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  1. Looking back at a previous post above these were my hopefuls... 1 Spiderman Noir 2 Ladies of Spiderman (Gwen) (revealed!) 3 Ladies of Spiderman (Mary Jane) 4 Blade 5 Scorn 6 Morbius (revealed!) 7 (Jack O Lantern (Agent Venom Run) (revealed AND from the Agent Venom run!!) Avengers Wave 1 Task Master (Udon) (revealed) 2 Uncanny Rogue 3 Mocking Bird (revealed) 4 Wonder Man (Mighty Avengers Run) 5 Ant Man (Eric O Grady) 6 Super Adaptoid 7 (MODOK-BAF) 5 out of 14 is really not bad at all! I'm quite thankful. Also, thankful for that Onslaught Red Skull, That Captain America with werewolf alternative head (how awesome is that!) Nuke, Namor (an Avenger but can go with your X Men too)... I don't like the beef between Disney-Marvel and Fox. However; seems like they read these forums so here goes. If for the Deadpool movie they could give us: Hydra Bob (technically not from the X Universe) Unstoppable Colossus. Domino (or if not her maybe a good chance to get Typhoid Mary) as she is a character some what like Domino. Uncanny Rogue. From Avengers (So there is your two females) Red Deadpool (they already did but was not mass released) (Open to suggestions in this slot) (Open to suggestions in this slot) Maybe we can get a cosmic/asgardians wave. Sif Enchantress Angela One of the ladies can be the BAF (It is not unprecedented) Scourge (couldn't he be tooled with Ares & Nuke) ? Darkhawk Vance Astro (Justice) Bug (maybe they could retool the Walgreens Antman or movie Antman etc..) But I am really hoping on we can get a New Mutants Boxset for SDCC Pixie (we have the wings now :) ) I really have a soft spot for Pixie, Blink, Warlock, etc.... just make all the runaways, new mutants and hellions pls! lol
  2. I'd like to see: Electra Mockingbird (Marvel Now) Lady Bullseye Songbird (longhair) Rogue (Uncanny Avengers) Dazzler (Marvel Now) Rachel Grey (Red w trench coat) Antman (Eric O Grady) Scourge -Thunderbolts Headsman-Thunderbolts Mr. X Paladin The Hood Mephisto Sugarman Emplate. Namorita -Blue Blue Marvel Spiderman Noir Scorn Scream Vision- Aou movie Nebula- gotg movie Bug Mantis Phyla veil Moondragon Jack Flag-gotg Squirrel Girl
  3. For Spider-man Wave 1 Spiderman Noir 2 Ladies of Spiderman (Gwen) 3 Ladies of Spiderman (Mary Jane) 4 Blade 5 Scorn 6 Morbius 7 (Jack O Lantern (Agent Venom Run) Avengers Wave 1 Task Master (Udon) 2 Uncanny Rogue 3 Mocking Bird 4 Wonder Man (Mighty Avengers Run) 5 Ant Man (Eric O Grady) 6 Super Adaptoid 7 (MODOK-BAF)
  4. I'm curious your thoughts on up coming Marvel Legends waves? If we are to use the 'process of elimination' what do you think are possibilities, potentialities and most definite reveals? For example 2014-2015 Is a Spider-man Fan's dream come true. What would be left for Spider-man? What are other Avengers they could do? The reason I am asking this as well is because I am curious to see how far they can go in these directions before we start getting more Cosmic figures, X Men Love, Thunderbolts and maybe even New Warriors, Young Avengers, New Mutants, Squadron Supreme and so forth.
  5. An upscaled Mu Cable compatible in size with Stryfe! Yes, pls Hasbro.
  6. Hasbro got everyone excited and sorry to say this but Thanos is a bit disappointed. I am so happy they are giving us such a great selection of characters but please slow down with the releases and make them more widely available. I think what Hasbro has done is to release less amount and faster so that way there is nothing sitting on the shelf. It is a strategy and I understand why they do it. To keep the hype, keep the market hot and make people think its now or never so they can impulse buy and the stores will be impressed. The down side of this is that allot of this does look cheap and rushed. #1) Thanos that left eye ball is not painted well on any I have encountered. (total of 10 head sculpts so far). Yes he seems underwhelming.... The Gold paint apps could be better. the issue with the teeth on the left side....is very sloppy. Standing Thanos next to the Wrecking Crew seems so out of place. His size IS an issue. I understand that different artist do different concepts; but Thanos is always portrayed as massive. A kind of being that can hold Thor and Hulk up with both hands and toss them like nothing. Hell cat looks great. She's one of the best in the wave (in my opinion). Jessica Drew is great ; I didn't like the hand selection. She doesn't strike me as spell caster (again a lazy choice). Many of the ones I have seen have a huge issue in the ab section with the paint almost looking as if it was crunched. Or some one ran over it (seriously have a look). Captain America well you have to buy him to get the baf piece what more is there to say? Hulk looks great all around. I mean getting that hefty figure for that price is really great. Iron Man turned out great with great paint apps, and I do dig the interchangeable head. Batrock the Leaper. His perlescent gold looks cheap. Great head sculpt ( ( was thinking Diablo custom myself)) But some of these figures that have bland bodies (like Batrock) need to have some shading or something to liven it up a bit. Those are my thoughts.
  7. Man Ape KillMonger Red Ghost Black Pather (Man of Fear) retooled Storm Namor That all sounds great to me!
  8. I hope we get a repaint of the SDCC Comic Con Psylocke (new head & arms) but on the older body. I think it would be great to finally get some New Mutants, Hellions and Runaways I'm thinking. Dani Moon Star Pixie Magik Cannonball Cypher Warlock Prehinsible Rockslide Dust Hellion Rictor Anole Stepford Coocoos Blink I really want Blink Pixie Magic Warlock Anole Because they would be some interesting characters, molds and sculpts
  9. Thanks for the corrections I will amend it. I am not up on my Ultimate Universe in Marvel. Glad I was able to be the bearer of good news here. :) Greenlucario "Hope Hasbro does a Spider-Man themed wave every year now. " I am so totally with that idea. I believe most people feel that Spider Man is Marvel's flag ship character. With the wants for Spiderman being anything from Gwen to Mary Jane, Aunt May, Dr. Octopus, Kraven, Hydroman, Lizard, Shocker, Jack O Lantern, Sandman, Vulture and just that huge list of Spiderman rogues...including the various alternative spiderman costumes etc.. it could really fair well for Spidey fans.
  10. Spider Woman (Symbiote*)-2 per case * (note) This has been corrected to Ultimate Spider Woman as in the comments below. Spider Girl -2 per case Anti Venom -1 per case Spiderman -1 per case Dare Devil -1 per case Spiderman 2099- 1 per case Thank you Thank you Thank you Hasbro for not short packing the females! This looks like a very sweet wave! Throwing Dare Devil in the mix was a very wise choice! If next year we get a revamped Ben Reily Spiderman, Spiderman Noir, Jack O Lantern (from the Agent Vision run) & Scorn, I will officially be a Hasbro mark for life! This is really awesome news!
  11. Thank you guys for the responses. I like what you said Dodge76 I really hope that is so about the Phoenix Five. The X Men is such a huge selection of great characters it would be a shame if a corporate squabble between Marvel and Fox prevented this, simply because of Marvel trying to spite Fox. Phoenix Five box set, X Factor box Set, another X Force box set, New Mutants box set. The idea of making Bulldozer a baf makes sense to me. Lets just hope we can see the other missing figurse, so far I think 2015 will be a great year for Legends, and for us all.
  12. I was just curious about your thoughts on the missing Marvel Legends figures? Do you think that Bulldozer will be made into a BAF as it would seem a wise decision as people want to complete their Wrecking Crew team? When (if) do you think we would see: Blade Dani Moonstar Lyra Rogue Phoenix Force Cyclops Lady Bullseye AOA Jean Grey Batroc the Leaper Tigershark Songbird Blizzard Do you feel that Hasbro-Marvel's Strategy as per the X-Men will be to make them a Toys R Us exclusive every year? It seemed that way with the Puck Wave and the Jubilee Wave. Do you think that Hasbro maybe wise and re-release the Red Deadpool figure, along with Agent Venom as they are popular and well sought after figures? Thank you.
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