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  1. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    The Blob was by Hasbro.
  2. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    The Blob was (and is again) 5'10. Prior to his depowering, he mutated to 8' tall. This is official (and for once not the subject to "artistic license"). He's back to 5'10. If Hasbro releases a Blob figure, it should be as he's currently portrayed. What would be the point of making another large Blob when we've gotten that already? Surely we're not trying to bring back the "redo" era? To your point Gmen, if they (Hasbro) made a new Blob figure and they scaled it to be 7', it should be taller than Fisk (who's 6'7), but then that would be inaccurate, not that Hasbro cares (Sasquatch anyone?). Speaking of, I'm interested in seeing the Kingpin BAF's size compared to other Build-A-Figures (as well as some standalone figures). He should NOT be taller than the Abomination BAF (6'8), Colossus (7'5), etc. If made at his current status, he should be (more or less) the Beast's height. Because of his girth, he should probably be a Build-A-Figure, but he doesn't have to be tall (being large is NOT a mandate for BAF's aka extra/free figures despite many a collector's refusal to accept that FACT).
  3. PERFECT TIMING! I called my local Gamestop to see if Gamerverse Spidey came in. Not only did he say yes, but he reminded me I had 2 on order. I go get them, and the good fortune continued. I got the sale price and since they had an A.I.M. 2 pack, I picked that up as well for $37 and change. Even better than that news is ol boy behind the counter told me some clown came in and attempted to click 5 (FIVE) of em! Scalper written all over that fool. Dude told him "nah". Plus all stores were warned from HQ about returns where people are removing BAF pieces and exchanging characters. They may be more expensive, but Gamestop has to get props!
  4. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Who said we wanted a depowered Blob?!?!?! I believe I said "after his depowering/repowering, he was brought back down to his original height of 5'10". Wait here, lemme check. YUP, that's what I said! Where exactly did you get me saying a non powered Blob action figure? I'll take a stab and guess "selective reading"?
  5. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    What I'm finding amazing (notice I didn't say "surprising") is no one is mentioning that Fisk is too big as well (and he doesn't have the luxury of "mutating" to a bigger size. He's 6'7. This is strictly BiB artistic license). Anyway, since Dukes' depowering/repowering, he's been brought back down to his original height of 5'10. As rotund as he is, he is no longer "BAF" material, just like the Beast. Funny how people not only wanted the Beast, but wanted him as a Build A Figure. Considering Colossus & the Thing were single carded, this begets the question "why"? Why did the BiB want the 5'11 Hank McCoy to be a BAF? Oh, and the Blob is a bit more than a "Tad" smaller (shorter) than Fisk. 6'7 vs 5'10 is a great disparity.
  6. Rukkdeez

    Marvel Legends Thor wave

    I guess that was a "fly by". I was clowning Thor because he got his skull fractured (literally) by the Immortal Hulk this month.
  7. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    But the thing is his mutation made his height chang official. This isn't the same as artists who are charter members of the BiB posse taking liberties. Tarot, your assessment of the Blob BAF is incorrect. During the time this figure was released, Fred was 8 ft tall.
  8. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I want to see the Beast standing next to other characters. Already people from the BIB posse are talking about "he looks like he's a nice large size". One of their lame arguments justifying out of scale figures is "well that's how he's drawn". Well this iteration of the Beast was CONSISTENTLY drawn at his proper height (5"11 that's right BIB, he doesn't even crack 6 feet). What's the excuse gonna be now? Lemme guess; you'll search over hill and dale for any rare instance he was drawn larger, then THAT will become the "standard". The funny thing is if he's in scale with the Thing, then they'll both be in scale with each other but out of scale with anyone else.
  9. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    No one is "speaking" for anyone. Since you asked a challenging question, let ask YOU something; Did you stop to think before asking, if out of all those fans you speak of (many of which would be post 40 years of age) even collect action figures? That would whittle down the amount of people who would even be thinking about a Union Jack. The issue here is YOU like Union Jack (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). What IS wrong however is because you like the character, you've construed that like into popularity. Trust me, after you, myself and other fans or collectors get this guy and that rush is over, Union Jack will take up residency on various shelves.
  10. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    Uhhhh no I DON'T think it's "presumptuous". Why? Because history has shown obscure characters while sought, purchased and collected by true fans and genuine collectors, the rest usually peg warm, or must I list figs to prove my point? I'M getting him, not because I'm a fan, or even for whatever BAF may come, but because I'm a neurotic completionist. How many out there are like me? Maybe more than I think, but less than you imagine.
  11. Rukkdeez

    90's/Jim Lee Beast!!!!

    I 150% agree. Wolverine himself was wearing the tiger stripe costume (with that mask) in the 70's! The same goes for the Beast. I think it's thought of as "Jim Lee" because he was the 1st to play the "no pupils" game. I used the "Jim Lee" term merely to serve as an "identifier" because so many (erroneously) refer to these characters as such. It's why I said 90's/Jim Lee. You're absolutely right though.
  12. We're getting a Jim Lee/90's Beast and he's looking pretty good! This thing has interchangeable hands, butterfly joints, double jointed elbows and (what?!?) toe articulation. They also revealed Union Jack (I'm sure a big pass for a lotta folks), and Citizen V (aka Baron Helmut Zemo) from the original Thunderbolts. They also made official the 1st wave lineup :Beast, Blink, Bonecrusher, Forge, Gambit, Jubilee and Weapon X (Caliban BAF). So 3 Jim Lee/90's X-Men crossed off. By the way, Puma and "6 Arm" Spider-Man were revealed accidentally and removed,because they are to be officially revealed next week at the LUCCA convention.
  13. 90's War machine (and Iron Man for that matter) didn't have an arc reactor.
  14. Rukkdeez

    Marvel Legends Thor wave

    Fractured Skull Thor?
  15. That "amount of plastic" sans the 3 additional heads was previously a single carded REGULAR priced action figure. 3 heads should not $10 make.

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