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  1. ah. reading. i hear its really catching on. may try it myself on day 🤣
  2. I.... guess this could be a cool idea if they did something similar with Legends. I think snap on gear would be better that symbiotic parts sculpted directly into the figure...
  3. No idea. If I had to guess it may have been a themed variant cover. Marvel loves variant comic covers and who knows, this one could have been one of those. I don’t think Cannonball or Sunspot, or Captain Marvel for that matter ever wore these. I could be way wrong but my guess is marvel had every book that month have some wacky variant.
  4. Im not always a “glass half full “ guy but this hobby doesn’t get me upset enough to complain with anger. Of course there are examples of when I’d rather have a different look for some ( F4 Byrne era please! ) but honestly I feel like Hasbro has proven that if we are patient enough they will listen and get us what we want. I wasn’t a fan of the Cannonball figure but I’ve converted his “legs” into blast effects for other flying characters. Also use Hydro Mans water effects for Namor. I’m always looking a new releases to see if there is something I can use even if I have no interest in that character with the human torch you either get powered up or not. I thought the newest release was clever enough with the alternate flame hands and fire effects to kind of bridge the gap. In years past the only solution was to add fire effects directly to the mold and half on fire hair. I’ve never found that to be very ascetically pleasing so I’m glad to have flame effects as an add on it comes down to the choices Hasbro makes and in my opinion they have mostly knocked it out if the park but without feedback on the misses they can’t revisit them down the road
  5. A few more as I am thinking about this post Typhoid Mary. Amazing detail to her costume, great accessories and a beautiful face sculpt Guardian. Another basic no frills uniform that just speaks to me. Love the grumpy face too Retro Vision. Classic look, gives me that nostalgic feeling for our hobby. Slick little tease with the classic Ultron head too!! Haha so close!!! Luis from Ant-Man. The figure that gives us hope that “if they made this guy they could make anyone”. Citizen V. Just a great design pulled off wonderfully in plastic form.
  6. My Man-Thing is awesome. I wasn’t crazy about its mass when I first saw it but in hand i came to really appreciate its size and and textures. Grow up, I’m talking about the Netflix series BAF. 😂 Also really like Classic Ghost Rider. Even before the bike came along he was a fantastic representation of this character. if you’ve seen some of my previous posts you know I am crazy over the Black Knight. Three helmets for three iconic looks. Added an extra Maddox head for a bonus unmasked goodness. Carol Danvers Ms Marvel ( I think it was actually released as Warbird). Just a sleek, basic costume that sculpting and paint make her really pop. Corvus Glaive. Not much for poseability but the sculpting detail is phenomenal! Cannonball. I guess I mean the blast effect. Use that effect for Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Warmachine, basically any character that uses boot rockets. It has been the only redeeming part of this massive miss
  7. The avengers and XMen would be tough to complete. Once you get past the heavy hitters ( or 2 or 3 versions of them) only the most fanatical of us want Dr Druid and Maggot. For every A lister there is a solid D that got their 15 minutes that we now crave in plastic form. My wishlist of best obscure avengers are Gilgamesh, Moondragon, Demolition Man and of course Dr Druid. These all seem like long shots but it wasn’t too long ago that Hellcat and Rage were considered unlikely to get made. as far as teams we may never complete: Squadron Supreme. I’d say except for a small loyal following that love them the are all C and D listers who are mostly recognizable because they are inspired by the Distinguished Competition. Serpent Society. So many characters with forgettable designs that by the time Hasbro trickles one out every few years they would lose interest. West Coast Avengers. Badly want Firebird, Living Laser and the Original Human Torch. Doubt we’ll see any of the more recent team outside of what we have either 70s Guardians of the Galaxy. The Vance Astro we got may be it. I have a feeling this eras time has come and gone.
  8. The tail? Yeah I figured she would need assistance... wasn’t sure I even wanted her but I’m an Avengers completist and she was either a member or a nanny for a brief time. As a nice consolation I had $20 in Amazon rewards so after taxes I got her for a little over half off
  9. Dr. Doom is amazing. You will love him boy those McFarlane DC figures... I am the same. I actually bought the Batman and Superman comic versions but still not sure how I feel about them. As a static standing pose they look ok at best. Posing them the weird joints are exposed.. for now they are in storage until I either discover or see someone really make them stand out in some way I haven’t been able to figure out
  10. My Squirrel Girl ordered from Amazon will be delivered Saturday or Sunday. Not bad sine it was ordered two days ago. Hoping for the cute version from the comics and not the Blanche from golden girls the prototype pics show.. fingers crossed
  11. Maybe I’m not understanding your point but if you don’t open boxes you can’t assemble the BAFs regardless.. But if I did miss your point, have you considered commissioning boxes from customizers? People with skills can make awesome boxes with the appropriate graphics in relation to the specific characters that have been released as BAFs. That may be the more economical way for you to get what you are looking for. But if you are patient, many BAFs have been re-released as singles so you may only have to wait and see
  12. Shang Chi is awesome, I was short of cash when I first saw this wave, only had enough on me to grab one figure and Shang Chi was the easy choice. ( in case you were worried, I’ve since gotten paid and have gotten the rest) Gives me hints of Quick Kick and honestly gets me a little excited for the rumored 6” G.I. Joe line that has been circulating. Hoping one day to get a Secret Avengers costume version ( Bruce Lee inspired!!) as well as the MCU wave versions ( I thought I heard the TRUE Mandarin is rumored to be the Big Bad i this flick so that is bonus goodness)
  13. About the gamer verse thing... I get the love that the PS4 Spideys have gotten, I’m sure we will see more. Feels like there are quite a few that Hasbro will mine before it’s all said and done. as far as the Avengers gamer verse figures... I’m on board but I’m not super high on the game designs that I would say I’m looking forward to Legends of them. I posted about this earlier in that whichever figures they produce for this line will most likely be anomaly’s in our collections. They are unique enough that they look ok together as “gamer verse” figures but from what I’ve seen are TOO unique to fit in with either my MCU or comic Avengers. (Judging by what they have shown in game trailers) Im not against them, I love the Avengers in all forms, just when the line gets announced and I see Rage, Captain Marvel, Mach 1 it kinda makes me wonder what could have been if they went full on comic wave.. i will be purchasing the wave ( both waves as a second wave is rumored / mentioned / confirmed ?!?) but my hope is that a few more obscure or fan favorite Avengers get added to my collection as a result. Maybe a few more Avengers who have also been New Warriors <hint hint> also hoping that Hasbro’s support of the gamer verse figures doesn’t become decisive and splits us like the age old battle of MCU vs Comic collectors haha.. ( for the record I am neutral, I collect them all )
  14. Agree again. If Hasbro keeps blessing us with sets of similar theme ( meaning 3 packs of characters with comic / movie history) they could be onto something special. I am really hoping for a similar set of Cap/Thor/Iron Man from the Final Battle of EndGame. Imagine where they could take this: Werewolf by Night/ Dracula/ Frankenstein Captain Mar Vel / Monica Rambeau/ Genis or Carol Spidéy/Green Goblin / Gwen soooo many great options
  15. This year it appears so far to be a pretty decent balance of characters I want and ones I can pass on.. better than last year when my Legends collection just about broke me ( ugh my poor wallet/savings account/wife’s patience) as always I look forward to new reveals and I can’t help hoping that some long time wants will get their box checked
  16. Assuming they follow the same pattern I’ll go with: 1: Black Widow (video game) 2: Thor (video game) 3: video Game big bad ( assuming Taskmaster is just a henchman) 4: Dr. Druid (with alternate head that has hair and goatee, reborn look) 5: Swordsman ( w/ classic and alternate Gatherers head) 6: classic Kang ( w/ unmasked head) 7: Moonstone (re-release of T-Bolts box set)
  17. I agree on the color choice for Scarlet Witch. Sculpt wise she is great, just not sure where these colors fit in with any given era. The costume is “classic” avengers (with the undershirt covering her chest and shoulders) where as the Odin wave SW had a more modern “more skin the better “ look. the colors of this SW are the only thing that make me hesitate (slightly) to put her with my classic Avengers team.. Wanda to me was always a little more timid in her costume choices and she was mostly covered from shoulders to feet ( classic, avengers unity team). At least with the exception of a few brief designs that had her almost nekkid.. would love this 3 pack SW in classic colors though. overall the 3 pack is awesome. Love it.
  18. I’d be on board for sure. My biggest bummer was the lack of wrist articulation, wanted a classic two handed pose that just wasn’t possible. bottom line, I will buy all Black Knight goodness that Hasbro throws out ive been on this board for a little while now and have always wondered how threads about a specific topic gets so far off base hahaha we went from talking about the new Black Widow figures to talking about Hercules beard!!
  19. I forgot about Hercules early appearances! I had been so conditioned to see him with his beard that even these pics don’t look like him.. I remember thumbing through a comic around #350 era and it had Hercules and the Black Knight in civies and I was confused who the heck this guy was.. haha took some actual reading to realize it was our favorite Greek god
  20. I liked the Legends version of the cape less Black Knight. I was a little bummed that it wasn’t the classic version but I was glad to have him. Of course he was from the “dark ages” of Hasbro’s early years so he had terrible articulation but design-wise he was pretty cool. For display purposes only he looks great STANDING next to the more recent release Black Knight. I would also love an official Black Knight in jacket / lightsaber era, again this version of the team was very 90s but I have a soft spot for them all. The custom from your post looks amazing and who knows, Hasbro May someday decide the pockets era is a gold mine for new versions haha
  21. Beardless Hercules must have been quite the controversy back when they did this. Hercules, Thor and the Black Knight acknowledge his face a few times in this era. Before the internet people must have written in the comic to complain.. it was weird, just didn’t seem like Hercules even though he wore the costume.
  22. The 90s were mullets, pockets, jackets and guns for everyone! Like, pockets for Giant Man? No need but sure give him pockets. The most grievous to me was the Black Knight. Goes from cape and ebony blade to jacket and lightsaber. But to this day this era has its charm to me an is remembered fondly
  23. I can do without Hasbro adding effect /power pieces as add-ins for the deluxe figures as i have quite an extensive collection of Tamshii Effect pieces that both look great and double for many of the powers effets for Legends. What i'd rather see are extra heads, hands, relevant weapons/accessories (Iron Man nano wapons) etc. Or in the case of the recent grey Black Widow it would be cool if they included extra arms so the bomber jacket can be removed (ala Mattel's Ultimate WWE Bret Hart ) Not against effect pieces, some things like an Iceman ice slide make sense, just want a Deluxe figure to give me more pieces that make a standard figure deluxe
  24. now to complete the rest of the 90's team I need: 1. Beardless Hercules 2. Proper white Vision 3. Crystal with BOMBER JACKET 4. Swordsman (with classic and Gatherer's alternate heads 5. Giant man with the shoulder pockets ( because 90's) and weird head gear 6. Black Knight minus cape and add BOMBER JACKET 7. Masterson Thor with helmet mask. 8. Sersi with BOMBER JACKET ahhh good times......
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