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  1. Got my Clint, Kamala, and the replacement Kate and Sharon. This time with the intended accessories. Is it me or does this feel awfully quick that some jerk could buy these figures, swap parts and return? Also, this is the first time this happened to me from Amazon. Are they too big to notice the parts swap? Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  2. This looks like a fun wave. The Loki is meh for me because it's not Hiddleston. This "What If" thing needs to end. The zombies are cool but nothing says cartoon for Red Skull. And Howard is a terrible character so I guess IMO he is a terrible figure. He Who Remains is fun. But with his Kang persona fast approaching I can't see caring about this version for long. Randall Park has made Jimmy Woo a show stealer in every appearance so will be glad to get him
  3. Such great reveals for Avengers AND XMen. That X 5 pack is legendary in terms of being all new characters and a much requested updated one. THIS is what future 5 packs should strive to be. wait, is Yelena a zombie in this version? That skin color looks... unhealthy. Extremis Iron Man.. I’m floored. Great update. The Ultimate Cap is cool but the whole “Ultimate “ thing needs to go away. Orb still sucks. If Hasbro continues to produce figures of this quality I may some day come around on the price hike. But that would mean we could expect no more missing or inaccurate paint apps or bare bones releases like Speedball and others that get the premium cost for standard product.
  4. Whelp.. my Kate and Sharon arrived today via Amazon. Both boxes absolutely trashed but the kicker: the Sharon figure is correct but Ultrons head and sword is replaced by a Death Dealer head and what looks He-Man swords. Unbelievable! One of the last waves to have plastic and an online order to boot. Immediately replacement request. Guess goes to show swappers have no shame Sentry also arrived and everything is as expected with that one at least
  5. Been a busy week without realizing it Tessaract & Loki from Amazon ( $16 off with coupon) Sentry from Walgreens Clint, Kate, Sharon & Ms Marvel also from Amazon. This time used a $100 gift card I earned for 10 years at my job to grab half the wave. My company just got bought out so I’m lucky to get the gift card haha Kate/ Sharon should arrive tomorrow. Kamala on Saturday and Clint by Monday. I was going to grab the 2 Moon Knights and She-Hulk but on Amazon they were $30-$40 each. So I got as many as I could
  6. You’re not wrong. While as an Avengers completist I absolutely need Druid, Lightning and Firebird but your point is valid. Outside of myself and a few others who would scoop them immediately, the rest of the world probably would shrug. The above scenarios played out when they revealed Jocasta, Rage, Hellcat and Thunderstrike. I was giddy but for most of the on shelf run, they were quite easy to come by. i myself shrugged when they revealed Blue Marvel, Ex Nihilo and niche costumes for Hercules and Spider-Woman. But...completist, so.... also, great point about the XMen. Once they were allowed off the bench, their team exploded from scraps to riches. And again you’re right, many of the characters you mentioned did and still get warmed around my area. So I guess I just don’t like the Orb haha
  7. Is that Orb in Orginal Sin? I own the trade but thumbing through I thought that was Nick Fury who was being punished for killing the Watcherc so some cosmic force made his head go all.... “Orby”.. guess my mind made a better story than what was published 😂
  8. Hasbro continues to suck at “cell shading”. Thankfully I only pick and choose X and Spidey characters so these VHS figures won’t be a thing I do. Unless Hasbro decides to commemorate Avengers: United We Stand Show. And NOBODY wants that. All very recently Hasbro has given me MAJOR boxes checked off my Avengers list AND in my preferred looks. Hercules. Sentry. Wonderman. Tigra. Vision. Scarlet witch. US Agent. Here’s hoping the other rumored figures continue this trend
  9. Dang you're right, the green/ red suit is another must have suit! ( assuming you mean his masked suit from early Avengers and not that clown suit he worn in the West Coast era) While I wouldn't mind a update of the Toybiz one ( to me his 3rd most recognizable suit behind Safari and Classic Green/red) I can take or leave a full on ionic form redo. Now that Safari is upcoming ( so excited, can't believe it's FINALLY being made) the classic green/red is my new most wanted. As often as I complain about the recent price hikes ( and I do every chance I get!) every now and again Hasbro gives me that 1 figure I would have paid double for! ( not really, but this is my joy level) Well done Hasbro
  10. The perfect Wonderman! Finally. I'm ok with the baggy pants, are we 100% sure he's not worn them? They feel familiar. Regardless, I may need two, this suit is so iconic I need one for his early Avengers run as well as his starting lineup role in the 1st WCA limited series. Also, so glad his glasses are translucent. McFarlane toys really dropped the ball on this simple detail with their recent Booster/Beetle set. Glad that Yelena isn't a simple headswap. Not familiar with this specific suit but glad they didn't cheap out. Strucker looks amazing, glad to get him updated. Molecule Man is amazing as well. A much needed addition and with the recent release of Galactus, once this guy is in hand I'm one more key step to completing the Secret Wars rosters. Or a huge spot on a FF villain shelf. Orb is a waste of plastic and a spot on an Avengers wave. XMen fans, does this happen to you? A spot getting wasted on a lame @$$ character taking up a slot that a more appropriate AVENGERS character ( or villain) should be in? Seems to happen to Avengers fans all the time but from what I know of the XMen, they seem to get at least recognizable characters more times than not. Can't wait to see the rest as well as the rumored Black Knight / Sersi 2 pack. And Monica Captain Marvel. So happy that Hasbro is recognizing the Avengers are in a Anniversary year as well
  11. I’ve yet to open mine, planning on busting him open this weekend. Can’t wait. Though, I’m thinking he won’t fit in my display cabinets ( from IKEA, forgetting the name).. will have to test poses and see. yeah now THIS feels like worthy HASLAB. The current one has been actively going backwards for weeks as it never felt worth the price for the product we would have gotten. Bummer, $100-$150 less and I would have been Day one supporter.
  12. Got to think this will get a better figure with more accessories down the road. This reeks of a rush job.
  13. I honestly don’t think I enjoyed a wave more than the Giant-Man wave. A near perfect mix of classic, new and updated figures all needed to build the best BAF ToyBiz ever put out IMO. I stIll display GM with my current Hasbro figures. if the rumored Avengers figures are on the way though, I could finally get a wave to challenge for the GM wave title of greatest yet. The rest of this year and next look to be expensive for me as well. With classics like Safari Jacket Wonderman, Sersi, Rambeau Captain Marvel, a potential wave could be f-bombing amazing
  14. The Ant-Man movies have been so much fun. This one looks to continue that. Rudd is just so likable and he is clearly having fun. I cant wait to for this film. Are we finally having some form of purpose and direction for this phase of the MCU? Do we have our next BIG BAD? A villain big enough to pull the Avengers back together?
  15. You are remembering correctly. There was a bearded and non-bearded version for both the bright yellow and the mustard yellow. Both head sculpts were way above what ToyBiz was doing at the time. I’d go as far as saying they are on par with the best Hasbro has given us. The knock, after all this time, is the over-articulation. Absolutely no need for toe and individual finger articulation. I too have a great memory of finding these in stores but there wasn’t much of a search for me. I was out of town for work and stopped at a WalMart. The entire Giant-Man wave was there including all 4 Sentry’s and the burnt up AOA Wolverine. I bought nearly everything they had. Such a great day. ( and at the old ToyBiz prices to boot)!! I bought 2 of the Walgreens exclusives just now. For the first time since Silver Centurion my timing was right and I logged onto this site to see the notification that they were available. 2 because my last few Walgreens orders were kicked, sat on, and squished. The one in best shape gets a forever home, the other gets returned. Hasbro doesn’t get my extra cash anymore...
  16. I do like this figure but kinda feel he shoukd have been on the teen body. He seems to tall and 'adult '... I recall him being very much a teen ager in his solo book. Maybe he aged in time for his New Warriors run? Also, he DEFINITELY should have come with some sort of bubble accessory. A buddy of mine bought the Can of Beams accessory and he seems to like it but thats another $18 on top of MSRP.
  17. To me, it makes more sense that Nakia would take over as BP. But this female mask has Shuri's markings around her head. So what I'm saying I guess is I have no F*ing clue who is under the mask either. I could see Disney being reluctant to make the actress playing Shuri their long time lead because of her off screen opinions. Plus there are a few times when the MCU played with comic to film translations and it could be a twist to have Nakia take over..
  18. Yeesh don't like the prices for these figures... Based on recent history we can guess that the $28.71 figure is an single anniversary figure or equivalent and the $36.40 figure is a deluxe?
  19. Love this figure but hate the last stripe on his shield being off colored. Baffled by this decision. Seems going all the way back to Marvel Super Hero days from ToyBiz they always screw up his shield. The first Agent shield from ToyBiz was a repaint of Caps shield ( actually the whole figure was a repaint) and the star was painted over but clear there. This was a welcome update from the Hit Monkey version that was way to small framed
  20. Annnnnddd.. GALACTUS has arrived!!! FedEx guy said "I've got to ask, this box says 'action figures' how many are are in there"? One. Hahahaha. Don't ask how much it cost Won't be able to break him out for a few days but can wait. A major box checked in my lifelong quest to complete the Secret Wars roster Wonder how they decide who gets theirs and when? I was an 11th hour purchaser, literally waiting until the final minutes of the campaign but haven't seen anyone else here post that they got theirs yet.
  21. Very cool and a much needed character from Avengers Galactic Storm. Can't wait to grab him I had the old version briefly but that whole FF wave was poorly done. Nice to get him updated
  22. Like many, I wonder if this body doesn’t end up on Pulse as an official Army builder? I’m hesitant to buy more than the two I have ( to display both Quake and Hill) because while this is a pretty good representation of both characters, it’s also kinda half-@$$ed since there are no holsters. I mean Madame Viper has them and they are in the same wave!!! Got to think a Pulse 2 pack will make up for the lack of accessories and give us more head swap options. I will give them credit on the removable gauntlets though. It wasn’t too long ago that those metal sleeves would have been molded on and we’d had no choice but to display both characters with the gloves that are unique to Quake. Just like the clever lab coat used for MacTaggart and Mr Fantastic, great way to get two looks with a simple solution.
  23. Galactus is on the way! Got an email saying He has left the building. Should be any day now
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