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  1. I think you will find that only a handful of people complain about the reuse of molds as most people understand that Hasbro does it to save cost, for themselves and for us.


    the people who do make those complaint think each character deserves their own mold. not possible with the economy as it is at the moment and the rising price of Oil.

    I always appreciate someone who tries to be diplomatic about a situation regarding people but I have to disagree. It is WAY more than a handful doing the complaining! You have to look beyond these forums. There are other forums discussing Legends, the Infinite (formerly MU) Series etc as well as Youtube reviewers and their followers. And you can't dismiss the "in person" conversations that go on. The complaining is like wildfire. I, myself have complained on forums,in threads and in comments for review videos....ABOUT THE COMPLAINERS! This wasn't because of one or two disgruntled fans who were dissatisfied with a lack of articulation or lousy paint job. No, it's usually regarding mold reuses, Hasbro's choice of characters and my personal favorite; complaining about the size of a character like Hasbro got it wrong, when they got it right (Thanos anyone?)


    About the mold reuse and we're talking Bucky Cap here: For one, this body type is the standard for a great deal of Marvel male characters. It suits most athletic, or street level or non physical characters. The most important factor that seems to be wasted on "fans" is this mold consistantly has the best articulation of any figure in any given assortment. As long as there are head sculpts faithful to the character as well as different or retooled limbs what would be the problem? It's this: people simply want Hasbro to spend tens of thousands of dollars in production to "justify" their lil TWENTY dollars. Good business practices be damned.


    The complaints regarding size kills me. Take Thanos for example. Everyone, both fans and reviewers complained that he was too small. They constantly compared the BAF with the Marvel Select. Marvel Select....which specializes in the 7" and oversize range. They say Hasbro got it wrong, but they're the ones wrong. Thanos is 6'7. Any rendition that shows him larger or more massive is just that...A RENDITION by that particular artist. Then on the flip nobody complains that Thor is consistently too large or that Iron Man is still too small (He and Thor are both 6'6). I'll bet no one complains that the upcoming Rhino BAF is also too big (6'5). So my point? Everyone has preferences. If Hasbro doesn't meet those preferences does NOT mean they got it wrong or are messing up.


    Lastly, my biggest peeve; People complaining, yet go out and buy the figure....only to complain some more, buy another figure...then complain, buy another...you get my point. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm not spending my money on subpar products. If I'm constantly bitching, whining or complaining and always showing dissatisfaction then that product isn't for me. And keep this in mind: this isn't a case of you want a Lexus but can only afford a Kia. You NEED a car so you get the Kia. Of course you don't like the Kia so you complain, but that's ok because you never wanted it, but had to get it. NOBODY needs action figures! We buy because we want. What stupid azzhat continues to buy something they are dissatisfied with but don't need?!?!? Answer: ML collectors who complain. Solution people. Let your dollars do the talking for you. STOP buying Legends! Oh by the way Jango, I think if all those I speak of actually do this, you would see it's way more than a handful as I stated.


    Wow. I'm sorry forum. I'm looking back and I see my post became a rant. For this I apologize. As you can no doubt tell, I've gotten fed up with this issue. People seem to have overlooked, ignored or don't care that Hasbro has really stepped it up. Look how many figures have been released since 2013 (and yet to be). It's over 80. They've begun turning out the "lost" figures as best they can. (One last peeve; don't suggest remakes, then complain when there aren't enough new characters released) So maybe we need to appreciate those providing us the opportunity to indulge in this hobby of ours and complain less (in some cases a lot less). IJS


    but how do they show Enchantress in the photo and she's not even a voting option? Unless she's already planned!


    that what I thought as well when I saw the picture.


    Hopefully it will be like the last Fan poll where we pick four and they pick four.


    better yet why not just let us pick 8, with 7 being the regular and one being the BAF (ulik I'm looking at you), and give us a entire wave.


    the only downside is that we are getting another 10 that will not be released.


    Actually, the BAF should be Skurge. He's bigger than Ulik (7'2/6'4 respectively).

  3. One that's already been done, but was out of scale were the Sentinels. Yes they were very large Build-A-Figures, but they still didn't scale correctly. The same with Galactus (though it could be rationalized he can alter size). Sentinels were 30 feet tall and Galactus is slightly over 28. Both figures were a little more than twice the size of a Marvel Legend. The MU versions of these characters however, are in near perfect scale with the MU counterparts. Another (and the most glaring example) is Fin Fang Foom.


    As for characters that wouldn't be in scale, how about the Living Monolith?

  4. I was just taking a little inventory, and appreciating my now complete Wrecking Crew, and I just first wanted to give thanks about how many of the previously unreleased but announced Marvel Legends have actually been released!


    Let's really think about it... We have finally received:



    War Machine (IM3 Movie)



    Tiger Shark

    Batroc the Leaper

    Hawkeye (Heroic Age)


    Iron Fist (white)

    Radioactive Man

    Agent Venom




    Still missing:



    Dr. Doom (Future Foundation)

    Mandarin (IM3 Movie, Trevor Slattery)



    Jean Grey (Age of Apocalypse)

    Phoenix (white)

    Rogue (modern)

    Cyclops (Phoenix 5)



    How many of the remaining homeless Legends do you see finding homes in 2016? And which ones not?

    Technically, the "regular" Deadpool never came out either. It was in the same wave as Future Foundation Dr Doom, at least in the states. They were released overseas (I managed to cop both). Of the ones you listed, I want Moonstar, Blade (REALLY want that), Rescue, Lyrra ( This one should be easy considering they have Thundra), Jean Grey, Phoenix, Rogue (I thiink we ALL want a modern version of her), and Songbird.

  5. This makes perfect sense to me, as it fills in collection blanks that have been created by the random releases over the years.


    Blue/Yellow Goliath costume released in MU Gigantic Battles now will have a 6" version.

    Avengers Academy version coming out in 6" with the Ant-Man wave will now have a 12" version.

    Lab coat variant for the MU Ant Man.

    What looks like a tiny Movie version Ant Man

    And the basic original costume Ant Man re-release.


    Great stuff and a must have for me.

    And if you have the Toybiz Goliath, it'll make for a nice growing display.

  6. I have them both and hanve't compared, isn't the ML6 Cable comparable in size? maybe not exactly as large, but maybe Stryfe's armor adds a bit of bulk and height. With that said, I'd never say no to another, newer Cable.

    I have both Marvel Legends Cable(s). That includes the variant as well. It was made way too small. I remember even back then thinking "Cable is 6'8. This guy stands shorter than most other figures". I get what you mean but the differences in height between the ML (Toybiz) Cable and Stryfe are too extreme. I'll have to break out the Hasbro Cable to see if that one is a bit bigger. Also, I know what you mean. I had already ordered my MS Cable. It just hasn't arrived yet, thus the "in store" comparison.Now that I'm thinking about it, at 6'8, the MS Cable is more in scale than Stryfe is if you consider the ML & MS Thor(s) are of similar stature. And he is 6'6. Of course I've always thought they've made Thor a bit too large these last go rounds.

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