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  1. Also, enough already with the comic inspire looks. This company feels the need to put their twist on every look. That Thor is probably as close to a comic look we will get and wow... it's not good.

    for the most part i want comic or MCU looks, not versions that are kinda like those but not really. The worst part about Ultimate Alliance 2 was that companies take on classic uniforms. I'm fine with one or two "inspired" looks but give us comic and MCU looks without the alterations please.  

    Man I want to LOVE this game but every bit of info they give out makes it seem less likely to happen. Sorry to come off so critical, I'm normally willing to give the benefit of the doubt but bits of info like this is making it hard to look forward to this

  2. 15 hours ago, JayC said:

    Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Assemble into a team of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats.

    Pre-order Marvel's Avengers to receive the Marvel Legacy Outfit Pack, an exclusive nameplate, Beta access, and more! Play the Beta first on PS4.


    Love it!! Pre- order now to get cos- play suits!! That Thor haha GD I saw the same thing at SDCC ... 

    so is this game about Kamal Kahn and her interactions with the Avengers? I'm ok with her as a character but man does she feel force fed. Hate when Marvel tells me I'm supposed to love a character. 

    As far as costumes go, these are an easy pass, no incentive to preorder at all. I've heard that each character will have a lot of skins to choose from. Hope that is true because the defaults and pre-order ones leave a lot to be desired 

  3. On 2/11/2020 at 8:49 AM, bashpics99 said:

    Its just kinda surprising to me since there were a lot of people who complained they could never find the Thing at Walgreens.  I guess they should've included some different accessories for him to make it more enticing for folks to buy him a 2nd time (not sure what exactly), in addition to including the alternate hands the WG version had .  Also i don't think the weird paint highlights did the figure any favors, the wash the WG version had was way better imo. 

    OTOH it seems like a lot of characters who've been re-released don't end up selling well. I'm mostly thinking of sdcc figures like Black Bolt, Medusa, Malekith, etc. I suppose most collectors end up getting the figure the 1st time around and those of us who missed out the 1st time around may be very vocal about it but are relatively small in number.

    Of course it is still early so the rest of the FF may end up pegwarming, too.  I think it largely depends on how popular a BAF super-skrull is. Since thing comes with 2 heads if someone is army building skrulls they don't need to buy as many Things as other figures in the wave.

    The best thing I can submit to entice us to buy another thing is to include a Ben Grimm alternate head. There was a period where the Thing was having issues staying rocky and took to wearing a exo- suit that replicated his Thing appearance. Including a helmet that looked exactly like his normal Thing head. Could be cool to replicate that look, have he holding his Thing "helmet" head. 



  4. On 1/20/2020 at 7:25 PM, The Mad Bubbler said:

    -First appearance Spidey

    -Peter B. Parker Spidey (in sweatpants) (In To The Spider-Verse)


    -Rocket Racer


    -classic Aunt May (with Ms. Lion)


    BAF: J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Slayer

    J. Jonah Jamison as Spider-Slayer. GD I love comics and their "so off the wall it's awesome" ideas!! Can you imagine a middle aged man hating a celebrity so much he commissioned a crazy a$$ suit to kill him. Love it

  5. On 1/30/2020 at 7:37 PM, MarvelousSuperNova said:

    Here's mine:

    1. Adult-ish Peter Parker (Comes with web shooters and half masked head as accesories).

    2. Completely updated Spider-Man that uses an updated body bold. Interchangeable hands, and another head sculpt that's based off a different art style. 

    3. New Ben Reilly Spidey with updated body

    4. Updated Green Goblin w/ Norman Osborn head

    5. Wedding Mary Jane

    6. Wedding Peter Parker

    7. Symbiote Suit w/ updated Spidey body

    BAF: Ultimate Venom

    Th half masked head would be awesome!! Great way to celebrate that classic "Peter-tingle" moment from the classic comics that has never been done in Legends form. Such a cool yet simple effect to show his power in action 




  6. To quote Aaron Rogers: relax, R-E-L-A-X. No way Hasbro out prices their fan base. A $10 price increase out of the blue would cause such fan backlash as to have their sales drop to he point that any increase in price of new figures would be offset by the loss of collectors who drop the line.  

    Hasbro is in a groove. They are producing the best line on the market right now in terms of sculpting, quality, and variety there is no way they show the arrogance to think we would accept that steep of a price increase to continue collecting. Image that Hasbro, who loves to repackage the same figures with a slight color change or in a multipack also decides that we are suckers enough to buy that same figure with a huge increase of cost!?! We all complain to some degree that repacks are out of hand, there is no way this line can sustain the same business model and practices of releasing essentially the same product at a higher price point. Hasbro would have to adopt a entirely new approach to how they release repaints.

    another point, the recent MCU/ 80th anniversary sets. Many retailers immediately dropped the price to sell out their stock. Are the big box stores really going to hope consumers will spend the higher price point when they panicked and dropped the cost of new sets days after release? 

    new releases sell well due to the demand for new products but once the rush is over the those waves are stagnant. Would big box adopt the higher price point just for new releases? Doubt it. They still need to sell their stock, and consumers will balk at high prices. I have left entire waves from FYE and GameStop due to their rediculous prices.

    i guess it's wait and see. Personally I can take the price hit if I so choose, but i guarantee I'd be more selective on which figures I bought. With the amount of product Hasbro has been putting out it doesn't seem like Hasbro would force us to be so restrained

  7. 9 hours ago, leokearon said:

    Not interested in another classic Spidey or Green Goblin, Peter and Gwen wouldn't be too bad. Don't have have DD so might be good and Electro could do with a re-release/retool especially with interchangeable hands. Also I wonder wnat packaging they would use, maybe the 90's cartoon toyline packaging?

    Depends on if they do the much requested Ditko Spidey, something visually distinct could make another Spider-Man stand out.

    as for the rest, I am all in on Peter Parker. Make him with two or three artist specific heads and Hasbro could print money. 

    Daredevil depends on which version. We have all the main looks except armored but thus bring a retro line would they use this look? ToyBiz DID do an armored repaint back in the 5" days so it could be and I would buy two if so. Love armored DD

    Gwen, Goblin and Electo are wait and see. Would they do two civilians in a wave? Peter and Gwen? 

  8. I'd go for that as that's how I have filled out my Avengers lineup through the years. Beast from Xmen, Nova, Agent Venom & Spider-Woman from Spider-Man, the FF from the FF etc.. 

    we will prob get a few obscure Avengers from the upcoming Eternals line as Sergei & Gilgamesh will likely get MCU versions so Hasbro may throw us a bone and give us comic versions as well. That's my hope at least. 

  9. 2 hours ago, nWoWolfpack said:

    I feel Dr. Druid & Swordsman are super low on the totem pole along with Silverclaw, Lionheart,  Firebird, Two-Gun Kid, Alexis the Protector, Kaluu, Validator, Fuse & Alloy, but with Rock Python anything's possible

    Completely agree. Any of the above will be a random WTF release that will please collectors like me but make the majority shake their heads haha

  10. 20 hours ago, kbaxter74 said:

    Yeah. I guess I don't care much as long as I get the figure to complete the team. The beauty of size shifters is they can literally be any size. 

    That is a valid point and kind of the mentality I had to adopt in regards to said Giant-Man.  When I think of size changers though I want them at their tallest and at full power I guess. 

    Again to your point, the 6" Goliath we got in the Ant-Man pack is ideal for his relative size when compared to Marvel Universes 3 3/4 scale. He was also great as a depowered Hank before he becomes Giant-Man. 

    My want of the larger figure is just personal preferences but I can see your point

  11. Yeah the blow back of some new company getting the license will be felt the hardest by long time collectors. In many cases we are just a few figures away from defining lineups then to have to start over and have no other option but to buy Brand Xs new version of the same characters is deflating at best and a nightmare at worst.

    I was hopeful when I heard McFarlane was getting the DC license ( despite Mattel stepping up their game for the most part) but once the actual product came out it was a huge disappointment. Guess McFarlane would not conform to the 6" standard and so my DC collection ends with Mattels last offering.

    as others have mentioned, none of us are rich, and we collect what we can but the monetary investment ( I'm personally in well over thousands of dollars, between Legends and Universe) is to great to restart a Marvel collection again. They got me back once, as I had shifted to MU 3 3/4 figures when that was the only option. And I loved my Universe collection, but once they brought Legends back I had to decide if I was going to recommit to the six inch scale. I did and my  old ToyBiz Legends are now " non-canon". I really don't think I can match my enthusiasm for my current collection to starting over again. It all seems too daunting so let's hope Hasbro hangs on to the Marvel license 

  12. Not sure about an entire wave but what I'd like to see is a great buck with many alternate hands and artist specific unmasked Peter Parker heads.

    Ditko, Romita, McFarlane, Byrne, and many more have had their renditions of Peter and in most cases are reminders of an era of Spider-Man we loved. The suit doesn't have to be artist specific too much, the early version were basically the same.

    They could sell it as a deluxe figure and add as many iconic versions as possible. For arguments sake let's say they add three extra heads along with the masked head, fists, twipp hands, wall crawling hands....

    DC Multiverse did something similar with their Alfred, two actor and one comic inspired head I believe. It was a great idea and I think it would be cool to see a Spider-Man figure get a similar treatment


  13. On 2/9/2020 at 4:11 PM, kbaxter74 said:

    I would love an Avengers wave with well-known comic Avengers. I would assume we will get Thor, Widow and Taskmaster from the game. Then I would love to see:




    War Machine or Quasar or Justice

    BAF Atlas

    If they cold get Atlas the size of the Walmart Giant-Man or at least the Marvel Universe sized Goliath that would be ideal. 

    The recent MCU Giant-Man, while well sculpted and articulated, lacked the necessary Giant. If they go this route then I'd rather they don't bother

  14. 28 minutes ago, tarot said:

    Honestly forgot about that. Carry on.

    Yeah the lines have been blurred since Marvel instituted the Avengers Unity Squad.

    Havok, Rogue, Sunfire, Deadpool, Cable, Sabretooth are all card carrying Avengers. Add in X23, and a few others that have served as both.

    As far as an Avengers only list the best you can say is give it time. Won't be long before everyone is an Avenger 😄

  15. You have pretty much given those that are left, I forget that there are so many yet to be done.

    Who I'd want made first:

    Swordsman ( with classic and alt Gatherers head)

    Dr. Druid (w/ classic and alt reborn head)


    Jim Hammond Human Torch

    Classic Moon Knight ( with Marc Spectre unmasked head)

    Quasar ( Galactic Storm era)

    Hercules ( in either classic uniform)




    classic Moondragon

    Wonder Man (safari jacket uniform)

    all of these goes a long way to completing the classic roster


  16. On 2/4/2020 at 10:56 PM, The Mad Bubbler said:

    The Alpha Flight set seems to be a hit- I wonder if Amazon will do one larger team set a year? That would be most welcome.

    A Shi'Ar set might work, if Lilandra is included. I think most of the Guard is a bit obscure, but Lilandra is much more well-known (and Hasbro has the head sculpt for her now, and just a head isn't enough for most people, just customizers); Lilandra, Gladiator, Warstar, Fang, and one or two others would make for a great set. Hasbro could have some real Synergy, and issue Fang Wolverine and Deathbird in an X-Men Legends wave around the same time...

    Seriously, though, Marvel Legends is lacking in "space characters" from the X-verse. Where's Corsair?

    Be awesome if only Lilandras body was included.. Hasbro pinching pennies since they already gave us her head 😂

  17. 1 hour ago, JayC said:

    MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Riders Series Cosmic Ghost Rider set from Hasbro. You can purchase Marvel Legends from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com.

    Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.






















    Love the bike. But those hips.... my lord how long has Cosmic Ghost Rider been on that thing?!?  I am shocked that with the level of crafting going into Legends these days that Hasbro would release something so aesthetically unappealing.

    Im reluctantly passing, love the bike but GR himself looks very poor. 

    Tell me they haven’t made this guy an Avenger otherwise the completist in me flips and will reluctantly buy this guy

  18. Googled it.. Tony was indeed the first Warmachine. Could not find any pics of Tony wearing the armor helmet less but the synopsis for Iron Man #282 confirmed my suspicion.

    these are the alternate heads I thought would be fun for a deluxe warmachine. Gotta love the 90s



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