples of how the MCU has translated goofy looks into great on screen costumes . Look no further than the total box office gross to see that the MCU puts the Fox Xmen effort to shame. Just saying, make the MCU the priority as that has been a large reason that Disney was able to buy Fox. Then make extra scratch by releasing Legends versions of inferior franchises
  11. That's the feeling I get as well. The xmen as a whole are a money maker with little effort. That Hasbro has gone all in and not only given us definitive x movie universe Legends makes me happy that they put the effort in instead of just saying "anything x will sell so let's just call it in." Honestly from what they have revealed it looks like some of their best efforts to date. That being said, I get that it's the 20 th anniversary of the xmen franchise or whatever but the true cash cow is the MCU, so hopefully they keep that line coming. All four Avengers movies have grossed in excess of a billion and the last 2 ( for sure, but arguably 3) xmen movies have been trash. I'm sure Hasbro knows this but man I'm worried that the Fox Quicksilver may see a Legends release before the MCU version.
  12. Is Hasbro done with the Legends reveals? I think what they have shown is amazing but I'm a little surprised that there are no MCU reveals ( besides Black Widow of course). Really hoped for a Quicksilver this year. The Fox stuff is great too, just hope that Hasbro doesn't forgo the MCU for the old XMen movie stuff ( let's be honest, those biker costumes were some of the weakest translations from page to screen)
  13. Since Pulse has the Gamerverse wave up for pre-order we can get a great look at these new figures. Does anyone else think the comic figures are looking a little cartoony? All three ( Rage, Mar-Vell, and Mach1) look.... I don't want to say cheap but the sculpting skews a little on the caricature side and less realistic that other recent comic waves have looked. The recent FF wave is a perfect example of realism of the comic characters... these look...off. obviosly will make a decision once I see them in the wild
  14. Sorry wrong place for this post. I'll repost in the appropriate place
  15. Since Pulse has the Gamerverse wave up for pre-order we can get a great look at these new figures. Does anyone else think the comic figures are looking a little cartoony? All three ( Rage, Mar-Vell, and Mach1) look.... I don't want to say cheap but the sculpting skews a little on the caricature side and less realistic that other recent comic waves have looked. The recent FF wave is a perfect example of realism of the comic characters... these look...off. obviosly will make a decision once I see them in the wild
  16. This is great news. i never really gave it too much worry but in the back of mind the thought of starting my collection over with a new companies version of character X was the stuff of nightmares. Hasbro's Marvel Legends is by far the best line on the market, glad to see they will be able to continue.
  17. about what i expected. no high or low reaction. Can't say i like it, it looks like he is fighting weight issues and is using his costume as a girdle... I get it, Gamerverse fills out all these video game companies original designs into plastic form, they did it with Spidey, they will continue with Avengers and that is fine for something different since we have so many Spidey, Caps, Iron Man, Hulk etc.. from the comments here and on the thread about Outback Hulk, these designs are mostly misses. I'll keep saying it: if this Avengers game doesn't give us the option for both true classic and MCU skins as 2 of the 24 skins slots it will be a HUGE missed opportunity
  18. Add the Thunderbolts to the list of team rosters that are to large and always adding new members that most likely will never get made
  19. Also that poster has quite a few variant looks that would be nice immortalized as Legends. Does a leather jacket over costume constitute a new costume ( haha of course it doesn't) But take a good look at how many are wearing a jacket or vest) Falcon would be a good candidate as someone who usually is in one or two variants. He has had many that haven't been made in that poster alone you can see Falcon, Rage, Hercules, Namor, Wonder man, Crystal, and Dr Druid in looks that many would not consider their classic attire but can add to the idea of completing uniforms
  20. Check out just a sample of the Wasps many costumes. she forms a border all around the poster. Good luck getting all versions haha
  21. Excellent idea. Exactly what I planned on doing with the Stan body but with a Chris Evans head for a easy MCU Steve Rogers. Man, I'm going to end up with half a dozen Stan Lees to make a bunch of civilians. Hopefully a Parker and Evans head just snap on with having to Dremel or fill.
  22. word has it that each character in the Avengers game has upwards of 24 skins, apparently this is one of Hulks sigh... was never thrilled with the default skins they revealed in the trailer but after seeing the pre-order, beta and alternate skins they have revealed it looks like the default are the best we will get. If this Hulk is an idea of the games original designs there are going to be 23 skins that are never used. this Outback Hulk isn't the worst... Its just not that great. Will make a judgement call when I see in hand.
  23. Yes I completely agreed. The only good thing that came out of this era for me was the Armored look. Hated it at first but over time I came to appreciate the design. Im a uniform completist so this is my final DD box to check.
  24. Fingers crossed for Armored Daredevil. After two DDs in a spidey wave, Walgreens.. only suit I NEED is Armored ... wouldnt put it past Hasbro to give us another classic red but if so it would be an easy pass.. unless of course the give me an incentive to buy like a radar effect or something equally cool
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