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  1. 21 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Is Hasbro releasing Ironman in 2 different color schemes? He's sporting the Alex Ross Red/Gold in the loose pics but in package, I've seen him in his classic red/Yellow colors along with the great Bob Layton looking helmet & a great comic  Tony Stark head sculpt.  


    Shame that I'm gonna have to do some customizing surgery on that Thor to get him in proper scale to his fellow Avengers. Does Hasbro not know he's 6'6 in the comics? They keep making him like he's a 7 footer!  And sorry, From the 60s to the 90s , Ironman was never depicted as being as tall as Thor .  6'2, 6'3 is what I always saw him drawn as by  all the great Marvel artists of the 60s thru 90s. The MCU IM movie in 08' is what started this "he's 6'6 in armor. Funny cuz when standing next to Cap in the films, he sure doesn't tower over Cap who's 6'2. nor did he look as tall as Hemsworth who's 6'3 & probably 6'5 sporting the boots. The classic Bronze age armor is form fitting, almost like a second skin that hardens to a steel hard consistency while still being supple, if that  makes any sense. So no, IM in the Bronze age classic red/yellow armor is not 6'6. Maybe in his newer MCU based armors he is, but not in the classic comic based armors.  Those were all pretty skin tight.  So even that new classic armor IM that's coming out looks a bit on the tall side as he seems to tower over the chainmail Cap fig. Great, more custom surgery I gotta perform to get him down to proper scale.  Hawkeye is 6'3, the master, George Perez was a stickler for drawing all his characters in their proper hgts, so give IM a 6'3 hgt in that BA armor. That's the tallest I'll give him wearing that suit of armor. 

    Ironman & Hawkeye George Perez.jpg

    iron-man-classic-armor up.jpg

    Ironman unmasked in hall of armors.jpg

    Uhhh no! The " His being 6'6 started in 2008" is totally false (Why do so called Marvel fans think life started in 2008?) Tony Stark and Iron Man have been listed at 6'1/6'6 respectively since the 80's when Marvel 1st came out with the Handbook to the Marvel Universe series of books. That height has been maintained ever since. George Perez (one of my all time favorite artists) unfortunately was the 1st to draw Thor grossly oversized, (and once again NO he was NOT a "stickler for drawing characters at their proper heights) and it was telling because he was known for being able to get the most characters in a single frame (Strangely enough, he used to draw the Hulk too small which lends credence to my statements of these are merely artists' opinions come to life on paper).  

      Also, can we please not compare the movies to the comics? Both Tony Stark & James Rhodes (616) are 6-1. RDJ is 5'9 and Don Cheadle is 5'8 ( I know this for fact because I stood next to him) so through the magic of cgi, if they come up to Chris Hemsworth, then THAT's the height they are. NOT 6"6. One can come up with all the rationalizations they want to. BOTTOM LINE: Iron Man is OFFICIALLY listed at Six foot Six. Moreover, I have a 6'7 nephew (I'm 6'2) so I know Thor at 6'6  shouldn't appear that large compared to even Captain america, nevermind Iron Man.

  2. 3 hours ago, ADour said:


    BiB= Bigger is Better Posse. A collection of Marvel Legends fans/collectors who erroneously believe the bigger the figure, the better the figure. If a figure is oversized and out of scale (the recent Kingpin comes to mind as well as "Classic Juggernaut", Rhino etc) then we get a "Yeah, Hasbro nailed it" from this crowd. If Hasbro does something correctly like Thanos (616), then Hasbro "screwed up" because they made a character in accurate scale (Thanos is 6'7). They fall back on the excuse "that's how he's drawn" when the fact of the matter is that's simply the artistic representation of a given artist's opinion (just like we all have them except an artist can make theirs come to life on the page). Also, with the BiB posse, all it takes is ONE artist drawing a figure oversized ONE time, and that's license for the character to be looked upon at that new height from now on, even if the character is drawn back to their normal size. They think the upcoming "Classic Thor" (who's 6'6) size wise is GREAT!!! This despite (according to the photos at Toy Fair) is bigger than the 7'5 Colossus and nearly as large as the Hulk (which he was standing next to) and TOWERING over the equally 6'6 Iron Man. The BiB have a motto that they will defend unto death; "BLEEP scale! Accuracy is wack"! Another (possible) reason for this could be the thought of getting "more plastic" for their lil $20, so it can be for "economical" reasons.

  3. 2 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    I'm with  you on wanting that 80s "H-harness Heck but not on wanting him bigger in hgt. Herc is 6'5, not 7'5, why would you want him towering over Cap who at 6'2 is just 3 inches shorter than Herc. Mass wise, yeah, he could stand to be a tad bit thicker. I'm already beginning to notice that Hasbro, once  again, put Thor on some an over sized scale that makes him close to 7' tall & a full head bigger than he should be. Thor is 6'6, he should be half a head taller than Cap. 


    Gladiator is 6'6, but that classic Thor figure looks like it will tower over the Gladiator figure. 


    Thor & Herc should only be a half head bigger than Cap/Ironman/Vision/Hawkeye as those characters range from 6'2 to 6'3. Neither of them should be a full head taller as that would make them both 483260493_CapThorIronManfeatured_photo_gallery.thumb.jpg.b5346b22417f3a90fcbc7b30db2d0066.jpg185551883_Avengers1.thumb.jpg.2663cc573c1f18df2d55228a8b9454e7.jpg1965367330_Avengersbig3.thumb.jpg.25291edd93b1da134d79613cb4234d4b.jpg1912489488_HerculesCaptainAmerica.thumb.jpg.b1ec5b9b77e81eceb690f4db7df092c0.jpg7 footers.



    I'm disappointed Hasbro regressed back to making Thor way too big. I know the BiB posse thinks this is great (as they couldn't care less about accurate scaling), but it's just ridiculous! Thor is going to be taller/larger than Beta Ray Bill (Who's 6'7 to Thor's 6'6), and will TOWER over Hercules and Iron Man (In armor, Stark is 6'6. Do NOT play the "well he's drawn" card. That's an artist's opinion expressed through art. Iron Man, like Thor...is listed at 6'6.  Out of armor, he's 6'1 so the majority of the pics shown IM too short). He's bigger 9-3 o'clock, not 12-6) That figure looks larger than Colossus (7'5) and AS large as the Hulk (I guess the BiB's remedy for that is "make Hulk bigger". Geez).

  4. Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals just went down, and GOOD LAWD!!!

    Silver Samurai

    MCU Ghost/Luiz 2 pack

    Arachne (Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman

    MCU Spider-Man Noir

    MCU Far From Home Spider-Man

    Doppleganger (Unfortunately it's on the same buck as Six Arm Spidey)

    Mister (Friggin) Sinister


    Boom Boom (Boomer) Lookin' like X-Force is real

    Night (Friggin) Crawler

    Emma Frost (in her black attire) I THINK she's on the Moonstone buck.

    Dazzler (Modern )

    Wolverine (In  his Madripoor black costume)

    Cyclops (X-Factor costume w/eye blasts, Vintage card)

    Hulk/Wolverine (1st Appearance) 2 pack

    Colossus/Juggernaut 2 pack

    MCU Iron Spider (this time with legs. Double dip rip off, I know)

    Allen Ross Iron Man

    Classic Captain America

    Classic Thor ( I think Hasbr has regressed and he's back to being too big again. The BiB posse is gonna love that)



    MCU Grandmaster/Korg 2 pack

    MCU Peggy Carter

    80th Anniversary 1:6 scale Captain America

    Legendary Riders Captain America (WWII) w/Motorcycle

    MCU Shuri

    MCU Hela/Skurge

    What's scary is these are all just PARTS of waves etc!



  5. Classic Adam Warlock (w/cape)

    Classic Drax (dumb w/cape)

    Count Nefaria

    Man-Ape (M'Baku for the politically correct)

    Mr Hyde

    Bi-Beast (BAF)

    Daimon Hellstrom (Son of Satan original costume)



    Death Adder


    Bushmaster (with Bendi wire. I know I've stated the reason we don't get Bendi Wire, but it's necessary for this character.

    Proxima Midnight & Super Giant (I'd like the other Black Order members as well, but Corvus Glaive, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian  can pass for their 616 counterparts)


    Skurge the Executioner

    Snowbird/White Sasquatch 2 pack







    That's more than enough for now.


  6. 19 minutes ago, BludChylde said:

    She looks like she should go to the doctors to get her left arm rebroken and set properly.

    Even though peeps continue to lambast Hasbro for no double jointed elbows on their females (and with respect to Shartimus Prime), THIS is the reason they haven't done so as yet (I believe the movie Captain Marvel will have DJE's, but we'll see). I'm quite sure when they figure out how to make them look anatomically correct, we'll enter a new nightmare era for Legends, because then we'll have the return of the "redo" nation.

  7. What's making this wave in particular weaker than previous waves? Try this; As far back as wave 4, there has been a classic villain (standalone) figure in every wave. A lot of times along with the BAF. Excluding the Build-A-Figure from this latest wave, there are no "classic" villains. Most here will say "but that's just one figure in a wave of six or seven", but the element that drives the Spider-Man line even more so than the different Spidey costumes or even (most recently) Spider-Verse characters are the members of his rogues gallery. His "classic" rogues in particular. For the 1st time I can remember, Hasbro actually double packed a Super Villain in a wave, and a highly requested one at that! The Kingpin BAF is the sole UNIVERSAL draw to this wave. Hell, even Hasbro knows that, ergo the Shadow King head. A lot of X fans are gonna want that body. I, myself am going to get a second BAF just so I can have both the Kingpin and Shadow King displayed in their respective villain shelves. Thoughts?

  8. On 11/18/2018 at 1:44 PM, Hogun said:

    It has come to my mind that, despite the releases of both the Spider-Man 2099 body mold and the recent Omega Red Body Mold, Hasbro is still using the Bucky Cap and Hyperion body molds for their figures. The former have essentially the same articulation as the latter except with the added butterfly joints. While I don't have as much of a problem with the Bucky Cap mold than I do with the Hyperion mold, I still think those butterfly joints are a much-needed improvement. So do you think Hasbro should get rid of those molds entirely and replace them with the butterfly jointed molds? I would love to see a Sabretooth figure with that Omega Red Bodymold.

    Of course then Sabretooth would be too big, but who cares about that.

  9. 11 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Tell ya the truth, Hasbro just has to make a Blob figure be it depowered or further mutated bigger version ala the TB BAF. That will cause the price of the TB version to drop on ebay so those greedy sellers get karma for overpricing the figure in the 1st place. I remember a few yrs back where TB Vision cost a ton & now that the vintage wave version came out, the sellers have dropped the price drastically, same will be true of the TB Kingpin fig once the Hasbro version hits. That's why I hope Hasbro gives us a BAF Sentinel comparable in size to  the TB version so those come down in price as well. $200+  reeks of such greed.

    The Blob was by Hasbro.

  10. 18 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    1st off, the Blob cannot alter his size or shape, so let's get that outta the way. His size mutated to a larger hgt sometime in the 90s I believe, maybe someone has the exact issue it occurred in. His mutant powers consist of the ability to create a monodirectional gravity field beneath himself rendering him virtually immovable as long as he is in contact with the ground, invulnerability to bullets, plasma beams, high impact projectiles such as missiles, a 1ton truck coming at him at 100mph, flames/extreme cold & of course he can withstand blows from some heavy hitters such as the Hulk, Colossus, etc. His face is not as resistant to injury as his body is.  I believe that when Hasbro does come around to doing this character that they will in all likelihood make him around 7' max, about the same hgt as the Kingpin but a bit more massive girth wise as he should be. IMO, Michael Golden's rendition of him is what Hasbro should model the figure on. 


    Blob II.jpg

    Blob vs Vision.jpg

    Blob clocks Vision.jpg

    The Blob was (and is again) 5'10. Prior to his depowering, he mutated to 8' tall. This is official (and for once not the subject to "artistic license").  He's back to 5'10. If Hasbro releases a Blob figure, it should be as he's currently portrayed. What would be the point of making another large Blob when we've gotten that already? Surely we're not trying to bring back the "redo" era?  To your point Gmen, if they (Hasbro) made a new Blob figure and they scaled it to be 7', it should be taller than Fisk (who's 6'7), but then that would be inaccurate, not that Hasbro cares (Sasquatch anyone?).  Speaking of, I'm interested in seeing the Kingpin BAF's size compared to other Build-A-Figures (as well as some standalone figures). He should NOT be taller than the Abomination BAF (6'8), Colossus (7'5),  etc. If made at his current status, he should be (more or less) the Beast's height. Because of his girth, he should probably be a Build-A-Figure, but he doesn't have to be tall (being large is NOT a mandate for BAF's aka extra/free figures despite many a collector's refusal to accept that FACT).

  11. PERFECT TIMING! I called my local Gamestop to see if Gamerverse Spidey came in. Not only did he say yes, but he reminded me I had 2 on order. I go get them, and the good fortune continued. I got the sale price and since they had an A.I.M. 2 pack, I picked that up as well for $37 and change. Even better than that news is ol boy behind the counter told me some clown came in and attempted to click 5 (FIVE) of em! Scalper written all over that fool. Dude told him "nah". Plus all stores were warned from HQ about returns where people are removing BAF pieces and exchanging characters. They may be more expensive, but Gamestop has to get props!

  12. 1 hour ago, JKenbok said:

    Why would we want a depowered Blob figure though?  What a disappointment that would be.  But I definitely agree that Beast as a build a figure is totally unnecessary 

    Who said we wanted a depowered Blob?!?!?!  I believe I said "after his depowering/repowering, he was brought back down to his original height of 5'10". Wait here, lemme check. YUP, that's what I said! Where exactly did you get me saying a non powered Blob action figure? I'll take a stab and guess "selective reading"?

  13. 4 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Fisk is a big figure mass wise so Blob would have to be a bit more meatier, especially in the gut area. Bout the same hgt as Fisk would  be good, maybe a tad smaller if possible.  Blob looking like this artwork by Michael Golden would be great! 

    Blob vs Vision.jpg

    What I'm finding amazing (notice I didn't say "surprising") is no one is mentioning that Fisk is too big as well (and he doesn't have the luxury of "mutating" to a bigger size.  He's 6'7. This is strictly BiB artistic license). Anyway, since Dukes' depowering/repowering, he's been brought back down to his original height of 5'10.  As rotund as he is, he is no longer "BAF" material, just like the Beast. Funny how people not only wanted the Beast, but wanted him as a Build A Figure. Considering Colossus & the Thing were single carded, this begets the question "why"? Why did the BiB want the 5'11 Hank McCoy to be a BAF?

    Oh, and the Blob is a bit more than a "Tad" smaller (shorter) than Fisk. 6'7 vs 5'10 is a great disparity.

  14. 2 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Again, that was artists taking artistic license with the character. Blob was originally around 6ft 500lbs I believe, then next thing you now, he's "mutated " to 8ft tall 1 ton. I can accept a Blob at no bigger than 6.6 to 7' inches tall. I have always loved Michael Golden's rendition of Blob & think that would make for an awesome Blob figure.164320666_BlobII.thumb.jpg.d48b2e4c4569aadc805a31be6a14918d.jpg


    But the thing is his mutation made his height chang official. This isn't the same as artists who are charter members of the BiB posse taking liberties. Tarot, your assessment of the Blob BAF is incorrect. During the time this figure was released, Fred was 8 ft tall. 

  15. I want to see the Beast standing next to other characters. Already people from the BIB posse are talking about "he looks like he's a nice large size". One of their lame arguments justifying out of scale figures is "well that's how he's drawn". Well this iteration of the Beast was CONSISTENTLY drawn at his proper height (5"11 that's right BIB, he doesn't even crack 6 feet). What's the excuse gonna be now? Lemme guess; you'll search over hill and dale for any rare instance he was drawn larger, then THAT will become the "standard". The funny thing is if he's in scale with the Thing, then they'll both be in scale with each other but out of scale with anyone else.

  16. 1 hour ago, Gmen4ever said:

    So you're speaking for fans that actually grew up reading about these characters? You're saying they wouldn't want a classic Whizzer figure to add to the WWII "Invaders " lineup?  Considering that all that would be needed for a 'Whizzer" ML fig is a new head sculpt. Just put him on either a Sunfire buck or Speed Demon buck with alternate fist/running hands & done. It's a super cost effective character that only needs a new head sculpt.  If Hasbro were smart, they'd do an "Invaders" boxset with Whizzer, classic Cap, Namor, Union Jack, adult Human torch using the Sunfire buck in classic red fire colors with faceless head sculpt, use a teen Buck for a Toro ( faceless head sculpt) Human torch sidekick & same for a teen Bucky. Whizzer was also a member of another WWII superhero team known as the Liberty Legion who has members that would make for cool figures as well.



    Invaders_ vol 3.jpg




    No one is "speaking" for anyone. Since you asked a challenging question, let ask YOU something; Did you stop to think before asking, if out of all those fans you speak of (many of which would be post 40 years of age) even collect action figures? That would whittle down the amount of people who would even be thinking about a Union Jack. The issue here is YOU like Union Jack (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). What IS wrong however is because you like the character, you've construed that like into popularity. Trust me, after you, myself and other fans or collectors get this guy and that rush is over, Union Jack will take up residency on various shelves.

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