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  1. Great set but with only 1 Inner Demon the extra heads are wasted. Not sure if an Inner Demon 2 pack would make sense and Mr Negative is cool to get. Maybe Hasbro needed to make this a 3 pack with Mr Neg and 2 Demons
  2. That head shot cover really speaks to how removed I am from the comic Avengers. I maybe recognize half the characters...
  3. Watched the Christmas special and they never explain why Groot is so buff... but I'll take another Groot Speaking of the Special, maybe I'm getting tired of the particular brand of humor in the MCU but the best I can say is that it was "okay".. there was some fun moments but overall I'd say "meh"...
  4. I knew when this figure was first released we'd get a comic colored variant down the road, this just isn't how I pictured we'd get him. The comic colors really look nice but since this is like my 5th or 6th preferred armor I wasn't keen on buying a 2nd. I was taking a break from collecting comics so this suit doesn't hold the same nostalgia for me. Also, since this is the suit he voted to end my favorite Avengers title at the time (Avengers West Coast) that's another check against this suit. Never could get into Force Works.... Blaster canon is ok. Never played the game it is from.... Why did I buy this figure ?!?! Hahahaha
  5. Might be a tad oversized but the bike from The Batman by McFarlane toys may be a decent stand in until you can get your hands on a proper GR bike.. many Walmarts have on sale
  6. Oh yeah, I missed a few to complete the Vol. 1 Avengers team definitely need Hammond Torch, the Whizzer and DeMara YJ. and throw in an updated Pym YJ as well
  7. Always fun to speculate and make wish lists. Whenever these come up I've got to stay with my "Home Team" and list my obscure Avengers that have yet (and most likely wont) to be made: 1 Starfox 2 Stingray 3 Dr Druid 4 Triathlon 5 Justice 6 Living Lightning 7 Firebird 8 Moondragon 9 Two Gun Kid 10 Swordsman Honorable Mention: comic Mantis, Jack of Hearts, Silverclaw, Death Cry, Lionheart, D Man, and comic versions of Sersi and Gilgamesh, Crystal, and until it's official Rambeau Captain Marvel. These lists get completed and I have the Vol.1 Avengers.
  8. I eventually came around on the design for the D+ show, even nickednamed him Mummy Knight for my own enjoyment. ....but whoever that D+ show was about wasn't any Moon Knight I've ever seen. I'm mean impalement? Flying?!?!? Turning back time?!?! Side kick Hippos?!?!? I guess D+ writers also Google characters they aren't familiar with
  9. Team suits are my weakness. Though I'm not planning on getting any of these except Wolverine they look amazing together. @Atlantis, nice catch on the different hair styles on Banshee for the alternate heads. Odd choice by Hasbro. Are they daft or are they actually being collector friendly by giving fans more options for the inevitable classic suit version? I mean, those sculpts are clearly from different eras of Banshee's history.
  10. This IS a nice figure. But.. the 2nd best attempt at a good Tom Holland sculpt. The first one from the Iron Man 2 pack was decent however the best sculpt came from the the recent recent Peter/ Ned two pack. And another example of Hasbro needing multiple attempts to get it right ( looking at you INFINITY WAR Iron Man: who, btw also needed multiple attempts to give us the best figure possible) Shrewd Hasbro...
  11. This is a vast improvement over the first Hasbro release but still not perfect. A bearded extra head would have been more appreciative than the Void one. I may be mistaken but doesn't the suit change when he becomes the Void? In hand, the shoulders are a little off as well. They are a little close to the odd ball joints that ToyBiz lived. I mean, they look better but still off.
  12. I'm more than ok with the current DDs we've gotten. To me, his sculpt amd proportions look exactly as I recall DD looking in the comics. I'd take a Vulcan body upgrade but will give zero F@#$ if they never get around to upgrading him. I'm a sucker for DD so I bought the set.. not crazy about the Bullseye but I've been looking for a unmasked head to go with a Hawkeye figure for my Dark Avengers lineup
  13. From what I've seen of Marvel Selects articulation it won't be pretty
  14. I really like the translucent ice look. To me, it says his entire body, inside and out go all icy... though I agree it makes no sense This may be worth the $30-$35 hit to get that ice slide
  15. Awesome thanks Tarot for the info. Nakia is easy to grab now so if she was an army builder I'd want to get started.
  16. Life long comic fan and I've only read one comic with the Brood in it. Literally in middle school and some kid was selling his brothers comics for pennies.!! It was an XMen comic (obviously) with Wolverine transforming into a Brood. Spooky cover that stuck with me for years. The Brood to me are Marvel's Xenomorphs from Aliens. I'm sure that's exactly who their creators were inspired by.. they give me the same icky, bugs on me feeling. Sounds like a fun crossover. Makes sense with the Xmen and Carol's history.
  17. Agree with everything you've said. And this really speaks to how Hasbro moves forward with future HasLab offerings. At first, I was only in if the early bird special made the goal even though I was shocked (SHOCKED!!!!) at the price. When that failed, I was tentatively in when they added the Robbie Reyes extra head ( but $350 is awfully high for a car and 1 figure) The tiers would eventually determine if I would back the project.. then the tiers came in.. MEPHISTO!!! ( I guess, not the Mephisto I wanted).. maybe but $350 is kinda high... then the Goblin Queen!!! ( I guess, not the GQ that drove me crazy as a young teenager).... hmmm... could be cool but $350 is still to high...HellStorm ( is it though? Maybe Ultimate HellStorm?!?!) Ugh... even with three big names in their maybe 4th most recognizable suits $350 is still too much. I stated waaay back when the Sentinel was announced that us fans needed to be careful of what we would pay for these HasLabs as Hasbro could set any price as their minimum... so this Ghost Rider Haslab was bittersweet. I'm bummed that a project that should have been a home run failed miserably but im glad that the fans have spoken that we wont pay ANY price.I backed both Sentinel and Galactus but this GR project was bizarre from the very start. Price was too high, the (arguably) 3rd most recognizable GR, tiers were most wanted but slightly off,the price was too high.. etc..price, price price price Moving forward I hope Hasbro has learned their lesson. Listen to us fans and give us the product that equals the price. And don't threaten us with most wanted characters locked behind unattainable stretch goals. As an Avengers guy, I'm hoping Reyes GR gets a solo release someday. Too bad it will be without his car. But I guess thats hiw we got the OG GR originally... plus not sure where I would have stored/ displayed the car
  18. Boy the HasLab failing has really put a damper on Ghost Riders Anniversary... seems no one is talking about any potential product coming.. the wind was taken out of the sails on this for sure
  19. For anyone who has seen the new Black Panther movie: is the suit Nakia is wearing in the new Legends wave a potential army builder? Or is it an outfit only she wears?
  20. No interest in the figure but I will reiterate that these Retro Card backs add such much to the figures. They just have that extra "cool" factor. And it's been for every wave: XMen, Avengers & West Coast Avengers, FF.. it just hits all the feels.. Recently picked up FireLord and for half a second considered mot opening it because it looks amazing. My next big want on Retro cards is War Machine. Have the orginal but the new colors pop
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