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  1. We are in a unique time as Legends collectors as there has never been a time with so much variety and the chance to get more than one version of a character in such a short span. Hate the Moon Knight or Hercules Hasbro gave us these past few years? There is a great chance the version you love will get made. Not to long ago if a minor character made it into a Legends wave in a costume that you didn’t particularly care for that was all you were going to get. Now, due to fan request and Hasbro’s excellent fan service I feel that I can still get the more classic uniforms for both Moon Knight and Hercules before I know it. We’ve seen it in a few examples where we all kind of shrug at a costume choice only to see the “correct” version released a few waves later. Personally, not a big fan of Moon Knights old man slip on shoes or the Craft Beer Guy Hercules we got but I picked up both to stand in until my preferred versions show up. I do prefer the looks of the characters I collect to invoke nostalgia for me but I’m not so hung up on it that I can’t expand my tastes and support the line with some looks I’m not so fond of
  2. I was very disappointed with the AForce SheHulk, I’ve actually kept the earlier Hasbro version. The AForce versions sculpt is so bad the earlier version is superior due to the better head sculpt. I have no connection to this version so I’m hoping She Hulk gets made in either her classic purple or FF costume. Hasbro has been known to do obscure first..Glad to see this new one is massive, from promo pics I got the impression she was standard height. overall, She Hulk looks great, just without any reference point I have little interest.
  3. I’m digging this new version, like how the lack of black wash makes him seem more a pile of rocks as opposed to armored with rocks. however, I like the Walgreens version better. Just like these for different reasons
  4. Would love all the above. Came late to this thread and by the time I read the choices all my wants were covered. Great pics everyone. my favs: Armored Thor, Thor ( Masterson) with beard masked helmet, 80th Thor with beard ( such a wasted opportunity to include this as an extra head with the first release), Thunderstrike,
  5. MCU Waves 1. Avengers 1 Cap with modern articulation, unmasked alternate head 2. Batroc (Winter Soldier) 3. Agent 13 (Civil War) 4. Zemo (Civil War) pre mask so that version can be part of the Falcon & Winter Soldier wave (fingers crossed) 5. Hawkeye (Civil War) 6. Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron, original skirt design) BAF: Stan Lee delivery driver ( Package for Tony Stank) wave 2 1 First Avenger Cap with updated articulation 2. Alexander Pierce 3. Falcon (Disney +) 4. WinterSoldier (Disney+) 5. U.S.Agent (Disney +) 6. Masked Zemo (Disney +) BAF: Agent 13 (Disney +) basically fill out the characters from the CA trilogy and the new Disney + series
  6. Agreed. From the Walgreens team the face sculpts are so good they remind you of someone... like is Sue Taylor Swift? Reed kinda looks like some actor..kinda. There was hints of someone famous, just awesome sculpts. This modern wave takes those hints of familiarity and covers them with cartoonish lack of the more refined detail. They almost don’t even look like their previous Walgreens versions. They look prett6 good, just not as refined. Johnny especially looks generic. Would have been a fun wink if they made Johnny kinda look like Chris Evans.
  7. I got a notice today that Entertainment Earth is processing my Doom pre-order. This figure looks amazing, can’t wait to add him. Wonder if the Victor Von Doom head from the Iron Doom fig fits this body? Sorry if the video showed this, I just looked at pics and posted. This will be my first Doom since the 5” Toy Biz Marvel Super Heroes line that pre dated Legends. Before that it was the Mattel Secret Wars Doom. I’ve expanded my collection from strictly Avengers related characters to include some I’ve declared were to great to pass up. These include Ghost Rider, Kingpin, and soon Doom
  8. My preferred look is the navy blue with white trim. These black uniforms are sharp though. I have no attachment to them so if a more classic scheme gets released these modern suits would go into storage. My only concern is that they have yet to do the two or three most recognized suits which could mean we could be shelling out the cash for these 4 a couple more times ....
  9. Entertainment Earth is processing my Dr. Doom as of today. Should be here next week, pretty happy as EE was the only place I could find a pre order that wasn’t sold out.
  10. Guilty. I’m an MCU guy so with 4 figures and I like the BAF so it makes sense for me. Plus Winter soldier also, I’m torn. The faces look generic but otherwise the movie figs look pretty good. Like others, I’m hoping for 2 packs or exclusives to fill this this wave with the missing extras like Red Guardians Masked head
  11. Wow. Just....wow. I knew the more recent pic of SG looked bad but showing them side by side is mind blowing. Hasbro could not have seen the same images or worse actually held the prototype in hand next to this monstrosity and still gave it the green light. I wouldn’t say someone should lose their jobs over this but they should be forced to have the same make over they gave SG
  12. My hope is... the final versions will look better. I can’t imagine Hasbro not using the face scan tech on such a high profile project as Black Widow. My understanding is that tech is not the expensive part of creating new figures. However, we’ve seen recent cases where the prototype looks pretty great then the final product is a noticeable downgrade ( Squirrel Girl is one that comes immediately to mind. Not that she used the tech but she shows there has been precedence) I’m willing to hope and see as Hasbro has absolutely knocked the MCU figures out of the park lately as recently as EndGame wave 3 as Heimdall, Valkyrie, Bro Thor, are amazing.
  13. man they really do. at the very least like comic book adaptations of the actors in the movie. are these prototypes or the official end product? i have a feeling though that these will look much better in hand. a little bummed that Harbor's Red Guardian doesn't get an alternate masked head.
  14. 1. Armored Daredevil 2. Classic Daredevil with swappable taped fists and alternate bruised face 3. Matt Murdoch with briefcase accessory that has his DD costume sculpted inside 4. Owl 5 Gladiator 6. Lady Bullseye BAF: Mr. Hyde with crushed CA original shield
  15. The Black Knight. This is truly the ultimate version that includes helmets from all three major looks. This is one of those rare occasions where they would never have to make this character again as I truly feel this is the perfect representation. i fell in love with this character as a kid and saw him on the cover of Avengers 259.. so glad to have him in my collection
  16. Avengers EndGame series 3 back in stock on Pulse. Grabbed Heimdall and Iron Patriot without paying scalper prices.
  17. I’d also go MCU: 1. Suit case Armor (Iron Man 2) 2. Obadiah Stane (ala “Tony Stark Built one in a cave!!” Scene) / with alternate Justin Hammer and Aldrich Killian heads 3. Prototype Armor (all silver that he crashed through his roof) 4. Whiplash 5. Pepper Potts in proper work attire 6. Main Red and Gold Iron Man 1 in updated articulation BAF: Iron Monger with alternate Stane heads, one reg and one battle damaged
  18. Googled Goldberg mom , valid point. Does the final product look waaay different than the first reveal? And not in a good way. Thought the prototype looked like a girl in her late teens to early 20s but this looks like a much older woman. Maybe by design?
  19. Why Red Hulk? not being confrontational just seems like a left field choice. Has there been rumors of a Red Hulk? This wave looks really good. Like amazingly good. Shame Black Widow wasn't the first MCU female film, she deserved it. Also not knocking Captain Marvel, love the film, just that I feel Natasha earned the right.
  20. Amazing list. I would take every one you mentioned. With all the good stuff we actually get it easy to forget who hasn’t been made. Your list checks every box on my want list
  21. Yeah that is odd. Seems like Canada would get them first, wonder if the UK will get the Spider-Man with Union Jack flag first or if we get them in the US first? I believe the pre order for that one was available over there first too. just to satisfy my curiosity, as a Canadian do you consider Alpha Flight a Canadian Avengers or Canadian XMen? I know they debuted in the XMen comic but there aren’t many mutants on the team are there?
  22. Like many here my Alpha Flight set will arrive by 8 pm Friday. Both excited and annoyed as a month early means I’ll have to adjust my funds. But mostly excited. I mean this is insta team! Feared my Sasquatch and Guardian would be lonely for years
  23. My choices would be: TWo Gun Kid ( as opposed to Rawhide) Dr. Druid Swordsman (70s) Speedball Triathlon ( seems would be easy to make as 95% would be repaint) classic Mickingbird ala WCA 1 or slightly modified without the long pants all relatively easy to make or so it seems
  24. I would love a horror series or two. They could even leak one or two characters out mixed in an Avengers wave ( seems this is where Hasbro likes sticking their oddball inclusions ) and before you know it we could have a nice little stable of Marvel Monsters. Must haves: Werewolf by Night ( If Hasbro only gives us one this is my guy ) Zombie, Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula (ala the ToyBiz box set, something about that set really spoke to me. Still have them all even though their articulation is horrible (especially Dracula) by today’s standards.. Then any on your list. I’d also like to see FrankenCastle, Gargoyle (from Defenders, looks like a classic monster) a new ManWolf, a Man-Spider, and a classic ScareCrow. Maybe even a new classic head for Wendigo. Any and all monsters welcome
  25. Hey thanks, I’ve had this idea floating around for awhile but it took some time to figure out exactly how I was going to set it up. the abandoned house background took some trimming to fit the display case, NECA figures are way out of scale but I think it works. In my mind Jason at least should tower over normal people so he at least looks like he belongs standing next to the legends. Against the female and teen figures he is even more imposing. For the rest like Freddy, Michael and Leatherface I tried a little forced perspective so they seem closer in scale. Also tried to mod my legends to look more like civilians but for guys all I have are the suited buck. Some of the girls super suits might be able to double for “Hollywood” fashion. Just after I posted these pics I picked up the Amber Collection Ian Malcolm. He would have been fun to put into a scene but It wouldn’t be a fair fight, Goldblum would wipe the floor with all these killers 🤣
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