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  1. 1 hour ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Dissing Union Jack with a " assuming he's a big pass for most folks" is being pretty presumptuous , don't ya think. He is a a founding member of the WWII team the "Invaders" along with Cap, Namor, the android Human Torch, his sidekick Toro &  Spitfire I believe her name was.  So yeah, many an " Invaders" fan will be wanting him for that team.


    Uhhhh no I DON'T think it's "presumptuous". Why? Because history has shown  obscure characters while sought, purchased and collected by true fans and genuine collectors, the rest usually peg warm, or must I list figs to prove my point? I'M getting him, not because I'm a fan, or even for whatever BAF may come, but because I'm a neurotic completionist. How many out there are like me? Maybe more than I think, but less than you imagine.

  2. 7 hours ago, tarot said:

    Blue team done. Well done Hasbro. didn't think you would get them done this fast. Gold team next. who do we need? Jim Lee's Storm and a new Jean Grey, John Bryne's Colossus and a new blocky Iceman.

    and @Rukkdeez, this isn't aimed at you but people in generally, *Rant Incoming* would people please stop calling this Jim Lee's  Beast?! It not Jim Lee's Wolverine, Gambit, Colossus, Bishop, Iceman or Archangel!!! They were designed by other artist. Hell the only thing Jim Lee designed were the women and Cyclops.

    I 150% agree. Wolverine himself was wearing the tiger stripe costume (with that mask) in the 70's!  The same goes for the Beast. I think it's thought of as "Jim Lee" because he was the 1st to play the "no pupils" game. I used the "Jim Lee" term merely to serve as an "identifier" because so many (erroneously) refer to these characters as such. It's why I said 90's/Jim Lee. You're absolutely right though.

  3. We're getting a Jim Lee/90's Beast and he's looking pretty good! This thing has interchangeable hands, butterfly joints, double jointed elbows and (what?!?) toe articulation. They also revealed Union Jack (I'm sure a big pass for a lotta folks), and Citizen V (aka Baron Helmut Zemo) from the original Thunderbolts. They also made official the 1st wave lineup :Beast, Blink, Bonecrusher, Forge, Gambit, Jubilee and Weapon X (Caliban BAF). So 3 Jim Lee/90's X-Men crossed off. 

    By the way, Puma and "6 Arm" Spider-Man were revealed accidentally and removed,because they are to be officially revealed next week at the LUCCA convention.

  4. 12 minutes ago, monron999 said:

    No, there is no mistaking this and I assure you we are not the ones to notice. In our current social environment being a curvaceous, confident, beautiful woman is offensive to some people that just aren't. They are definitely moving away from the Moonstone buck, trying to phase it out permanently. So much so that they are redoing all the female figures who've used it in the past (see: Black Cat & Spider-Woman) and soon it will happen to both Moonstone herself and Captain Marvel as the classic Ms. Marvel with Moonstone swap head that we all expect for the Captain Marvel wave will most certainly be done on either the Kate Bishop buck or the slightly more leggy Dark Phoenix/Psylocke buck. And yes, contrary to what many think, it is different from the Scarlet Witch buck. It is the superior buck of the two, but less appealing than the Moonstone buck which fits a lot more female characters in the Marvel Universe than Disney would like to admit or corroborate.

    Not disagreeing with you my brotha, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the Vintage Wasp is using the Moonstone buck (at least the bottom part, but that's the part in question). Of course they needed to use the upper torso that accommodates wings.

  5. 5 hours ago, monron999 said:

    Ruuuuuk, I was wondering when you were gonna chime in. Look, as one of the more prominent complainers here I just feel like I'm pointing out the obvious of what most people are at least partially thinking. The obscurity of the figure does not bother me at all. As a matter of fact I love getting obscure figures and yes, if it weren't for BAFs we may never get some of these characters. The biggest issue I have with it, and I assumed you would too as we were pretty much in lockstep with Sasquatch, is that that Sentry is just the wrong size. Last time I heard, the Sentries checkled in anywhere from 15 to 20 feet, not 8 or 9 feet which it looks like this guy is gonna represent. I'm not even saying so much about the design cuz from afar the Sentinel looks much more childish than the TB version but it looks great up close. I actually prefer a simplified Byrne or Cochran style versus the overcomplicated Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri style, but I'm happy to have either or both. What I'm saying is if they're gonna go thru the trouble of doing the Sentry why not do right and do it pretty much the same scale as the Sentinel. They coulda probably just modified the Sentinel mold and done a pretty fair job. Like I said, I dunno what woulda taken it's place as the BAF, but I think it woulda been much better recieved.

    As far as complaining, I like to think it's more like fair criticism. It's not like I complain about stuff that isn't accurate. Saying the Sentry is too small and Sasquatch is too short is accurate. Saying things like Psylocke sucks because she should been done in her modern uniform is unfair. If not for real criticism, how can Hasbro ever truly say they take the fans input into account?

    A will confess that for the Thing I was initially 100% wrong about it and I literally fell on my sword and owned it and actually apologized to Hasbro. I was happy to be wrong, but I don't think there were actually any changes made to it. Even the paint apps remained pretty much the same. I think the major problem for the Thing was that the official press image was done in an awkward pose and shot at a terrible angle. I've actually simulated it with my Thing figure. It's still there. There never were any updated pictures or any production pictures so the press image is all we ever saw until the carded images came out. And I'm happy to say it was better than I ever imagined. It is officially my favorite ML form Hasbro. If anyone else remembers, the Nebula figure also suffered from a terrible press official image and it turned out to be a damn fine figure as well. So no, I won't let myself be fooled by a single image anymore, but this Sentinel has several floor images along with the press image and I gotta say they all look the same. Just like Forges face sculpt, I do hope there's still time to tweak it, but I think it was you that actually said that the team told you once they hit the floor for reveal's time it's pretty much already too late.

    I could be misremembering on that part though. I know someone said it.

    My brotha from anotha!!! 

    The 1st thing I want to respond to is; I agree 100% with you (and anyone else) who's main "complaint" is the Kree Sentry's height. As one of the chief sticklers on accuracy around these parts, if the BAF is indeed Sasquatch's Height (the Build A Figure), then it's basically a TRIPLE pooch screw (They already got Langkowski's height wrong which is bad enough, but if the Sentry' is the same height, it's doubly wrong because it's A-too short, and B- he's SUPPOSED to be taller than an accurately portrayed Sasquatch! "Squatch is 10' while the Sentry is 15'). It's funny. I remember back at SDCC 2017, when asked by the Hasbro staff to guess what the Build A Figure will be for the Deadpool wave (we only knew there would be one at the time) , I told them my "heart pick" is Sauron, but something tells me it's gonna be Sasquatch because they're both Canadian. Both Dwight and Tony gave a very slight eyebrow raise. I then went on to say if you guys are indeed doing a Sasquatch, you need to remember he's 10' tall so at minimum, he needs to be Hulkbuster height. They then turned to one another and eye raised a second time. I now know that was because they knew they f#*&ed up.

    My 2nd point is Monron, if there's one thing I've noticed with you in particular is you will indeed come correct and serve up retractions or admit you got it wrong. When I went on about the complainers of this figure, it was primarily those talking about how it looks. I admit, the pics we have in no way compliment this BAF, but that was my point. And you're right. It's most likely a bad shot (even though it IS a direct non angular picture). I have zero issue if we get good pics (especially of the "in hand" variety) and the figure looks like garbage and THEN katz start the bitchfest. Hell, I'll even join in at that point. I do believe concern over the height ( or lack thereof) is valid.

    Speaking of Heights, I believe the following are relevant:

    Galactus-Though variable (he's been taller than buildings), his average height is over 28'.

    Sentinels (classic)-20'

    Kree Sentries (#459 for example)-15'

    The MU Galactus is slightly taller than the MU (now DOFP) Sentinel. If Hasbro is going to keep this as standard, then the Sentry has to be shorter (though nowhere NEAR a meager 9"!) 

    The bottom line is this SHOULDN'T  be standard! Those figures were made to be in scale with the MU (or 3.75") figures, and they are! At the end of the day, we know Hasbro isn't gonna make figs that big (Galactus alone would be 2.5 feet tall in scale), BUT, they can at least have them more or less stack up somewhat accurately. Thoughts?

  6. I've read a lot of posts talking about how bad the Sentry BAF looks (more to the point, COMPLAINTS). Am I missing something? Did "in hand" photos of this figure hit and I just missed it? Or  are people going by the image we were given when it was announced? I ask this because last I checked, fools did the same thing with the Thing. The production shot did the actual end result zero justice, but (as usual with Marvel Legend collectors) that didn't stop anyone from complaining/riffing etc, and then the "real thing" was shown and the collective tune changed. So what? We just complain when we see "opening salvo" shots instead of withholding until we see something real and even then, only a portion of the whiners serve up retractions? That IS what happened with the Thing. Not saying it will go exactly the same way with the Kree Sentry, but you'd think we'd learn, but I guess I digress. Complaining, then purchasing, then complaining some more is the typical ML collector motif.

  7. 2 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Stow the tude. I guess you're one of those that fits the criteria. As hard as some figs are to find, if someone is buying multiples just to have 2-3 of em, that's wrong imo. I have yet to see a Black Knight on the shelves probably due to people buying 2-3 of him.  after like how many months of  the Mysterio wave being out, I lucked out & found a lone Mysterio (no loose joints) at Wally world 2 weeks ago. Opened him up, sold the LIzard BAF piece & he's on my shelf alongside a bunch of other Spiderman villians. Found Doc Ock at a Gamestop 2 months ago as I have yet to see him on the shelves of Wally world/Target. 

    Mysterio.....green or white?

  8. I'm also a "twofer".  I love making dioramas and I also love looking at them in their packaging (especially when they were on bubble cards). I guess I could put them back in their original boxes, but the missing BAF piece is too noticeable in it's absence. With the exception of B&M exclusives, I always get cases anyway. As far as purchasing more than 2, with some exceptions (one being stumbling upon a Juggernaut wave Deadpool many months after it was released. I saw it, eyes blew up, grabbed and bought. I simply couldn't bear the thought of a scalper possibly getting his/her grimey azz hands on it.), I only get more than 2 when I army build (ie; Hydra Soldiers, both single carded & 2 pack), A.I.M. (same) and most recently, I bought a case of Multiple Men. I'm guessing Hasbro is gonna give us the Hand next (if they stay with the "bad guy" motif). If not, maybe S.H.E.I.L.D. agents (though somehow I doubt it because we'd need female agents as well. Female 2 pack? Probably a hard sell).

  9. 21 minutes ago, Gmen4ever said:

    See that's the excuse card they fall back on. Everyone's "mutated" to a bigger size. Hate that crap. Juggernaut was already a huge 6'10 character, he is not even a mutant so they really can't even use that "mutation" excuse for him. That was just artistic license that has been allowed to go unchecked for the past 20yrs that has got half these characters hgts outta whack.  Cuz being 6'10 is too "small" I guess. Thanos was 6'7, that's big in my book but no, now he's gotta be an 8 footer. Did he "mutate' as well? Thing's a mutant too huh? Went form being a 6 footer to an 8 footer as well. I guess comic editors have gotten way lax since the days of Jim Shooter. That's why my fav 2 artists of all time are George Perez & John Byrne, they always strove to draw characters at their exact listed comic hgts. They didn't see the need to use artistic license & all of a sudden draw certain characters larger than they were. The main reason I never bothered getting the Wrecking crew was for this reason alone. They got put on the wrong sized bucks when the Sentry buck was there for them to utilize for them. Especially for T-Ball, Piledriver & Bulldozer. The Wrecker is the only one that woulda needed a new upper torso sculpt due to the type of jacket he wore. The tallest member of the crew is T-ball at 6'6, not one member is close to being a 7 footer. The sad thing is, I doubt Hasbro will ever re-do them again in their proper scale.

    Even if the artists use "artistic license" to draw monster sized versions of characters, the true fault lies with the BiB posse for automatically dubbing the larger size as "canon" even when the character is next drawn back to their original (and actual) sizes. One of the reasons for this I suspect is "cheapness". These guys simply want more "buck" for their buck. This is possibly the main reason the Thing is so beloved. Not his sculpt, but his size plus those accessories. All for $20. We don't even think in terms of the figs that come with no accessories makes the ones that do "even out". We just complain...then buy anyway.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Gmen4ever said:

    Apocalypse transformed Caliban into his 4th Horseman & increased his  size & strength FYI. I still have never cared for the character from his very 1st app as one of the Morlocks back in the 80s. Just always seemed to be a very dumb& boring character to me.  In this day of $20+ figures, I now cherry pick waves & the only way I will buy an entire wave is if every fig is a must have & the BAF as well. Last wave that fit that criteria for me was the Juggernaut BAF. If I just want the BAF in a wave, I'll just buy that alone. I bought Sasquatch for $45. I'll be buying the Kingpin fig on it's own as well as I don't care for every fig in the wave he'll be in. Sauron, super giant Venom monster, over sized Lizard with raptor head, Warlock, Caliban, Spy//der or whatever the heck you wanna that crap, I have zero interest in those. Nimrod & Strong Guy would be BAFs I would want, if done right & in their classic looks.  

    You updated my brotha so I'll do the same; Once upon a time the Lizard was only 5'11. He's mutated to around 6'8 so in actuality, he's not "oversized". Granted, at that size his appearance is different, but he IS 6'8 (I noticed you didn't mention that Juggernaut was oversized. And he was. No rationalization, excuse or fallback can alter the fact that in that costume, Cain is too large). Don't get me wrong. I'm not attacking your choices or preferences. Not everyone is a neurotic completionist like myself.

  11. 2 hours ago, Gmen4ever said:

    No problem. I may be in the minority cuz I'm ol school, but the only issue I have with the Thing figure is that he is too tall. Sorry, but I hate when certain artists take it upon themselves to all of a sudden increase the hgt of certain characters just because. Ben is 6 foot tall not 7 ft tall. What always made him such a fan fav is that even though he was smaller & less stronger than the Hulk, he still was not gonna back down from a fight with him despite the hgt/wgt/strength disadvantage. Same for when he threw down with Sasquatch or vs the Champion. Ben s all about heart & toughness. Marvel has this thing where they inexplicably  add hgt to certain characters when some were already big to begin with such as the Hulk, Juggernaut, Abomination, Thanos, now instead of being just 7ft tall or 6'10 or 6'7,, they all have to be 9 footers. Total BS. You don't have to bulk up a character in hgt  just to convey strength.  IMO, the new buck they used for the Caliban BAF is perfect for a classic Buscema Hulk, I want a classic Hulk figure to be massive looking but not a giant. 

    I agree 100%. Besides the sorry storyline, this is a reason Ang Lee's "Hulk" film failed. He felt the only way to demonstrate the Hulk getting stronger was to increase his size throughout the movie. Then in typical fashion, Marvel followed suit and started drawing him 20 feet tall.  What makes it so bad is that collectors zero in on the largest versions of said character, and want their figure to be that size and fall back on the lame excuse of "that's how he's been drawn. His bio stats mean nothing". The truth is an artist has an interpretation just like all of us do, and engages in a thing called "artistic license", but the problem is there is a faction of ML collectors whom I've dubbed "The Bigger is Better" posse who couldn't care less if a figure is out of scale (funny thing is these same foo...er individuals will riff if a female character is "too big"). The Thing's sculpt is top notch and (in my opinion) the best action figure of 2018, but that's not what's going to put him over the top. No, it'll be his size that assists with this honor. Listen to the reviews. Almost all of them mention his size as part of their praise. When Hasbro came out with Thanos, Hasbro got lambasted for it being "too small". He's 6'7. Hasbro actually got it right and was negatively criticized for it. Contrarily, Juggernaut (whom in THAT costume was WAAY out of scale) was worshipped because of his size. Accuracy people! For one, it's a strong asset for getting the character right. 2nd- just because YOU want the character to be bigger doesn't make Hasbro (who got it right) wrong and complaining because you didn't get your way (no matter how wrong it is) sounds like what? You can say it. Most of you have one or the other (or both).

  12. 19 minutes ago, CobraSaboteur87 said:


    Also, I found it amusing that Captain Marvel is the first 2019 wave we will see and they completely ignored it lol. Still 1-2 comic based figures needed to round out that wave no? Out of the 5 figs that have been revealed for that wave, only 1-2 excite me but if they can add CLASSIC versions of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel into the mix, it will really help turn that wave around for me.

    I honestly believe one of the Marvel based figs is going to be Kl'rt. We all figured he'd be another FF based Walgreens exclusive, but then word got out that the switch to X-Men based characters would begin after the release of the Thing. Well the reason I say the Super Skrull will make this wave is because if we have Talos the Skrull in the movie (as well as in ML form), then apparently, this means Skrulls and related characters aren't Fantastic Four properties and thus, not owned by Fox (I know alll about the merger, but the Captain Marvel film was already in early development stages when that all came down). Also, based on the "Who Do You Trust" storyline (which was a marvel wide event), the Skrulls belong to Marvel "Prime". Skrulls are a big part of the Captain Marvel movie and would make sense to include a Marvel based Skrull (like Kl'rt) into the wave.

    Of course I could be totally wrong! LOL.

    I also hope we can get an original Ms Marvel figure.

  13. Soooooo...Caliban. Hm. Caliban. Not Guido. Caliban.

    Forge. Kool.

    Night Thrasher....with nary another New Warrior in sight.

    Beta. Ray. Bill. Along with Hercules (is there going to be a Thor wave no one told me about?). 

    Black Suit Spider-Man/Kraven 2 pack. Looks like they changed up Kraven's appearance.

    Supreme Leader/Arnim Zola 2 pack is the business! Lovin Zola.

    Ebony Maw & Corvus Glaive (my all time favorite comic character name). Heh heh heh. I don't think any team has been completed so quickly!

  14. 15 hours ago, WaterSpider said:

    The hunt for me is a big part of the trill though.

    I usually only order on-line if I've given up trying to find something in B+M. Or if it's an on-line exclusive obviously.

    Im just too picky about paint apps to chance it. Gotta see it before i buy it.

    But to each his own

    I feel you on the paint apps issue. I'm the same way HOWEVER COMMA when it comes to the B & M exclusives, since more times than not, they appear on their respective websites before they touch down in the physical stores here in my part of Cali, what I do is purchase online and continue to hunt in the stores (just in case the apps or even the packaging itself is not up to par) and if this turns out to be the case, I return the online purchased item to the B&M. Some may say "it's too much trouble" to which I say I'm out there hunting anyway, so how is a few keystrokes "too much trouble" if it ensures I get what I'm looking for? I've got 2 Things on the way as of this posting, and I'm still out there looking for him (and Magik) just in case (plus I admit, I get a thrill seeing new Legends on the pegs).

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