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  1. On 10/26/2019 at 8:13 AM, monron999 said:

    Amen to that, brother. I wasn't the only guy on this forum at that time that was screaming from the rafters, but I was certainly one of the loudest. I caught a lot of flack (especially from my boy @Rukkdeez who became a good friend, but is no longer on these forums) but in the end I was right, cuz there was no denying the honest truth. They were selling us half a character in the set and then "giving" us the rest of the character as a bonus. And when you put that bonus together it was about as thin and flimsy as they could make it without actually using the same plastic they use on the blister card. If they were gonna do a BAF that way and do it that cheap, they shoulda just done the whole figure and kept the stand. I woulda found a way to make due without it.

    LOL. I'm still here brother (glad you are too). I just don't frequent as much anymore (by the time you read this, you'll know why). You were right  on both counts ( the figure AND  the friendship).  Normally, my stand on this subject remains intact...except for one thing in this case. If we're going to get a normal sized figure as the BAF, we should get seven figures in the wave period. Eight "normal sized figures (with one being the Build A Figure) is a good trade off from  six and  "big". This should satisfy any who believe in "more plastic for their $20. I admit when we get only 6 figs (even with a large BAF) I get disappointed. I love getting more characters and 7 figure waves greatly contributes to that. 

    It should be noted, the "large BAF" (non) rule should NOT be applied to all MCU waves.  The BiB posse has to remember; if there are no oversized characters in the film, there can be no oversized figure in the wave.

    I'm not gone and (thanks to my brotha from anotha) I'm not forgotten. Like AHnold, I'll be back!

  2. What's up everybody! It's been quite awhile since I've blazed these threads, but with SDCC MK L (2019) I had to come back.  I've been blessed to attend Comic-Con for the 8th straight year and I will once again take up the mantle of "correspondent" and report findings, reveals, hints etc. As always, if you have questions (NOT "are you gonna come out with..."), please leave them here. I'll be checking in regularly. If the question hasn't already been answered, I WILL pose it to the Hasbro team.

    To my brotha from anotha (if he still posts here), let me say I have a "STRONG" feeling about one of the reveals tomorrow (7/19). Guess we'll see.

  3. 1 hour ago, bashpics99 said:

    I agree that MLs give you the best bang for your buck, no contest imo.  And i think most of us regularly praise Hasbro's offerings in our posts, in addition to nitpicking what we don't like about them, which, as long as our tone doesn't cross into "simpsons comic book guy" territory, is fine imo. But its fine to remind us of the upsides of MLs, i'm just not sure we needed all the "measly $20" and "whining" verbiage... however, that's me taking an issue with the tone more than content, i suppose.

    On topic, my guess is for the BAF is an mcu molten man, which doesn't excite me much but i'll reserve judgement until i actually see what they've come up with.  IMO it would be pretty awesome if they surprised us with something completely different.  From the wave, my current plan is to get Scorpion and Hydro-man,  and hold off on the rest until there is a sale.  So far the cherry picking approach has worked pretty well for me with the 2019 waves although its not easy to resist the siren call of unfinished BAFs - i still feel like my unfinished sp//dr figure is giving me the stink-eye whenever i walk in the room.

    On the subject of "tone", I confess I try to type as I would speak if I were right in front of you. Sometimes the conveyance isn't translated as intended (What am I talking about? Happens a lot!). As for the "measly $20 (it was "lil" actually), that was to stress how the collectors I speak of want the same quality as a figure costing literally 4 times as much, and makes Hasbro out to be wrong or lazy for not doing so. I've found that in order to make a point, ironically you need to be blunt.  As for the "whining" statements, if it weren't true I wouldn't mention it. Something to consider: If you mug people, you can't sanely or reasonably get offended if you're called a criminal. If peeps want getting called out to stop, well they know what to do (or in this case, NOT do).  You stated not being sure if we needed the $20 & whining verbiage. You may be right, so I'll close with this: We need that as much as we need the reason it was said in the 1st place, so in that, we agree.

  4. On 4/2/2019 at 6:19 AM, mako said:

    I bet you balance your checkbook like my Mom used to.

    I'm not the kind of guy that puts money in the bank on the 13th because a bill is due on the 14th. If I make a preorder, I make sure I have the money in the bank first. That money is then earmarked for the preorder and remains untouched until BBTS, Megalopolis, or whoever puts the charge through . . . that's just good bookkeeping. Hence, that money is "tied up."

    As for cancelling anytime, if I don't have a preorder, I don't have to worry about cancelling it.

    If your mom is the type of person who only orders/preorders knowing she has the money (no matter how far out in advance), handles all business 1st, doesn't live check to check and doesn't engage in an endeavor/hobby/practice that she knowingly can't afford, then I'm proud to be in the same company as she. If not, you better save that money you were going to use to bet on for your Legends.

  5. 15 hours ago, bashpics99 said:

    Oh, c'mon.  Please quote one person on this thread who said having a large-size BAF is a "rule".  Hint: nobody did. Some people, like myself, expressed a preference.  Sorry if that bothers you.  I don't consider expressing an opinion in a non-hyperbolic way  "whining" but i suppose its all in the eye of the beholder.  If a movie doesn't have "large" characters, they could  make a comic BAF like they did with GotG vol 2 wave 1 (Titus), or the Captain Marvel wave (Kree Sentry).  I suppose they could've gone with a Yondu BAF and a tentacled Goose BAF  for those waves instead, debatably that might helped move the wave more than the BAFs they went with. (don't get me wrong, i've grown to love that Titus figure!)  

    As far as getting rid of BAFs, i believe they are a strong incentive for collectors to complete waves, often getting them to buy figures they might pass on otherwise.  I know once i get 3 or more pieces of a BAF, i'm definitely gonna feel an urge to try and complete it rather than have it laying around half-done.  Luckily, a lot of the figures i had intended to skip but bought for the BAF are ones i end up liking more than i expected to.  And I suspect Hasbro has done marketing research indicating  that the BAF concept does help move figures, rather than just throwing in BAF pieces out of the goodness of their hearts "as a bonus".

    Your points about the value we're getting for the price point are well worth keeping in mind, though.  The only other line that comes close at this price point imo is Black Series, and no BAFs there.  I would also nitpick that WWE figures are generally cheaper than MLs {but of course they are not as good), so technically WWE fig collectors are the ones collecting "the least expensive action figures on the market" after marvel basic.

    1st off, I never said anyone  actually said there are rules. Tarot said "it's wrong". This suggests there's a "right" which in turn suggests there are "rules". You don't have to state official "rules" if a collective of like minded individuals just decide it's one because A - they benefit from it, or B - they've gotten so used to it that  they believe they're "supposed" to get it. This is the transformation of appreciation  to expectation. I can't (and don't need to) quote anyone who claimed there are "rules", but I CAN quote numerous board members who in one way or another took Hasbro to task for not doing what they were "supposed" to.

    You expressing your "preference" doesn't bother me in the slightest. One can however "express"  one's desires WITHOUT all the "Hasbro effed up" etc that goes on. Now I KNOW I didn't say anything about anyone "expressing" their desires so I can only conclude since you were "offended" by that statement (why else with the snarky "if that bothers you, sorry". But really not?) and tried to downplay criticism of Hasbro for not getting your free figure right as "expressive desire" . Keep this in mind; Criticizing and complaining about something you're lucky to get at all is offensive !

    I also said the BAF program was originally in place to help push sales. I don't know how long you've been collecting, but there was a time (2010 I believe) when Legends stopped. This despite the Build-A-Figure. When it resumed, it continued to falter until the introduction of the MCU to the line. So yes, BAF's help, but (as I said) Hasbro could probably get away with dropping BAF's if they wanted (Note: That's not what I want).

    And finally, OK. Wrestling figures are cheaper than Marvel Legends. For starters, when I stated Marvel Legends are the least expensive, I was talking about MARVEL figures (considering this is a Marvel board of sorts I assumed that was obvious. Apparently I was wrong). Speaking of, what exactly was your point in that? Considering I used the point of (lack of) cost to fully illustrate the near unreasonable demands Marvel Legends collectors have. What was the goal in pointing out there are figures that are less expensive? I mean other than going out of your way (or maybe well within your way) to find me "wrong" at something? Did that in any way diminish the points I made?  If not, then I ask again; WHAT WAS YOUR POINT?

    In closing, I see many have come on here to refute the notion there are "rules". I think that's great (because I've always known there weren't any). So how about we do this: since there are no "rules" to this, how about we stop acting like there are (or shall we continue to complain, lambast and say Hasbro "screwed up" and hide under the "expressive desire" umbrella whenever the backs of figs or accessories don't get painted, or we get a normal sized free figure etc)?

  6. Exactly HOW would it be "wrong'?!? Let's finally break out the rulebook or policy manual on Marvel Legends collecting. Oh wait! There ARE none! So instead, let's finally put to bed this erroneous notion that Hasbro is "supposed" to A-provide a Build-a-Figure, and B-It's supposed to be BIG. Question (to all who subscribe to these beliefs): WHY? According to who? What's hilarious about this thread is all kinds of people are digging into the murky depths trying to come up with a large enough character to constitute a BAF. So it's like that now huh? We feel so strongly about having a BAF (that's large), that we'll take a "D Lister" over a character we really want, no matter the size. Someone please tell me, why do Marvel Legends collectors (with the exception of the Marvel Basic figures,  collectors of the least expensive action figs on the market) think they're so entitled?! Now before anyone gets "offended" and wants to deny this claim, peep this;

      For their lil $20, the ML collector wants Mafex articulation.

    For their lil $20, ML collectors want SH Figuarts paint apps (meaning both front, AND back as well as accessories).

    For their lil $20, the ML collector wants Mezco/SH Figuarts level likeness on the MCU head sculpts.

    For their lil $20, ML collectors not only want another figure, but demand that it be large, even if the character itself is mostly undesired. And wholeheartedly believe they're entitled to it....for their lil $20. And THEN have the audacity to claim the Build-A-Figure isn't a "free" figure. OK, let's go with that for a second. If this is the case, then that lil $20 we think should buy us a Rolls Royce, is really only $17.50 ($17.14 if the wave only has 6 figures). We want Import level quality for Hasbro prices, and will whine if/when we don't get it. "Not a free fig". How about the Vintage waves? No BAF with those. Looks like ALL the $20 is going to what amounts to majority repaints. Here's a laugher; We have MCU fans who have gone on record stating they want "all MCU waves" and when they get one, they complain because the BAF was normal sized! Something you guys may not know; THEY CAN'T MAKE A LARGE BUILD-A-FIGURE IF THERE ISN'T A LARGE CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE!!!!! Complaints about Okoy'e (no large characters in the movie). Complain about Mantis (what did you want, a planet sized Ego?!? Or maybe that creature they fought in the opening.)Again, no large characters in the movie. Now were any of my examples untrue? If so, tell me how, because the level of complaining on the issues I mentioned are at fever pitch levels with ML collectors. 

    In closing, I'll say this again; the Build-A-Figure is a bonus. An extra figure. A FREE figure (and if you can't accept that, go with "extra"). Whether you get Puck, Jubilee, Hobgoblin, Mantis, Cull Obsidian, Hulkbuster, Galactus or Fin Fang Foom, we could've very easily NOT have gotten them. The fact Hasbro uses the MCU to push their line means they can even stop the BAF program if they wanted. Remember, even with it, before the introduction of the MCU to the line, it was faltering.

    PS: I'd like answers to the "How", "Why", and "According" questions above. Anybody?


  7. 9 hours ago, mako said:

    That's pretty much it, I don't preorder. Prices can change, preorders can be cancelled out from under you, releases can be delayed.

    I prefer not to tie up my money, and to only order when what I want is "in stock."

    Uhhhmmmm, your money doesn't get "tied up" with preorders. You don't get charged until the product in question comes in and you normally can cancel anytime.

  8. Quote


    Don't even worry about anybody who got "vaped". They're all coming back. It's the characters who got killed that we have to wonder about (Gamora, Loki,  the Vision, the Zandarians, Collector etc). They were literally taken out pre snap. And since most think someone permanently dies in Endgame, my money's on Rhodey (They try to emulate at least one thing similar to the comics). Mark this post.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Falls22 said:

    Yeah exactly. What makes someone a fan? How long they’ve been a fan? What medium they started out in the fandom? Or how much they truly and genuinely enjoy something? For me it’s the latter. 

    I never understood people trying to say I’m a better fan than you are or what not. Because they watch more movies or read more comics. We’re all just here to have fun right? Let’s just be glad we have a place for fans to get together. 

    You're absolutely right. We ARE all here to have fun. I, myself have never used the term "actual Marvel fan", but I DO make the distinction between "Marvel & "MCU" fan (I say "Marvel instead of "comic"). I never come off trying to say Marvel (or comic) fans are "better" or deserving of some form of entitlement, but I DO call out those MCU fans that think THEY do.  Here's the problem (I have) ; If we're ALL here to "have fun", then why is it we read here all the time "They should just make the entire wave movie figures" or "Why isn't the entire wave movie figures?" Yes every once in the while we may read some "Marvel fan" saying that in reverse, but that person is quickly told if that were the case, the line probably would've gone under years ago, and this is usually said BY fellow Marvel fans. It's the MCU fans that usually show a lack of respect for the plain and simple facts; there are more than just MCU fans trying to "have fun" for one. 2nd ( and most important) if there were no Marvel characters, there wouldn't even be any Actors in Cos...errr MCU characters. This goes beyond forums. There are several YouTubers who review ML figs and ALWAYS say "I'm not interested in the comic figures" or "They should just make the waves entirely movie figures". The other thing that gets on "Marvel" fans' nerves is the incessant whining about there never being enough MCU figures when the fact is Hasbro has increased the number of MCU figures per wave incrementally every year for the past 3 to 4. My problem is YES, we're all here to have fun, but one faction seemingly doesn't care (or more importantly respect) about the other. I don't have to say which one I'm talking about. 

    PS: And before someone says (in whiny voice) "the comic fans do that too" , I already covered that. It's NOT an opening to go tit for tat.

  10. 3 hours ago, monron999 said:

    @Gmen4ever and @Rukkdeez I'm totally with you about the size of Thor. From initial looks he is exactly what we wanted from Hasbro and then apon closer examination he's exactly what we've come to expect from Hasbro. Yet another victim of Hasbro's inability to maintain scale accuracy. Though it doesn't bother me quite as much as the whole Sasquatch fiasco it is pretty damn frustrating. I just don't understand how they keep fumbling the ball on this one. In one regard at times it seems like they listen to all he criticisms of the fans, such as what they did with the Outback Dazzler, then they do something like this that makes it seem like everything we say falls on deaf ears. Here's another thing that's really gonna bother me on this one. From early looks and some reviews online it is clear that the new Hercules we've all been waiting for for sooooo long is way too small. Now the new Thor is way too big. So now when we put these two long awaited figures, who are pretty much portrayed in equal size in the comics, together they are gonna be so outta scale with each other it won't be funny. But it will be funny in the way that somehow we always knew they were gonna manage to screw one (or in this case, both) of these up. Which gets the storage bin treatment, cuz they obviously cannot share the same display space. Guess I'll just have to decide once I see them together, but right from the outset it's not looking too good for Herc. Oh well, maybe they'll get it right when (or if) they do a classic Herc. Or at least get him closer in scale to Thor, anyway.

    Right! The only saving grace we have is that this modern Herc doesn't go with Classic Thor anyway! This is a straight up regression. They get it right with "Young Thor" and (at the time) Modern Thor, and then come back with this. He's almost as big as the Hulk figure standing next to him! What are we supposed to do about Beta Ray Bill (who's taller than he is)? He and Herc will be is scale of course. Is it me, or does it seem as if they (Hasbro) just gravitates toward Thor being too large and Iron Man too small (I guess they'll regress back to that as well)?

  11. 3 hours ago, RyanDaly said:

    He's part of a X-MEN vintage wave that also includes Cyclops (X-Factor style), Silver Surfer, and Dazzler, plus two more figures that haven't been announced. They're on retro-style card backs instead of the standard black and red box packaging.

    He's part of a X-MEN vintage wave that also includes Cyclops (X-Factor style), Silver Samurai, and Dazzler, plus two more figures that haven't been announced. They're on retro-style card backs instead of the standard black and red box packaging.

  12. 21 minutes ago, Gmen4ever said:

    I'm 1000% with ya bro. I'm a huge scale Nazi & that Thor is once again, oversized. Why does Hasbro have a problem getting him done in the proper scale? Thor is not a 7 footer!   I'm still hopeful that Hasbro will eventually give us a classic comic based Thanos at a properly scaled hgt & not 8' tall! Classic Thanos is thick/massive, not super tall. Wonder what part of that do they not comprehend?  But as you said, there is that small portion of fans that could give a fudge about scale & like certain characters bigger than they actually are. Funny how Hasbro makes very sure to do all Logan figures at a smaller more accurate scale but mess up on the big guys.  And once again, Ironman can be "listed" as being 6'6 in armor, but has hardly ever been drawn as the same hgt as Thor who is listed as being 6'6.  I even post pics of him not being drawn as tall as Thor with Thor right next to him & people still wanna cry that he's drawn as being 6'6.  The most Stark, who's listed as being what, 6'1, should gain in hgt as Ironman is 2 more inches, 1 inch for boot soles & 1 inch in helmet space, and that's talking bout his classic bronze age armor, not his more modern post 2000s armors.  In just about every single comic book I have of classic Avengers, Ironman has never been drawn as being as tall as Thor when the 2 stood together.  And I call BS on saying Perez didn't draw characters in their proper hgts, he along with John Byrne are just 2 of the very few artists of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s who made sure to draw characters at their listed hgts. I've seen hand written writing by J Byrne himself stating that the Thing was actually 5'10!  They later upped his hgt to 6'  & should be drawn as such back when he was helming FF in the 80s. Now all of a sudden the Thing is "Hulk" sized?  He "mutated" but the rest of the FF is still the same despite all 4 being exposed to cosmic rays, yeah, OK.


    Like you stated, all it takes is one artist to take artistic license with the size/hgt of a character & all of a sudden people want him that big. Liefield was one of the 1st  to start drawing the Juggernaut like 10ft tall in the early X-force comics & then McFarland followed suit. Now all of a sudden Juggs went from being 6'10 to 10 ft tall.

    FF spec sheet.jpg

    To be fair, Juggernaut in his Classic Costume is 6'10. He HAS officially grown (after a depowering/repowering) to 9'5. The problem with the BAF is it's based on the classic version. Now admittedly, Marvel has given Cain a (kind of) classic looking costume, but the figure isn't based off that (and of course the BiB loved it for that reason).

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