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  1. Rukkdeez


    Right! The only saving grace we have is that this modern Herc doesn't go with Classic Thor anyway! This is a straight up regression. They get it right with "Young Thor" and (at the time) Modern Thor, and then come back with this. He's almost as big as the Hulk figure standing next to him! What are we supposed to do about Beta Ray Bill (who's taller than he is)? He and Herc will be is scale of course. Is it me, or does it seem as if they (Hasbro) just gravitates toward Thor being too large and Iron Man too small (I guess they'll regress back to that as well)?
  2. Rukkdeez


    He's part of a X-MEN vintage wave that also includes Cyclops (X-Factor style), Silver Samurai, and Dazzler, plus two more figures that haven't been announced. They're on retro-style card backs instead of the standard black and red box packaging.
  3. Rukkdeez


    To be fair, Juggernaut in his Classic Costume is 6'10. He HAS officially grown (after a depowering/repowering) to 9'5. The problem with the BAF is it's based on the classic version. Now admittedly, Marvel has given Cain a (kind of) classic looking costume, but the figure isn't based off that (and of course the BiB loved it for that reason).
  4. Rukkdeez


    Uhhh no! The " His being 6'6 started in 2008" is totally false (Why do so called Marvel fans think life started in 2008?) Tony Stark and Iron Man have been listed at 6'1/6'6 respectively since the 80's when Marvel 1st came out with the Handbook to the Marvel Universe series of books. That height has been maintained ever since. George Perez (one of my all time favorite artists) unfortunately was the 1st to draw Thor grossly oversized, (and once again NO he was NOT a "stickler for drawing characters at their proper heights) and it was telling because he was known for being able to get the most characters in a single frame (Strangely enough, he used to draw the Hulk too small which lends credence to my statements of these are merely artists' opinions come to life on paper). Also, can we please not compare the movies to the comics? Both Tony Stark & James Rhodes (616) are 6-1. RDJ is 5'9 and Don Cheadle is 5'8 ( I know this for fact because I stood next to him) so through the magic of cgi, if they come up to Chris Hemsworth, then THAT's the height they are. NOT 6"6. One can come up with all the rationalizations they want to. BOTTOM LINE: Iron Man is OFFICIALLY listed at Six foot Six. Moreover, I have a 6'7 nephew (I'm 6'2) so I know Thor at 6'6 shouldn't appear that large compared to even Captain america, nevermind Iron Man.
  5. Rukkdeez


    BiB= Bigger is Better Posse. A collection of Marvel Legends fans/collectors who erroneously believe the bigger the figure, the better the figure. If a figure is oversized and out of scale (the recent Kingpin comes to mind as well as "Classic Juggernaut", Rhino etc) then we get a "Yeah, Hasbro nailed it" from this crowd. If Hasbro does something correctly like Thanos (616), then Hasbro "screwed up" because they made a character in accurate scale (Thanos is 6'7). They fall back on the excuse "that's how he's drawn" when the fact of the matter is that's simply the artistic representation of a given artist's opinion (just like we all have them except an artist can make theirs come to life on the page). Also, with the BiB posse, all it takes is ONE artist drawing a figure oversized ONE time, and that's license for the character to be looked upon at that new height from now on, even if the character is drawn back to their normal size. They think the upcoming "Classic Thor" (who's 6'6) size wise is GREAT!!! This despite (according to the photos at Toy Fair) is bigger than the 7'5 Colossus and nearly as large as the Hulk (which he was standing next to) and TOWERING over the equally 6'6 Iron Man. The BiB have a motto that they will defend unto death; "BLEEP scale! Accuracy is wack"! Another (possible) reason for this could be the thought of getting "more plastic" for their lil $20, so it can be for "economical" reasons.
  6. Rukkdeez


    I'm disappointed Hasbro regressed back to making Thor way too big. I know the BiB posse thinks this is great (as they couldn't care less about accurate scaling), but it's just ridiculous! Thor is going to be taller/larger than Beta Ray Bill (Who's 6'7 to Thor's 6'6), and will TOWER over Hercules and Iron Man (In armor, Stark is 6'6. Do NOT play the "well he's drawn" card. That's an artist's opinion expressed through art. Iron Man, like Thor...is listed at 6'6. Out of armor, he's 6'1 so the majority of the pics shown IM too short). He's bigger 9-3 o'clock, not 12-6) That figure looks larger than Colossus (7'5) and AS large as the Hulk (I guess the BiB's remedy for that is "make Hulk bigger". Geez).
  7. Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals just went down, and GOOD LAWD!!! Silver Samurai MCU Ghost/Luiz 2 pack Arachne (Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman MCU Spider-Man Noir MCU Far From Home Spider-Man Doppleganger (Unfortunately it's on the same buck as Six Arm Spidey) Mister (Friggin) Sinister Cannonball Boom Boom (Boomer) Lookin' like X-Force is real Night (Friggin) Crawler Emma Frost (in her black attire) I THINK she's on the Moonstone buck. Dazzler (Modern ) Wolverine (In his Madripoor black costume) Cyclops (X-Factor costume w/eye blasts, Vintage card) Hulk/Wolverine (1st Appearance) 2 pack Colossus/Juggernaut 2 pack MCU Iron Spider (this time with legs. Double dip rip off, I know) Allen Ross Iron Man Classic Captain America Classic Thor ( I think Hasbr has regressed and he's back to being too big again. The BiB posse is gonna love that) Hydro-Man Scorpion MCU Grandmaster/Korg 2 pack MCU Peggy Carter 80th Anniversary 1:6 scale Captain America Legendary Riders Captain America (WWII) w/Motorcycle MCU Shuri MCU Hela/Skurge What's scary is these are all just PARTS of waves etc!
  8. Marvel Legends (and everybody else) will release an MCU Thanos in his full armor (MCU fans are collectively sighing "Finally"). Obviosly for ML, it's gonna be a BAF.
  9. Rukkdeez

    Most Wanted Comic Figures?

    Classic Adam Warlock (w/cape) Classic Drax (dumb w/cape) Count Nefaria Man-Ape (M'Baku for the politically correct) Mr Hyde Bi-Beast (BAF) Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan original costume) Mantis Senyaka Death Adder Rattler Bushmaster (with Bendi wire. I know I've stated the reason we don't get Bendi Wire, but it's necessary for this character. Proxima Midnight & Super Giant (I'd like the other Black Order members as well, but Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian can pass for their 616 counterparts) Attuma Skurge the Executioner Snowbird/White Sasquatch 2 pack Shaman Mar-Vell Mephisto Nimrod Destiny Avalanche That's more than enough for now.
  10. We're kinda getting him. Infamous Iron Man style.
  11. Rukkdeez

    Mafex is killing it

    At their price points, they better be "killing it"!
  12. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Then why no articulated hands and toes? That was a Toybiz staple.

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