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  1. For Army builders so far I’ve gotten: six Hydra goons (3 of the 2 pack sets) six Aim goons ( see above) six generic goons ( actually Paladins. Hard to resist clearance price) six MCU Skrulls ( technically all Talos but some added accessories from AIM/Hydra packs, removed jacket, one on a suit body .. you get the idea) 2 super skrulls ( though I only bought one FF set, just bought another loose) 2 Shield guys ( these guys jumped in price fast so this was all I could muster) Six of Dora Milaje squad. But have twice the extra heads My biggest wants are Hellfire Club goons ( but since I am not going for the SDCC box set, these guys will be mercs) Skrull soldiers shield soldiers Kree soldiers so far I be had no need to buy any Pulse army builders as I have plenty but bring on variety and I will jump to build some armies
  2. I’ll pick this up for sure but will wait for the TPB. I have low expectations but they had me at “Werewolf by Night”.. in truth I’d pick up any comic that is werewolf/ horror based. I was following the “Ferals” book. Series started strong but got a bit wonky even for the subject matter. Now that I think about it, it sure if I’ve gotten all the trades anyway, there are waaay more crap werewolf movies that I’ve seen than crap werewolf comics that I’ve read so I’ve got nothing to lose
  3. Not at all, for me all welcome additions to my Avengers line up. Well not Mach 1 ( yet). But if you can believe it, Mach 1 was so much fun for me I went and found Citizen V and Songbird in the event they actually finish the Thunderbolts... time will tell but Hasbro has found a way to slowly build these teams filled with little to no new tooling. Between the Tbolts and the Serpent Society, I am slowing amassing a few extra squads I didn’t know I wanted 😁 EDIT: I was super excited when I found a comic Red Guardian, maybe someone’s boring but it made my day
  4. Again, love the comparison pics! Hard to believe I held that old Toy Biz Warmachine in high regard for so long. This is how you update an already great figure Hasbro, but Next to this new one that TB one is really showing its age. also love that U.S. Agent, even if that buck is too small for John Walker. This version is my “The Captain” stand in. Always feel this is the size cap should be but I have come around to the 80th anniversary version. Can’t wait for the Silver Centurion next, S.H.!!y neck joint and all. I’ve come to a happy place with that figures flaw and am eagerly waiting to add him to my Armory. Still kinda bewildered that SC doesn’t come with these awesome blasts effects.. may have to grab an extra IM2020 so all my favorites can blast off together.
  5. Awesome figure. Now we need a retro Rhodes head from when he sported the classic suit. ... maybe in the inevitable re-release of the 80th anniversary in classic colors.. one Tony head and one Rhodes head
  6. Isn’t Taboo the guy that just hangs out in the back ground never adding to or the Black Eyed Peas product? This is the guy they want people to know they are letting write their comics? Was Sporty Spice busy? im a fan of Jack Russel and the old Werewolf by Night comics, but I’d be hard pressed to say they were a good read. It was a very formulaic and crudely written/ drawn. The appeal I guess was it was horror and they were a rare thing back then. Plus werewolves are awesome so werewolf comics equals awesome Just gives us a great werewolf story. Not too many have shown they can pull this off
  7. Just got my Warmachine, just an awesome all around figure. Call me crazy but just as awesome as Dr Doom in regards to sculpt and nostalgia. have never heard anyone say they were on the fence for this figure, in hand I would suggest nobody would pass him up
  8. Yeah that was some prime time drama there. For a while afterwards writers made it seem like Dane was a player ( I guess playa) and would chase any skirt he could see. But this is where the “Melrose Place” of the Avengers started. The thing that bugged me was that BK really like Crystal but he was forced into that mind meld thing with Sersi so he “heroically” backs off of Crystal so she can rebuild her marriage then jumps to the Ultra verse with Sersi for a few years. Odd way to write off the character that had been the anchor of the book for the past few years. Anyway, the more I read these posts and recall these stories I’ve decided I’m all in on 90s Avengers goodness. These stories are comfort food 😁
  9. Remind me, the New Gods for DC are who? Not being facetious, just can’t say for certain who they are. without a quick Google search I want to say it’s Mister Miracle, Orion, Lightray etc? Regardless, I have never been a fan of the Inhumans, Eternals or I guess even the New Gods.. not my cup of tea..
  10. Crazy that there isn’t more trading on this site. Seems with a little communication and helpfulness everyone could get any figure they needed..
  11. I’ll give you that, there really is no other connection for Black Knight except for his ill fated romance with Sersi. However, as I stated earlier, if this is BKs only way into a MCU film I’ll take it. also agree in Mastersons version of Thor. Has all the classic elements while presenting something new. I’d love this version in Legends form.
  12. And I’m all for giving other characters besides the A-squad a chance. To me it was no surprise when Iron Man, Thor, Cap and especially the Avengers shattered records when given the chance. Seems odd now but remember there was a time when studios wouldn’t touch anything without Spider-Man and Xmen in their names. so yes, give even Frog Man a chance at a tv show or movie. But don’t be too shocked when the masses initially roll their eyes and ask “Who”?
  13. I collect all MCU figures but this series has me feeling kinda..meh. If this is truth and it’s all MCU I’ll be glad to get this over with in one wave. However, this is how I felt when they released the first wave of GOTG.. then I had to hunt them all down at a much higher cost. To add salt to the wound, after I finally got them all they went and rereleased the first movie figs when the 2nd movie came out. id be more than ok if the comic versions of select characters are store exclusives ( but please not Walmart) and box sets. But if they do no comic versions this will be a huge missed opportunity to get us Sersi, Gilgamesh, etc..
  14. Such a troubled era haha, the only redesigns id care to get are Quicksilver and Giant-Man. I have a love / hate thing with the jackets and pockets era. At the time it seemed like characters switched costumes overnight until we end up in the Crossing era suits. Seeing that pic now it looks like fan fiction version ( or Crystal Dynamics but that is another issue) since many of these versions didnt last past this story. Or if they did, it wasn’t much longer. im ok with the main team in jackets. It is what it is, these were the avengers at this time. Sersi especially looks sharp. And I’ll take any version of the Black Knight. But this was a definite era of Earths Mightiest Heroes so yeah, bring them all on.
  15. This is my take too.. except for the fact that my all time favorite Avenger is the Black Knight and this film has given him a MCU platform I’d not give this film two craps..
  16. I agree with your points. I can accept that the peg warming may be regional, and this is all I can attest to. My area is Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. In these areas every figure from this wave is in abundance. And this is being EXTREMELY generous with the word “abundance”. More like deluge. granted, this AOA wave has been the exception with sheer quantity but the fact remains every figure from this wave can be found with exceptional ease. Every other recent wave is hit or miss edit: also agree, if you start a team/ universe Hasbro finish it
  17. And it was just Starfox is now a rapist. I’m sure it wasn’t billed as All New Characterization of a character with 30+ years of Marvel History is Rewritten As A reflection of modern society’s take on super powers that were established years ago that was not intended by the creator to be anything more than a fun power but is now considered rape culture. But the kid who sees that story now will always associate that character with that story. Maybe shang chi’s temporary power was a one off but my point is writers these days need to be more responsible with what they want to see in print. Your point is fine, it’s not meant to be a character defining arc. But there are multiple instances in recent times where writers take on a character is in stark contrast to years of continuity. That’s where my problem lies..
  18. No, I get @Gigantor point. It seems like every studio is looking to grab any property they can and hope they can be successful. In the case of silk, you have a minor character they want to center a tv show around. With minimal fan base it does seem to be a stretch.
  19. So glad I missed this aspect of characterization. I’m so sick of writers / editors approving wildly different takes on classic characters ala Frankencastle, rapist Starfox, etc. that remove all aspects of these characters for what amounts to a minimal sales bump. If your profession is comic writing, be a professional and use what is established and improve on a given character. Stop erasing years/ decades of continuity for one shock / schlock story that will quickly be retconned by the next writer. Give less shock and make your mark on that particular character that continues to further that characters development. Be the next Byrne, Starlin, or Claremont instead of the current crop of shock jocks that change characters sexuality, or turn heroic/ villainous , or gender just to rattle cages. Instead make meaningful stories that we will be taking about decades from now. or do something else
  20. This. I’m sorry AOA fans but this entire wave is peg warming in every store I visit. I’ve been hunting hard for the Deadpool wave but literally in all stores the pegs are stocked full of AOA figs that anyone who wanted them already got them and the over stock is rotting in Meijers, Targets, Walmart’s, Walgreens, .. either stores overestimated the appeal or Hasbro did.. either way this surplus of AOA figs is hindering new releases. istheir really a need for 2nd wave?
  21. I fear that the MCU is showing too much Hubris to think they can make the Eternals franchise worthy the same with Shang Chi. Do t get it, every franchise up to this point has had at least a solid following in regards to the franchises that make the MCU lineup,. It feels like they are waaaaaay outkicked their coverage with the next phase...
  22. Really? I. Mean the Eternals!?! There are so many MAJOR Marvel characters that need screen before these these D list characters.. completely mind boggling that they gave the thumbs up to this franchise.. maybe the only saving grace is the possibility of MCU or comic versions of Black Knight , Sersi, Starfox or Hercules... as far as tried and true Eternals.. meh.. could care less...
  23. Everyone is missing the real issue with this Ajax figure.. you’ve got Salm Hayek and you completely cover her in formless robes.. foul I declare
  24. This is my plan as well.. dremmel that beyatch until it looks right. Side note: when Black Knight was released I wanted the passive look with the wingless helmet. However I overestimated my dremmel skills and totally destroyed my first attempt at removing the aggressive head..cost me an extra $20 , but this edit on iiron man seems much easier... just remove “ a bit” a tad, or a ehhhumph..... I think this will improve the overall look of this guy. I’m hoping at least i don’t need full on motion TBH.. just a static pose that shows the awesome power of the Silver Centurion...
  25. The best part of the first Wolverine movie was the opening montage of Logan and Sabretooth throughout history .. such a wasted opportunity.. that story would have been miles better than what we got
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