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  1. I agree that prices will eventually rise (again). That's an inevitable fact of life, not just Marvel Legends collecting. I also agree it would be a bad idea ( I was trying to play at humor with my "Hope for" line). I just think having the MCU dominate the waves is a bad idea financially for Hasbro, and personally for us (no need to go into the reasons. We've all have spoken on them ad nausieum).
  2. You make some interesting points. Allow me to pose questions; If what you say about the all new sculpted and face printing are grounds for the pricing, then does that mean for the movie based waves where A-the MCU figures get the same treatment (even Iron Man now)? If that's an excuse for elevated pricing with the 10th Anny line, then why wouldn't they use it for the main line? B-If that IS a reason, then does that mean (or better stated, can we hope for) the end of MCU based waves? Will it be the precursor to main line/premium line separation? After all, with this line, they've shown they can sell a BAF as part of a 2 pack. (In fact, both figures are large). Interesting times ahead for us all (I wonder what that Hulkbuster/Hulk 2 pack will sell for?) As for you Mako, you're absolutely right; that's the price of being a collector. If you can, please impart that FACT to all the "redo because I don't wanna pay eBay prices" people out there (fortunately with the MCU issue dominating the forums, we haven't had to deal with that for a while. However, in the event of a line separation, I believe that tidbit will rear it's ugly head again).
  3. Just watched a review for Mister Fantastic. Definitely a new buck and the arms are bendy wire.
  4. I echoed these thoughts when they announced these would be "premium" figures. Just a fancy box (I don't include the face sculpts because we were getting them before all this price hike talk). If the prices of the main line product increases, it will be due to the "success" of the 10th Anniversary line which are of course all...I won't say it. I will say this however; if this turns out to be the case, thanks again to those this applies to.
  5. What's the point of a Gwyneth Paltrow figure in that outfit if there's no Aldrige Killian? Wouldn't it have been better served if she were wearing her business gear since that's primarily how she's shown? I'm not trying to imply a Killian figure should've been made (horrible character in my estimation, and the absolute worst MCU villain to date), but he's the only reason she's wearing that in the 1st place. I do understand this set is based on Iron Man 3, but still.... And I see we're getting a Martin Freeman figure. Is that necessary? Well at least peeps will get their Michael B Jordan head sculpt with this set.
  6. AAAAAAhhhhhhh who cares about Sauron?!? LOLOLOLOLOL I'm sorry but it has to be said; though it looks good, the Eddie Brock head is straight up suffering from VBHS! Somebody say it ain't just me!
  7. Plus a comic of the same name featuring...guess who? Strong Guy has to be around the corner, or at least up the block! But getting Guido is only half the battle Monron. It could be very easy for Hasbro to mess up his appearance. He has to be distorted (way oversized upper torso and skinny legs).
  8. SAURON BAF straight confirmed!!!! Deadpool wave II!
  9. MONRON!!! Where you at duke!!! TEAM SAURON is in full effect!!!!! Deadpool wave II! I can now devote my energies to YOUR cause! Team Guido fo' life!!!!
  10. That's the problem. We HAD a compromise (or more to the point, a "HAPPY medium"). Then the demands for A-more, and B-unnecessary characters started happening. And this from mostly people who wouldn't even bother to pick up a comic book to learn about the character. No, they would rather to simply gaze into Chris Evans/Pratt's eyes (not that it would make a difference in this day and age because even Marvel themselves "disfigure" the character to emulate the movie version on the remote chance an actor lover picks up a book and they need to "identify" with the character). I get it. If a character becomes available, get it! Why not? But we're talking about foo...err PEOPLE demanding Robert Redford, Gwyneth Patrow etc. It's like dealing with your wife/girlfriend. They ultimately get their way because why? They "sandpaper" you to death until they get what they want. Same deal here. It's why we went from 1-2 to 4 plus BAF.
  11. MCUCollector, You've never been in denial. What's more, even though you are an avid MCU fan (it's not like your name gives anything away), you still show an affinity for Marvel based figures. In addition, when you post your reviews about Marvel Based characters and you aren't familiar or know a lot about them, you state that. You don't try to play the role and pretend like you know what you're talking about. HOWEVER comma a lot of your fellow MCU collectors are a different story (like our friend above). Yes there are pockets where the ratios are more even, or dominated by Marvel figs shelf warming, but we all know the vast majority is held up by the MCU. It's begun to get ridiculous! We have people wanting Gwyneth Paltrow ( I'm done calling these people by their character names). It's one thing to want an iconic civilian like MaryJane Watson or J. Jonah Jameson, but Gwyneth friggin" Paltrow?!?!? This is Marvel Legends, not Barbie and Ken! Hasbro didn't see fit to even give us a Pepper Potts head sculpt with Rescue...AND THEY HAD ONE ALREADY MADE!!! I, like my brother from another mother Monron also believe it's more about the actor than it is about the character. That same friend above also stated he wants ALL the previous MCU figs re-released since they now use the digital print process! Like this means any character wearing a mask will automatically get an alternate head sculpt. Hell, I truly believe most wouldn't care if the only head sculpt were maskless! Did you know 89.6% of MCU collectors display their figs without masks? (I made that up. Trying to add a lil levity) You're right; we like what we like, but you (being one of the more sensible and reasonable MCU fans) have to see this increase in percentage in waves can't be good in the long run. You all rage for "more villains", but look at the bulk; Alexander Pierce, Ulysses Klaue, Arnim Zola, Helmut Zemo (you telling me HE looks more interesting than Marvel Zemo?), Batroc and Aldrich Killian. Made up bad guys like "Kaecilus" and (Ugh) Trevor Slattery. And about that; most MCU fans don't care that the entire concept of Slattery and the Mandarin was a straight up slap in the face to Marvel fans. You all should get Paul Bettany I agree. Even Lee Pace (Ronan) and Yellowjacket, but c'mon! can't any of you see the ramifications? Not only do new Marvel based characters NOT get made, or take longer to come out (something I know most MCU fans don't care), but at some point, the peg warming HAS to get noticed, and when that happens, this line is doomed. I know you all want as many o these colorless characters as possible, but you have to know we need to go back to 1 or 2 MCU figs per wave with the OCCASIONAL BAF. Not 5 out of 8 figures, and definitely not some costumeless character (Gwyneth Paltrow! You gotta be friggin' kiddin' me)!
  12. Hasbro can think they know what they're doing all they want. And yeah, sometimes they do. But the store shelves speak for themselves. I don't live in a huge town, but its not a small one either. Between four walmarts, two walgreens, one target, and one TRU (not including the FYE and Barnes and Noble which are also suffocating in movie figures) there are such steep discounts because every peg is filled with the leftover movie figures from GotG wave one up to the most recent Black Panther wave. You know what's not on the shelves? Not Iron Man, Namor, Black Bolt, Bullseye, Blade, Moon Knight, Tombstone, Beetle, Adam Warlock, or even Death's Head II for that matter! But so many Chris Pratt Star Lords, Charlie Cox Daredevils, and so many BP movie figures that I could army build the BAF if there were enough comic figures to go around. And don't even get me started on the Lokis... So, yeah, delusional, that's it. I'm just seeing things on those shelves...riiiiiight. Good one. And to be clear, he means The INVINCIBLE Iron Man, not RDJ.
  13. And THIS is exactly what I've been talking about! Not only do you all want waves to be completely dominated with MCU, but you even want them all re-released too?! I can go into any number of TRU's, Targets, Wal-Mart's etc and find the pegs LITTERED with MCU figures! Yes, there are Marvel based figs there too, but never the magnitude of MCU figures The only ones living a fantasy are you MCU honks who get to engage in your "actor love" up close and personal. You guys can't get enough Chris Evans, RDJ and Pratt so much, you want even more! And you couldn't give a damn what it's doing to the line. The very thing that saved it, it killing it all over again.
  14. Wow. We can finally get Trevor Slattery, Alexander Pierce and Helmut Zemo. Everyone's been screaming for those. Most importantly, another Iron Man & Captain America. I know I speak for everyone when I say "can't wait".
  15. Exactly! Juggernaut was way too large (at least with the classic costume), but ML collectors have this "bigger is better" and "to hell with accuracy" mentality (complain when Thanos is "too short" when he's not, and rejoice when the Juggernaut and Rhino are too big. Plus rationalize Sandman's size. For anyone trying to deny this attitude exists, look no further than people wanting the friggin Kingpin to be a BAF! Totally unnecessary.
  16. Im the jealous one, I have to wait another 24 hours!!! Lol. Don't be jelly! This is the 1st time I've gotten something before you! I must savor the feeling! Lol.
  17. Hey Tman, I was so busy the other day pontificating, that I didn't give you props on a good review (now reviews). My apologies. I have been watching and am still watching. Keep doin' ya thing. Also, your mentioning of Spider-Punk's ethnicity did indeed have relevance. Just thought I should tell you that.
  18. The Bikes & Avengers wave has arrived! On the hunt for Mister Fantastic.
  19. Yup yup! The bikes too! (and for some, the Spider-Man wave as well).
  20. I took this description from my Youtube video. I've added this to my current Black History Month "Figs of Color" Playlist. I can change that here since it's not relevant. If you're pointing out that the character is African American because the review is part of a Black History Month theme, then I would say that the character's race is in fact relevant, but that's just my opinion. I agree. That's why at the end I stated that "ethnicity isn't relevant...unless it is".
  21. Tarot, please forgive me. I know what I'm about to say isn't staying on point with what we're all here for, but this bears mentioning; Tman, exactly what does Spider-Punk's ethnicity have to do with anything? If you did a review of Deadpool, would you lead with "the caucasian Canadian Wade Wilson"? Iron Man "the caucasian American Anthony "Tony" Stark? Should I assume because of your lead in, you would start a review of War Machine with "the African American James "Jim" Rhodes"? I don't mean to jump on you, but my point is ethnicity has no relevance...unless for some reason it does (note I used fully covered characters as my examples).
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